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Halloween marks the end of a long exposure to the Virgo experience. The Sun spends the longest time in the constellation Virgo, from approx. Sept. 16 to Oct 31. That’s because of the size of Virgo on the Sun’s ecliptic path, 44 degrees; this means the Sun stays in Virgo for around 45 days. [Compare that to Pisces, at number 2, with 38 days, or Scorpio, with the least time in the Sun, 7 days. [See chart, “Comparison of Zodiacal Systems”.]

There are more Virgos than anyone else, they are the largest percentage of the world population. They represent the “people”: the workers, farmers, laborers and the young, the non-owning class, the motivating forces in his and herstory.

Their majority rarely serves them well. There may be more Virgos than any other sign, yet for the most part they don’t organize themselves into a separate class to rule the rest of us, according to the strength of their numbers. They recognize and abide the leadership of others, except under extreme circumstances. Virgos arise only when the system is in crisis and Virgos have to take over the same way the ants do, by sheer numbers.


Virgo and its main fixed star Spica (actually a binary star) are always associated with a massive change in consciousness, a birth of the new dispensation. For example, the Virgo passage is often a parable for the journey of the Magi. The myth of the birth of a savior, baby Jesus, (who in real life could have been a Virgo according to many Biblical scholars) was created to highlight the rights of the oppressed. Similarly, the path of escaping slaves before and during the U.S. civil war was illuminated by the big dipper, a sign post to Virgo’s super-bright, cold-blue star system that pointed their way. Ever the navigator’s friend. Spica has lead sailors and travelers to their destination for centuries. Spica leads the masses to freedom.

The introduction of the Gregorian calendar, which replaced the decrepit Julian calendar, arbitrarily placed the Sun in Capricorn when they turned the clock from BC (or BCE; Before the Common Era) to AD, (or CE; the Common Era). The Catholic church picked this date retroactively to coincide with an existing holiday, although they linked it to Jesus’ birth, which may have actually occurred up to four years later. Still, the division at zero years CE marked a symbolic turning point that eventually doomed the slave culture of the Roman Empire with the introduction of Christianity. Whatever the actual date, the point of contact from the old to the new is a characteristic of social change, and belongs to Virgo. They were and are the first to acknowledge the changes in society, and the first to adapt—that’s how Virgos survive injustice and exploitation and rise above the crisis. Their larger share of the pie makes them the dominant feature of humanity, the powerful majority that forces the new way of thinking into being.

The sky around the change of the millennia from BCE to CE was dominated by a Grand Cross (the martyr’s aspect) with Pluto, Uranus and the Moon’s nodes which lasted for months and which involved Jupiter and Mars. The South Node was in Cancer/Gemini, and the North Node in Sagittarius. This represented the breakaway of Sagittarius from the rutting, destructive beast to an inspired and enlightened leader. Thus the human being replaced the animal at the dawn of the common era.


Telescoping to the present, the latest 2015 Virgo session, which lasted from mid-September and will continue to November 1, has covered a lot of ground. Two full Moons, solar and lunar eclipses, a supermoon and a tetrad later, Virgo has had to submit to a new era of economic deflation, ego destruction and wage slavery. We’re facing a new crisis and turning point, again with a tiny one percent minority crushing the life out of millions of people. 

Virgo is a practical sign and knows instinctively what aspects of our society are untenable. As in Roman times, they abhor the unequal distribution of wealth, the lack of humanity of the rich, and their use of force to build an empire. They, more then other signs, are ready for the turnover. Today’s Virgo, like Cassandra of Troy, is trying to alert the rest of us, to warn us of the specter of a battle to the death between the two great ideologies, capitalism and socialism. All the compass needles are pointing to war, waste and austerity, like the multi-headed serpent Hydra, (which, incidentally, is one of the depictions of Ophiuchus).


US army Gen. John Campbell recently testified to congress that the war against terror will take “generations, not years”. The wars going on now are expanding and sucking in more nations like a vacuum cleaner. Hundreds of thousands of people are being slaughtered, and millions are fleeing the bombs. The chances of a world war, including the use of nuclear weapons, has never been higher, especially since the Pentagon is now convinced that a limited nuclear exchange is “survivable”. Only a revolution can stop this war; and the war, if it happens, can only bring about a revolution.


Technically, we have enough resources to support the world population, if they weren’t hoarded by a few billionaires. They control the supply of goods and services. Incredibly, inexorably, they are also strangulating the demand for what they own. The supply outstrips demand, so in order to make profits, the owners have to destroy their inventories to keep the price of the remaining stock high enough for them to stay rich. Mergers and corporate raids cannibalize competition as a few monopolies dominate and impoverish huge swathes of the population in clean sweeps. This occurs on a giant scale, where the rich are destroying the planet for short term gain. The land, water and skies are being degraded as pollution from the waste products of consumerism destroy the animals and fish, the forests, the birds, and ultimately, ourselves. Capitalism is causing violence because it is a violent system. It’s only a matter of time before the majority of the world population. cheated out of a decent life, will rise up. The insane destruction of the Earth can only bring on revolution.


For the masses of people throughout the world, whose lives have become harsher, poorer, and whose “misery index” is rising precipitously; they are left no choice but to rebel. Their standard of living is dropping fast, as hollow currencies turn to dust and jobs are like a needle in a haystack. Rather than sharing wealth, the rich propose a system of worse deprivation, euphemistically called austerity. The poor are expected to die, or be killed under a system which offers them no redress, no hope. Austerity is another word for the wealthy classes and their banks taking wealth away from the lower classes in a legal way, collecting interest on an unpayable debt. Austerity will lead to revolution.


Since September we’ve been subject to a Virgo influence. “Influence” really doesn’t describe what has been a shattering experience for many institutions and individuals. Turns out, anyone can be cut to the quick by the Spica’s scythe. Like a grain threshing machine, Virgo has been cutting the tall grass, revealing the snakes at ground level. Virgo, the magi, wants to share the bounty of nature with all humanity. The gift of Virgo is in their concept of giving.

Virgo is the really the absence of the dominance of the other signs, and Virgo only ascends when the other signs fail to heed the warning, and misuse their power. Then it falls to Virgo to seize power. Virgo is the roar of the crowd, or the lamentations of the poor, the power of the mass movement, the rioting mob. Virgo represents the inevitability of the rise of humanity. The mass cannot be stopped by any force known to man. Virgo is the revolution.

Virgo is a time of free thinking, a fearless look at transformation, the end of the normal and where the rules of society–the status quo–no longer prevail. That’s why our culture is rife with apocalyptic visions, fears of a meteor-strike, and other end-of-the-world scenarios. Virgo is adept at such fantasies, and entertains them with confidence in their abilities of adaptation and their sixth sense of impending doom and change. Virgo is our early-warning system.

Virgo is the most likely to fall into Karl Marx’s delineation of the classes as theproletariat. Virgo also represents, according to P.R. Sarkar’s spectrum of the four main types of people, the “Shudra” or laborer class. Virgo represents the anarchy of a system gone bad, and the search for a new one. Both of these philosophers see the rise of the workers as a preliminary step towards a new world order, where the leadership of society changes radically to correct the injustices and repression of the old era.

We should not be terrified of the future, since Virgo is only doing its job of forcing a worker’s revolution against the few maniacs who are destroying the world. We should welcome this period as our opportunity to reorganize and repair what has been spoiled by corruption. The majority of humans should be working for their own benefit and to eliminate the parasite class of capitalists. Virgo will end the rule of those who profit off the masses, and place a new leadership into power, who serve the people. So, let’s take a breath and get to work.

Comparison of the Zodiac systems





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