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You only know your roof leaks when it rains.

Reckoning and Revelation

(Updated Nov 27, 2017)

Starting Dec 3, 2017 a powerful set of planets are in motion, making aspects that can jump right from the chart into the headlines. If we are looking for upset apple carts, December is full of them, and will affect all of us financially and philosophically. The war is coming home. The question is: who will be hurt the most?

One of the interesting things about economic crashes is they take place as a result of revelation, waking up to the truth. The realization that our lives are distorted is a drastic change in perception, which only comes as result of shocking, unavoidable events. This is exactly what is happening Dec 3, and continuing until Dec 8, the beginning of an epic realization of the true state of our social and personal predicament.

Uranus, the planet of sudden realization, trines Saturn, conjunct a Mercury that has just gone stationary-retrograde. Unexpected news is being forced upon us, we'll have to make the necessary adjustments. It's also a Full Moon in Taurus, in opposition to Venus and the Sun, with a Mars opposition Saturn. Our well-being and security is being tested.

The array of planets is impressive. it's mostly a difficult situation, but there are good outcomes. The very fact that Ophiuchus and Sagittarius are leading the parade means healing and hope. We'll face our fate once there's no escape, and through hard work and sacrifice, we'll hopefully (the Sagittarius influence) pull through.

How bad can it be when Mercury is looking at the truth, and retreating back into itself to find out more? It's time to repair the damage our oversights and false assumptions have caused. Saturn is putting the squeeze on Mercury, the pressure of a vise wringing our brains out like grapes in a wine press. Saturn is also catching the bullshit side of Mercury--speculation and fraud in the financial markets, lying and cheating in personal or professional relationships, false dreams and Ponzi schemes--all busted in the act.

The Moon's opposition on Dec 4 is even more bad news for the unwary. This is the gloom and doom one feels when the world comes crashing down around ones ears, the desolation and feeling of abandonment at the death of the old dispensation, the lowest point before the new wave. Romance, how could there be?

The conjunction of Mercury and Saturn is when the mental block that has had us trapped in depression can help us clear our muddy thinking and at least show us the situation in crystal clear focus. There's bears in the woods: wouldn't you rather know about them? Mercury and Saturn are an audit of our expectations as compared to the reality. It's dreams vs. debt. Saturn will count up the score and we may find ourselves bankrupt, or stripped of our defenses. Yet because Uranus is feeding us inventive strategies we will have access to the solutions we need to deal with adversity, using the best tools and intelligence at our disposal, if only we can listen! The only way out of a grim reckoning is through a glorious revelation.

In this way we'll be able to replace the outmoded methods of competition and capitalism with a more humane cooperation and sense of community. A Mars-Moon Trine and Sun-Venus conjunction will show us the way: harmony, gentleness, and healing. However, those who stick to violence and fraud to stay afloat will have to deal with the Black Moon Lilith, that conjuncts the Sun on Dec 8.

Politically, the reckoning will effect our leadership's credibility. Trump, the GOP and the Democratic party are all sinking in popularity because of their inability to perform their duties. It's clear from the news that heads will roll in high places.

In daily life, we are being force fed by the media--or lack of a real one--false expectations that are masking reality. Our minds are boggled. In this instance, confidence in the system is a curse, not a solution. The unintended consequences of our actions are coming back to undermine whatever progress we are trying to make. We must cut away our attachments to our old, crapulent ways of thinking, and accept the facts that are glaring at us. Only then can we act to act to correct matters.

If we are robbed of our mistaken expectations, is that a bad thing? A new way of thinking seems remote now, but when the curtains are drawn and we see the truth, its amazing how fast we can adjust, as if by a Uranian lightning bolt. This can mean a third Uranian-based party. This would be an information-based party of democratic socialism, political revolution and compassion that Bernie Sanders--and the majority of our youth--favors. Revelation will come most easily to those who are the least invested in the system.

One major wake-up call might involve our false dreams of imperial expansion, exceptionalism, and our Pyrrhic victory in the seven wars in which the US military is involved. What are we really doing in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria but causing more misery and bloodshed? Why can't we extricate ourselves from this horror? Our collapsing trade alliances with Europe, China, India, Brazil, et al. has been replaced by a cannibalistic frenzy to cash out at the expense of others. If Making America Great means subjugating others, it won't fly. The rest of the world, the Earth itself, won't stand for it. The true, leering face of capitalism has bared its teeth; it's a race with the devil.

Industrialized counties are suffering a currency implosion amplified by high-risk, low yield investments. Half of the top five corporations are "unicorns" that survive on the abundance of capital only available to the rich. Overproduction and hidden debt caused by the central banks and the IMF has hollowed out the global economy. Anyone with dollar-based debt is walking a tightrope, and the dollar, the global currency, is now poisonous to everyone on Earth. A major deflation of the dollar is just around the corner, and has already begun to eat away our foundations. The dollar's weakness can be measured in the skyrocketing value of Bitcoin, Etherium and other cryptocurrencies. The rise in Bitcoin prices, $1,000 in just one month, represents the devaluation of the dollar rather than the value of Bitcoin. We see it as growth when its merely inflation.

When these bubbles pop and head into a deflationary spiral, it will mean a a major shift in our perceptions of value, price discovery and quality of life. What is deflation? "More is less; everything ventured, nothing gained". Deflation is the exact opposite to what we have become accustomed to for the last 70 or so years. It switches from expansion to shrinkage and monoply. Overvaluation isn't real wealth, but the markets have falsified it to look like prosperity.

However, in spite of all the boom and bust, it's the obscene abundance (for the top 15%) that is the real threat. Disparity of wealth destroys demand, and falling demand is the major problem today, not supply. Before the eventual collapse of prices, comes the collapse of the dollar, and a hyper-inflation that wipes out the middle classes. Before we see the imbalance, we'll have to pay more for the same goods and services, and prices and taxes will skyrocket. The corporations cannot serve two masters; profit and customers. The actual situation has been buried under a mountain of hype and boosterism. We'll have to face that our security is like a sagging roof, about to collapse. We don't know our roof leaks until it rains; only then can we fix it.

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