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MAY, 2014
Aries Breaks the Impasse


A sad fact of life is that 56% of white people (a majority) in America are always the last to get it. Let's ignore them, and push on for this very simple and just recognition that college sports is WORK and should be compensated like work. (source article)

May comes in with a bang
(Support unionization of student athletes!)

April, in retrospect, was all about pain and suffering, true to the image of Jesus nailed to the cross--innocence, progress, hopes, destroyed by the established order. The gruesome images of the S. Korean ferry sinking under the water on live TV while the horrified nation watched helplessly as their children drowned, was a national trauma, and may ultimately lead to the fall of the government, since it was poor enforcement the regulations that was the cause of the tragedy. There's a deep questioning of the consequences of lax governments and rapacious capitalism. In its rush to becoming an economic dragon, has South Korea allowed capitalism to destroy its soul, and drown its children as the price of progress?

This is the state of our world: the realization of the damage and the crimes of these in power; and our own helplessness in the face of it. Where are our mass movements? The OWS and anti-war movements have been pulverized by illegal government tactics, and a police force like junk yard dogs; the socialists are dispirited and the anarchists are secret libertarians, even the environmentalists are baying at the Moon; the 1% has no intention of letting up on their destruction of Earth's resources (of which its population --us-- is one)

"Resistance is futile: give up without a fight and you may be spared" This is the ultimatum of the capitalist behemoth, echoing every savage imperialist juggernaut since, and before, the Roman Empire. This was also April, 2014. A month of victims; there is no hope for anyone under the gun; they, like the Christ, all died for our sins -- and capitalism's greed. I guess if you are still alive, you have been spared--for now.

Where tropical astrology failed was to portray the Grand Cross as a Cardinal cross, when it is actually a MUTABLE cross. Without any resistance, our hopes are not strong enough to counter the fire and steel of reality, and they are quickly sinking into the past, to be replaced by ANGER. May is all about payback. As the Grand Cross fades from the collective memory, a new Grand Trine is developing to sweep away the past as if were dry leaves. What is old MUST be replaced; it is the law of nature. Since the Trine is formed with Chiron, it's about secrets and shame, going back to the family and the entrenched roles we are forced into; and the Trine represents the exposure of injustice, and action by the state, since Saturn and Jupiter are at the other ends.

These days of trial-by-internet, we'll see the old crapulent laws and rules--which seemed to have been in place forever-- thrown away like the rotting rationales they are. This could be the catholic church, general motors or weak, overvalued currencies like the Euro or the British pound. Saturn represents all these things. Maybe this will be a positive side--where we will be able to set up NEW movements that will support our cause.

"Out of the rubbish, and up the flagpole" to brutally misquote Marx, is how revolutionary movements get their steam, before they are allowed to reveal themselves as new. One illustration that men will understand is the flash-mob of unionization of student athletes who for decades have been exploited like cash cows by the networks and their schools and got nothing in return, except possible brain damage. Almost overnight, and because of the revelation that some athletes went to bed hungry -- the game changed, and it looks like, along with stupid anti-marijuana laws, the end to the stupid regulations regarding these young men and women will end. What kind of person opposes a Union for Student atheletes? An idiot or a douchebag.

Let's all support and hope our young athletes show us the way to mass organization and mass action. With the internet, mass action has NEVER been easier, and so we can expect that the speed at which events are moving will dizzy those who are not keeping their eyes on the ball.

Onward, follow the Aries over the wall!






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