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The Lie
Your birthday is not in the sign you've been told you are.
Astrologers who use the Tropical system gave you the wrong sign, or the wrong degree. You've been told a blatant lie since your birth, and now is the time to learn the truth of your sign.

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Full Moon in Leo: Sekhmet, The Goddess of War & Healing

Make no mistake about it; this is a Leo Full Moon! One of the most royal of them all! In ancient Egypt, it is Sekhmet, the lioness that is the keeper of the flame!

Sekhmet is the goddess of war and healing. Her name comes from the ancient Egyptian word Sekhem, which means power. She was widely known as “The One Who is Powerful” and “The One Before Whom Evil Trembles”.

Sekhmet is depicted as a fierce warrior goddess with the head of a lion wearing all RED. She was prayed to everyday to keep the peace. Tamed lions were kept in her temples. End of battle festivals to stop the fighting were held in her name. >MORE

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Everyone has Transits
Every Day

Transits are the changes in your life you can't control, as supplied by the luminaries planets and asteroids that orbit or cycle around Earth, and your geographical location on it. The transiting orbs influence you through your relocated birth chart. The same effects felt by us all, will be felt by you a particular way, unique to you because of this connection. These celestial bodies can have a tremendous effect on you when they come close or make certain angles with your birth planets and geographical location (your rising sign).

You have power over yourself to adapt and resist them, but they ultimately have a cosmic timetable, in spite of your material agenda. It would be an advantage to be able to see them coming, and measure their power -- before they hit.

Some transits are stronger than others. A Mars or Jupiter transit can be a uplifting, even sexy experience. While certain transits of the outer planets can stop you in your tracks, even blow you away, or flush you out like a rag doll --and you'd never know why. Events are triggered and aimed at us from the Cosmos. You are connected to the stars by the thread of your life. It extends into both the past and future.

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"I’m free. I just do what I want, say what I want, say how I feel, and I don’t try to hurt nobody. I just try to make sure that I don’t compromise my art in any kind of way, and I think people respect that."
–Erykah Badu, double Aquarius, 2/26/1972


FEB 16 - MAR 11


Hiroko Sakai

Aquarians are seeking high ground in 2015. They have an unerring sense of when to take flight, when to exit a bad scene. Aquarians do this in a matter of ways; they can actually get up and move to another location or climate, or they can just disappear where they are, setting up a decoy to deal with problems. Some can withdraw into a catatonic state, but whatever, your messages will come back, return to sender.

Aquarius is the escape artist, and when the skies darken with storms or rain, the Aquarius takes flight, finds shelter and roosts.

Aquarius really isn't a sociable sign at all, although they can be very entertaining and informative, their heart isn't in it. They fear the group. Is friendship the highest form of love? Aquarians say yes. Beyond that, there's an Aquarius that you never see. During their birthdays, a lot of Aquarians disappear, and others, like news reporters, hide behind the questions they ask you. The fed-up Aquarius may not be so nice and affable--depending on what crimes or affronts you have committed, what you have done to him or her in the past.

Any threat of loss of freedom is torture to an Aquarius. Anyone who has infringed on them, or bullied them, or cheated, beat on or coerced them, is the target of Aquarian hate. Unlike other signs, it does not involve physical harm, but the cold blade of Karma. Aquarians need take no action against you. What evil you have done to them comes back at you a thousand fold. Aquarius wins in the end.

The Most Stubborn Sign?
Revolution and the Age of Aquarius 2010-15

The Mini Full Moon In Leo
5th March 2015

The Moon in Leo is a proud Moon and wears his heart on his sleeve; this Leo Moon is electric and flamboyant and adores admiration. Entertainment in all its forms will largely appeal to this Moon, although his emotions will be erratic and edgy with a continuous need for affection and acknowledgment. The Moon in Leo is beautifully creative and energetic but needs discipline in action and direction, it is important to make sure that any effort that is being put into self improvement is done with sincerity and compassion towards others.

Moon in the 12th House (London)

The electric Leo Moon in the 12th house can cause the emotions to be out of out of sync; therefore, emotional responses may resort in a childish and brash manner. The 12th house represents the subconscious mind, habits, past experiences as well as institutions, it is the house of all things hidden or locked away and in relation to the Leo Moon, this house shows us that it is time to slow down and analyze what is actually important in our lives, by looking into our past experiences openly and honestly, so that we can clear out any outworn patterns and replace them with a better, fresher perspective, without the need to lay blame or judgment. The Moon’s behavior this month is of an erratic wild child!

Moon in opposition to Neptune and Chiron may cause a loggerhead situation with those that are close regarding ambitions, dreams or beliefs; it may hard to find balance in these situations and the urge to sacrifice the home comforts in exchange for the wisdom and experience that we yearn to pursue will be strong. As the Moon is also in quincunx to Uranus and Venus it will be almost impossible to find the solutions and balance needed either between our head and our hearts, or our loved ones and our goals. But, as the Moon is also in trine to Pluto we do have the access to fulfill our sense of purpose by allowing ourselves to tackle personal issues fearlessly.

Black Moon Lilith conjunct the Moon in Leo is volatile and as the emotions are amplified by this aspect it urges us again to find solutions to effectively manage our emotions and as the Black Moon is also in opposition to Neptune and Chiron the emphasis is on the need for new perspectives and experiences for personal growth, but this may come at a cost!

Black Moon Lilith shows us how to overcome our egos, by forcing us to put our trust fully into the laws of the universe, ‘our creator’. Learn more about you and the Black Moon and Lilith with a reading by Kim Lovelace. >MORE about Lilith

Water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink. This Capricorn-in-Mercury-inspired period calls for eviction or constriction. Here the otherwise forgiving Aquarius casts us adrift on the dead sea of despair. Without the Aquarius' bouncy energy to keep us afloat, we'll be swept away, hounded by the bureaucratic world; the landlord, the bank, the government. The state will finish what the capitalist began, which is the destruction of the middle class. >MORE

2015 is the
year of sheep

Built into the Yang ram symbol of the Chinese New Year is the implied sheep, the Yin component, and polar opposite. The sheep are receptive, passive, grazing in the valley while the ram is climbing, on a mission to the top of the mountain. The lunar New highlights a 2015 when the weakest sheep are cut from the herd, and the smartest goats will climb. The sheep among us, the weak, the timid, the innocent, the beguiled, our children, our lumpen, the sick or deranged, they will all be shorn or slaughtered like sheep. It's already in motion. One of three American children is already below the poverty level. Twenty-two veterans commit suicide every day. The homeless and the prison inmates outnumber college grads. There are no meaningful jobs. And Americans the lucky ones. >MORE

Protect Your Aura

flower aura

If you're feeling dissipated, confused or under attack-- flowers can build up the strength of your aura, the defensive space that protects you. If events have weakened your aura, Kim's natural flower extracts will help you restructure it and make it less vulnerable. >MORE

Star is also tracking Lilith and the Black Moon for those who wish to delve into these influences.







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