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BERNIE'S YOD 2/10-18

Bernie Sanders speaks to a sold-out crowd during a campaign event in Los Angeles
(Photo: Marcus Yam/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

The Political Revolution gets
a Viral Yod in February

[The Bernie Yod (highlighted) starts Feb. 10 and stays in place until the 18th. Notice there's another Yod in place until Feb. 12, between the Capricorn Sun/Pisces Uranus on the Yod's base and it's pointing at Jupiter, the Moon's Nodes and the Black Moon. This will serve to intensify the situation, engaging our deepest emotions, as well as our economic status.]

Like a lot of astrologers, I've always been afraid of Yods, the runaway train of aspects. They seem to fling us way too fast into unknown territory, and into an unpredictable situation, often a dangerous one. Yods could have the effect stripping us naked, surrounded by enemies, and targeted for destruction, man overboard.

The film My Own Private Idaho inadvertently takes a look at the dark side of the Yod. One of the main characters, a male prostitute played by River Phoenix, goes comatose whenever he orgasms, to awaken hours later as if in a new video game scenario. It might be in different location, sometimes under completely different circumstances. Perhaps he gets a soft landing, perhaps he is in grave danger, he never knows from the onset. Maybe it was redemption, rebirth; we can never be sure. Minus the narcolepsy, this helps us understand the nature and power of the Yod, and how it brings instant transformation, up or down on the scale of serendipity. Bernie's Yod is like a jump into a new state of affairs--the affairs of the state--and the economic parity and secular humanism of socialism that will make it happen.

Even taken at face value, the Yod is like the moment of truth, an irreversible act, propelled by the forces of nature, radically changing our lives, exposing us to surprise and attack--or maybe new life, or a whole new dispensation. The Yod may be a catharsis or catalyst. The Yod can be like the helpless chick breaking open the eggshell, or the snake, at its most vulnerable, in the act of molting. Biblically, the Yod is a word of warning; an omen of the future. As a social force, the Yod can look like a reckoning, the sudden and wrenching trip to the bottom line, where we will face the results of our previous actions. The Yods in November were the signals that were are being dragged into a hell of our own making. But that was a masculine Yod, with suffering attached and a painful message. February's Yod is laden with female symbolism and the power of affinity. Along with the planets involved in the Yod, we have two female asteroids representing faith and wisdom, as well as the mystery of Lilith, the female force that the patriarchy won't let us experience in broad daylight.

Looking at the Yod forming in the middle of February, it's possible to see it as a positive aspect, a giant step into the future, where a peaceful Mars (and Juno) in Libra and a proud Leo Jupiter (and the Black Moon) form up a wedge to infiltrate deep into our subconscious, our hopes and dreams, Uranus (and Vesta) in Pisces. Uranus entered Pisces as the American economy literally melted down in 2008. Since then, Uranus has been sending us the message of love and compelling us to embrace the new world we have been imagining since John Lennon sang it: imagine all the people living as one.

One thing Pisces in Uranus will never sanction, is power-mad leaders. Pisces Uranus is love of the masses, "drunken" love, love at all costs, new love, Jesus-love, the one-and-all Zen love that we want, but have never seen materialize. History is full of examples of evil winning over good. Love has always been a dream, and always seemed Utopian when applied to politics. The reality has always been the worst that humans accomplish, not the best that we do. Society has been hoodwinked into destroying itself by 1% of the population who can profit from misery. Uranus in Pisces is saying: maybe it's them who are the illusion, and WE are the reality. Love is the answer.

Uranus finds enough satisfaction in truth and love, and does not crave dominion over others. It's because of the pliant, receptive nature of the Pisces that the power-hungry maniacs have been able to stay in charge. Whenever the voice of reason spoke up, it was beaten to a pulp by a combination of militaristic brute force and suppression (Pluto in Sagittarius) and the mental escapism of a traumatized populace (Neptune in Aquarius).

Up till now, Uranus has had to be satisfied with changing us from within, liberating the youth from the political cancer of the world situation and the guilt and shame of the baby boomers. While the older generations have been festering in a helpless spiral of violence and greed, the youth have detached themselves, mentally if not physically, from the disaster and crisis of capitalism. However, things are changing rapidly, and the ruling class is in disarray and getting weaker. The state and its sponsers, the corporations, are on shaky ground.

When Saturn entered Ophiuchus in December of 2015, a big change took place in society. Women have become the key focal point in change. They are in the forefront. The Ophiuchus age group, 19-29, rejected the inevitability of war and depression, seized the time and the social media, and started changing the status quo. The unity established by the young has proved to be stronger and more ingenious than all the bribery, corruption and venality of their elders. The old guard of white men doesn't realize it yet, but their days are numbered, so their power is dying with every passing day we sprint into the future. In a sudden flash of thought, we are a world community, with the same interests at heart.

Yet, its never that easy, and there's a certain dampening of enthusiasm when youth realizes it's out on its own. Jupiter is opposed to Chiron most of February, which points to an excruciatingly painful emotional series of hits on our hopes and high ideals. Once youth has revealed its purpose; to throw away the baggage we all carry, (The past is like a nightmare on the present, said Karl Marx) the full fury of the reactionary elements now in power will be revealed. The fanatical reaction of the entrenched political structure will lash back against change with every fiber of its being. The Clintons, Obama and the Democratic party will try to snuff out the insurgents, and Bernie himself, by any means they have at their disposal.

What means do they have left? The options of the financial industry and the oil barons are shrinking fast, into oblivion, by their own doing. Ophiuchus liberated the bastion of conservatism, Saturn, from its humdrum cruelty and cliches and is upending the patriarchy with a goddess at the helm. Ophiuchus is running the system now, and the walls will come tumbling down.

With this latest Yod in February, Uranus is pointing the way forward like a blinking neon sign, towards humanity and humility. February's Yod is telescoping us into the changes we must take to survive in a crashing economy and deteriorating environment. This Yod is like a warp-speed-ahead rocket into the political revolution, which is the main component of the platform of the Democratic Socialism espoused by Bernie Sanders.

The Yod is an Isosceles triangle (highlighted in the chart below) with Jupiter and Mars at the base, which translates as the combination of idealism and action. Both planets are pointed at Uranus, as if it was a guiding star, as well as a target of our aspirations for freedom. Uranus brings the news, a revolutionary lovebot. Bernie's talking points, from breaking-up the big banks and taxing billionaires to free education and health care, are coming down the wire like lightning. Revolution in our time!

Bernie Sander's groundswell of support has astounded everyone, except, it would seem, Bernie himself. He's in no danger of folding, fading or fraud; he's the real McCoy; his entire life has led him to this point. This Yod will carry his message to the next level, from a trend to a mass movement. He has become a talisman for change.

It's not just the message of Democratic Socialism that is propelling Bernie towards the nomination and the presidency. There are titanic forces at work that are forcing the issue whether we like it or not. The global economic and political events are the big guns behind the need for change. As world capitalism beings to fail, its billionaires start sinking, socialism rises like a counterpoint. Reality makes believers of us, and that's Mercury going into Capricorn on Feb 14:

Mercury's long march back into Capricorn, where it was at the beginning of its latest retrograde shadow is complete. The lights are coming on. But things look like hell. The system, capitalism, has made a complete wreck of of the world. Earth looks like a crack-house! Worse, we didn't see it coming. It took Capricorn to show us what fools we were. Capricorn is going to stomp the brakes on Mercury, take away all its ill-gotten gains. It's time to get things working again.

The parts of society that Mercury effects the most, the financial industry, advertising and travel markets and academia will hit the brick wall. Mercury has been making brainless consumers of all of us for the past 60 years. We have been taken in by the razzle-dazzle, the broadband of bullshit. Now we have a painful landing before we hit bottom, especially if we are carrying a lot of baggage.

From ruling class and common class, the truth is: there's no way to make money (outside of fraud) in today's debt-stricken deflationary economy. Mercury in Capricorn is due diligence, and it means an audit of people's slush funds. Conventional accounting has returned to lay waste to Creative accounting. Layoffs and paralysis will prevail, as corporations, municipalities and institutions have to cut costs to underwrite undisclosed losses. For those with debt, there's margin call, even the slightest rise of interest rates will drown the speculators. Owning things cost money, especially if you bought them on credit with other people's money. Homes or cars, stock or bonds, no longer enrich us with equity. The fat days are over.

Need an investment? Banks have no money to lend, since all the free money they get from the central bank is just enough to service their unpayable debt. Those with savings or 401Ks are the ones whose equity is being plundered as we speak, as good money goes after bad in the collapsing of the mutual funds and bond markets, which will occur in earnest when Venus enters Capricorn on Feb. 17.

For the next nine months, we are going to be engaged in a civil war, as our economic and military status in the world starts to crumble, and the various factions fight it out for the right to rule a decaying empire. Like the Biblical tower of Babel, or the great Pyramids, we have, like slaves or fools, built all this monstrous vanity only to see it be looted and turned to dust. So what, then, brothers and sisters, happens next? It looks like the grand finale of this series of shocks to our systems occurs on Feb. 28:

Stay tuned to this channel.

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