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Apr 18-May 18 is the 4th Moon Mother, "looking far" to protect dreamers, seers, visionaries.

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POLL: 10% of Americans are frightened by the number 13

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Eric: Leo

Kim: Ophiuchus

Femi: Ophiuchus

Howard: Virgo

2015: Are You a Sheep or a Ram?

Built into the Yang ram symbol of the Chinese New Year is the implied sheep, the Yin component, and polar opposite. The sheep are receptive, passive, grazing in the valley while the ram is climbing, on a mission to the top of the mountain. The lunar New Year highlights a 2015 when the weakest sheep are cut from the herd, and the smartest goats will climb. The sheep among us, the weak, the timid, the innocent, the beguiled, our children, our lumpen, the sick or deranged, they will all be shorn or slaughtered like sheep. It's already in motion. One of three American children is already below the poverty level. Twenty-two veterans commit suicide every day. The homeless and the prison inmates outnumber college grads. There are no meaningful jobs. And Americans the lucky ones. >MORE

War and Taxes

A war economy needs an endless stream of money. Crippling taxes are inevitable as any nation goes into its death spiral. New taxes on oil, sales tax, user taxes, property taxes, state tax, sin tax --all taxes will rise as the last gasp of government to survive.

Used progressively, taxes are legit. The tax structure now in place is regressive, the low income earners pay a huge chunk of their cash to taxes, while the rich only contribute a minuscule amount.


No regime or government has ever survived defeat in war and deflation of the currency

For the past 50 years, Americans have been living the Capitalist dream, inflation. Our wealth, goods and power is increased--exaggerated, leveraged, as we artificially jack up the market value of worthless paper. This causes a trickle down effect, not of wealth, but of delusion. Workers accept the roller coaster ride and scramble for more money, more liquidity, more credit.

Inflation has worked (for us) for 75 years, as long as you consumed everything you could, the government printed more money, and war burned up surplus capital, and in the end, we impoverished the rest of the world. The true costs of capitalism were deferred, as long as they could inflate the value of everything the rich owned, which they did by leverage--betting on inflation lasting forever. >MORE

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Aries is First!

>"Kabuki" by Hiroko Sakai


From the Book of Aries

"Aries is Joan of Arc, who loses herself into a cause greater than herself. Driven by her self-pronounced connection to god; hers is the story of the female exalted in war, the female who uses fire and steel to achieve her goals. Joan saved the insipid Dauphin, gave him France and he returned the favor by conspiring against her with the church and had her burned at the stake. This is a common Aries theme of hopeless sacrifice.. >MORE



>Aries Quotations

RaStar 13 Star Sign Astrology
New Moon in Pisces/Aries
18th April 2015
By Kim Lovelace

The New Moon begins in Pisces and the 6th house on 18.04.2015 at 19:59 (London) and enters Aries less than an hour later.

The last New and Full Moon eclipses have played havoc with our nervous systems for the last few weeks or more; and it isn’t over yet! The New Moon begins in the last degree of Pisces and enters Aries, less than hour later and it would only be fair to say that this is still a time of drama and high energy. In the last few weeks the affects of the Moon have been one of struggle and instability. As the New Moon moves from Pisces and enters Aries the struggle becomes more centered and focused, although still very fragile.

It may feel like there is too much going on right now? Or emotions are just overloaded with confusion? Whatever the circumstances, now would definitely be a good time for ‘controlled action’, as the vibrations will be hypersensitive and fierce. We will definitely have a lot to gain if can focus this energy into our goals or careers, but it won’t be an easy play as the Moons conjunction to Uranus emphasizes the Pisces/Aries mood swings and erratic emotional responses, “Short, Sharp Shocks” are what we will more than likely experience at this time. The Mercury/Moon conjunction revolves around communications and immediate reactions, which may leave us feeling quite guilty if our emotional responses are highly strung, this will be due to the sudden and impulsive nature of this Moon.

Uranus is also conjunct the South Node and there could be quite a stir in the media regarding health issues, especially in London, this aspect forces us to take a good look at any health issues that we have not been aware of, or have deliberately overlooked, but as with any New Moon, it is a time for new beginnings and diet alongside a good exercise regime should always be the first port of call, for future success and achievement.

The Black Moon Lilith entered into Virgo on the 6th April and is now in retrograde mode; Black Moon Lilith in Virgo represents our abilities and how we judge ourselves as well as others and the expectations are high! In Virgo Lilith is warning us not to overdo things and neglect ourselves, especially if it is detrimental to our health and that we must come to terms with the fact nothing in life is perfect. Security comes from within and it is our connection to the creator of the universe that gives us the inner peace we seek. >MORE from KIM LOVELACE

Painting by Moyo Ogundipe, a Nigerian Artist

New Moon on Pisces-Aries Cusp: The Rebirth

Happy New Moon!

The solar and lunar energy we have today is Pisces! Yes, today is the very last full day ofPisces Sun and we also have the new moon showing up. That means Pisces will influence us subconsciously for another 2 weeks even though we are moving into the fiery hot headed Aries Sun energy tomorrow. Now is the time to jump start your spiritual life in a new direction. It is time for a Rebirth. The Pisces–Aries Cusp. My last article Lunar Eclipse in Virgo reminds us that we’re in the middle of going thru our cosmic closets and clearing them out! This is still happening, only faster and deeper with this extraPisces new moon influence. It’s time to merge all realities. Here on Earth there is a coming together of our spiritual essence that cannot be stopped. That is within ourselves and also with each other. We are able to feel each other’s pain, joy and everything in between. Focus on the Joy. We are all connected. This New Moon in the deepest depths of Pisces just solidifies this very fact. The way the cards fall in the sky is really interesting you know. Without western and eastern astrology parameters, there’s a much deeper story being told, in 13 sign astrology of course. The Sun enters Aries on April 19th and will be there till about May 11th. This astronomical fact defies both 12 sign western and eastern zodiac. So get comfortable with everything changing rapidly and just know that it’s time for you to at least start the process of rebuilding your dreams. Find a way to create a new vision. You have to have courage to maximize these energies rising up in the coming days. You have to be fearless to want it. Just make sure to balance this energy with patience, meditation, and compassion. 

Pisces and Aries BOTH have a tendency to let their strength get out of hand sometimes.

This is a new moon with tremendous power. Fire Water Power. This is a time of great spiritual renewal and transformation. During new moons we begin something new. Right now we should be making promises to ourselves about the future. A lot of us will commit to change and mature, taking on greater challenges and adventures. In this new Paradigm awakening. It is happening through US! This new moon will have us collectively feeling the deepest parts of our soul’s existence. We are also revved up and ready to pioneer the new frontier in our lives.

Deep Cleansing and purging are still the most active forces on the planet right now. TheBlood Moon eclipse alignments happening for the last 2 years recently solidified that further. And it will continue to bring this lesson on home for us so don’t give up on the work that has to be done on your health. I’ll start writing more about that, promise. Feel free to join my >Raw Goddess 13 Signs Astrology Group on Facebook for future updates and info.

Bad Astrology

Don't let Mickey do your horoscope!

Forget American ("Western") astrology, it's just not real; only a Mickey Mouse cartoon we've been watching our entire lives. It's a fabricated view of the stars that one quick look at the night skies can dispel forever. Like Mickey, it's a screw-up. It's anti-astronomy. anti-science. Invariably, astronomy always trumps astrology because while astrology is the subjective interpretation, astronomy is the objective fact. Astronomy is the foundation for astrology. How can astrology work, if it's not astronomically correct?

Astrology has to be based on the information we get from astronomic data; it cannot exist without it. If astrologers live in a bubble of their own making, defying astronomical findings, they are digging themselves into a pit of confusion. Astrology is the extension of astronomy, the hand-maiden of astronomy, the same as astronomy!

For thousands of years astronomy and astrology were inseparable. The astrologer and the astronomer were the same person! The two fields of study are one, because both are based on the observable heavens. Today astronomy follows the reality, and astrology follows the fallacy. Modern astrology is divorced from astronomy, and wanders the fringes as an aberration of science. >MORE

[The following is not an advertisement, it is an endorsement]

Flower Power is the natural way to Protect Your Aura


Protect your identity and integrity; keep at bay those people who would invade the sanctity of your life's purpose. If you're feeling dissipated, confused or under attack, flowers can build up the strength of your aura, help you protect the defensible space that surrounds you, like an invisible shield. If events have weakened your aura, Kim's natural flower extracts will help to renew and kick it into high gear. >Kim Lovelace, our resident Good Witch, has developed custom blends of Australian flower essences that can get you out of your rut, and disarm the intractable or aggressive people in your life. >MORE

Kim is also tracking >Lilith and the Black Moon for those who wish to delve into these influences.

>The Death of the Republican Party

Image: Science Daily

Transits are the changes in your life you can't control, as supplied by the luminaries planets and asteroids that orbit or cycle around Earth, and your geographical location on it. The transiting orbs influence you through your relocated birth chart. The same effects felt by us all, will be felt by you a particular way, unique to you because of this connection. These celestial bodies can have a tremendous effect on you when they come close or make certain angles with your birth planets and geographical location (your rising sign).

You have power over yourself to adapt and resist them, but they ultimately have a cosmic timetable, in spite of your material agenda. It would be an advantage to be able to see them coming, and measure their power -- before they are felt.
>Click to get your personal 1-year Transits report, with print and online access



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