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Howard: Virgo

2015: Are You a Sheep or a Ram?

Built into the Yang ram symbol of the Chinese New Year is the implied sheep, the Yin component, and polar opposite. The sheep are receptive, passive, grazing in the valley while the ram is climbing, on a mission to the top of the mountain. The lunar New Year highlights a 2015 when the weakest sheep are cut from the herd, and the smartest goats will climb. The sheep among us, the weak, the timid, the innocent, the beguiled, our children, our lumpen, the sick or deranged, they will all be shorn or slaughtered like sheep. It's already in motion. One of three American children is already below the poverty level. Twenty-two veterans commit suicide every day. The homeless and the prison inmates outnumber college grads. There are no meaningful jobs. And Americans the lucky ones. >MORE

War and Taxes

A war economy needs an endless stream of money. Crippling taxes are inevitable as any nation goes into its death spiral. New taxes on oil, sales tax, user taxes, property taxes, state tax, sin tax --all taxes will rise as the last gasp of government to survive.

Used progressively, taxes are legit. The tax structure now in place is regressive, the low income earners pay a huge chunk of their cash to taxes, while the rich only contribute a minuscule amount.

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Two Takes on the New Moon Eclipse

Pisces is a Supersensitive and emotional Moon that spends most of its time walking around on broken eggshells. This New Moon is not only a Super Moon but is also about to eclipse the Sun, which makes its affect more profound and dominating. This Moon eclipse takes place in Pisces and the tension in the air will be highly sensitive and dramatic! Pisces Moon is all about emotions, depth of feeling and psychic impressions, but this Moon can also become neurotic, psychotic and irrational when under stress. >MORE

Don’t be fooled by material things. This is a spiritual awakening that is destined to happen for us All or we will die trying! The mission for most in this lifetime is to rise to the occasion and live out our true calling. Astrology isn’t just some man-made thing ya know. It’s much deeper than just fairy tales. That’s why I subscribe only to real time alignments. Which has always moved through 13 constellations. These fixed stars help guide us collectively with every change and especially through these changes happening right now! >MORE

Pisces Prima Donna

MAR 12 - APR 18

>"Pisces" by Hiroko Sakai

Pisces practically invented schizophrenia, along with Gemini. But, then, don't all the signs have their polar opposites? Yet Pisces is unique, because she lives in the mystery of the subconscious, where the connections are erratic and hard to decipher. >MORE

Illustration from "Underwater Photography Guide"

"Pisces can reveal their agitation by roiling the emotions of others, and it is easy to engage and involve the unwary. Pisces' lovers become hopelessly dependent and possessive about Pisces, and try to domesticate and deconstruct the essence of Pisces’ emotions. Yet these are shrouded in an impenetrable Neptunian fog that erodes the barrier between the subconscious and the conscious. Everything is an illusion but for the moment. Love and music help Pisces feel joy, connection, lust, power, and, of course, sorrow. Pisces abandons itself in abandonment. Anyone watching Pisces run the gamut of emotions finds it overwhelming and excruciatingly intimate. The only connection that Pisces cans fully trust is love, and as that ethereal quality is only for the dreamers, then Pisces dreams on and on."
From the Book of Pisces

>Pisces Quotations


Water Water everywhere but not a drop to drink

This Piscean period calls for eviction or constriction. Here the otherwise forgiving Aquarius casts us adrift on the dead sea of despair. Without the Aquarius' bouncy energy to keep us afloat, we'll be swept away, hounded by the bureaucratic world; the landlord, the bank, the government. The state will finish what the capitalist began, which is the destruction of the middle class. >MORE

Australian Flower Essences

flower aura

If you're feeling dissipated, confused or under attack-- flowers can build up the strength of your aura, the defensive space that protects you. If events have weakened your aura, Kim's natural flower extracts will help you restructure it and make it less vulnerable. >MORE

Star is also tracking Lilith and the Black Moon for those who wish to delve into these influences.


Image: Science Daily

Transits are the changes in your life you can't control, as supplied by the luminaries planets and asteroids that orbit or cycle around Earth, and your geographical location on it. The transiting orbs influence you through your relocated birth chart. The same effects felt by us all, will be felt by you a particular way, unique to you because of this connection. These celestial bodies can have a tremendous effect on you when they come close or make certain angles with your birth planets and geographical location (your rising sign).

You have power over yourself to adapt and resist them, but they ultimately have a cosmic timetable, in spite of your material agenda. It would be an advantage to be able to see them coming, and measure their power -- before they are felt.
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No regime or government has ever survived defeat in war and deflation of the currency

For the past 50 years, Americans have been living the Capitalist dream, inflation. Our wealth, goods and power is increased--exaggerated, leveraged, as we artificially jack up the market value of worthless paper. This causes a trickle down effect, not of wealth, but of delusion. Workers accept the roller coaster ride and scramble for more money, more liquidity, more credit.

Inflation has worked (for us) for 75 years, as long as you consumed everything you could, the government printed more money, and war burned up surplus capital, and in the end, we impoverished the rest of the world. The true costs of capitalism were deferred, as long as they could inflate the value of everything the rich owned, which they did by leverage--betting on inflation lasting forever. >MORE

Crash and Crunch

"Abundance creates poverty, not prosperity" is the sad fact of our current situation in the worldwide capitalist system. 2015 will usher in the worst possible scenario for world peace, prosperity and stability. The falling oil prices portend a collapse of all the industrial economies, rather then offer cheap energy. The nature of profit makes an equitable distribution of wealth impossible. Like crabs in a bucket, the selfishness of nations will insure that they all perish together. The above graph shows in stark reality what is been massaged away by the media hype and the market manipulators. Capitalism hasn't worked since the 1970s. The growth since then has been fueled by debt and dollars which value has steadily declined, in spite of the recent strength of the dollar against even worse currencies.

Money is the lifeblood of capitalism, trade is the means of growth, and profit is the motive and the only triumph of capitalism. But profits are long gone. Corporations have turned to corruption and usury to spend their free money (provided by the Fed as "Quantitative Easing") to buy their own stocks so they can cash them in using insider information. Even they have no idea of the size of the debt bubble. Hedge funds have apothicated their capital from 400 trillion to over 700 trillion. Capitalists are eating each other and themselves to avoid bankruptcy. But it cannot be forestalled. The Banks are all insolvent, the government is living off of hidden sin taxes and extraction of wealth from the lower classes, impoverishing them.

And yet the out-of-control corporations cannot stop producing. Their production costs have shrunk, as have wages. Yet the capitalism is still bleeding equity, what they have today is worth less tomorrow. The supply of goods and services, has, according to their managed prices (supply-side economics") is larger than the demand, those who can afford them. This type of economic crisis, deflation, kills capitalism by slow death of a thousand knives. No corporation, no business, can afford to exist losing money. You can only borrow more to pay the bills for so long before a crash. Deflation causes constriction, loss, and brings disaster to the society it devours. Deflation is the Ebola of capitalism.

Dollars down, gold up?

Right now (March, 2015) the dollar is up in value, while gold is down. How can that happen? Dollars are probably worth only 40% of face value, maybe less. Yet gold is being appropriated by many governments like it was a lifeboat on the Titanic. YOU can't buy gold at the bargain rate, but the price of gold is being depressed by Chase bank and others, so they can loot the gold stock of smaller countries (Cyprus) and individuals who own gold coins, etc. When the day comes that oil prices, the basis of dollar-value, start to go down to the actual spot-market value, the dollar with go the way of the Dodo bird.

>Crash and Crunch

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