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This month we have a Blue Moon!

By the Raw Goddess Femi

Yay!!! LOL! What’s up with a Blue Moon? The original 13 Moon Goddess’ lunar cycles are suppressed! There are always 13 months a year! Blue Moons are only more special to our false sense of time, when we are in our western mind. Call it society’s disharmony with nature. Our Gregorian calendar goes by artificial months and ignores the natural monthly lunar cycles, which is the very definition of a month. A month. It’s been exactly 28 days since the last full moon on the 2nd. And yes, while there are many calendars around the world, there are always 13 New Moons and Full Moons in a yearly rotation around the Sun. 13 X 28 is a perfect number = 364 days in a year plus 1 every 4 years. This reflects natural time the Moon Goddess actually keeps for her children here on Earth! Also contrary to western astrology beliefs, this full moon is actually taking place in the constellation of Capricorn. Sidereal is a more natural and ancient form of astrology that predates western calculations.


I use it to be more inline with the stars. That means this full moon cycle will highlight Earth Magic. Money, power, business, status and success will be the focus for the next 2 weeks. Go ahead and get busy with your list of things to do. Work, debt, salary and time all deserve major consideration right now. We can definitely get ahead using better time management. Saturn, Capricorns domain, is Father Time and represents the laws of the material world. Without proper structure this moon cycle can become a depressing frustration! If you want to be a grand achiever and manifest your goals, you have to do the necessary work. Ask yourself what is your ultimate destination. What mountain can you summit that will bring total fulfillment? MORE


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Full Moon in Capricorn 31st July 2015

capricorn full moon
image: beyogaworld

RaStar 13 Star Sign Astrology
Kim Lovelace
(Using the Constellation of Ophiuchus)

The Full Moon reaches its peak on the 31st July at 11:45 am - in the 4th house London.


This is the second Full Moon in July which makes it a ‘Blue Moon’, a Blue Moon occurs roughly around every two and a half years when there are two full moons in a calendar month, this is why a Blue Moon is considered a rare occurrence. Metaphysically the Blue Moon represents a time for breaking out of the normal everyday routine and doing something different, unusual, or bizarre. Hence the phrases; “Once in a Blue Moon” or “Out of the Blue”.


The Full Moon in Capricorn this month represents a time of pressure around responsibilities, especially where commitments or finances are concerned. Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn is a disciplined and hard working sign, but has insecurities regarding status and financial security. The Moon in Capricorn can come across as quite detached and unemotional and seems to take life a little too seriously, self worth is based around how much status and financial security has been achieved in life.


In opposition to Mercury and in quincunx to Juno, this Moon can create a lot of confusion and unnecessary worrying about trivial matters and as a result, what is truly important can be completely overlooked or ignored. Communications may be unclear and irritating as the true issues at hand are not being addressed, therefore creating unrest among many and a great deal of over sensitivity. Self security versus social acceptance over the next two weeks and striking a balance between the two will be difficult, we need to leave our choices open until a compromise can be reached. Also a lack of balance in health may be an issue; cleansing and the nervous system should be treated with great consideration.


The Black Moon Lilith in Leo is quite active this Full Moon and issues around order and position can lead us to become self centered and arrogant. In opposition to Neptune the Black Moon creates a lot of confusion about the reality of life, it will be easy to get lost in our own little worlds, with a heightened potential towards self deception, especially when it comes to reinforcing our position in life. Leaving ourselves open to growth by not getting involved in power struggles for fear of losing face, will be a hard thing to do, but we must continue to go with the flow of change and accept that things happen for a reason; it is the nature of the universe. We must value each other’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as our own and work as a collective to the benefit of all, rather than independently for self gain.


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donald trump

The All-American Demagogue

Donald Trump is tough, "cheap steak tough" as Gil Scott Heron said of Ronald Reagan, and The Donald wants to be President in 2016. This is his sixth time, over the course of 3 decades. That's staying power, the persistence of endless self-promotion. His brand has grown from dork to demagogue, and, as blunt-talking billionaires go, he's better then the others at capturing the "great unwashed" demographic of pissed off white men, the only force conservatives have that they can realistically count on to stop Hillary.

"Donald Trump is a Warlock, a Taurus bull let loose inside the Republican china shop"

The Aug 6th Republican debate is going to get a full dose of the Donald, as both transiting Venus and Mercury are conjunct his natal Mars on that day. "Decisiveness. Mental assertiveness. Honesty. Practical solutions. Technical skills. Fast work, rapid progress." and "Healthy passions. Physical attraction. Strenuous enjoyment. Joint enthusiasm. Romance. Creating art or decoration." Neptune is trine his natal Mercury: "This a wonderful time for any mental work that requires creativity and intuition. You are open to new ideas and communications seem to flow easily. You may even discover some psychic powers." MORE

Born July 21-Aug 9?
Your Sun is in Cancer, the Third Eye (Al Tarf)

Image by Hiroko Sakai

Cancer is closely linked with the Moon, and is always liable to be emotionally and physically influenced by the Moon's phases and eclipses. Some Cancers report the shape of their faces actually change with the waxing and waning Moon. The Cancer paradox goes along the same cycle. Sometimes they crave adoration and domination like a rock star, at another time they want to disappear and Netflick-binge in private. Some of the changes are natural, some are caused by other's expectations. In fact, you mirror others' needs and assumptions, based on your appearance or demeanor. Like the Moon, Cancers reflect the light cast upon them. The real Cancer is shrouded in mystery, with a dark dictatorial side that is hidden behind its opposite; Cancer's nurturing maternal nature. Either way, Cancers are protective of those they love or rule; they hang on to them with the tenacity of the crab with its claws.

From: Hubble

Cancer's constellation, the Crab nebula, is one of the oldest known systems. The ancients believed it was the mother of the galaxies. That's the bigger picture, since Cancer really represents more than the Moon, it describes the birth and molting of stars, and the growth of the Universe. Cancer's origins are from far, far away. On Earth, Cancer can remake themselves to suit, or shed their old skins to assume a larger, more magnificent suit of armor. Cancer is primarily interested in growth, and, much like the leaves of a vine, Cancer has the mentality of mindless propagation. They want to infiltrate and dominate all they encounter. When sun, water, and seed meet under the right conditions, growth is spectacular. That's why Cancer's temperament is regulated by the same Moon's phases that regulate the oceans, fertility, and agriculture. The Cancer must operate in sync with the natural cycles, which are often at odds with the needs of the rest of the world. This makes the level of working in secrecy in Cancers almost unfathomable to others. Cancer's fear can devolve into paranoid schizophrenia under the stress.

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The use of the word Cancer to describe the disease is because it describes the unwanted, uncontrolled growth of dysfunctional cells--much like the problem with Cancers who are locked into cycles that they cannot control. Since they work so well with secret agendas, Cancers are often actors, salespeople, managers, politicians (Barack Obama is a cancer) and behind-the-scenes manipulators. Cancers DO change personalities the same way an actor changes hats, or a change of role. The Cancer starts his/her cycle during the New Moon, when she/he determines her goals for the month—or the greater cycle she is aiming for. By visualizing—sharing, dramatizing, advertising, whatever, the Cancer has until the full Moon to realize the lunar "intentions". Many Cancers write these intentions down and keep them close to their bodies (under the pillow, in the pocket) to activate their powers of concentration.

You have tact and achieving success can be an act of faith. You must believe--and that comes from other's belief in YOU, which you can induce with your appearance and behavior. Cancers run on faith, hope and the belief in eternal cycles and without it they can become lost and deranged. Since balance cannot truly be achieved, the cancer must work within the system, and bide their time until the time is right.  They can make headway in life by the exercise of prudence, care and economy; and this position gives some degree of business instinct and forethought, also adaptability for practical matters, whether in the household, in more public affairs, or in applied science. This is favorable for gain through the parents, and it inclines to the acquisition of house or land property and to dealing in these.   In the case of elderly people this position is rather good for comfort and prosperity in old age.   Your success in life will depend more than with most people upon a favorable environment; because if circumstances oppose you, you are apt to feel keenly a sense of being hampered, thwarted and restricted, and withdraw emotionally.

Who is Cancer? Cancer
in the Zodiac
Social critic
Paul Mooney
Mother of
South Africa

From the Book of Cancer

"The ancient females who devised astrology saw that the Crab Nebula was the largest in the visible heavens—like a mother giving birth to galaxies. Cancer is the Mother of Heaven. The Arab astrologers named your star Al Tarf, which represents the Third Eye—the all-seeing wisdom of mother nature. In our Zodiac, the Leo huntress is looking through this Moon's "eye"—a throwback to and connection with our natural animal origins and instincts, and to a time when ALL humanity was directed and illuminated by the Moon, in the same way we use GPS and internet now. The Moon and Saturn were all-important indicators to the ancients, since they were considered benefactors and symbols of abundance.

Cancers are still existing on a plane of a lunar Zodiac, the Moon's Nodes—their have a private world they inhabit, that soothes them and gives them encouragement. Cancer females—and many sensitive male Cancers—are a mystery but use powerful amulets, garments, and are part of a secret society based on dreams and occurring in natural cycles. This may be the real "politics". This is why we also associate Cancers with political leadership and cultural influence, since they can use their invisible connection with humanity to deliver the message. A Cancer can telegraph a political statement with a hat, a wink, a single gesture—that would take the typical solar-based pedant thousands of words to convey."


After the Bubble, Comes the Bust

The end of the bull market in China

Pluto retrograde is opposed Sun and Mars (see chart), which means stagnation and loss. China and Greece are now experiencing this transit full bore.

Right now, Jupiter, our lucky gas giant, is opposed the natal Sun of the USA's horoscope. July is also the first contact of Pluto square the USA's Uranus, which starts to unravel the bullshit. Pluto is coming back in November to bury any ideas we entertain about a quick, easy way out of the current mess. This is a loss of not only our national identity and unity, but a collapse of our good fortune:

"The current circumstances are not designed to increase your prosperity. The male leadership that has led us to this crisis will be humiliated. Prepare for a period that will deplete your material assets. Your generosity is likely to benefit the wrong people or be wasted in worthless endeavors."

Sex Stomach Food Music Proof
Staff Kim Howard Femi Eric


A White Boy With a Gun

The majority or serial murders are perpetrated by white men (or boys). White men who have failed in spite of privilege, and who scapegoat minorities and women to cover their tracks. READ MORE


Jupiter and Immigration

Those individuals who spend a major part of their life roving other countries, deal in some way with foreigners or simply live far away from where they were born, have Sagittarius prominent in their charts or have a very active ninth house, and/or have Jupiter prominently placed in their chart, by aspect or near the angles. READ MORE

russell brand

"Stamping his feet and spitting his dummy"

Russell Brand, the outspoken British actor/comedian and TV presenter, is the classic Taurus. He's by turns the stamping bull and the dancing girl. His latest foray is into politics and economic reform. He's a dream politician, he's almost painfully honest, articulate and has a sense of humor! READ MORE

Sun Opposition Saturn:
The Death of the Republican Party

Pluto and the Generations

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