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Eric: Leo

Kim: Ophiuchus

Femi: Ophiuchus

Howard: Virgo

[To Howard]


You wrote all of this? I mean I know you quoted a book but everything else is so detailed, in such an intricate and meticulous fashion. I did not anticipate such a finished, poised and incredibly mentally stimulating and revelatory report such as this. You even attached a very bright and clear natal chart and the other very descriptive and lengthy reports... I just had to take the little time, that I had at this very moment that I truly appreciate the work you did and delivered. I was a tad skeptical but I definitely got my money's worth. I'm very much so satisfied and want to learn more about this 13 sign astrology that I just discovered. All this time, I thought some of the Scorpio Sun traits didn't fit even though some did and didn't fully then believe in Astrology. This Libra Sun analysis w/ Aquarius Moon makes sense, even though I still feel there are some Scorpio traits that I also feel I have. This Leo Mid-heaven is quite provoking to me...this all so neat Yung!

Thank you so very much,


[To Eric]

...I never received something that flattered me and criticized me so good, in the same time, both in the right spots...


[To Kim (the good witch)]

I may be the last person to put value in secret potions, since I am as pragmatic and scientific as you can get. Yet now I have to admit that a “single spark can light a prairie fire”. Now I can only say: Thanks for the Australian flower essences! Something as diminutive as a flower can send out a powerful blast of truth and energy, and transform the entire system. Even if one’s difficulties in life seem to be insurmountable, and we can seem to be drifting in space without a spacesuit.
There are things which start small and are unassuming which can suddenly shed a giant light on everything. A few drops of your flower essence changed my perspective, which changed everything.

I have always felt I was a prisoner of life, beholden to the demands from others. My life is a wreck of contradictions and guilt, addictions and depression, and I felt myself getting weaker within, grasping at straws and having no direction. I viewed every conversation or interaction as an invasion. I was filled with grief and loss and felt there was nothing left in the world to save me.

This sense of conscription never left me, and I dreaded both sleep and waking up. It was at this low point that I contacted you for a reading, and you suggested I try one of your “potions”. You sent me a special blend for “protection of the aura and productivity.” From the first drops, I could see how things were, and then figure out what I needed to do. It’s like a reaction that causes action, demands action.

What amazed me is that just a few drops had a terrific catalyzing effect on me. In one instant of genius I could rally myself. The information was there, I just had to reach out and take it. Had I been less demoralized, perhaps I wouldn’t have felt it so strongly.

I had to remind myself that it’s a scientific fact that a tiny compound can change the chemical properties and molecular structure of anything. Small amounts of additives make steel stronger, gas burn hotter, and in our own stomachs, break down food into usable nutrients. Why not for me?

Without that specific “magic” drop of some obscure substance to magnify, purify or rectify, none of the things we count on would work right. This is not just true of the physical or material world. Our personalities and ideas need an element of change in order to grow and achieve a higher consciousness.

That’s what I decided the flower drops do: They add the spice that changes the taste of the food, they light up the dark and spotlight the challenge. Flowers are not just there to make bees happy, and not just there to put in flower pots or make drugs with, these flowers are powerful game changers in our existence.

I feel unenlightened to not have seen it sooner. But it’s never too late—I’m almost 70. Maybe that helps me recognize and utilize what’s good for me without the self-destructive tendencies of youth!

You have to trust the person that you get the essences from, because all the flowers have different purposes and it takes a shaman to get the right ones together. I’m glad I trusted you! It has made me a much stronger person, thank you!


[To Howard]

Thank you so much for the reading!

I've found things/pieces named there that I've not had articulated before ... and perhaps that's stemming from the accuracy of this sidereal map!? I felt incredibly 'met' in those aspects of myself to do with the Neptune & Pluto Retrograde ... I mean, I know they're transpersonal but I recognize those impulses. On the more personal level I'm just trying to bring it all together. I appreciate you affirming the Taurean Part of Fortune as significant in respect to the expression wishing to take place ... be that directly through my hands or in respect to healing / bodywork perhaps.
The lessons of North Node and Midheaven in Leo seems incredibly pertinent, particularly detaching from emotional situations and not taking things too personally (once walking on my path that is).
And I have a much better understanding as to how the placements 'work'. And that was the main point of having a reading, to get a sense of how it all hangs together in a 13 sign sidereal world. I also get (understand better) the conflicting elements, especially around the expression of Mars/Aries.
There's much more also. Thank you for all the work in putting this together. I think I'll be coming back to it regularly for reference ... and perhaps I can look deeper to explore particular aspects with you at a time in the future!?
Best wishes,

[To Eric]

Thanks a lot for your swift response and enlightening reading. I deeply appreciated it and found it is true for most part. I'm really satisfied with your reading especially the one written in the email and might look forward to use your service again in the future.


[To Eric]

Thank you for taking the time to put together a very comprehensive report for me to look at. Based off your information [that I am a Pisces] I can strongly relate to everything you've said, especially the birth chart and the signs I was born with for each planet. When I first started learning about astrology (mainly my own personal birth chart) two years ago, I wasn't completely convinced I was an Aries Sun and Gemini Moon. I thought back to my younger years growing up and remembered how shy/quiet, emotional and reserved I was. I also use to have a TON of nightmares when I was younger that always seemed so real. Growing up, I feel like I was never all "there". In school, I never payed attention (daydreaming). I even have a video tape of my kindergarten class on Halloween. My teacher flashes the camera on everyone in class and asks them what they are dressed as. Once the camera turns to me (I'm dressed as a Police Officer btw) the teacher has to call my name out at least 3 times before she catches my attention.


[To Eric]
I'm so glad I found your website.  Your advice is spot-on.  I have two beloved Aquarian friends and they both taught me patience and faith.  I learned the best way to give them advice is to plant the seed then step back and give them their space to think things through.  Now that I know my son is an Aquarius and not a Pisces as I originally thought, I'll use the same method with him.


[To Howard]

I am still slowly reading over my report! SO much good info and so spot on! Especially about the relationship stand point. I just got engaged and planning a wedding. Career wise also I have been leaning toward spiritual counseling as well as healing through herbs and natural foods. I am learning so much about myself through the report, it totally resonates. As I have been learning recently about 13 sign instead of the 12 sign I see the 13 sign systems so much more accurate. The 12 signs seemed to work when I was younger but 13 sign systems more explains the woman I am becoming. Thank you so much for the report! :) - D.G

[The following is not an advertisement, it is an endorsement]

Flower Power is the natural way to Protect Your Aura

Herbs + 13 sign Astrology

You'd have to find a 13 sign astrologer and a herbalist who could combine skill sets to develop the right elixirs for the right condition. Kim Lovelace is uniquely qualified, she is a 13 sign astrologer and she mixes healing potions with Australian Bush flowers, the purest genetic source. If more proof be needed, she lives in a cottage nestled in the woods with a coven of powerful women, and a cat. Otherwise known as Kim Lovelace, she is our Good Witch Ophiuchus, since she practices magic as a healer and shaman, and is dedicated to helping others through 13 sign astrology.

Kim is the only person in the world who can give you a 13 sign reading AND the healing flower essences to help you manifest the knowledge you have gained. Her readings address both the psycological and physiological issues. >MORE INFO

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Taking astrology back to move it forward

Changing Signs Ask an Astrologer
Food and Health Black Moon (Lilith)
May 14-June 19

Materialism and the Mother Planet

Tropical astrologers only recognize the bull in Taurus' archetype; they forget the dancing girl who rides on his back. The strength of the bull and the beauty of the rider are two complementary parts of those people born from May 14–June 19


Taurus is an orphan of the Zodiac, without a "ruling" planet. This has made them self-reliant, self-rewarding, self-actualizing materialists. What is of value is what can be seen, touched and tasted. Venus has been assigned to Taurus, temporarily, on the universal scheme of things, to allay Taurus anxiety and at least make life pleasurable. Venus, aside from imbuing Taurus with the love of beautiful people and valuable things, (and despising the inverse) is of little value, and only makes Taurus pine for gold.

Taurus' feet are firmly in the ground, the Earth. They hate to lose touch with her, living above the ground floor. These are ranch-style people with a big garage. Taurus may even prefer to sleep on the floor. As the salt of the Earth, Taurus hold special reverence for land, and wants to possess it. The land and the body are one, and Taurus wants to hold on to both for all time. The Taurus is a steward of the land, an owner of the land, and a lover of the land. They have no faith, no foolish hope of a solicitous god; the Taurus believes in the here-and-now--not the pie-in-the-sky. Taurus is passive, until you rile him or her up, then they come on very strong. Most Taurus are passive until aroused or enraged; they are the come-hither, the innocent, who, sexy ol' me? Once the object of their affections has been spotted, then the Taurus will mill around, sniffing and showing off. Some Taurus (like Malcolm X in his early years) are pimps or macks. Some Male bulls see sex as the money-maker, once they discover that people lust after their bodies (and their sexual appetites); although they are content with one mate for life if they get used to him or her. Normally, the Taurus prefers to stay in the paddock, minding their own business, and working on a good meal and a permanent encampment. But, don't push them too far. >MORE

From Taurus Rising:
"The life of a Taurus may be Earth-bound, but Taurus' destiny instead hangs on a star: Aldebaran, which is the "glowering red eye" of the Zodiacal bull. Taurus glares menacingly at the Orion system nearby with a "Don't tread on me" attitude. Aldebaran is a deadly warning to Taurus’ tormentors or typecasters. For centuries the giant star was considered a malefic—bad luck for those who crossed its path, and trifle with Taurus. Modern astrologers see only the raw, awesome power of Aldebaran as a positive force."

>Who is Taurus?

>Taurus Traits

>Three Bulls


Mercury Retrograde in Taurus
May 11-June 26

image source: Astronomy Magazine

Taurus Retro: Fear or Faith?

Although tropical astrologers would insist Mercury is in Gemini, observation tells us it is passing back and forth within 8 degrees of Aldebaran, the "red eye" of Taurus. Mercury retrogrades across Taurus during May and June. This makes it appear to pass us, then slow down, stop, retreat, then switch back to pass us again (see dates below). The relative speed of our planets and the curve of our orbits make this optical illusion possible. It is precisely because it is an illusion that it effects us the way it does; in our ideas, schemes, blind faith, reliance on luck, and all the other ways we try to predict the future as we hope it to be. Anyone familiar with illusion, suspension of belief, or lack of due diligence will understand what a precarious position we are in when we surrender our practical wisdom for something we want to happen so much that we lose track of what is actually possible. Any Mercury retrograde plays into this naivety, and this Mercury is like the false illusion that our wealth can protect us from the harvest of disaster that is over the horizon.>MORE

Mercury started to falter in its forward motion on May 11, slowing down and eventually grinding to a halt on the 18th. Stationary periods are said to be the worst, when things are actually in limbo and we can't even get a foothold. The actual backwards movement begins on May 20, when all bets are off and we are dragged back to the scene of our crimes! June 11 is another stationary period, and two days later Mercury starts to go direct. But things won't return to normal until Mercury wends its way back to its staring point, out of its "shadow" and back to 19 degrees Taurus, which won't occur until June 26. The shadow period may be the most dangerous time of all, since we are still in the dark. By July we will have a Gemini Mercury, and a flood of information about everything that's wrong and rotten with society. Gemini will deconstruct the imperfections and a lot of people will be forced to turn themselves around to make things work for the future. No more looking back, we'll have to face the facts and make the adjustments.

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus

Returning to Love

By Femi
Happy Mercury Retrograde Season!
It’s that time again and everybody’s talking about it! I have to admit its pretty cool seeing so many people aware of cosmic changes and events! Now let’s spread more knowledge about the 13th Sign and natural sidereal star based time as opposed to western. Speaking of opposition, the full moon happens when the Sun and Moon are 180 degrees apart. Oppositions create balance and are harmonious magical wands when we see both sides of the spectrum. This next full moon on June 2nd will be in Ophiuchus Serpentarius the 13th Sign! Get out your google sky map apps and check it out for yourself! I don’t just make this stuff up. I just happen to be born the 1st day of the 13th sign. November 30th. This mercury retrograde in Taurus will involve money. Taurus is one of the most fortunate signs and so this is a good time for wealth building! Do what inspires you and for the sake of humanity. You just may find hidden gold. This is a retrograde great for advancing artistic skills of all kinds. Take care of old bills and debts. Use art and color as a healing force.

“Make Love not War” The Goddess presiding over Taurus is Het Heru aka Hathor. Oshun is another great goddess to channel for this transit. Taurus is a sign that can be hard or soft and sweet. It’s the hard lessons that often soften us. Taurus brings this lesson. Working with the earth in your community garden is favorable for healing and building a strong foundation. You can’t eat money. But you can save and heal the world by coming together, keeping it a beautiful place. Love is the lesson AND the answer here on Earth. Focus on the love and you will be more than alright! All Mercury Retrogrades this year will be in EARTH Signs not Air like western tropical astrology says. Nope. These retrogrades are for building VALUES. They are helping us get a deeper sense of being here on Earth and our relation to it, as we shift to a greater Collective Consciousness. The Universe is perfect already. No need to move the constellations into seasonal astrology. I do sidereal astrology and I account for the mystical 13th sign, correcting all western inconsistencies. Trying to be in both paradigms will confuse anyone so I suggest switching to eastern ASAP.

I’m starting up my private classes and would love to hear from all of my 13 sign supporters! I would also love to hear from people who are still holding onto western astrology and may need that little extra push I can provide. Taurus is the sign of perseverance. Manifest what you want! Taurus will bring it! We are no longer a slave race. Humans have the ability to be free but are still reliving lifetimes of captivity. The Earth is shaking that old world crap off and so are her children. Your own personal journey will be unique to you and is rapidly changing as you state your intent. Use one of the most powerful alignments of the year to shift your reality as you see fit. Good Luck Star Family!

Feel free to follow my blog Rawgoddessinc and join my Raw Goddess 13 Signs Astrology group on Facebook for more updates.

New Moon in Taurus 18th May 2015
By Kim Lovelace

The New Moon begins in Taurus on the 18th May at 05:15 am and in the 12th house - London.

The Taurus New Moon is one of stability and strength of will although, his appetite can be quite insatiable when seeking emotional security through material comforts. Finances are his forte and much common sense is focused around this area, the one thing we must never do is underestimate his slow and laid back attitude as this Moon is very calculating with a great deal of common sense. In conjunction to Mars this Moon can bring to us the energy and ability to achieve a great deal of success. However, this aspect is also one of strong feeling and if felt negatively can create a stubborn and hot headed bull. >MORE

For your own personal Moon chart, please visit my webpage

I also specialize in Flower Essence mixes, for more information on these and how they could benefit you please visit Flower Power


Het Heru
Goddess of Love

By Femi The Raw Goddess

A new moon occurs when the Sun and the Moon are conjunct or aligned in the same zodiac sign. In real 13 sign astrology that means it’s happening at the beginning of Taurus, the cow horn priestess Het Heru, on May 17th, 2015 at 11:13PM EDT. The Sun will actually stay in Taurus until June 19th. The new moon is a time of deep introspection and setting intentions for new beginnings. Het Heru is the Goddess of love and therefore creative manifestation. She teaches us to enjoy life and actualize our dreams. What we see in our minds is what we feel in our hearts and this new moon is all about it! She is The Law of Attraction, before anything can manifest, it has to exist in our spirit first! We create our life with our imagination. Het Heru reminds us to channel our sexual energy into higher spiritual realms. She is THE sky Goddess giving birth to our reality here on earth. The sacred cow. We create what we desire and focus on with a passion. Anything goes, so focus wisely. >MORE

Visit my >blog for more! If you would like to schedule a reading/consultation with me regarding activation and clarification of this area of your chart please fill out the >order form.

Taurus, Object of Lust & Hate

Megan Fox, Taurus siren and a target of female jealousy

Why do women hate Taurus women? Because they always suspect that the Taurus is trying to steal their man! The Taurus woman isn't a home-wrecker, she's just open about her body pleasures! What makes her inherently alluring is her solid connection with the body and all the bodily functions that go with it, and sex is on the top of the list. >MORE

Taurus hip hop artists Biggie Smalls and Tupac Sakur


Tupac and Biggie were themselves opposites within the trends of hiphop music. Lean and mean Tupac was like a deranged elf, a mad hatter with a blistering Mars patter and a finger on the trigger. Tupac was west coast—born in the hills of Northern California, iconoclastic, raised by black panthers. Biggie had a protected upbringing in the very traditional, east coast BK. Contest was inevitable. Tupac outrapped and humiliated Biggie at every turn. Friendship turned to rivalry. >MORE

>Sun Opposition Saturn:
The Death of the Republican Party

Pluto and the Generations

1950-68 1968-86 1986-96 1996-99 1999-2007 2007-24
click to your era

By the time Pluto entered Sagittarius, in late 2007, the world was rife with repression, recession, war, poverty and injustice, and was ready to blow. Sagittarius is a fire sign, compressed by Pluto, which can only mean explosion. The centerpiece was the wide-spread use of the Improvised Explosive Device (IUE), the suicide bomber, and the use of air strikes and drones to kill indiscriminately and without regard to civilian deaths. And the Molotov. >MORE

A young anti-government protester in Istanbul releases the "people's bomb"

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