The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius

FEB 16 - MAR 11

Hiroko Sakai

Aquarians seek refuge when pressed into a corner. They have an unerring sense of when to take flight, when to exit a bad scene. Aquarians do this in a matter of ways; they can actually get up and move to another location or climate, or they can just disappear where they are, setting up a decoy to deal with problems. Some can withdraw into a catatonic state, but whatever, your messages will come back, return to sender.

Aquarius is the escape artist, and when the skies darken with storms or rain, the Aquarius takes flight, finds shelter and roosts.

Aquarius really isn't a sociable sign at all, although they can be very entertaining and informative, their heart isn't in it. They fear the group. Is friendship the highest form of love? Aquarians say yes. Beyond that, there's an Aquarius that you never see. During their birthdays, a lot of Aquarians disappear, and others, like news reporters, hide behind the questions they ask you. The fed-up Aquarius may not be so nice and affable--depending on what crimes or affronts you have committed, what you have done to him or her in the past.

Any threat of loss of freedom is torture to an Aquarius. Anyone who has infringed on them, or bullied them, or cheated, beat on or coerced them, is the target of Aquarian hate. Unlike other signs, it does not involve physical harm, but the cold blade of Karma. Aquarians need take no action against you. What evil you have done to them comes back at you a thousand fold. Aquarius wins in the end.


The Most Stubborn Sign?


Revolution and the Age of Aquarius 2010-15

Aquarius has always been associated with love of freedom, and when this freedom is taken away or threatened, Aquarius turns to revolution. Aquarius is not violent, in fact Aquarius is always tending their own garden, minding their own business. But others envy Aquarius, even lust after them or what they have.

In mythology, Zeus himself coveted Aquarius, a simple goatherd, and came down to Earth to rape and kidnap Aquarius, taking him back to Olympus as a captured bird in a gilded cage. Some signs might have adapted--for Aquarius it was torture, and no Aquarian ever forgets this.

Although the Age of Aquarius, which is determined by the precession of the equinoxes, won't begin for 70 years, the feelings and needs of the Aquarius are showing through the last stages of the differentiated Pisces. Aquarius, is, if nothing else, unified in its purpose and lifestyle. Seeking union and oneness, the Aquarian ethic will replace the Piscean reliance on violent extremes and war to solve problems.

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