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NEW MOON–Feb 15, 2018

image by Pierre Fontaine

The New Moon begins in Capricorn on the 15th February 2018 at 21:05 GMT and in New York at 16:05 EDT. Less then an hour later, the Moon moves into Aquarius.

Our New Moon begins in Capricorn this month although she moves into Aquarius less than an hour later, which indicates that the energy of the Capricorn New Moon will be the driving force behind the Aquarius Moon cycle for the next 2 weeks. As both can come across as cold and unemotional, it is likely that the Aquarian Moon could find herself misunderstood behind her urge to group and unite with others. The following day on the 16th February, the Sun joins the Moon in Aquarius, highlighting the need for a coming together in union with like minded people. We will also be entering into the Chinese New Year. The year of the Earth Dog.

As the New Moon begins in Capricorn, the aspects to our New Moon suggests that the initial vibration will be based on self indulgence and apathy. There could also be an element of paranoia as the energy coming in will be more absorbent rather than reflective as our Moon is in square to Jupiter and in conjunction to Mercury. Fortunately, Uranus's sextile to our Moon helps us to transition into the Aquarian energy with confidence as the energy lightens enough for us to express our individualities and self expression, in a more compassionate way. As the Aquarian Moon also closes in on her conjunction with Venus, a much more harmonising vibration takes hold, in which a shared love of art, nature and sister/brotherhood gives us the key to unison and unconditional love.

At first, there is likely to be a mind overload and a lack of concentration as the New Moon begins in Capricorn, but the transition into Aquarius and the start of the Chinese New Year will lighten the mood as celebrations get underway. The year of the Earth Dog will be a much calmer year than the previous year of the Fire Rooster. The Fire Rooster was a time of exposure, loud debates, individuality and media attention. Whereas the year of the Earth Dog will influence a love of nature and a more down to earth approach in general.

As the New Moon begins in the last degrees of Capricorn together with the ending of the Fire Roosters rule, it is important that we clear our paths to welcome in this new energy of simplicity. It's likely that this New Moon will not end on quite note and may make a grand exit that will round off 2017's dramas, debates and power struggles, as there will be no room for them during the coming year. Overall, things will seem and be, much simpler in 2018, although we must still beware of being self absorbed, stubborn, or narrow minded.

Whilst the Aquarian energy will be dominant, the energy of Capricorn will be the underlying force that influences what Aquarian traits will be emitted. The Capricorn Moon has a great need for structure and stability especially when it comes to her career and income, but she is also practical and hard working, both these attributes are also characteristics of the Chinese Earth Dog and these characteristics will be relevant throughout the next year. The Aquarian energy will also compliment the Earth Dogs rule as the Dog is about partnerships, groups and social activities that involve support and unconditional love. It is time to come together in groups to show support and sincerity to our causes.

The Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius continues to cast her shadow of truth and her fear of meaningless and in conjunction to Saturn causes a lack of self discipline and structure. We must work hard to evaluate what is important and accept the feeling of stillness as it will be in the silence and stillness that we can gain clarity from within, rather than to look for the proof in the external world. We must learn to trust ourselves and get comfortable with our own version of the truth, as long as we are being true to ourselves.

For this New Moon I suggest that we meditate on all our chakra points, paying special attention to the Root chakra & the Solar Plexus. Use the affirmation:

I release all doubt and trust that my inner wisdom will always provide me with the answers that I seek. I have great insight.

For more information on my background and astrology work please visit my webpage or you can email me

Much Love <3

Happy New Moon Solar Eclipse!

reposted from rawgoddess

By Femi Ibim

New Moons are also known as Black Moons or the Dark Moon phase. Every month, the Sun and Moon are in the same space conjunct. Therefore, no light is reflected until they start to move away from each other and then the crescent begins to grow.

*Solar Eclipses are New Moons with tremendous power!

This is a time of great spiritual renewal and transformation. During solar eclipses we begin something new! Right now we should be making promises to ourselves about the future. A lot of us will commit to change and mature, taking on greater challenges and adventures.The Sun and the Moon will both be in the constellation of Capricorn for this New Moon alignment. Check your Google sky map apps.

This Capricorn new moon cycle will whip us all into shape as we are called to work with our Ancestors. Capricorn represents our karmic lineages and the determination to rise above them. Hard work and preparation is Capricorn’s objective. Life is definitely preparing us through major karmic cleansing right now! Historic events and important markers in periods of time will be completing themselves through these transits. Our ideas about widespread global slavery and these defective monetary systems will see many major revelations and transformations. Work on rebranding your public image and upgrading your systems. This is not a new moon eclipse you can choose to shy away from. Attitudes about the devil and evil will also need to be reexamined by our collective consciousness for this Capricorn new moon cycle. Face your fears slowly but surely.

We are now officially in the magical time between winter and spring! The Chinese New Year celebrations have begun and a month from now, spring will be at our doorstep. Many cultures celebrate this transitional time as the zone of the New Year and prepare for the annual reawakening of Mother Nature. This is the new moon before everything comes alive. It's time to be more useful and practical with your higher calling. This new moon, take what you have learned during the winter months. Apply it to long term goals and improving your self worth. Look for a new way to merge core values with your wildest dreams. Always use new moons for planting seeds and developing ideas that are dear to your heart. The collective shift in consciousness will continue as you work on yourself from within.

But Capricorn can be a scary place of sacrifice and seclusion. Capricorn represents toil, hardships, sadness, death, depression, and confinement. Saturn stuff. Capricorn also represents determination, triumph over tragedy, rebuilding after a storm, solid foundation, grounding and sexual earth magic! I’m pointing out some of the up and coming themes of Capricorn to prepare us for the ultra-realistic view Capricorn tends to administer. Capricorn is a complex energy. On the inside there is torment and suppression. Drive and determination is how Capricorn gets through it! Remember to get lots of water in daily and make sure to use spiritual bath therapy. Capricorn energy can get very stuck emotionally. Saving money and learning how to implement better record keeping skills will be mandatory for the next few weeks. Pay back all debts and come up with some plans or negotiations if you can’t. Make a way. Meditation will allow us to deal with the money stressing of Capricorn and so will music. This is also Capricorn’s domain. This moon cycle will emphasize music as a healing technique.

I’ve been doing 13 sign astrology for quite some time now. It’s always great to see people take more interest in learning real astronomy astrology, which includes the 13th constellation, that is on the ecliptic. Ophiuchus. The 13th sign is most definitely here to help astrology remember its roots and reintegrate nature back into the equation. I also do Dream Interpretation Readings and combine other techniques in my 13 Sign Astrology line of work.

Feel free to join my 13 Signs Astrology Group on Facebook. Visit my webpage for more Ophiuchus revelations. Read my Blog. Order a natal reading from me.


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The One and Only Aquarius
Feb 16-Mar 11

Image by Hiroko Sakai

Aquarius needs freedom more than other signs, since it was taken away in their ancestral memories. In mythology, the young Aquarian herdsman was raped and kidnapped by Zeus, who brought him to Olympus as his personal man servant and sex slave. Aquarius has never forgot this humiliation, and will never be captured or enslaved by anyone--Aquarius will face death rather than give up freedom.

The important thing about Aquarians is that they will never change, they are born who they are, as if their inability to fully commit is a genetic trait. What you see and what you get in Aquarius is the same, and that's all you'll get. Perhaps it's their experience with imprisonment and shame has made it impossible for them to trust anything or anyone. Maybe that's why they argue the point without malice, but also with firm resolution. They are the exception that makes, or breaks, the rules.

Aquarius must have an exit strategy, the ability to fly away. Their love is like a bird, too. Aquarius can be victimized by institutions or powerful people, and broken apart by the maze of complex social relations. So they resist with all their might, beyond the limits. As the wind forces it way through a mountain pass, Aquarius will change its shape to hurry on in its journey. Love is almost an obstruction that makes Aquarius nervous.

The lover or mate of the Aquarius must realize that if they demand more than friendship, Aquarius will melt away, evaporate or prevaricate. Life long friendships are easy for Aquarius if they never leave the friend zone. Only the demands of others can drive them away.

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Ophiuchus and Christianity
Rising up out of the destruction

By Natalie Miller

In my heart, Ophiuchus, in all her shining glory, has replaced Jesus Christ and the miracle of his birth. What Ophiuchus represents is inner growth mirrored in our surroundings. What we conjure up in our personal relationship and communications with Ophiuchus WILL be made manifest. So we either walk in fields of gold with her, or strip her down to a nightmare and dance around like Jack Skellington. MORE

Contact Natalie with your questions and comments

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Egyptian by Femi Ibim

Hellenic by Kim Lovelace

A lot of what you learned about your Moon from mainstream astrology is false or misleading. The 12-sign Zodiac doesn't represent the truth. A 13 sign astrology horoscope reveals the facts about your real birth planets and luminaries by finding the right sign and degree. 13-sign astrology also includes the sign Ophiuchus, the goddess of women's power and accomplishments. The 12-sign, tropical view of the horoscope deficient and outdated.

Ophiuchus and her origins

Another vital placement in the horoscope is the The Black Moon and Lilith, which are linked to the dark, hidden extreme in Lunar polarity, the opposite of the lighted moon, our romantic archetype. Again, traditional astrology rarely acknowledges this mysterious influence, and gets the sign wrong.

• Learn more about Lilith

• Lilith in the signs

• Black Moon/Lilith in your chart

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image by Hiroko Sakai

Ophiuchus and Ether

Disruption and Change

Men are scared of women's power because she stands in the way of their determination to exploit and usurp nature and to deny their own mortality. Women's bodies are the inherent acceptance of natural law, as in their covenant with birth and death. In this dispensation of consciousness, what's good for women is bad for men. Where would men get their slaves and concubines if Ophiuchus was the guide for our imaginations and incantations? Men therefore regard Ophiuchus as a poisonous infection; yet women regard her with reverence and love. Ophiuchus can't and won't alter herself to suit anyone. When this celestial goddess changes form, it's only in the way men and women see her differently, as an aspect of her polarity and a reaction to which of us is in control. Ophiuchus isn't two-faced; it's which face we see when we gaze at her constellation. Men instinctively see her as Medusa, the monster. Women see her as a healer and an advocate. MORE

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A man for all the seasons

A New Contributer to 13 Sign Astrology For All

Click to see his fb live videos

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Saturn in Sagittarius

The End of Empire

The Montage of Losers

Any or all of these world leaders could be deposed during Saturn's transit of Sagittarius. Clockwise from left, Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe England's Theresa May; Grace Mugabe; US' Donald Trump; Germany's Angela Merkel. MORE

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By Natalie Miller (Reposted from 13astrology)

The Moon in the 13 Signs

To really understand the Moon in astrology one needs to be able to resurrect a sleeping sense of primordial duality.  To me the Moon stands for energy itself.  For example, there are a lot of ingredients that go into making a cake, not the least of which is the heat required to transform it.  This is what the Moon does in astrology, it gets us from point A to point B, it heats us up.  The sign your natal Moon is in will color how your cake rises… in a conventional oven, a big factory, an earthen stove…

MORE about the 13 Moon signs and your real Moon sign.

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The Nation of Women

"Medusa" By Hiroko Sakai

Thousands of years ago women dominated human society. They were the clan leaders, hunters, astrologers, warriors and healers. We can only speculate about such antiquity because much of it lies beyond what is actually known or academically supported. However, astrology gives us a clue, since many original Zodiacal archetypes are female and were changed to men or animals by the Greeks and Romans. Ophiuchus, Aries, Leo and Taurus were all originally imagined as female symbols, only to be transmogrified much later into male stereotypes by male astrologers.

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Decoding Chiron

Reposted from 13astrology

By Natalie Miller

Why does the asteroid Chiron light up our deepest, darkest, and creepiest fears and bring suffering to many people?  Is there a connection between the constellation.

Centaurus and the asteroid Chiron?  To find out more, let's take a look at the the discovery or “natal” chart of the asteroid. MORE

For further reading on Chiron:

Chiron: The Gods Reward Sacrifice.

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Neptune in Our Time

Reposted from 13astrology

By Natalie Miller

The 13 Ages of Neptune take 165 years to complete around the Sun. Elusive yet conducive, Neptune plays the poetry of time like a musical instrument throughout of the facets of its romantic, mysterious journey. Here's a lyrical guide and tribute to the nomadic nature of the unconscious mind.

The Full LIST from 1873 to 2039

Neptune in Aries (1873 - 1884)

This was a time of gathering, conquering, collecting.  Repeat.  The subconscious mind is uncontrollable and Aries needs to be in control.  There were moments of troubled incertitude and the rawness of this confusion made armies form, precisely organize and attack with little regard for the enemy.  The victors came back together stronger like a pool in which bacteria gestates.  Scientists birthed their inventions. MORE

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Walter Berg
Greatest Living Astrologer

Our 13-sign astrology group is extremely honored and proud to present Walter Berg to our readers. Walter single-handedly created modern 13 sign astrology from years of dogged observation and hand-calculation in the early 1970s. Using astronomical data, he corrected and redefined the over-simplified astrological wheel used by 12-sign astrologers to a 13 sign and 13 house horoscope that updates astrology into the space age.

His tenacity and devotion to the true Zodiac, which resurrected Ophiuchus from a 2,000 year banishment, was a supreme and solitary sacrifice, which put at risk his career in astronomy, and was ignored for decades by astrologers.

Walter also wrote extensively about the effects and meanings of the planets and the signs, not only beautifully expressed, but also creating the most accurate descriptions of the archetypes that we all use in our astrological methodology.

MORE about Walter, plus an exclusive interview.

Cave paintings like the one above, date back to 40,000 years ago, when women were fleshed out as the vital elements of early human communities, as its leaders, hunters and healers, and of course, the source of life. Men were less defined, (the naked figure with the hanging appendage) viewed mostly as sperm donors, more noteworthy for their penis than any other attribute, as another of women's domesticated animals, like the dog also pictured.

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Women Who Kill

Women pushed past their limits

The confidant, boastful world of men is spinning out of control, and women are fomenting a not-so-silent revolution. The yielding, supportive and suffering female is disappearing, and being replaced by a much more militant version of herself. Their pliant codependency with men has not served them well enough to let it continue, and women have had enough. Women are sifting through the rubble of their hopes and dreams and demanding more of themselves, and more from the men who have sabotaged them for centuries. They won't be willing victims of the system any longer. MORE

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Music by Ophiuchus

The Works of Zearle (Double Ophiuchus)




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Proof of Ophiuchus

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