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Inflation vs Deflation Previous depressions War and depression

Since the election of Donald Trump, our criticism has turned inward. We hold our noses at the circus in the White House, the fiasco of Trump's health care bills, embarrassed by his erratic behavior and inherent ugliness. Both the GOP and the Democratic party are sinking in popularity, along with their equally smarmy leaderships. Economically, experts are starting to view with great trepidation the folly of a rising stock market set against the deflationary trends in real value, corporate fraud and share buybacks, offshore banks and the further inflation of worthless paper assets as debt is moving to double global GDP. Every in dictator, and our own recent history is saying: It's crunch time.

We've hit a major wake-up call from our dreams of expansion, exceptionalism, and victory in the seven wars in which the US military is involved. A military defeat in Afghanistan seems unavoidable, and could plunges demoralized US into economic and social chaos.

Our collapsing imperial alliance with Europe, Asia, India, Brazil, and others has been replaced by a cannibalistic frenzy. Anyone with dollar-based wealth is hoarding it or trying to convert it to gold or bitcoin before it's too late. The dollar itself has become the refuge of thieves and bad debt, and its status as the global currency--60% of all transactions are in dollars--is under threat of a serious attack by China, Iran and Russia. The world debt, unpayable by any standards, is in the trillions of dollars. Most industrialized counties (except for Russia) are suffering stagnation, overproduction, and rampant currency inflation due to the zero interest free money provided by the central banks and the IMF for the past decade.

There really isn't anywhere to hide, and the specter of depression and austerity is stalking everyone, although if you are financially able you can ignore the signs. However, for how long? Any state that deregulated the banks and allowed hyper-capitalism to steal the savings of its citizens is facing economic devaluation and civil unrest.

The reality of deflation is starting to reveal itself to be the major economic trend of our era, one that will last until a traumatic destruction of wealth on a tremendous scale. Deflation is like quicksand, it sucks at our wealth like a vampire. More means less. The more you own and the more debt you carry the more acute the danger.

This is a major shift in economics, but also in our perceptions and way of life. Deflation kicks us into the opposite extreme of what we are used to, inflation, like grinding gears in reverse.

Since World War two, Americans have been living in the capitalist dream state of inflation. Our wealth, goods and power was increased and exaggerated, and then leveraged for more than it was worth. The Fed printed money to artificially jack up the market value of already overvalued assets, goods and services. Today, a one-bedroom condo in Brooklyn can cost millions of dollars; a Modigliani painting can sell for $250 million; a taxi company can be valued at $60 billion; the list goes on. This causes a trickle down effect, not of wealth, but of more delusion and self-destruction. Americans accept the roller coaster ride and scramble for more money, more liquidity, more credit, like a rat in a spinning wheel. The rich have access to money but it's all just paper wealth, compounded by their own greed and monopoly. On the bottom of the scale of the economic ladder, money is scarce, spendable income is down, growth is negative, foreclosures and defaults are the rule. The halcyon days of capitalism are gone in the flames of wretched excess, waste and retribution.

Inflation worked great as long as we consumed everything we could afford, made more money and went into debt. But by the 1980s, things began to change. The economic pie began to shrink. The government started to borrow--and print--money in a big way. National debt soared. Corporations and banks were the winners, and even when they made bad bets, they just raised prices. The government borrowed more money to bail them out. Banks got rich. Our wars burned up the surplus capital, and unemployment kept wages down. The true cost of capitalism was deferred; as long as the dollar was the worldwide currency of record, everything was OK. Anyone holding dollars was actually subsidizing our mistakes. We were betting that inflation would last forever.

We've crossed the line in 2014, with peak oil prices. The oil glut changed the momentum of capitalism. We started to eat the seed corn, and began to hollow out our foundations. No regime or government in history has ever survived defeat in war and deflation of the currency, both situations we face in the coming years or months.

Capitalism, true to its basic nature, has turned abundance and concentration of capital into a nightmare for all humanity, and a threat to our very existence. When a deflationary cycle begins, there's a shocking underestimation of previously overestimated wealth. In this environment, profits are impossible and growth reverses itself into chaos. This is the final stage of monopoly capitalism, moribund capitalism. The dying stage of capitalism.

The last Great Depression of 1929-1936 was papered over with the government borrowing from the same millionaires who were responsible for the disaster. Only war and the the creation of a military-industrial-financial complex helped restore the productive capacity of the US economy.

There are more recent examples of deflationary economic crisis. Modern "recessions" don't qualify as depressions because the central banks just print money to keep prices from collapsing. In 1987 Americans experienced a deflationary shock due to bank fraud. The savings and loan banks, at the heart of our wealth creation, collapsed in corruption and bad loans. The government took another giant step into buying (and selling) unpayable debt, without ever addressing the root causes. The commercial banks just swallowed up the small banks, making huge profits by devouring all the exposed assets like vultures.

However, our waterloo came with the crash of 2008, we just haven't felt the other shoe drop yet. This bank debacle was smoothed over with an injection of $1.8 trillion of fiat money--fictitious money--printed by the Fed, our central bank, to shore up insolvent banks. The cost was financed by Japan, China and the "developing" nations by their losses from dollar contracts. Again, the problem was ignored and the capitalists turned it into another way to gouge new profits out of a dying cash cow.

What enabled the banks to get away with it (again) was the American military juggernaut, the hollow specter of American imperialism, the shower of blood, bombs and bullets we spread over everything we touch. Bush and Obama's wars of regime change staved off a day of reckoning with $15 trillion of military expenditures, and Trump has added more into military expenditures.

Now the US military has reached the Rubicon. They face a growing resistance everywhere, and Russia and China have become obstacles to their wet dreams of world domination. The US military faces imminent and certain defeat in the longest war in our history, in Afghanistan, in their other wars of aggression, and the CIA-inspired interventionist schemes and proxy wars. Russia has blocked further expansion of the war around its borders and Syria, Iran, and Hezbollah have stymied the Saudi-Israeli-US alliance's support of ISIS.

ISIS and other terrorist groups have fled to Libya, and now threaten to engulf Europe into further military action. The US military, now out of political control, is staking out new wars in Yemen, Somalia, and in the former Soviet states like Ukraine, Lithuania and Georgia. NATO is trying to extend its imperialistic grasp into Poland and South Korea. Trump has used North Korea to destabilize Chinese expansion in Asia, but these desperate actions are more of a sign of weakness, like a drowning man. The era of American exceptionalism (their euphemism for imperialism) is over. Now it's just a question of when.

Our military is stretched to the breaking point. Between the humiliation and economic catastrophe of losing the wars that several US administrations have nurtured for so long, members of the American military are coming back with PTSD and committing suicide in record (22 a day) numbers; our servicemen and women are demoralized beyond the point of no return. This is the furthest crest of American power. Only the destruction of the world in a nuclear holocaust can prevent US imperialism from going into a death spiral.

War+inflation has been GREAT for capitalism, a win-win for capitalists. However, the new dispensation of war+deflation cannot sustain itself. Now the capitalists become cannibals and turn upon each other like starving dogs. When Jupiter regains a forward movement June 6, we'll have a second chance to adapt to the new dispensation and work for improvement and even transformation. We won't be out of Jupiter's shadow until September 6, when the work of Virgo bears fruit.

Virgo is the working class and the aspirations of youth. Virgo also is the digestive system, so we'll have to assimilate all the problems and work on every detail to make the whole. At the end, Virgo means redemption and renewal. This is the only alternative to a brainless trip to the abyss.

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