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Ophiuchus and Mass Murder
Going Out with a Bang

Andreas Lubitz, the invisible man


Another Ophiuchus mass murderer is in the news, again. Andreas Lubitz was the co-pilot of German Wings flight 9525 who drove the Airbus into a mountain, taking 150 people with him to obliteration. His birthday is the last day of Ophiuchus, the so-called 13th sign. Ophiuchus, like Lubitz, is invisible to us, although it is included in the Zodiac, along with the other 12 eponymous signs. Ophiuchus has always been there, but we don't see it because we only see the 12 signs, we skip over Ophiuchus like it wasn't there.

The point is that Ophiuchus is there, we just don't see her, or him, until we change our view. Likewise Andreas Lubitz, a non-entity -- a typical tight-assed German worker bee. Ophiuchus, however, is not average, it just looks that way because the Ophiuchus wants it that way. Lubitz took on the lifestyle of his peers to disappear from sight. Yet Ophiuchus, no matter where it appears, is always telling us something we don't want to hear, forcing change. Normally, people hate change, therefore hate the agent of change, and this is why Ophiuchus keeps to itself, hiding in the shadows, or hiding in plain sight; so plain and ordinary, you would never know the power lurking inside them.

Ophiuchus has power because of mind control. They control their own minds like using a whip, and they can, and will, control yours the same way. It's safer for them this way. Lubitz' visible existence as a non-entity was just protection. Just a face in the crowd, someone you could mistake for any other conformist white boy running the half-marathon. He faded right into the blandness of his own environment, much like the witch pretends to be a normal housewife. But this was not to last. The world, life itself, intervened to blow his cover.


The world would not let Lubitz alone. Life mounted one attack upon his world after another. The depression, schizophrenia, crumbling health, vision problems, were all about to exclude Lubitz from everything he was supposed to have, even denying him someone to love him. The loss of his object-of-controlling-love, his girlfriend, had reportedly had enough, and just a few days before, had left him.

For Ophiuchus, the loss of the protégé, the sorcerer's assistant, his or her inspiration and irritation, is a tragic blow. For Ophiuchus, rather the lover die than escape the envelope of Ophiuchus' truncated world. Ophiuchus will try to mate for life, and failure in this will lead them to extreme pain. Witness another Ophuican mass murderer, James Homes, who shot into a movie audience in Aurora, Colorado, as a method of gaining the attentions and admiration of a girl. Both Lubitz and Holmes also have an astronomical Grand Cross in their respective charts, a lead weight around their necks.

[NOTE: Lubitz joins a long, long list of disaffected white--privileged--males who go off their rocker and commit mass murder. >MORE

Lubitz' chart, which I have left at 12 noon, since we do not know his true time of birth, shows pretty much what happens to an Ophiuchus that has been run off the road by life. And how Ophiuchus takes revenge. Lubitz' Ophiuchus conjunction with Saturn and Mercury keeps him roiling with malcontent. Here Ophiuchus is at war with authority and common wisdom and yet doesn't even trust his own mind. Saturn makes Lubitz' relationship with his father a stifling experience. Saturn in Ophiuchus conjunct Sun is like having the jailer close the window in your cell. The voice of contempt at what you do, ever at your ear, sniping away at your intentions. It's very oppressive. You may even become more like your enemy than yourself, to avoid a breakdown. You have to be like steel to survive. Lubitz tried to measure up, but failed. He never knew himself, or allowed himself to be free. The whole setup of Lubitz' chart shows repression of self, disguising himself, denial of self; a volatile situation where Libra Moon and Sagittarius Venus, air and fire, are at risk of blowing the whole shaky construct apart. Everything he loved was being snatched away. Ophiuchus can hide this kinetic inner crisis only so long, and then, watch out.

A lot of the 12-sign Scorpio's inner rage and jealousy is actually under 13-sign Ophiuchus purview. Lubitz had his share of bad luck. But his control mechanism wouldn't let him accept his fate. He felt enough Eurocentric white privilege to meet his own, or his father's expectations, and then blamed the world, not himself, for taking them away.

Let Chiron tell the tale, according to Stephanie Johnson:

"Early in your life you may have felt rejected by your family. Your home life may have been painful. You may not trust your own thought processes, or you may fear communicating with others. You may have suffered a communication problem as a child. Early schooling may have been painful."

No matter what the time of birth, Lubitz has a heavy, dominant Grand Cross in his chart, which is the sign of great tribulation. This is an ancient view, accepted by the early astrologers as the gauntlet of pain the soul has to run through, and later, as Jesus' crown of thorns, his cross to bear. The Grand Cross makes or breaks you. Most people with the Grand Cross cannot bear the weight, and, like Lubitz, they are the ones who break under the stress of their difficult lives.

His Ophiuchus conjunction is opposed Chiron and squared with the Moon's nodes. His childhood, his rejection or oppression by his father, has made it impossible for him to follow the path, no mater what he did, it turned out bad. He should have headed towards Pisces: to feel, not to act. Instead, like all magicians, he tried be invisible.

He had to hide his weaknesses; waning sexuality, career-fear and deteriorating physical condition. His father, society, his employers, his girlfriend and friends, all became judges, who had denied him his niche dream. Yet in his agony he had to look normal. He had to finish the half marathon. He had to cover up his sense of doom from his co-workers. He had to deny his lover what she needed, a man. Ophiuchus can be either man or women, at whim, and often cross-dress to make this point apparent.

With his poor Libra Moon spinning like a top, and he himself falling further and further from perfection, grace, and balance, what else was he left to do? "Go out with a bang and not a whimper."


The many faces of Aileen Wuornos

The Southern Beauty killed for love—
The Abused Whore did it for sanity
The Yankee Witch did it for the money

His Cancer Lilith, no matter in what house it resides, means he wants power, but can only achieve it through dominance and passive aggression. With the Libra Moon/Mars in play, he is seeking perfection, correctness and good hygiene. His mental health problems were compounded with other, as yet fully known, physical problems, (just guessing: a STD?) If he couldn't compete with the perfection around him, he might take it down a notch. For Ophiuchus, revenge is like a huge feast.

Stephanie Johnson says of Lilith: "Perhaps you internally hate all the perfection and such things. You may misjudge the reality frequently, and you take the liberty to place criticism without the necessary objectivity at the same time. In partnerships and relations it could come to a conflict between your thirst for autonomy and an urge to commit yourself to the other. If your public life gets too stressful you may tend to retreat from it for a while."

His back against the wall, his future collapsing in front of his eyes, the loss of status and employment; and there's yet another astrological factor working in his chart: the Yod. Lubitz' Yod is likely a very impulsive Moon-Uranus sextile with his Chiron as the target point. In effect, the actions he took, may have been directed at his family, the anger he felt at being deprived of the father's love. The object of all this travail, this exaggerated life, Lubitz' source of unhappiness, was himself, since he never grew away from the tensions and pain of his childhood. He was trapped in his own inability accept his fate, and own himself as he was; and it just got worse, the more that his coworkers and company doctors began to notice the cracks.

From the Cancer viewpoint, his Chiron had to die, perhaps as a sacrifice to the wounded voice that he was never able to use to speak his grief and fear. Maybe if we used the 13-sign horoscopes of the people expected to work in these life or death jobs, we could help them before they become completely alienated from themselves.

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