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Do You Know Your Sign?
Don't be surprised that your birthday no longer falls in the sign you've grown up with. Astrology gave you the wrong sign, at least the wrong degree. Look at the skies yourself, and you'll see the problem. The Sun, Moon and the planets are not where astrology says, not even close! Mainstream "tropical" astrology is wildly inaccurate and the laughing stock of science and astronomy. [Click for free star-finder app Stellarium for your own edification]

Tropical uses an obsolete, 1800-year-old-map that ignored the Earth's precession of the equinoxes and developed a 28-degree error that's like a tumor in astrology. Science and the rest of the world abandoned the Tropical calendar over 400 years ago. But that's not only thing that tropical astrologers get wrong.

The 13th Sign-Ophiuchus!
The Zodiac has 13, not 12, signs! The constellation of the goddess Ophiuchus, the snake handler, can clearly be seen emerging from Scorpio and leaping up to meet Hercules, the ultra-male. Astronomers recognize her as one of the eponymous (original) signs on the Zodiac.
Yet, she's a non-entity in tropical astrology, and was disguised as an man by the Greeks. Ptolemy revised the lunar Zodiac by deleting Ophiuchus, masking the gender of other female gods, and superimposing a static, Solar 12-sign Zodiac with equal thirty-degree houses. The ecliptic is actually based on the 28 day, 13-month lunar calendar. Each of 13 signs share different portion of the a 360 degree ecliptic, their natural "houses". Virgo has the largest share; with Scorpio the smallest. Ptolemy is a disaster to astrology! Why Astologers revere a man who insisted the Sun revolved around the Earth and only succeeded in sabotaging astrology with toxic data is an oddity of history. Today astrology is found on the comics page and is milked like a cash cow by charlatans.

Ptolemy tried to enslave astrology to the yoke of empire. He imposed a rigid, didactic system that was obsolete as soon as he introduced it. His calculations would gain an error of one degree every 75 years. Today, tropical astrology is off by almost 30 degrees. Tropical astrology has tried and failed to use an oversimplified, abridged system to tackle a complicated and exacting task. Every person, every sign is as unique as everything else in the Universe. Tropical astrology has failed to adapt to these facts, and that's why it doesn't work.

A Working Astrology
Astrology is based on math, and only works if the math works. Astrology must have a mathematically accurate map to interpret the horoscope correctly. If you are going to use numbers to locate the archetypes from a centuries-old mythology, why use bogus numbers? Only the knowledge of the actual positions of the planets and luminaries can help us interpret their message in any meaningful way.

Your Sunsign is only the beginning
Ready to meet the REAL you? See what a REAL astrology can do! Study your correct horoscope, the basic map of the moment of your birth, according to your location. Your true natal chart shows the correct signs and placements of the Sun, Moon, Chiron, and all your planets, aspects and the angles, and a lot more. Each chart is like your biography, except it holds the seeds of future development as well. Discover your lunar message of fulfillment in the Moon's Nodes. Your Rising Sign and the angles change with your time zone. The Universe is not static, and neither are you. Each planet and orbiting asteroid has an effect on your desires, goals and the people in your life. Today's transits are in constant predictable cycles with inescapable influences for you personally; but you can see them coming with an accurate map.

Only 13-sign astrology conforms to the astronomical positions. If your astrological horoscope is your soul's portrait--how important is the truth? We'll cast your 13-sign chart, according to the birth data you provide, and send it to your email for FREE. No frills. You can use a website like cafeastrology to help you identify the symbols and what they mean. (Ophiuchus is out of luck since they use the 12-sign Zodiac) For a unique, personal, 1,000 word text and transit review from the Siderealist, order the complete reading for $50. Do a 2-hour reading by phone and save $20. If you want to map out your future moves, order your personal predictions in 1 and 5 years-ahead reports for $10. For more info, click to the Readings page, or scroll down to use the order forms below.