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"What immortal hand or eye can frame thy fearful symmetry?"

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"A Leo life can be quite simple. Like the life of a predator, it can be brutal or beautiful, depending on how you look at it. Leo is an animal. Don’t look for human characteristics in Leo, they aren’t there. To think Leos are human is misplaced anthropomorphism. Others may transcend their animalness: Aries, the ram, through action; Taurus the bull, through possessions; Sagittarius the centaur through idealism; but Leo does not deviate. Leo is nature in the raw."

--From The Book of Leo

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Cats by Hiroko Sakai

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Ophiuchus: Then and Now
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AUGUST 7, 2017

The Full Moon Eclipse reaches its peak in Capricorn on the 7th August 2017 at 19:10 GMT and in New York at 14:10 EDT.

The Moon in Capricorn has an emotionally complex nature and can only feel a sense of self worth if she considers herself to be in a position of status. This Moon will work very hard to achieve her goals, although her lack of self esteem often leaves her overlooked and undervalued for all the time and energy she puts into her labour. Her fear of rejection and inability to trust can make her come across as self absorbed and calculating. The Capricorn Moon has a great need to develop her spiritual values and heal her restless inner child. MORE

Mercury in Motion
23-10-23 degrees in Leo

Image Credit

This Mercury retrograde moves from its most forward position on August 12, at 23 degrees Leo; pulling back back to 10 degrees on Sept. 6; to return to its high water mark of 23 degrees on Sept. 19 in the Post-Shadow. The Pre-Shadow, however, starts July 24, and is sometimes more traumatic than the actual retrograde itself

Leo Mercury Retrograde: what goes around, comes around

Mercury will be in Leo for the entire retrograde period. This is pretty hard for the cat, since retrograde negates all the otherwise good qualities of Leo and punishes that sign for what only comes naturally to it. Instead of generous, Leo Mercury will be overbearing, and the confidence and creativity of the sign will instead ignore details and criticism to push forward with a sense of undeserved superiority. Already vain and self-centered, Leo Mercury is due for a correction from July 26 to September 19, if you consider the shadow periods as part of retrograde--as well you should. MORE

Trump's Worst Transit:
Saturn-Moon in Ophiuchus

Retrograde Saturn is taking another swipe at the Trump magic

As the need is greater than ever for effective leadership, Americans face the possibility of a Trump administration bloodied like a mortally wounded bull in the ring, kicking and trashing around, part of a global trend of failed states mired in corruption and fraud. His own lack of substance, desperate isolation and pervasive paranoia may spell more danger for Trump than any media backlash or attempts to disgrace him by his enemies. Only Trump can defeat Trump. MORE

The Age of Austerity

A look at our remaining life choices in the face of austerity,
according to the prevailing wisdom, by Brian McFadden

July 4th is the Solar return for the USA. What does the chart say to you? For astrologers, there's plenty to ponder. Chaos. Fireworks. Starburst. The symbols are making us a pictograph. Planets and stars striking esoteric angles with each other, as if communicating, or murmurating among themselves. No wonder they were once considered gods! MORE

The Billionaire Boys Club: New Gods?

Ophiuchus: Then and Now

Reposted from 13astrology

By Natalie Miller

Did you know that Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio (as it is today) used to be one giant Scorpion constellation?  It’s true.  This ancient trifecta is what has birthed the new sign of Ophiuchus.  What makes Ophiucans so alluring?  I believe it is their ability to balance reason and intuition with the confidence to manifest accordingly.  So why do Ophiuchan Suns usually come across shy as if they are hiding something.  It’s because they are. MORE

**Look to your inner Ophiuchus for guidance in your times of uncertainty and energy in your times of confusion.  To see where Ophiuchus falls in your natal chart and what, if any, planets are under her influence, contact me.**

Related article: Ophiuchus and Nature: The Seeds of Life

Decoding Chiron

Reposted from 13astrology

By Natalie Miller

Why does the asteroid Chiron light up our deepest, darkest, and creepiest fears and bring suffering to many people?  Is there a connection between the constellation.

Centaurus and the asteroid Chiron?  To find out more, let's take a look at the the discovery or “natal” chart of the asteroid. MORE

For further reading on Chiron:

Chiron: The Gods Reward Sacrifice.

Neptune in Our Time

Reposted from 13astrology

By Natalie Miller

The 13 Ages of Neptune take 165 years to complete around the Sun. Elusive yet conducive, Neptune plays the poetry of time like a musical instrument throughout of the facets of its romantic, mysterious journey. Here's a lyrical guide and tribute to the nomadic nature of the unconscious mind.

The Full LIST from 1873 to 2039

Neptune in Aries (1873 - 1884)

This was a time of gathering, conquering, collecting.  Repeat.  The subconscious mind is uncontrollable and Aries needs to be in control.  There were moments of troubled incertitude and the rawness of this confusion made armies form, precisely organize and attack with little regard for the enemy.  The victors came back together stronger like a pool in which bacteria gestates.  Scientists birthed their inventions. MORE

"Welcome to Hell"
The T-square with Jupiter

Cerberus, the 3-headed dog that guards the gates of hell; a symbol of a Pluto-Mars opposition about to pounce on Jupiter. Can "lucky" Jupiter get past them?

This month we'll be observing a disoriented Virgo Jupiter being attacked by the savage dogs, in a planetary clash of planets that makes anger and frustration an everyday thing! This Pluto-Mars opposition may shatter our complacency, or fill us with terror; your choice. Pluto-Mars-Jupter is a cruel T-square that with retrograde planets, which means we'll be working backwards to unearth old battles, with hardened positions. This is the type of cosmic formation that can really reach down as touch us! It started on June 22, and its activity will continue until a slow fade begins in mid-August. MORE

"When I'm hungry, I eat. When I'm thirsty, I drink. When I feel like saying something, I say it."

-Madonna (Leo) 8/16/1958


Susan Miller: Bad Astrology


Hookup Guide

Changing Your Sign

The Good Witch

Sex in 13 signs

The 3 Zodiac systems







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Venus and the 13
Signs of Love

Venus: Reposted from 13astrology

Venus in Your Sign*

By Natalie Miller

*If you would like me to look up where Venus falls in your 13 sign natal chart, contact me.

Although Venus doesn't just dictate how we navigate our romantic relationships, the romantic energy Venus reveals to us is potentially transformative. Find the meaning of Venus throughout the signs: MORE

Mercury in the 13 Signs

Mercury: Reposted from 13astrology

Probes in 2012 detected water and organic particles

By Natalie Miller

Mercury in the natal chart*

*if you would like me to look up where Mercury is in your 13 sign natal chart feel free to contact me.

The aspects to and in what zodiac sign Mercury is in affect the way in which you communicate. Mercury is mercurial and the stronger the influence, the more Mercury can potentially confuse. MORE

Walter Berg

Founder of 13 Sign Astrology

Our 13-sign astrology group is extremely honored and proud to present Walter Berg to our readers. Walter single-handedly created modern 13 sign astrology from years of dogged observation and hand-calculation in the early 1970s. MORE about Walter, plus an exclusive interview!

"Thorn" By Hiroko Sakai

Ophiuchus and
Women's Anger


A defining issue for women is emerging, and Ophiuchus is leading the way. Thousands of years of stored-up women's anger is bubbling to the surface. Women have bottled up their resentment of male supremacy to a pressure point that it can explode at any moment. No longer content to swallow their second-class status, women are rising up in defiance of the system that has defined them as man's servants and concubines. Women are coming to the realization that THEY are the real agents of change, that men are unfocused and trapped by their own egos and emotions.

Women are no longer content to accept their role in their relations with men, children, with each other, and the family. The female is becoming alienated from her subservient roles. Many women are resisting the patriarchy, facing it down in the streets and in the court rooms.

Women Who Kill

Women pushed past their limits

The confidant, boastful world of men is spinning out of control, and women are fomenting a not-so-silent revolution. The yielding, supportive and suffering female is disappearing, and being replaced by a much more militant version of herself. Their pliant codependency with men has not served them well enough to let it continue, and women have had enough. Women are sifting through the rubble of their hopes and dreams and demanding more of themselves, and more from the men who have sabotaged them for centuries. They won't be willing victims of the system any longer. MORE

Cave paintings like the one above, date back to 40,000 years ago, when women were fleshed out as the vital elements of early human communities, as its leaders, hunters and healers, and of course, the source of life. Men were less defined, (the naked figure with the hanging appendage) viewed mostly as sperm donors, more noteworthy for their penis than any other attribute, as another of women's domesticated animals, like the dog also pictured.

Ophiuchus-related pages:

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>Who is Ophiuchus?

>Ophiuchus in the zodiac

>Abbe Hoffman, Ophiuchus rebel

>Beethoven, Ophiuchus genius

>James Holmes, serial killer

>Andreas Lubitz, mass murderer

What Happened to Saturn's Benevolence?

Artists rendition of Venus entering our Solar system

This is the sky as it might have looked 5,000 years ago, when Saturn provided us with stability, not suffering. This image from Thunderbolts illustrates Immanuel Velikovsky's theory that Venus was a comet that intercepted a very cozy arrangement of planets like a billiard break on a cosmic scale. This occurred, not millions of years ago, but within our collective human memory, and gave rise to our mythology, symbolism, science and art. The destruction of life on Mars, its near-extinction on Earth, and the disappearance of Saturn were all experienced traumatically by early human societies and it has scarred us ever since. MORE

Why is Saturn so Mean?

At regular intervals, Saturn seems to punish us for our transgressions, with a loss of our security, heritage and inheritance. The modern astrological version of Saturn represents repression and constriction.

It wasn't always this way, our mythology recounts a tragic story, of when Saturn loved us. Before there was this fear of Saturn, there was only faith in its benevolence. In ancient times, Saturn was seen as a cornucopia; a stabilizing influence on our planet Earth. It gave us milk and honey, a friendly climate, and all beings flourished in harmony. What happened?

READ MORE: The "Golden Age" of the Solar System and Earth.


The Works of Zearle



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