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America is Depressed

The above 1930s depression-era photo, taken by Dorothea Lange, illustrates the dire straits millions of Americans experienced during that decade-long contraction and strangulation of all their economic gains. Today, 2017, another deflationary depression is here.

Like a creeping disease, deflation is the specter of destruction haunting the capitalist system. It's contagious; it's jumping from one nation to another like an STD. Oil producing nations have it. It's working its way through Europe like a new black plague; Japan has had it for 30 years, and now China has it. And now, finally, deflation has come to our shores.

Once an economy gets it, it's almost always fatal to the political system. Deflation is the giant killer, the mind killer, for the Free Enterprise system, or any system that feeds on growth. Deflation kills growth.

Deflation is the medicine for a sick economy

Deflation isn't evil; it's a natural consequence of excess and waste. It's a correction of imbalance, and, like an antibiotic against infection, cures the disease of inflation. Deflation attacks capitalism the way the body's immune system attacks bacteria and dead cells. Deflation is a fever, an eruption of puss from a boil, but also a part of the healing process.

Deflation attacks the rich, the parasitic bacteria among us. Deflation means more is less to anyone who owns anything. It's a disease of the owning class. The advantages of ownership become a costly, draining experience, and the owners transfer the pain to the non-owning class. For the capitalists, it means loss of profits, default, bankruptcy, bank failure, stock and bond losses, and a colossal collapse of the value of their precious monopolies. For the retailers, service, travel and advertising industries, it means a wipeout. Cites, states and public services will be paralyzed by unpayable debt. Homeowners will face foreclosure in a second-but-worse crash of land and real estate values. For employed people, it's more work for less pay, with more insecurity on the job, and mass layoffs. For the unemployed, it means homelessness and poverty. For children and the youth, it means abuse and violence. For the criminal element, who mimic the capitalists, it means a bloody battle over a shrinking pie. Deflation is the hand maiden of financial and social anarchy.

Productivity-high! Wages-low!

Deflation is now here to stay. This moment seemed far away until the markets started to crash in late 2015, when oil and commodity prices sank to unworkable levels, and the massive debts of the world's banking system came home to roost. No wonder we can't believe it is really happening! For the past 65 years, Americans have been living in an upbeat world of rising expectations and inflation. Deflation was the last thing that anyone ever worried about. Anyone who could have warned us is dead.

In our collective lifetimes, all we know is that growth is good because it adds value to what we own, and it guarantees our access to credit and money. Now the reverse was true, and growth is negative; the value of our possessions are shrinking in the cold, hard light of truth. It's all been a big, dumb bubble. Now ownership is a losing proposition, especially if you bought on credit. What you paid for the privilege of ownership is now far greater than the value. Instead of a trickle down of the excess wealth from the rich, we'd have a tsunami of poverty coming up from below, reaching and drowning the middle class, and washing away the foundations of even great fortunes.

Ignorance of deflation is what makes it all the more dangerous. The economy is in danger of a free-fall. The main symptom we can all see is that corporate profits and government revenues are down, and can't be resurrected. Since profits can't be had legitimately, they'll be taken fraudulently, cheating investors, and governmental austerity policies will cheat the workers with hidden taxes and war.

Instead of corporations generating prosperity, they will try to monopolize the economic system, playing a deadly game of cannibalism which will increase debt and reduce employment. Instead of the banks giving you interest for your savings, they'll charge you a negative interest rate and take your savings away. The markets can't help you, because all their investments are losing value, in a huge shakedown to find the bottom.

Shock and awe for the American people

The shock of this turnaround hits us when we not prepared. No one has explained deflation. It's unknown territory because the generation that experienced it is gone. America was seduced by the media to accept inflation and consumerism as a fact of life, and isn't prepared for deflation cutting away at our wealth like a scythe. The trauma of the change causes serious economic and psychological damage to a society that can't adapt to the new dispensation. Deflation brings a mental paralysis along with a loss of faith in the system. A contagious viral insanity and increased suicides are the flags to alert us to the mass psychosis ahead.

Inflation has worked for for America since World War two. The US, as the richest investor and the largest market, exported its industry, then the technology, the culture, and finally, the jobs. Since 2008, America has exported its debt, resulting in a inflationary balloon which ties up all the available money. Banks prowl the world, looking to suck the wealth out of small, weak economies and throw more money into the fire-pit. The US government, through the Fed, printed more money to service the debt, but the majority of Americans couldn't participate. The true costs of capitalism, misery, war, destruction of the environment and terrorism, were deferred. Productivity--the theft of our labor--increased, along with our alienation. Government repression, political control, enhanced policing and assassination are now the new paradigm.

[We're in the gray zone]

In recent years, inflation and war kept deflation within manageable limits, since both policies destroy wealth and productive capabilities. However, you can't suck the blood without eventually killing the host. The capitalists never gave a second thought to where their policies were leading.

Now those bills have come due. We're in the winter of capitalism. It's not immigration or terrorism that will cripple the American economy, it's deflation.

Deflation is like being caught in a vise. There's plenty of money, but no liquidity, which means most people can't get any of it. The big banks have plenty of free money but only lend it to hedge funds or speculators, who only buy assets, which produce nothing but paper profits. The wealth never gets down to the rest of the economy. All the money is chasing itself, like a dog after its tail. The middlemen in every exchange become a parasite on growth and prosperity. There's no money left for investing, paying wages or for buying commodities and services. Legitimate investments return no profit and the real economy of jobs and services is left to shrivel on the vine. Prices are lower but people are too broke to buy anything. The quality of life of the general public erodes, and people's hopes and dreams are drowned in a flood of unpayable debt and misery.

The Past is the Future

Once deflation hits, like a law of nature, it must take its course, and speculators who see it coming are betting against growth, biting the hand that feeds them, which will only further accelerate the downward spiral.

For people who try to adjust to deflation, it means reducing your levels of consumption and cost of living. For the wealthy, it means selling off your holdings faster then the margin calls. For the workers, it means unemployment, chaos, and loss of life.

Deja Vue: 25 cents a gallon again?

What is the problem with real estate? With oil? With consumer-based sales? With stocks and bonds, and all financial instruments? The same as virtually all goods and services. There's too many for the demand. Suppliers are overstocked. Deflation is the ultimate deep discount. So deep that it makes no economic sense to produce more. When that happens, the business owner, homeowner, or any owner gets robbed of the value of their ownings. The imagined or psychological value still may be high in the eye of the beholder, but the market value is plunging to zero. Anything priced in paper-backed currencies will lose even its inherent value. If you own something, but no one wants or can afford it, it's actually worthless. The distortion of the market shrinks to disasterous levels, since it must contract until the negative energy is released.

In a deflationary economy, old gold-chip companies collapse, and most new businesses fail. Although innovation takes place, it isn't rewarded, it's exploited. The value of homes and land drops to ridiculous and pathetic amounts. Credit is not available because jobs and collateral are worthless. The majority of the people start to realize that the future is going to be worse than the present; it's predictable and dehumanizing. Ordinary people are desperate, and are led to do desperate things. Survival becomes the only motivation worth thinking about. Workers become invisible and demoralized, and the rich are more isolated as their position is more exposed than ever.

The last deflationary depression, which suffocated America from 1929 to 1936, was a devastating experience for everyone that lived through it. Most of its victims are gone now; there's no one left to warn us about what deflation feels like, how much it hurts. Will we have to repeat the mistakes they made? Like the last time, government and market policies in 2016 have only made things worse. The financial industry can't solve deflation, they are caught up in the crash like everyone else. Deflation is bigger than any industry or clique of billionaires, it's bigger than any financial manipulation of markets, any buybacks, any restructuring. Deflation is economic death, and cannot be denied.

The billionaires had their moment of truth eight years ago, when the markets gave them a taste of what was to come. The crash of 2008 was the end of inflation, but the Fed and the government threw a glut of $1.8 trillion at the banks, which just delayed the inevitable, and set the stage for a worse crash, the beginnings of which we are experiencing in 2016.

In the full blown contagion, our inflated currency and the price of assets will be shown as almost worthless, or, at least unsellable. The worst part is that everything we believed in, the corporations and their consumerist utopia, will fail utterly, and we will realize that it was due to their greed and our myopia. We brought this on ourselves, and it is our fault that prosperity, peace and happiness are now nothing but a distant memory.

Since 2008, The debt that the banks hold has grown larger larger than ever. The cost of servicing the debt, in the hundreds of trillions of dollars, was underwritten by Japan, China, emerging economies, and anyone who had dollar contracts, or had a mortgage. Your losing your job helps the banks show a profit, at least in the short term.

Since 2008, Quantitative Easing, lending to the banks at zero or minus-zero percent interest, has dug the economy in a deep hole. Ironically, the banks have access to more money than ever in history, but all the cash stayed on top, like cream, inaccessible to most Americans below.

The final, fatal aspect of deflation is destruction of wealth

The corporations compete in a death match, winner takes all, to reduce excess wealth at all costs. Entire nations and cultures are being destroyed by military might. Millions of people are displaced or killed. Any functioning society that holds wealth is in danger of being engulfed in a trade war, currency war, or an actual real war that will kill people and destroy infrastructure.

So far the economies that are supported by aggression and bombing have succeeded in holding the world at bay, in fear. However, this can't last. The US military will have to face the consequences of its defeat in Afghanistan and Iraq. American imperialism has already been checked by the Russians in the Ukraine and Syria, at the risk of enveloping them into a regional war that threatens to destroy the Middle East's oil reserves, accumulated capital, and its productive power. Yet, the limits of bombing have been reached, the American people are fed up with paying the bills. War has become too expensive. There is no gain or honor in dying for oil. American service veterans have wounds that won't heal and are committing suicide in record numbers.

A regime that debases the currency and loses a war almost always collapses in the midst of social anarchy. If one thinks of the German Wiemar Republic in the years leading up to Hitler, one can see what deflation can do to a society.

Our American predicament in 2016 is like that of Germany in 1929. We have in common a bankrupt treasury and evaporating markets. Like post WWI Germany, we have been bled dry by war and corruption. Like them, political gridlock enables demagogues to rise in power.

Class war precedes or prevents real war.

The only way to stop deflation is to increase wages, which can't be achieved under the economic model of capitalism that we now use. From the rubble of deflation, the people will have to form a socialist economy to stabilize the wild fluctuations and imbalance created by decades of abuse of workers and the real economy. Wager-earners and renters will have to form unions, community organizations and internet networks to achieve wealth parity, demanding a larger share of what the rich have been hoarding. The only way out of deflation is to destroy the power of the rich and force the money down to the masses.

The only presidential candidate with a program that could effectively combat deflation is Bernie Sanders, with an increase in the minimum wage and and increase in taxes for the top 5% of Americans, to equalize the wealth disparity between them and the other 95%.

Posted Dec 27 2015

Can Bernie win in a SOCIALIST COUP?

The Fed's Cowardly Lion
and the Wizard of Oz

Photo by Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Janet Yellen, the head of the Fed, has pounced. But don't worry, it's not going to hurt, she has no claws, no teeth, she's a scardy-cat that shrinks in the corner and works for kibble. All she wants is to please her tiger-taming masters. She responds to the snap of the whip.

She raised interest rates a fraction of one percent. If she wasn't such a cowardly Leo (see her chart below) she would have raised them to 20%. This pathetic swipe of her declawed paw won't even pay the cleaning bill. Yellen has continued the assault on the traditional scrooge type of leadership in the Fed. The mandated role of the Fed is to curtail the presidents and politicians when they want to provide cheap money to their constituents. The Fed, defender of the dollar, the world's reserve currency, wants as few of them in circulation as possible. When Nixon went off the gold standard, screwing its creditors, the Feb restored stability by raising interest rates 17%. MORE

The Astrological View:


image from Pieter Bruegel's Tower of Babel

Not with a bang, but with a whimper

T.S. Eliot's words hopefully apply to our situation. No one wants a crash. All that talk about an apocalyptic day of reckoning is just talk. The changes ahead are more of a war between opposing elements. Like a tide coming in and lapping at its limits, the pendulum is swinging to the opposite of what we know, into unknown territory. We have short memories. The last deflationary depression was over 85 years ago. There's no one left alive who can warn us of our predicament, and what it means.

But the moment of change is precise and irrevocable. Time does not wait for our understanding, it moves on. In the microcosm it is shattering and final. All the more so if we don't see it coming, or happening. It's life without a clue unless we can plan and get ready.

Under our noses, the global economy has switched from fast forward into screeching reverse. A new disease called deflation is eating away at the flesh and bones of the economy like a debt STD. The Hollywood dream for most people in the world, if they ever harbored one, is threatened by the real world, which is in turmoil.

Alienation, forced migration, endless war and climate change have all converged on a political system that just can't cope. We see our material gains withering away, remaking our culture into O/C consumption of ruin-porn. We are hypnotized by the decay and corruption of our own crumbling monuments.

It's a revelation in itself that most of what Man (in the primeval sense of aggression) has created will turn to dust, or have to be re-booted and re-purposed, and probably this will occur in most of our lifetimes. However, it's very iffy that all of us will survive the next crisis, the ruin or catastrophe just around the corner.

The latest incarnation of public opinion/confusion is "show me some hope, or I'll get a rope". The mass has become a mob. American are frantically looking for scapegoats, another war to solve their problems. But this is futile. We can attack immigrants, as if they are the cause of our problems, but they are just another symptom. The real enemy is not foreign, it is the consumerist stupor we fins ourselves in, after 65 years of complacency and world domination.

However, many economic indicators and history itself suggest we're headed into a long term depressed and destructive era. It looks like nothing can prevent the inevitable. And we have no one to blame but ourselves and our blindness and inaction.

There's no particular revelation or apocalyptic day. It is a war with the elements. Like a tide coming in and lapping at its limits, we are engaged in a accelerated movement towards the opposite of what we know, into what we don't know. But the moment of change is precise and irrevocable. In the microcosm it is shattering and final. All the more so unless we are aware of the sea change.

"There seems little doubt; the system is stretching to its limit. Man's institutions are collapsing from within; from stagnation, exclusion, corruption, incompetence. The social contract is broken, it's every man for himself. Women? they become the vessel of man's corruptions. Except for the few that rebel, and those who exact retribution, we are all pawns in the grand sweep of universal forces." (Stephanie Johnson)

Those that rebel, force change, are the heroes of our era. Ophiuchus-led, these are the Jihadies who will make change by force -- and by magic. Not just their own force, but the spiritual power of the risen masses, the titanic forces of an angry Earth, and the irresistible impact of the Uranian dialectic. The revolution today is on the side of universal forces that are far stronger than any billionaires club or military force. In fact those degraded institutions will be the first to collapse in terror, as the problems we face are of their doing. This Frankenstein's monster of destruction is after them, not us.

As we crawl our way within sight of the Age of Aquarius, we are closer to the vast sweep of history, and all the work left undone. We must hurry and prepare for our tribulation and the work ahead. Before you are knocked out of your comfort zone, go forth without fear. Act at once to reach out to others on your path and forge a new center, a new dynamic. Break with the past, all the lies and depression.

"Let your heart heal. This was meant to be. Let everything else that has hurt you drain away..." (Socialist predictions)

Whenever we put off a task, especially a momentous one, it always comes on us like an avalanche when we least expect it. In September, we get the first rumblings, the sense of impending doom. The status quo is in gridlock, insane. Yet there is no escape. We are between a rock and a hard space. Is there enough room for us to squeeze through? To make the summit?

We have no way to understand the future. We have been in a bubble. Our illusions, our innocence, have been left intact by our own design and a perversion of democracy and justice. Those of us feeling the "fire and steel" of imperialism, oppression, murder know only too well what is at stake. Soon, we will ALL realize this, as history accelerates our approach to a shocking and relentless transformation.

This is NOT the apocalypse. This is merely the swing of the scales. The new epoch requires a new mindset, and the old way of life is going into the trash as fast as the internet. For the youth, the rebels, the thinkers, the revolutionaries, this is their moment of truth, the heavens have destined them to led us through the coming storms of lightning and thunder. Fear is the mind killer.

The Dialectic always seems like death. We find ourselves thrown into a world we never know existed. Everything we have known is false, or gone forever. The sheep go to the slaughter. Yet we are also catapulting into the future, if we can keep our eyes open and senses alert. The important thing is to know where you are going; and who are your companions in this adventure.

War and Taxes

A war economy needs an endless stream of money. Crippling taxes are inevitable as any nation goes into its death spiral. New taxes on oil, sales tax, user taxes, property taxes, state tax, sin tax --all taxes will rise as the last gasp of government to survive.

Used progressively, taxes are legit. The tax structure now in place is regressive, the low income earners pay a huge chunk of their cash to taxes, while the rich only contribute a minuscule amount.

Even with new taxes, government will cut services and entitlements. The first to feel it will be the states and cities that have collapsing tax bases. Arizona leads the states as being ripe for collapse.

The stars are pointing to a preview of what is ahead. The developing T-square between the Moon's nodes, Uranus and Pluto is developing which can only mean fundamental retraction and constriction. Here, Uranus, in Pisces, is still eroding the past. When there's a hole in then dam, water will find its way out, water can dissolve the rock we built on.

This influence is likely to be felt as a generational conflict, the youth against the old. Times Cycles Research predicts: "It is likely to bring circumstances or movements in the outer environment that disrupt the source of power; political, economic, or physical".

In the late 1970’s a Uranus-Saturn square occurred coinciding with the radical changes in the Chinese and South African governments, as the world struggled to eliminate the worst excesses of dictatorship. Uranus was in Libra, and air sign, and acted like a wind of change, using intellect and reason to blow away the excesses of state power. Now in 2015 Uranus is in watery Pisces, and will have to face the dreaded Pluto. This is the old story of the internecine war between the future and the past. Although the future always wins, the past will do everything in its power to prevent change. Uranus will win, since even the fires of hell can be extinguished by Uranus' flash floods.

Uranus is the kind of energy that washes away the roots of the past, Pluto in Sagittarius will lose in the end. Love will conquer war. There's an indomitable will of humans to work for a better future, to survive. There is hope, and it is hidden in our most magnificent attributes: compassion and generosity. Uranus is in a water sign. Love is the answer, and we will perish without it.

With the Moon's nodes involved, these changes will occur in our hearts, rather than our minds. We will have visceral reactions, rather than intellectual understanding. People will react with fear and confusion, and will be reduced to their basic natures. The Uranus effect will be to suddenly undercut and weaken all our delusions are force contact with the unknown. Uranus is also trine Saturn and Jupiter. "Our sense of justice and hopes for a better world will be based on our accumulated experience, organization, past efforts, and the hard work of transforming our pettiness into a broad attempt to change ourselves, and our society.

Unorthodox (Uranian-type) people will come along to provide us with recognition and rewards if we can make the changes. Present circumstances may tend to upset our traditional structures or ideas but the key is to incorporate the old with the new-- getting rid of what is no longer viable or useful and adding the benefits of new people, new ideas, and new technology. All of this may be quite unexpected and out of your control. You cannot entice or manipulate people or events to bring about your own good fortune. They will come on their own, and then it is up to you to react expediently." (Times Cycles Research)

(Stay tuned for more on the financial crisis on this page.)


The stars and the economy would seem like strange bedfellows. It is not as if the universe cares about American hegimony, or is keeping tabs on our money supply. The stars don't give a damn about ideology or history; however, the stars and planets exert a powerful influence over our consciouness and human activities, those changes which effect us like fish in the ocean. There's no escape from the universe, only temporary respite by hiding in a mental bubble.

Americans have been living in a bubble since 1972, when the Nixon administration all but defaulted on American debt by moving off the gold standard. The change in the status of the gold-backed dollar to the petro-dollar made our money the only way to buy oil--and it became the reserve currency for 70% of all global transctions. The international capitalist community stood behind the dollar and prevented a currency collapse, subjugating all other currencies to the petro-dollar, and that has been the state of affairs for almost 50 years. In 2017, however, there's a lot of evidence that the latest economic and political events--as well as the planetary influences--are pushing us towards the end of the dollar's status as reserve currency.

The Fed--the American central bank, has accelerated its printing of worthless dollars and used them to buy up bad debt and deficit spending. This is "monetizing debt" and usually is the end of the line for any currency, going back thousands of years. The more dollars are printed, the less the dollars were worth. Anyone who is paid in dollars takes a cut in pay, and means a reduction in the quality of life overall.

The American middle class avoided being consumed in the fire using easy credit, but this is nothing but a ruse to get consumers to spend what they don't have. The credit bubble has burst again and again, 1975, 1987, 2000, 2007, 2010, 2012, to name a few recent examples; each time the Fed has printed more dollars to save itself and to turn the screws on the rest of the world. Favored banks, market managers and selected investors became rich off using the cheap dollars from investors' and pensioners pockets, creating millions of new hedge fund millionaires and billionaires while crushing the dreams of working people, and forcing war and destruction on the world.

We know that there will be a reckoning. The US government has gone too far. The central banks of all the industrial economies, copying the US, have similarly used "quantitative easing"-- the printing of worthless currency-- to patch up their problems, while never dealing with the fundamentals. The game is over, players.

America is like the Colossus of Rhodes, straddling the world with its power and immanence. Yet the foaming waters beneath are slowly etching away at the foundation. The American empire, like the Colossus, is doomed to fall into the sea, like all other empires before it. In our case, it's oil--Petroleum-- that is melting us back into history.

Meanwhile, the capitalists have set their sights on destroying the Earth, and its natural abundance. The world economy is stretched thin, not by a lack of resources, but a glut of them. The Capitalist method of distribution has caused extreme disparity of wealth, while corrupting the system they created. The capitalists are bleeding us dry, they are taking the joy and hope out of our lives, they are killing the host--us.

Certain trends are historical fact. The sabotage of the currency will lead to war. The currency wars of today will lead to trade wars tomorrow, and REAL war will be the inevitable result. Capitalists, the scum of the age of Pisces, know of no behavior other than personal gain, greed and need. Since there is no force today that can oppose them (with the exception of ISIS) the capitalists will lead us into a world war to solve their problems with surplus capital. War is INEVITABLE unless the majority of humans get the capitalist monkey off their backs.


The above chart, drawn for the 23rd of January, shows the predicament: Saturn, newly reformed into a heady brew of irrefutable fact and cold retribution in Scorpio, is in a long term square with Neptune in Aquarius. The battle of these titans can make our ideals of an equitable society and reform seem like childhood fantasies. Saturn in Scorpio means responsibility and restriction involving payment of debts, the BIG reckoning. "The intensity associated with Scorpio and the rigidity of Saturn indicate confrontation with limitations that are imposed by the presence of too much control in some area of their lives, or manipulation in order to gain control." (Saturn in Scorpio)

Capricorn is a mean sign to have in three luminaries, the Sun, Venus and Mercury. Like a blast of winter chilling us to the bone, our lives can be crushed into a pulp if we refuse to accept the sad, depressing truth: our world is in deep, deep trouble. Alone, our natural state according to Capricorn, we can do nothing.

Mercury is also stuck in a daze, before going retrograde, and making any or all of our new projects, ideas, and plans reckless and foolhardy. Any investments of money or time are throw-aways. This actually will mean that everything begun before March 2, 2015, when Mercury returns to its most forward position, will probably come to nothing, or worse, be a ruinous gamble.

We can also see a one-day Yod forming with Pluto, Mars and Chiron on the 23rd. This is the deadliest kind of energy, and it is directed at Lilith the black Moon, as if this jackknife of an aspect will release her, like a miasma, a dread curse from Pandora's box. The rich font of Feminine energy which was taken for granted, will dry up, leaving only a staring skull. Lilith is already emotionally dead; she wants an ever-recurring revenge on her killers, tormentors.

Sagittarius Pluto is also in what seems to be a permanent square with Uranus in Pisces. This is hardly a war of equals: Pluto in Sagittarius can smote the ethereal Uranus at will. This transit is forcing you to choose which side you're on. It could be that either way, you'll be forced to do things you will hate yourself for afterward. Of course, we know in theory that the Age of Aquarius will rescue us from the wretched excesses of polarization, gridlock--but when?

These two planets have been eying each other like worst enemies; there's blood in the streets, a hopeless impasse, and everyday, a new gruesome parade of victims marches before us.

Capricorn will also mock our deepest yearnings: "The spiritual path is overgrown with the weeds of bad Karma. All your rituals, sacrifices, meditations, and "revelations" are infused with nonspiritual desires and materialistic ideals.

If you move or act you will fail, and become prey to the forces that threaten to overwhelm you. Even if you take no action, you are still defenseless. You are damned if you do, and damned if you don't." (Sam Reifler, "The Collapse")

If you think that you can remain on this path, you are wrong. Only a revolution can save the situation, and this will not occur before many many more have suffered under this bad combination of social and cosmic influences.

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Earth has a Fever

Like a human body under stress, our global body is sick, burning up with a fever. The global temperature is rising, the ice is melting, the extremes of heat and cold, flood and drought are everywhere and dominating our climate like a virus.

source: Union of Concerned Scientists

The vital ingredient of 2015 will turn out, not to be oil, but WATER. As we leave the Pisces era, and precess our way into Aquarius, the true value of water will be determined by its absence. Water itself will determine our future, and our existence.

There's no cooling off the future without water. The outlook for this volatile transit of the Sun through Sagittarius is very explosive--FIRE and WAR. Pluto has been in Sagittarius since 2008, and the bombs just keep on falling. Maybe this is the year of the drone--where we, like the wicked witch, use flying monkeys to search and destroy opposition to American imperialism.

The forces of profit are now embarked on a course for WAR. No force on Earth can seem to oppose them. War is imminent and inevitable, according to all natural law and man-made law. The dialectic of change is upon us, and it's not pretty. "The dragon is released from its tomb" (Ho Chi Mihn)

They've made the weapons, and they're determined to use them. The passion for aggression meets the need for the destruction of labor power and production--destruction of the labor itself--you and I must now die to maintain the status quo. Hegel nor Marx ever believed the capitalist would be this ambitious or this monstrous. Human love has been turned on its head, defiled.

The last measure of madness is WAR.


Sag Pluto is joined by Sun, the crusher is upon us. Anything is game, anything is fair. The unbelievable is true; the truth is a lie. The true believer Sagittarius is under stress, and he may resort to barbarism in frustration. Growth in a crisis is impossible. Sagittarius will be consumed in his own fire. The hopes and expectations of the higher self will be drowned in corruption and greed. The US economy is the barometer of our consumerist souls: the facts speak for themselves, there is no hope for recovery, another crash is IMMINENT.

source: Daily Telegraph

The Sag is daring, convincing, energetic. But Sag needs inspiration, a glorious future. This time there is no joy, no Jupiteresque growth, only despair and defeat. Now the Fire Horse runs amok. The muscles do the thinking, and out of panic. A crisis develops, new leaders must emerge. This journey of Sag is reminiscent of the story of Jonah and the whale.

Thunder and lightning has the masses terrified, only a true Sagittarius hero can lead us into the inevitable confrontation. Or, is it a trick? Many a Sag. is a wolf in sheep's clothing. They lead us to destruction. When it comes time for the inevitable sacrifice they must make--they shirk their duty. They can be liars--or imaginers? Every Sagittarius has a flaw--the Achilles heel--that leverages the few of them who overcome it into greatness, and immortality. It is this wound that implants the leadership and mental acuity. If Sagittarius forgets its wounds, its origins, loses its humanity, both he or she, and us--are all lost.

On August 15, 2014, a 75-year trend of inflation and growth, suddenly and invisibly turned into its opposite polarity: deflation. Deflation destroys savings, profits, quality of life and encourages countries to drown themselves in debt rather than face the new dispensation. Deflation is the brick wall of capitalist expansion. Corporations hit the wall and die. As the poor dream of revolution, the rich implant fascism.

The collapse of the inflationary economy occurred in August, 2014; the beginning of deflation--the cheapening of goods and services: currency wars; trade wars; global wars.
source: Daily Telegraph

Sagittarius has a choice: it can walk, trot, gallop away from its doomed brethren, who are all locked in a death march. In mythology, Sag rejects his tribe--the centaurs were rapists and berserkers--and becomes a healer, historian and philosopher. Every Sagittarius is one-of-a-kind, a self-made man or woman. They have but a short time on Earth to accomplish their goals. Sagittarius in its greatest triumph sacrifices its body for the cause. Thus is the Tao of the hero.

The Wars Come Home

As The Sun moves into a T-square with Pluto, Uranus and the Moon's nodes, we can expect the wars, the ones overseas and out of sight and mind, to come home, with violent repercussions. The returning veterans have been alienated to a suicidal extreme by their experiences as imperialist tools. They will not join in any jingoist parade. Their only contribution to our society will be to terrorize it as they have the Iraqi and Afghan societies. What will we do with the torturers and murderers that come home to us?

As the banks stagger their way to insolvency and collapse, the pressures on everyone will increase. The T-square is like a vise, squeezing the head, the heart, and our futures. When such compression takes place--an explosion will follow. The T-square involves instant, unstoppable change. Not peaceful change. Violent change, which involves political and cultural swings, increased aggression by the US military, and and equal and opposite destruction of OUR security and well-being. The quality of life in America will sink to new lows. Certain things need no cosmic help: the dollar is sinking fast along with the price of oil; buying power is being swallowed up by deflation; our infrastructure is collapsing, the social contract is in shreds. What was good is now bad and what was bad is now OK. Fire will consume what water hasn't flooded. Pluto always means loss, sometimes it's a healthy surgery like cutting away the tumor of parasite class that rules us. The stock market crash is bad for investors--but it's also a healthy correction--for those who survive it. Pluto helps us look at the parasites that suck us dry, and starve or dismember them with the power that only utter hate and disgust can generate in us.

Likewise for the individual. Loss is inevitable, healthy, normal, terrifying. Our loss is a byproduct of an inevitable volcanic eruption, we are not to blame. But loss and death is not the main thing. It is how we come out of the fire. Are we tempered steel, stronger and embolden to take action? To lead the charge? Or destroyed by our own folly and web of lies, self-delusions and propaganda? The time is now.

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