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The Crash has Come Home

Regular readers of this website may recall that we have long been warning about a colossal market crash that will throw us and the rest of the "developed" world into a devastating financial sinkhole. These shocks in asset prices will culminate in a global deflationary depression, much like the one in 1929-36, but worse in its sheer size, shattering suddenness and far-reaching consequences. The world wide capitalist system is so enmeshed, that it resembles a cluster fuck of incestuous billionaires who have systematically plundered and corrupted every corner of the Earth. They are the living gods, the pharaohs of our era. They've been splurging in a continual orgy of greed for decades and their minds have coalesced in a stupor of drunken paralysis. As much as they have excelled at avoiding the truth, they've become so inept that they don't know what they've done, or what to do about it now that their time is up.

We cite Feb 3, 8 and 11 (Fig. A) as the days when the overall weakness of the equity and bond markets would be at their most perilous. Why? Because these are the dates when the Black Moon (Lilith) conjuncts Saturn in Sagittarius. This same conjunction was at work 89 years ago, during the last major deflationary crash of 1929, highlighted by a fatal "correction" of the markets on Oct ("Black Monday") 24, shown in Fig. B.

Figure A

Feb. 11, 2018: Moon, Saturn, and Black Moon (Lilith) are all conjunct in Sagittarius. No amount of bragging can cover the yawning debt fissures.

Figure B

In the 1929 crash, Saturn and the Black Moon (Lilith) are also conjunct in Sagittarius, squared with Venus and inconjunct the Taurus Moon. As a return to traditional values, it was long overdue.

Leave it to the Black Moon to deflate the viagra-induced boner of the stock market, which has been zooming up since the new year, defying gravity and mesmerizing Trump and his hapless cohorts, who are claiming credit for an economic miracle! If you're waiting for the wisdom of the Capricorn Sun and Mercury to take charge in this crisis--forget it, what we have is Capricorn at his most stubborn and intransigent, suppressing the truth, in opposition to the North Node like not seeing the nose on his face. If we're waiting for the sagacity--or at least the sarcasm--of sound economic analysis to kick in, we're going to be disappointed by the drivel from our erstwhile voices of authority, who are counseling "buying on the dip" or holding on to overvalued stocks. What kind of insanity is this? No doubt a boastful hot air balloon rising up from the Jupiter-Sun square. Most would call this period a abundance of lies, although with Jupiter in Libra, it's more the calculated omission of facts that are causing the problem.

As if that isn't enough, Ophiuchus Mars is square with Aquarius Neptune, some kind of lemmings-rushing-off-the-cliff mentality. There's absolutely no reality check to stop people from compounding their mistakes. Sweet Pisces Uranus looks like a fish skewered on a spear, as it opposes Pluto in Sagittarius. This might seem like an uneven match, where trumpeting Pluto would bury the meek Uranus, and the Piscean ideals of compassion and empathy with it, but Uranus has a way of tearing up the old rule book, and undermining even the hounds of hell with an idea whose time has come. It worked with Christianity and socialism!

Meanwhile, there's no hurry in figuring how the economy's collapse will effect you. The last deflationary depression didn't really end until the end of World War two, after a spasm of insane destruction of wealth and human lives took place. You'll have plenty of time to dwell on the irony of human beings being destroyed by a system that was never intended to serve the majority of the world's population.

For starters, anyone who knowingly or unknowingly has invested in stocks, with their 401K plans, mutual funds or pensions, will see the values of these equities shrink to dust. Those with variable interest rate loans or credit card debt, will watch their payments increase. Bank credit lines and loans will be as hard to find as truffles in the forest. As one of the main sources of fraud, banks themselves will start to run out of capital, under pressure to cover their dead-weight of debt.

As sure as night follows day, massive layoffs will occur as businesses dry up and blow away in a profitless desert and become food for vulture capitalists. Foreign central banks that are still holding dollars will hurry to unload them by buying our infrastructure and natural resources for pennies.

Hyper-inflation will jack up the prices for basic necessities like food and gas, as well as the cost for imported goods, including at the low-end, the WalMart and dollar stores.

There's a simplicity to deflation: more is less. Money will be hard to find as the dollar loses its purchasing power. Quality of life starts to diminish for the majority of the people. Crime and all the violence and despair that come with it, will return in a rush. Municipalities facing falling revenues will lay off their workers, reducing services, repair, maintenance and other functions of government. States will go bankrupt and be forced to cut essential programs.

The halcyon days of fund raising and kickstarter will fade into memory as people have little or no disposable income. Demand for travel, hotels, restaurants, Uber, advertising and the like will shrivel up like dry leaves.

All projects in mid-completion will be left to twist in the wind as funding dries up. Major companies once though of as a legacy to capitalism will go bankrupt.

The upside to the depression is that we'll quickly learn that it is the rich and powerful who are at fault. We'll turn on our billionaire class like rabid dogs. We'll learn to hate them instead of idolize them, and they'll be afraid to appear in public for fear of retribution. You won't see Buffet, Musk or Bezos--or Trump for that matter--appearing anywhere, except cringing in some fortified bunker, shriveling up like slugs in the sunlight. As their power wanes, we'll be hunting them, calling for their blood, in a gruesome reverse twist of fate.

The ultra-downside to capitalist collapse is war, which is a terrifying prospect we must face now. It's up to everyone to refuse to be stampeded into (another) useless and unwinnable conflict. Also, the drumbeat for a nuclear war are becoming louder. The wars that have made the rich richer will backfire on them as class war, the violence come home to roost at their doors. The poor will come after the rich to exact retribution, and there's no place for them to hide. Can we shut down our own whacked-out military, along with our nuclear power plants? Is there a "moral" majority? Are Americans fundamentally good? If we look for the underlying ability for people to come together under such stressful conditions, perhaps we can get through this. Maybe.

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