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WHAT'S YOUR SIGN? Ophiuchus and Herstory
Your Future Your Partner Black Moon
& Lilith
Ophiuchus and Christianity
Lunar Exault: Sign Talks on Video
Sagittarius the Human Animal
Ophiuchus the Disrupter
Our Times: Reckoning and Revelation
Saturn in Sagittarius: Feet of Clay
Understanding the Moon in the 13 Signs
Changing Signs and Finding Your True Self
Saturn Changes Through the Ages
Lilith: the Real Meaning of the Goddess
Ophiuchus: The Power of 13
War, Waste, Want and the Virgo Revolution
Mercury in 13 Signs Jupiter in the 13 Signs
Neptune in Our Time Venus and Love
A Voice of the Ophiuchus Revolution
The Secrets of your True Sign
13 Sign Glossary of Astrological Terms
The World's Greatest Living Astrologer
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Lilith: Lust and Fear: the male myth

Lilith: the Real Goddess by Lorraine

Black Moon/Lilith in the signs

Reposted from 13astrology

Ophiuchus and Christianity

Rising up out of the destruction

By Natalie Miller

In my heart, Ophiuchus, in all her shining glory, has replaced Jesus Christ and the miracle of his birth. What Ophiuchus represents is inner growth mirrored in our surroundings. What we conjure up in our personal relationship and communications with Ophiuchus WILL be made manifest. So we either walk in fields of gold with her, or strip her down to a nightmare and dance around like Jack Skellington. MORE

Contact Natalie with your questions and comments

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Egyptian by Femi Ibim

Hellenic by Kim Lovelace

A lot of what you learned about your Moon from mainstream astrology is false or misleading. The 12-sign Zodiac doesn't represent the truth. A 13 sign astrology horoscope reveals the facts about your real birth planets and luminaries by finding the right sign and degree. 13-sign astrology also includes the sign Ophiuchus, the goddess of women's power and accomplishments. The 12-sign, tropical view of the horoscope deficient and outdated.

Ophiuchus and her origins

Another vital placement in the horoscope is the The Black Moon and Lilith, which are linked to the dark, hidden extreme in Lunar polarity, the opposite of the lighted moon, our romantic archetype. Again, traditional astrology rarely acknowledges this mysterious influence, and gets the sign wrong.

• Learn more about Lilith

• Black Moon/Lilith in your chart

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Image By Hiroko Sakai

Our Hero: Sagittarius
Dec 18-Jan 18

Sagittarius are Jupiter’s PR people, and they’re on a mission to enrich and expand our universe. They think big. They look beyond the horizon. They work hard. They want more than what they have been given. Sagittarius is the animal in its most elevated form: the human. Born leaders, the Sagittarius wants to be our hero. Sagittarius is an admitted hero-worshiper too; they need to look up to and to aspire to greatness. Inspiration and optimism are the name of the game, what Sagittarius lives for, and for which it will gladly die. The life of a Sagittarius is the proliferation of his beliefs, a beacon of hope. The grave danger is that fear of failure can drive them into despotism. MORE

>Who is Sagittarius?

>Sagittarius in the zodiac

>Chiron, good guy wins

Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas?

–Joseph Stalin

God comes first - if I don't love him, I can't love anybody, and if I can't love me I can't love nobody.

–Mary J. Blige

More Sagittarius Quotes

image by Hiroko Sakai

Ophiuchus and Ether

Disruption and Change

Men are scared of women's power because she stands in the way of their determination to exploit and usurp nature and to deny their own mortality. Women's bodies are the inherent acceptance of natural law, as in their covenant with birth and death. In this dispensation of consciousness, what's good for women is bad for men. Where would men get their slaves and concubines if Ophiuchus was the guide for our imaginations and incantations? Men therefore regard Ophiuchus as a poisonous infection; yet women regard her with reverence and love. Ophiuchus can't and won't alter herself to suit anyone. When this celestial goddess changes form, it's only in the way men and women see her differently, as an aspect of her polarity and a reaction to which of us is in control. Ophiuchus isn't two-faced; it's which face we see when we gaze at her constellation. Men instinctively see her as Medusa, the monster. Women see her as a healer and an advocate. MORE

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Hapi Winter Solstice and Meri Sirius Culmination
December 2017

Greetings. If you have been on this list for awhile, you know by now that Solstice means Sun Stops, and that many other holidays are a variation on this theme. The longest nights of the year, the Solstice represents the time when Ra, the Sun, pauses its movement Northward for 3 days, then begins to head South again, bringing warmth and longer days. It is a major time for re-alignment and purification, letting go, and healing. I used to have many webpages dedicated to this subject but they have faded away due to so many site changes. Perhaps one day, I can revisit this topic in my posts.

As for Sirius Culmination, this takes place on December 31. It is the night when Sirius reaches her Zenith, the highest point of journey, at midnight. Funny, how while the rest of the world is watching a man-made calendar change numbers, we, along with our Ancestors are watching Sirius Rising in the Heavens.

Hapi, as in the River Nile, which symbolizes the Source of Life.
Meri, as in Beloved. Yet another example of how many words and traditions of the West are actually from Ancient Kemet.....

You can follow an ancient tradition with

The Sirius Culmination Viewing Guide.

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A man for all the seasons

A New Contributer to 13 Sign Astrology For All

Click to see his fb live videos

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Reckoning and Revelation

(Updated Nov 27, 2017)

Starting Dec 3, 2017 a powerful set of planets are in motion, making aspects that can jump right from the chart into the headlines. If we are looking for upset apple carts, December is full of them, and will affect all of us financially and philosophically. The war is coming home. The question is: who will be hurt the most?

One of the interesting things about economic crashes is they take place as a result of revelation, waking up to the truth. The realization that our lives are distorted is a drastic change in perception, which only comes as result of shocking, unavoidable events. This is exactly what is happening Dec 3, and continuing until Dec 8, the beginning of an epic realization of the true state of our social and personal predicament. MORE

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Saturn in Sagittarius

The End of Empire

The Montage of Losers

Any or all of these world leaders could be deposed during Saturn's transit of Sagittarius. Clockwise from left, Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe England's Theresa May; Grace Mugabe; US' Donald Trump; Germany's Angela Merkel.

Updated Nov 21 2017

The collapse of the German government on Nov 20 will force Chancellor Angela Merkel into a "grand alliance" with the socialists, or a snap election, possibly throwing German politics into the abyss, removing her from office and opening the door to the far-right. MORE

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By Natalie Miller (Reposted from 13astrology)

The Moon in the 13 Signs

To really understand the Moon in astrology one needs to be able to resurrect a sleeping sense of primordial duality.  To me the Moon stands for energy itself.  For example, there are a lot of ingredients that go into making a cake, not the least of which is the heat required to transform it.  This is what the Moon does in astrology, it gets us from point A to point B, it heats us up.  The sign your natal Moon is in will color how your cake rises… in a conventional oven, a big factory, an earthen stove…

MORE about the 13 Moon signs and your real Moon sign.

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The Nation of Women

Nov 30-Dec 17

"Medusa" By Hiroko Sakai

Don't Tread on Ophiuchus!

Ophiuchus: Born Nov 30 – Dec 17

Thousands of years ago women dominated human society. They were the clan leaders, hunters, astrologers, warriors and healers. We can only speculate about such antiquity because much of it lies beyond what is actually known or academically supported. However, astrology gives us a clue, since many original Zodiacal archetypes are female and were changed to men or animals by the Greeks and Romans. Ophiuchus, Aries, Leo and Taurus were all originally imagined as female symbols, only to be transmogrified much later into male stereotypes by male astrologers. The first human communities used a lunar calendar, where women were the center of the mystery and mastery of nature, and life itself. Ophiuchus uses ether as their medium of magic, transforming the mundane into the magnificent. The Ophiuchus is the guardian of women and the defense of women. Ophiuchus ruled the original Nation of Women, of which we only have a faint remembrance. However, the times are changing. Today, women are fighting back, fighting for women's rights, and winning against the male power structure by undermining its propaganda and confidence. This is happening alongside a new discovery of Ophiuchus, and her rightful place in the Zodiac.

Ophiuchus is a goddess that men and their patriarchy have tried, but failed to defame and destroy. In spite of relentless persecution for over 2,000 years, Ophiuchus, both male and female, has hunkered down and survived. They defend themselves with mind control and disguise. They are striking back after generations of suppression. Ophiuchans surround themselves with outcasts, children, cats and potions, and live with covens of like-minded people. They hide in the shadows until they are forced out of their dominion by their enemies. They often are hated by those in power, and face violence and exploitation every day. As a result, Ophiuchus is associated with martyrdom. When they do strike back, they make it lethal. The tokens of Ophiuchus are snakes, which are man’s traditional enemies. Snakes are also the symbol of knowledge, the springboard of understanding the human body, yet they also dangerous, and unpredictable.

Ophiuchus is also, in her many incarnations, the gorgon Medusa, whose mantle of vipers protected her from harm. One glance from her could turn a man to stone. The assassination of her myths and covenant was a forgone conclusion as power was centralized in the nation of men, and no mercy was shown women who dared build their own temple, who would dare resist man's fire and steel with the greater power of the Earth and and the stars.

Now, after thousands of years of slavery and degradation, women are showing their true powers once again.

>Who is Ophiuchus?

>FAQ: The Sun in Ophiuchus

>Ophiuchus in the signs

>Who killed Ophiuchus?

>The New Ophiuchus Nation

>Angry Ophiuchus

>Margaret Cho, Ophiuchus comic

>Abbe Hoffman, Ophiuchus rebel

>Beethoven, Ophiuchus genius

>James Holmes, insane Ophiuchus

>Andreas Lubitz, suicidal Ophiuchus

Decoding Chiron

Reposted from 13astrology

By Natalie Miller

Why does the asteroid Chiron light up our deepest, darkest, and creepiest fears and bring suffering to many people?  Is there a connection between the constellation.

Centaurus and the asteroid Chiron?  To find out more, let's take a look at the the discovery or “natal” chart of the asteroid. MORE

For further reading on Chiron:

Chiron: The Gods Reward Sacrifice.

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Neptune in Our Time

Reposted from 13astrology

By Natalie Miller

The 13 Ages of Neptune take 165 years to complete around the Sun. Elusive yet conducive, Neptune plays the poetry of time like a musical instrument throughout of the facets of its romantic, mysterious journey. Here's a lyrical guide and tribute to the nomadic nature of the unconscious mind.

The Full LIST from 1873 to 2039

Neptune in Aries (1873 - 1884)

This was a time of gathering, conquering, collecting.  Repeat.  The subconscious mind is uncontrollable and Aries needs to be in control.  There were moments of troubled incertitude and the rawness of this confusion made armies form, precisely organize and attack with little regard for the enemy.  The victors came back together stronger like a pool in which bacteria gestates.  Scientists birthed their inventions. MORE

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Walter Berg
Greatest Living Astrologer

Our 13-sign astrology group is extremely honored and proud to present Walter Berg to our readers. Walter single-handedly created modern 13 sign astrology from years of dogged observation and hand-calculation in the early 1970s. Using astronomical data, he corrected and redefined the over-simplified astrological wheel used by 12-sign astrologers to a 13 sign and 13 house horoscope that updates astrology into the space age.

His tenacity and devotion to the true Zodiac, which resurrected Ophiuchus from a 2,000 year banishment, was a supreme and solitary sacrifice, which put at risk his career in astronomy, and was ignored for decades by astrologers.

Walter also wrote extensively about the effects and meanings of the planets and the signs, not only beautifully expressed, but also creating the most accurate descriptions of the archetypes that we all use in our astrological methodology.

MORE about Walter, plus an exclusive interview.

Cave paintings like the one above, date back to 40,000 years ago, when women were fleshed out as the vital elements of early human communities, as its leaders, hunters and healers, and of course, the source of life. Men were less defined, (the naked figure with the hanging appendage) viewed mostly as sperm donors, more noteworthy for their penis than any other attribute, as another of women's domesticated animals, like the dog also pictured.

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Women Who Killed Men

Women pushed past their limits

The confidant, boastful world of men is spinning out of control, and women are fomenting a not-so-silent revolution. The yielding, supportive and suffering female is disappearing, and being replaced by a much more militant version of herself. Their pliant codependency with men has not served them well enough to let it continue, and women have had enough. Women are sifting through the rubble of their hopes and dreams and demanding more of themselves, and more from the men who have sabotaged them for centuries. They won't be willing victims of the system any longer. MORE

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Ophiuchus: Then and Now

Reposted from 13astrology

By Natalie Miller

Did you know that Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio (as it is today) used to be one giant Scorpion constellation?  It’s true.  This ancient trifecta is what has birthed the new sign of Ophiuchus.  What makes Ophiuchans so alluring?  I believe it is their ability to balance reason and intuition with the confidence to manifest accordingly.  So why do Ophiuchan Suns usually come across shy as if they are hiding something.  It’s because they are. MORE

**Look to your inner Ophiuchus for guidance in your times of uncertainty and energy in your times of confusion.  To see where Ophiuchus falls in your natal chart and what, if any, planets are under her influence, contact me.**

Related article: Ophiuchus and Nature: The Seeds of Life

Music by Ophiuchus

The Works of Zearle (Double Ophiuchus)




NASA's article

Proof of Ophiuchus

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Comparison of the Zodiac systems





Aries Mar 21 - April 20 April 15 - May 15 April 19 - May 13
Taurus April 21 - May 20 May 16 - June 15 May 14 - June 19
Gemini May 21 - June 20 June 16 - July 15 June 20 - July 20
Cancer June 21 - July 21 July 16 - Aug 15 July 21 - Aug 9
Leo July 22 Aug 22 Aug 16 - Sep 15 Aug 10 – Sep 15
Virgo Aug 23 - Sep 22 Sep 16 - Oct 15 Sept 16 – Oct 30
Libra Sep 23 - Oct 22 Oct 16 - Nov 15 Oct 31– Nov 22
Scorpio Oct 23 - Nov 21 Nov 16 - Dec 15 Nov 23 – Nov 29
Ophiuchus NA NA Nov 30 – Dec 17
Sagittarius Nov 22 - Dec 21 Dec 16 - Jan 14 Dec 18– Jan 18
Capricorn Dec 22 - Jan 20 Jan 15 - Feb 14 Jan 19 – Feb 15
Aquarius Jan 21 - Feb 19 Feb 15 - Mar 14 Feb 16– Mar 11
Pisces Feb 20 - Mar 20 Mar 15 - April 14 Mar 12 – April 18

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