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said the spider to the fly
June 20-July 20

"Gemini" by Hiroko Sakai


Geminis are players; they like to play. How could that be bad? Geminis don’t like to lose; they really don’t, and they can go to any extreme to win. Gemini can dazzle, obfuscate, seduce, or coerce with their talking points. Geminis got shtick, the hipster patter, the street cred to talk their way in or out of anything. They are often our most fascinating person, and definitely their most. Gemini is childhood at its best. Life is a secret garden for the two celestial twins, one of whom is a boy and the other, a girl; these two opposing elements are yet joined at the hip to explore and play inside the Gemini world. They both share many exemplary qualities, intelligence, vivacity, curiosity; however, they become bored and restless easily, instantly, always needing new and wilder stimuli for the voracious brain, their biological hard disk with all memory.

Gemini Factoid: Ask any Gemini about anything in their past, no problem; for them it's like it happened yesterday.


Monthly Forecast for Gemini

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Real Geminis are born June 20-July 20

Happy birthday Gemini, you are in good stead at the moment, you have good common sense and a good power of concentration, but are you being too steadfast and narrow minded? It seems that there is a lack of tact in your communication with others, therefore leading them to misunderstand you, or it could be that you need to be a bit more flexible and expand your mind a little. Communication problems seem to be caused through you being stuck on the target that you have set yourself which makes you come across as rigid and overly conservative. The warning for you this month is to work on becoming more flexible, It is also warning you not to try and pull a fast one to reach your goals, otherwise you will risk your reputation. You don't need to prove anything to anyone, least of all to your self. At the time of the New Moon on the 4th July, any bad decisions you have made, or any form of underhandedness that has taken place, will be exposed. You are overloaded with Solar energy by the New Moon, which will cause you to feel hypersensitive, so your emotions can be a big obstacle to your reasoning ability, (electrical items are likely to break down). Your perception is distorted and reality is not present, therefore you can get yourself into great difficulties.

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Full Moon Summer Solstice:
The Summer Of Love

Happy New Moon!
Hi Everyone! I hope you are all enjoying my esoteric astrology articles!
Today marks the Summer Solstice! Activating the 4 Corners of the Sacred Seasonal Cross. Which means, it’s officially the 1st day of Summer. Right now, it’s very important to remain SUPER positive about the good in your Life starting today! Summer Solstice is that time of the year with the most sunlight. This year it’s June 20th to the 24th that have the 4 longest days of Light! After June 24th, the days are shorter and the nights become longer. These 4 days should be spent in meditation, affirmation, and deep prayer. Again, stay positive, focus on your goals, and pay attention to your dreams. There will be a deeper meaning behind them for this alignment. This is the perfect time to get readings and tune into your higher self. Ra the Sun God is in full force, raising our kundalini of Awareness! This is a time of deep programming. A time to cleanse the Light Body and visualize what you want to manifest in your Life! MORE

Summer Solstice Full Moon

image by Fanpop

The Full Moon is in Sagittarius this month who aspires to high ideals and goals, but may lack a realistic sense of life. The Full Moon this month is of faith and tradition, which fits in well with the Meditations connected to the Summer Solstice, which has been celebrated for many an Eon.

The New Moon earlier on in the month was horrendously challenging and the effects have been very noticeable. This Full Moon is the backlash and creates an over sensitivity and a feeling of emptiness within. Some will be prone to self indulgent tendencies, becoming overly concerned with material comforts and luxuries, where the need for them to satiate their appetite is strongly compelling and this intense desire can lead them to satiate their appetites with food (especially sugar fixes), sex, or retail therapy. The craving to be loved is strong and this vibration coming in is very self absorbed, balance will be needed and we can achieve this by looking within. The aim being to centre ourselves. There is an air of fantasy with the Full Moon in Sagittarius and there is a vulnerability towards compulsive behaviour where falling for unsuitable partners, or not being realistic in what we want or already have is an issue. For those of us that are feeling stuck in an unhappy relationship then this is the time to analyse the truth of the situation by going within and finding your 'own answer,' with honesty and without judgement. It is a time where we need to be at one with ourselves in an honest and non judgemental way. MORE

The 6th Month: Speaking and Trust

"Never discuss another's business, and never presume to speak for anyone besides yourself.

Respect the privacy of all people, and never break a trust if you have been told something in confidence.

Never repeat ugly rumors about another, and remove yourself from any person or group speaking in that matter.

Never offer advice unless it is asked for and never discuss another's situation, as you see it, without permission.

If someone is having a conversation, or argument that does not concern you, leave the area, do not eavesdrop.

Never bring your burdens into another's house by talking about your troubles, unless that person has agreed to be an adviser, then listen to the wisdom offered and take the advice given.

Never tell a lie or a half-truth, or alter any message that you are to deliver for another."

From "Earth Medicine", Sixth Moon, Twenty-Eighth Day

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Soul Food Salad

Eating in Season is an excellent way to
support the body’s natural immune and healing abilities.

• Boneless Chicken Thigh
• Flour
• Spike, Braggs Liquid Aminos
• Garlic
• Red Leaf Lettuce, Romaine, Kale
• Cucumber, Bell Pepper, Onion
• Strawberries or Cherry Tomatoes
• Avocado Oil

• Heat large frying pan with small amount of oil. Enough to cover the Bottom.
• Season your meat then dust with flour
• Fry until Crisp
• Cut up fried chicken and place over salad
• Salad Dressing -Apple Cider Vinegar, Braggs Liquid Aminos, Garlic and Spike seasoning.

This delicious spring salad will give you that umami taste with the high quality nutrition that is needed in a healthy meal. Many of us struggle with wanting to eat the foods that we were raised with, like fried chicken. But we realize that we must fuel our bodies with nourishing ingredients that also act as medicine. This new moon you can reconnect with your childhood past and your conscience present while eating a delicious nutritious Soul Food Salad!


Lady Buggs Farm is an Urban Farm, part of the Local Foods movement in Youngstown, Ohio. Visit Lady Buggs on facebook for more information. Contact

The Misunderstood Moon

Everything you learned about your Moon from establishment astrology is false or misleading. Only a 13 sign astrology horoscope reveals the truth about your real birth planets and luminaries. 12-sign astrology is also wrong to exclude Ophiuchus, the goddess of women's power and accomplishments.

Ophiuchus and her origins

Another vital placement in the horoscope is the The Black Moon and Lilith, which is linked to the dark, hidden extreme in Lunar polarity, the opposite of the lighted moon, our romantic archetype. Again, traditional astrology rarely acknowledges this mysterious influence, and gets the sign wrong.

• Learn more about Lilith

• Black Moon/Lilith in your chart





A new moon is a wonderful time to plant your intentions so that your harvest--the full moon--is bountiful, so be careful of your intentions and your thoughts. During the dark moon we are faced with new beginnings and the need for patience, so be gentle with yourself. It is recommended you turn to our green allies for nourishment and energy. Nettle infusions are a great way to support the bodies immune system and mineral supplements.   

Utilizing natural crystals, colors and symbolic figures can increase your herbal infusions, foods and natural medicines with a healing frequency unique for you and your loved ones. Recipes and more from Lady Buggs.



Comparison of the Zodiac systems





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