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Don't be surprised that your birthday no longer falls in the sign you've grown up with. Astrologers gave you the wrong sign, at least the wrong degree. Look at the skies yourself, and you'll see the problem. The Sun, Moon and the planets are not where astrologers say, not even close! Mainstream "tropical" astrology is wildly inaccurate and the laughing stock of science and astronomy.




is a witch. She is clairvoyant, mixes potions, and lives in a cottage nestled in the woods with a black and white cat.

Otherwise known as Kim Lovelace, Star practices magic, and (unless provoked) is a good witch. She had dedicated her gifts to help the rest of us enjoy the magic potential in us.

Are we ready for magic? 13 sign astrology has always recognized forces in play beyond our comprehension. Ophiuchus herself is in charge, so to speak, of those matters beyond our intellect, and after our deaths.

Our planets and the galaxies have always been subject to cataclysmic and massive change by forces outside human experience and understanding. We use terms such as "Black holes" and "Neutron stars" --impossible scenarios in terms of quantum mechanics, trying to describe the impossible.

We are also activated by the same magnetic fields that create and destroy stars in our cosmic display of electrically charged plasma. What is inexplicable phenomena in space is magic at home on Earth.

If you see magic as an unknown catalyst, which operates outside our common wisdom, it's not so arcane. What would you call an ethereal element that can have an instant effect, a microsecond so powerful and compelling that the simple realization of it can change our lives?

What we want to see as randomness and predestination may just be a series of milestones and awakenings that we experience throughout our lives, due to these magical moments. It's up to us to recognize these moments and act on them.

Many people experience such a magical microsecond when they discover their true sign, uncover the mysteries that had befogged their thinking. We can have other revelations; identify danger; discover a soul mate; reveal the true nature of our desires. Reveal the path. Magic is realization and action in one single second of thought. It is the summons one gets to fulfill their purpose in life.

Without the magic of change, we are forever trapped in the mundane, recycling our past failures to hold us back from our best selves.

We can wait passively for this moment, or it can be induced and created by the introduction of a change element.

This is witchcraft, the magic that we need right now. if we don't change radically soon, by using the powers that are typically ignored or unused, we will allow the rape of the Earth and then be destroyed by her. Magic --the power of the unseen-- is more important than ever!

Star has developed such magic potions, her custom catalysts for inspiration and new life, based on flower essences and water, which can provide that instant of change. You do the rest. If you would like to learn more about potions from the Good Witch, click here

Star is also tracking Lilith and the Black Moon for siderealist.com




Lover's Manual

Your love story is written in the stars

The stars and planets are the twitter-sphere of emotions. At first it looks chaotic, unrelated. But a closer look at them will reveal for us consciously what we already sense instinctively. What do they say about you and your partner? The synastry comparison of you and your partner's planetary aspects reveals the truth about your attraction, and the arc of the relationship. Get your report here. Don't go to bed without it!




THE BIGGEST LIE OF 2015 and it's not even started yet. Charlie? he's a SAL COCHON

Starting the year with a huge hoax and a farce is right in line with the struggling Sagittarius this new year. Sag is lying to himself, lying to the world. Charlie Hebdo is piece of shit, a dirty pig. This is NOT where you want to make your stand, it's a trick.

I’m really wondering what a nest of right-wing pornographers and media manipulators has to do with free speech? FUCK CHARLIE he’s a liar and a manipulator. This is a white man’s issue of the right to offend others—and jerk off. Anybody who sides with the racist bourgeois assholes calling for an end to multiculturalism need to have their assholes examined.



"The things a man has to have are hope and confidence in himself against odds, and sometimes he needs somebody, his pal or his mother or his wife or God, to give him that confidence. He’s got to have some inner standards worth fighting for or there won’t be any way to bring him into conflict. And he must be ready to choose death before dishonor without making too much song and dance about it. That’s all there is to it."
–Clark Gable double Capricorn 2/1/190


WHAT IS YOUR SATURN RETURN? People born in November and December of 1985 will have their Saturn return early next year.

Your Saturn return occurs around 28-30 years after birth, or around 58-60. If you’re lucky (?) you’ll get to experience a third return at 90.

Some astrologers quip that the first takes away your youth. the second, your health, and the third, your will to live.

As anyone knows who has lived through theirs, Saturn return generally is a constricting feeling of the world closing in on you. Playing cute or dumb no longer cuts it. You are at the end of your credit account. Now you must pay.

Some people are ready to mature and get to work, anyway, and don’t need to be driven into it with a cattle prod.

Others are shocked that the baby face is gone forever. Winter is approaching, a time of want and deprivation. The ant is prepared, and has stocked but the grasshopper dies at first frost.







JAN 19 - FEB 15

Hiroko Sakai

We can experience Saturn, Capricorn's godfather, as an implacable dictator or circumstances beyond our control—those objective conditions that are never much in your favor, anyway, and especially under Saturn's rule. Saturn rules during bad times, dangerous times, uncertain times, when luck is breaking bad. Expecting and dishing out discipline, Capricorn is the captain of his soul--and your boss. Female Capricorns, while no less ambitious and rational, are, if anything, more prone to harsh assessments of others, especially loved ones. Capricorns should be prepared for an occasional mutiny among those below you. Nobody likes the guy who's always right. MORE ON CAPRICORN




Don't Even Try it

This Mercury retrograde is taking place in Capricorn. The attitude of this Mercury is, as Friedrich Schiller said, "Against fools, even the gods war in vain". With typical Cap elegance of insults--it's a waste of time, whatever you try. We are a waste of time, our risks, investments, hopes--all our foolish desires--are wasted. Instead, it's time to size everything up in our lives as if we were a struggling business. Are we making a profit? Are we bankrupt? Maybe it's time for a new CEO to come in and trim the fat.

The classic wrong move in a Mercury retrograde situation is what Microsoft is doing -- launching its new Windows 10. Obviously, there are no astrologers on board over there! This software is destined for failure, and Microsoft with it. Boeing launched the Dreamliner during a Mercury retrograde, and the 787 has been plagued with problems ever since.

What should be done during Mercury retrograde? Jettison the garbage. If nothing else, this Mercury is good at triage--or in the corporate application--good at firing people. He has no care for your plight, your complaints, your mistakes. You are dead to Capricorn. He is moving on without you.

This harsh assessment has already started, as Mercury is already in the shadow--actually going back, starting the 21st. The effects of this retrograde period are going to be widespread and comprehensive. February is fucked. Don't bother--don't even open the package, it's a bomb. There is no reason to begin anything that involves forward motion--it just makes you a target. Go back. What have you done? Are you really secure? If you are one paycheck from disaster, you're in danger. Take care of your biz, at least. Everyone has to repair the damage they have done; redo, reform, reboot, restore and recreate. Especially restore the broken family, Make a core, a coven, a corporation of your own, but to reach out to the hopeless and helpless. Share what you have and ask for nothing new. Any idea or impulse to jump to the next level--you must wait until March 2. Those who push forward as if the shitstorm is NOT upon us is a fool and will tumble under Capricorn's Scythe.

The deadwood has already been stacked--now it's just a question of getting rid of it. This may be one of those times when as soon as Mercury entered the 17 degree of Capricorn--it knew it was doomed. That's the day the Belgians declared Martial law and began a military clampdown on Muslims and door-to-door searches for extremists. What a way to usher the Capricorn Mercury going back to eliminate their problems. Usually, during Mercury's retrograde, it's the quality of trickery, or misinformation that can be the greatest threat to us. For this twist of our reality Mercury is handcuffing us for 'enhanced interrogation". Torture is NO PROBLEM for the Capricorn, as we know from Capricorn ass-wipe Dick's Cheney's affection for waterboarding and any other illegal or immoral practice necessary to reach the goal. Which is measured in money and executive power.

We have to "repair what has been spoiled" as Confucius said. Don't buy something new, find someone new, as if it would solve your problems. That would work, your bridges will fall, disappointment follows. Go back to fix what you have broken. Get ready to be ready. In times of collapse and peril, people have to squash beef--end petty arguments--and work together to resist oppression and depression.

New Moon in Capricorn
January 2015


And it’s also the first Supermoon of 2015!! Supermoons are new and full moon alignments that happen extremely close to the Earth.

Because of this, their energetic effects will be the strongest of the year! You won’t be able to see this super new Moon. New Moons are also known as Black Moons. Every new moon, the Sun and Moon are in the same space, conjunct.

Therefore, no light is reflected until they start to move away from each other, and the crescent begins to grow. The Sun and Moon are just moving into the 1st degree of Capricorn today. Check your sky maps.

I know all the mainstream astrology articles are saying Aquarius, but Western mainstream astrology is not factual. It is not star based and does not reflect real star placements. 13 sign astrology has been my specialty for years and I am forever changed by knowing these distinctions.

Enough about Western, this sidereal Capricorn new moon cycle will whip us all into shape if we obey our Ancestors. Capricorn represents our karmic lineages and the determination to rise above them.

Hard work and preparation is Capricorn’s objective. Life is preparing us for major karmic spiritual work right now! Mercury retrograde in Capricorn starts tomorrow. This will create a double Capricorn effect on the collective consciousness.

The Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus are all in Capricorn for this moon cycle! Historical events and time periods will be completing themselves through this transit. Our ideas about global slavery and the monetary system will see many major revelations and transformations.

The holidays and Sagittarius Sun fun time has officially ended and it is now time to get back to business. Work on rebranding your public image and upgrading your systems. This is not a new moon or mercury retrograde to shy away from. Attitudes about the devil and evil will be reexamined by the collective consciousness for this Capricorn new moon retrograde. The horny goat. Face your fears slowly but surely.

Capricorn can be a scary place of sacrifice and seclusion. Capricorn represents toil, hardships, sadness, death, depression, and confinement. Saturn stuff. Capricorn also represents determination, triumph over tragedy, rebuilding after a storm, solid foundation, grounding and sexual earth magic! I’m pointing out some of the up and coming themes of Capricorn to prepare us for this ultra-realistic view Capricorn tends to administer. Capricorn is a complex energy. On the inside there is torment and suppression. Drive and determination is how Capricorn gets through it! Remember to get lots of water in daily and make sure to use spiritual bath therapy. Capricorn energy can get very stuck emotionally. Saving money and learning how to implement better recordkeeping skills will be mandatory for the next few weeks. Pay back all debts and come up with some plans or negotiations if you can’t. Make a way. Meditation will allow us to deal with the money stressing of Capricorn and so will music. This is also Capricorn’s domain. This moon cycle will emphasis music as a healing technique and so will this upcoming Year of the Goat. A very artistic and hardworking year is on the horizon.

By Femi

The New Moon rises at 2pm (London) on the 20th January in Capricorn and the 9th House.

The New Moon in Capricorn is a cautious and reserved Moon and takes life very seriously, although it identifies the emotions with the material rather than the spiritual, in which status and financial security are at the fore of one’s mind, but ambitions have a personal bias.

As the ‘Gemini Full Moon’ earlier this month was out of sync emotionally, the New Moon in Capricorn can come across as cold and austere. This is a time where a lot of reflection revolves around financial circumstances and status mostly on the home front.

This Moon is most ambitious and hardworking but needs to build on self esteem and consider the feelings of others by not being oversensitive. For people of high positions and large social responsibility, it is vital that their vested interests are for the betterment of the whole rather than their own selfish gain.

In the 9th house the Capricorn Moon forms deep emotional and rigid attachments in religious, social and ethical values, even if these values are outdated and unworkable.

The theme of this New Moon is all about the family and home and the spiritual and moral values that surround it, we must not be so rigid with this Moon but use the energy of its hard working and moral values with compassion by taking other people’s feelings into consideration.

As the Moon is in Sextile to Saturn, it gives us the opportunity towards patience and good practice in both our professional and domestic lives. Good organization and integrity is part of the package with this aspect and can keep us level headed.

This is not a time rush forward or to engage in forming large scale enterprises, it is a time to get our financial affairs in order and maintain the status quo (especially as Mercury is about to go retrograde!) We may feel that we lack sparkle with this New Moon, so some time in the gym, yoga classes and a good diet would help stimulate us out of any depression that this Capricorn Moon can create.

Black Moon Lilith in Leo represents the fear of change and in the 4th house challenges our foundation or sense of home, emphasizing the Capricorn Moon’s urge to protect their own at any cost. Lilith in conjunction to Jupiter is a hindrance and limits any opportunities that Jupiter is offering, by being a very dominating personality.

Lilith in opposition to Mercury and Venus also emphasizes the Capricorn Moon’s inability to understand the effect of its actions which will hinder any career prospects or relationship issues, (by not being able to balance its own feelings with the feelings of others).

Financial strains may be an issue with these aspects but this New Moon is all about balancing the books and organizing our environments both in work and at home, let’s start this new year as we mean to go on, organized, financially ‘focused’ and confident.

By Kim



2015 will usher in the worst possible scenario for world peace, prosperity and stability. The falling oil prices portend a collapse of all the industrial economies. Like crabs in a bucket, the selfishness of nations will insure that they all perish together.

The above chart simplifies a complex reality: in capitalism, even a hiccup can be fatal. When there is no growth, there is death. The index of Leading Economic Indicators has dropped unexpectedly--by 0.3%, and deflation (see below) is the cause, the deadly disease that consumes the capitalist host. Whatever indexes, markets that exist will crash. The is no reliable point of sale; determination of value is as distorted on the way down as it was on the way up. Real value is buried in the crapulence of short term growth. Growth was leveraged up, up and up; now contraction will leverage us down--down to the depths. However, due to corruption and manipulation, the capitalists will hold on to their delusions until it is too late to avert economic global depression. As we learn from history, economic depression causes wars and revolution. War is the solution for the Capitalist, his ace in the hole. The only way to counter this is revolution and his overthrow.

The Capricorn Solar influence, which starts on January 20th, PST, will do nothing to mitigate the situation. Capricorn represents the powers of repression. Capricorn represents a correction to the norm, squeezing all the fat from the bone. Although a economic crash may be horrible for us, for Capricorn, it is a fresh reminder that the glum, prudent view of the world is the right view; that our silly expectations are rubbish and flotsam. Capricorn will show us the truth by crushing our dreams. Saturn will pressure plummeting world markets, and bind the desperate corporations together in a death spiral.

Which companies will die? Amazon is about to be carved up like a dead cat. Retail has been dead for five years. The auto industry is a joke, and they may all go belly-up, starting with a total loss from their electric and hybrid models. The oil companies and their peripheral suppliers will deflate like popped balloons, their tangled web of leveraged debt has come unraveled, and mass unemployment is the certain result. The redundant corporations that have been making paper profits off the fiat printing of dollars will end up in the toilet. The loss of jobs will follow the loss of profits as night follows day. Banks are doomed.

Can you find a business that is financially sound? How would you know, when due diligence is at an all time low? They are ALL propped up by phony numbers and their profits are a fable. How long will a company produce goods or services and lose money? Not long.

States and governments that depend on oil revenue will languish on their own petard, the unpayable debt they owe to the rich. Value will vaporize.

And what of them, the rich bloodsuckers, who make our daily lives into a living hell? They will also perish in the flames of their own making. Their wealth will shrink in value, and those hanging on by a thread to the Fed teat, will dry up and blow away like dead leaves. Capricorn strips off the grinning face of capitalism to reveal its cruelty and insanity.

The above chart, drawn for the 23rd of January, shows the predicament: Saturn, newly reformed into a heady brew of irrefutable fact and cold retribution in Scorpio, is in a long term square with Neptune in Aquarius. The battle of these titans can make our ideals of an equitable society and reform seem like childhood fantasies. Saturn in Scorpio means responsibility and restriction involving payment of debts, the BIG reckoning. "The intensity associated with Scorpio and the rigidity of Saturn indicate confrontation with limitations that are imposed by the presence of too much control in some area of their lives, or manipulation in order to gain control." (Undunne)

Capricorn is a mean sign to have in three luminaries, the Sun, Venus and Mercury. Like a blast of winter chilling us to the bone, our lives can be crushed into a pulp if we refuse to accept the sad, depressing truth: our world is in deep, deep trouble. Alone, our natural state according to Capricorn, we can do nothing.

Mercury is also stuck in a daze, before going retrograde, and making any or all of our new projects, ideas, and plans reckless and foolhardy. Any investments of money or time are throw-aways. This actually will mean that everything begun before March 2, 2015, when Mercury returns to its most forward position, will probably come to nothing, or worse, be a ruinous gamble.

We can also see a one-day Yod forming with Pluto, Mars and Chiron on the 23rd. This is the deadliest kind of energy, and it is directed at Lilith the black Moon, as if this jackknife of an aspect will release her, like a miasma, a dread curse from Pandora's box. The rich font of Feminine energy which was taken for granted, will dry up, leaving only a staring skull. Lilith is already emotionally dead; she wants an ever-recurring revenge on her killers, tormentors.

Sagittarius Pluto is also in what seems to be a permanent square with Uranus in Pisces. This is hardly a war of equals: Pluto in Sagittarius can smote the ethereal Uranus at will. This transit is forcing you to choose which side you're on. It could be that either way, you'll be forced to do things you will hate yourself for afterward. Of course, we know in theory that the Age of Aquarius will rescue us from the wretched excesses of polarization, gridlock--but when?

These two planets have been eying each other like worst enemies; there's blood in the streets, a hopeless impasse, and everyday, a new gruesome parade of victims marches before us.

Capricorn will also mock our deepest yearnings: "The spiritual path is overgrown with the weeds of bad Karma. All your rituals, sacrifices, meditations, and "revelations" are infused with nonspiritual desires and materialistic ideals.

If you move or act you will fail, and become prey to the forces that threaten to overwhelm you. Even if you take no action, you are still defenseless. You are damned if you do, and damned if you don't." (Sam Reifler, "The Collapse")

If you think that you can remain on this path, you are wrong. Only a revolution can save the situation, and this will not occur before many many more have suffered under this bad combination of social and cosmic influences.


No regime or government has ever survived defeat in war and deflation of the currency

For the past 50 years, Americans have been living the Capitalist dream, inflation. His wealth, goods and power is increased--exaggerated, leveraged, as he artificially jacks up the market value. This causes a trickle down effect, not of wealth, but of delusion. Workers accept the roller coaster ride and scramble for more money, more liquidity, more credit.

Inflation has worked (for us) for 75 years, as long as you worked yourself to death, the government printed more money, war burned up surplus capital, and we impoverished the rest of the world. The true costs of capitalism were deferred, as long as they could inflate the value of everything they owned, which they did by leverage--betting on inflation lasting forever.

That is no longer possible. The corporations have reached the end of their tether. The capitalists have turned abundance and concentration of capital into a nightmare for all humanity, and a threat to our very existence. Once deflation--the underestimation of previously overestimated wealth--kicks in, profits are impossible.

The last Great Depression of 1929-39 was "solved" with government debt, war, taxation, and the creation of the military-industrial complex.

The crash of 2008 was smoothed over with a burst of $1.8 trillion "fictitious" money. The cost was financed by Japan, China and our other trading partners. The crash of 2015 will cost 10 trillion, or more.

And what about the hollow specter of American imperialism, the shower of blood and bullets we spread over everything we touch? Obama's war-mongering days are over. The US military faces imminent and certain defeat in Afghanistan. Iraq is a lost cause. The ISIS forces cannot be stopped, and nor should they be. ISIS and the new caliphate is the future of Arab unity. US designs on the Middle East are stymied, and Israel is facing economic collapse.

Between the humiliation and economic catastrophe of losing the war(s) that several US administrations have nurtured for so long, members of the American military are committing suicide in record numbers, and demoralized beyond the point of no return.

War+inflation has been GREAT for capitalism. Defeat+deflation is its doom.

The showdown between the illusion Americans have all been living and the reality of world wide economics is about to collide. Who do Americans blame for poorly handled but great catastrophes? The president. Obama is deflating like a withered balloon before our eyes.

saturn return






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