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Discovering Chiron

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By Natalie Miller

Chiron is an comet that was discovered on November 1st, 1977 in Pasadena, CA.  Comets are believed to incite great changes on the land and perhaps in individuals as they pass our sky.  Traditionally, these changes were a process of purification.  For example, if the emperor was corrupt, he would fall to his death as the comet passed.  Ancient people did not take the omen of the comet lightly, and they were greatly feared.

Most modern astrologers believe that where Chiron is in one’s natal chart is where our childhood wounds present themselves.  Our deepest pain oftentimes comes from our childhood due to the vulnerability childhood has over our impressions of the world and through traumatic experiences that happened in or out of our family circle.  Astrologers ascertained their definition, and eventually the name of Chiron due to its location in the 4th house and due to the planetary aspects in the sky at the exact minute of discovery.  The 4th house has represented the parents from antiquity to the present.  The South Node was also in the 4th house at the time of discovery.

There are a few more things that are interesting about the discovery chart (which is a natal wheel drawn at the exact moment of discovery).  To start, let’s look at the trine the South Node in Pisces makes with Neptune in Ophiuchus.  Neptune in Ophiuchus is about as creative a pair as there ever was.  Neptune creates confusion due to its dreamy and enveloping qualities.  In the ocean you merge with the water and loose vision of the entirety of your form.  The same sentiment applies to our connection with our parents.  It is from their womb, their laughs, and their persecutions that we form our primary identity and even our views.  So the South Node is the beginning of our Chiron journey.  


Chiron Discovery Chart

There are two T squares in the discovery chart.  These are important because T squares are places where one could get “stuck” in the process of organically living out a natal chart or, as it is in this case, a discovery chart.  The first T square is with the opposition of Chiron (in Aries) with the Sun and Uranus (both in Libra) and it is the planet Mars in Cancer.  Going on the premise that what comes to light under the influence of Chiron is pain, we can poetically see how in opposition to the Sun, the comet itself is a beneficent influence.  If we get stuck in our ego (Mars) and never work to understand our selves and what influenced us in our childhood, we will not tap into the healing and transformative power of Chiron.  It’s this side of Chiron that makes it beneficent.  The other T square is with the North and South Nodes and it is the Moon in Gemini.  To get lost in emotion so much that one doesn’t take any steps to heal, is the warning of this T square.

It is through pain that we have a need to see things as they really are in order to put things back into order or elevate them to a better place.  Ironically I just saw a meme on facebook this morning that said something to the extent of… having had empty pockets, a broken heart, and no place to go makes you learn about the world quickly.  Essentially Chiron calls us to rise above our pain.  The conjunction of Pluto and Venus with the North Node in Virgo calls for a permanent change in the connection we have with our parents (or childhood).  Pluto in Virgo calls us to regain our power and our ability to respond autonomously, apart from our childhood impressions.  We rise up as individuals from the sea of our birth.

According to myth, Chiron was a centaur known for his knowledge and skill with medicine.  Centaurs were commonly wild and hot headed, indulgent with drink and lusty, for the most part considered uncultured hooligans.  Chiron was the exception and his intelligence and peaceful nature are attributed to his being taught by Apollo and Artemis in his younger days.  Chiron grew to be a great healer, astrologer, respected oracle, and highly praised teacher and tutor. Among his pupils were many well known heroes including Achilles and Asclepius.  However, one day Heracles was forced to shoot many arrows (poisoned with the blood of the Hydra) to drive back wild centaurs that were attacking him, Pholus, and Chiron.  Chiron was accidentally hit in the thigh by one of the arrows.  Ironically, though he was a master healer, he could not heal himself.  To escape his pain, he asked Heracles to arrange a bargain with Zeus to exchange Chiron’s immortality for the release of Prometheus from torture.  Chiron was honored with a place in the sky as the constellation Centaurus; and, according to one legend, he was made a promise by Zeus that as long as he was needed as a trainer of demigods, he would exist in this world.

It was through Chiron’s pain that he learned how to become a great healer, and perhaps it was through his sacrifice that we can gain the courage to face our pain.  In its essence isn’t pain either a conscious or unconscious sacrifice?  At this point I would like to share with you a dream sent to Carl Jung by a correspondent.  You can find it in the compilation Letters, Vol. 2, p. 146.  The dream involves a magic horse who had been killed in battle whose entrails the dreamer carries around for many years.  At one point the dreamer goes down some stairs and meets the resuscitated horse coming up.  The horse devours all its own entrails, and is ready for the dreamer to mount.

Today, Wednesday, July 25th, Chiron is in Pisces trine the Sun conjunct the North Node in Cancer.  Perhaps this article is a little magic that wants to be digested today and I am honored to be the dreamer that gets to serve it to you.  A little dance with the cosmos.

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The Moon in the 13 Signs

By Natalie Miller
To really understand the Moon in astrology one needs to be able to resurrect a sleeping sense of primordial duality.  To me the Moon stands for energy itself.  For example, there are a lot of ingredients that go into making a cake, not the least of which is the heat required to transform it.  This is what the Moon does in astrology, it gets us from point A to point B, it heats us up.  The sign your natal Moon is in will color how your cake rises… in a conventional oven, a big factory, an earthen stove…

Your Moon in the 13 signs

(If you don't know your true Moon sign, click here.)

Chiron in the 13 Signs

The dates shown are approximate. Find out the exact placement your Chiron here

CHIRON IN ARIES (1977-1982)

Your sense of being has been violated in some way and you may fear asserting yourself. You may also over-compensate by attempting to be the first at everything. Physically you may suffer head wounds. You may become a pioneer in a way which will be of service to humanity.

CHIRON IN TAURUS (1983-1987)

You will experience a crisis of values. You may experience a lack of self-worth and over-compensate by accruing money and possessions. You may also distrust your body, or feel that your body is not beautiful. You will learn to rely on your own and your body's experiences, and could become a healer.

CHIRON IN GEMINI (1988-1991)

You may not trust your own thought processes, or you may fear communicating with others. You may have suffered a communication problem as a child. Early schooling may have been painful. You may also have the ability to tap into universal or spiritual creative ideas. You may teach in a way that benefits humanity.

CHIRON IN CANCER (1992-1993)

You may feel unsure of yourself in your own family. This may stem from a painful relationship with your father, or perhaps another painful experience in your home. You will intuitively know how to care for your family members and loved ones for their highest good.

CHIRON IN LEO (1994-1996)

You are afraid of having fun and being creative. You may have been prevented from expressing yourself as a young child, and have difficulty overcoming your feelings of inadequacy. You may be reminded of your pain through children. You could suffer child-bearing difficulties. You may find that you become a creative teacher or therapist.

CHIRON IN VIRGO (1995-1996)

You will experience a strong link between your emotional problems and physical health. You may fear emotions, preferring the practical daily chores to the chaotic world of feelings. Health and healing will be important to you. You may be of service to humanity by becoming a healer.

CHIRON IN LIBRA (1997-1998)

The imbalance of relationships, both personal and impersonal, causes you pain. You will also feel vulnerable to injustice. You may have suffered in an early relationship with a parent figure of the opposite sex. You will learn much through relationships, and may become a counselor.


You will feel deep pain which surfaces in intimate relationships. You may have suffered a pre-birth trauma. Your own deep pain will prompt you to delve into the mysteries of life, including birth, death and sexuality. You may counsel or teach others. You may also probe into metaphysics, and become a spiritual healer


You will fear being persecuted. You will feel anxiety about your true nature being discovered by your enemies and tormentors, Ophiuchus is a powerful female deity that has two opposing personalities, as a healer and a destroyer, both versions are the enemy of men. Ophiuchus can bring forth new light and new birth; and her alter ego, Medusa, can transform flesh into stone. Magic—the ability to extract power from within--is the Ophiuchus' secret art.


You may feel insecure about your beliefs and your visions. You may become a religious fanatic to compensate for this insecurity. You may find that you travel the world or continually study in an effort to understand the meaning of life. You may teach others on their spiritual path.


You feel insecure about your place in society. You may have difficulty finding your niche in the outside world. This may stem from a painful experience with your mother. You may choose a profession as a healer or teacher.


You may feel insecure within groups. You may also be sensitive to the wounds of humanity. It may be that you have suffered through friendships. You will have the ability to join groups with a cause, particularly those that heal humanity or teach spiritual ideals.

CHIRON IN PISCES (2017-2027)

You will have difficulty gaining your own sense of individuality. You have an ability to feel others' pain and may need to detach and meditate. You may also suffer from your own deep and personal grief. You may work for or serve within a healing institution.

By Stephanie Johnson


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