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hurricane carter

Hurricane Carter in a fight with Florentino Fernadez

Rubin (Hurricane) Carter was a star prizefighter whose career was cut short by a trumped-up murder conviction in New Jersey by white cops, judges and juries. Carter became an international cause célèbre while imprisoned for 19 years before the charges against him were dismissed. He died on Sunday morning, April 20, at his home in Toronto. He was 76.

The cause of death was prostate cancer, his friend and onetime co-defendant, John Artis, said. Mr. Carter was being treated in Toronto, where he founded a nonprofit organization, Innocence International, to work to free prisoners it considered wrongly convicted.

Mr. Carter was convicted twice on the same charges of fatally shooting two men and a woman in a Paterson, N.J., tavern in 1966. But both jury verdicts were overturned on different grounds of prosecutorial misconduct.

Carter was born on May 6, 1937, in Clifton, N.J., a double Aries (Sun and Uranus, conjunct) and a Mars in Scorpio. His fighting style is referred to as "ferocious". Yet he also had Venus in Pisces, certainly gentle a counterpoint to his behavior in the ring. He had a hard, angry exterior to protect his soft, empathetic artistic side. Yet he may have used the cupidity of Pisces to amp up his Aries fire rather than to squelch it, which may have been a disservice to him as regards his enemies AND friends. Pisces, after enough abuse, can become pretty manipulative. Plus his Mercury was in the rock-head sign of Taurus at 1 degree retrograde! This may have helped his mental concentration when he a victim of false imprisonment. His Moon was in Aquarius (his birth time is unknown) if he was born before noon. It must have been difficult for him to commit or get too close to anyone; he stood out from the rest, and his persistence and drive must have made tyrants --those who hold power in NJ-- both angry and frightened. His Aquarius Moon might make him somewhat detached from the violence of boxing, but accentuated his competitive spirit to win at any cost. The boxing community attracted him, not for the violence (an Aries might feel it is the best way to resolve disputes, however) but for its collegial atmosphere and rich rewards. He stated that he regarded boxers as a special breed of honest men. His time in prison must have been agony to him. The state had wrongfully taken away his freedom, a death knell to the average Aquarius. Maybe only an Aquarius Moon could have helped him stay a free man in his heart, for the whole time he spent behind bars. They could not break him. His Aries helped fight tooth and nail (he lost an eye) the ordeal and win in the end.

Carter was a fighter by profession, not by choice; he found fighting after the had suffered a life of poverty and brutality and was given the opportunity. His life was checkered by his abusive father, trouble with authority, and an incarceration in the NJ "Training School for Boys" at 11 years of age. He had to fight for his life there against bullies and pedophiles, and eventually escaped after six years. Carter joined the army at 17 with the Paratroopers, and was stationed in Germany. Carter was encouraged by the more tolerant attitude there to African-Americans, and started boxing, winning 51 fights.

However New Jersey was waiting for him when he got back to the states, and arrested him for an old warrant for fleeing the orphanage. He spent 10 months in prison, and then, upon release, was re-arrested for separate charges, and sentenced to four more years, where, "Quiet rage became my constant companion", he recalled. The day after his release he won his first professional fight, for a prize of $20. Carter, however, was elated: “I was in my element now,” he wrote. “Fighting was the pulse beat of my heart and I loved it.”

He went on to beat the welterweight champion, Emile Griffith, and almost won the middleweight world championship in 1964, his last fight before his arrest (photo above). His lifetime career total is 27 wins, 20 knockouts, 12 losses and one draw. Carter was ostentatious and arrogant, both characteristics of the Aries; he attracted the attention not only of boxing fans, but had the local cops seething with envy and rage for his pimp-style hats, custom Cadillac, and his growing connections with the Black Liberation movement. The cops decided to make an example of him, and arrested him on trumped up charges of murder in the first degree, for the murder of three white people in a bar. Carter was far away, but the cops found snitches who were willing to lie and identify him at the scene. (They later recanted their stories)

Carter and a companion, James Artis, were both convicted in a kangaroo court and an all-white jury in 1964 and Carter was given 30 years to life, Artis, 15 to life.

Carter remained defiant back in prison, bucked the rules and started learning the law to free himself, but it wasn't until 1974 that his case was reviewed and overturned by the NJ Supreme Court. The lower courts refused to let him go, however, and he was sent back to prison for an additional 9 years awaiting decisions from higher courts. Finally the Federal District court overturned the conviction in 1988 and he was finally freed.

Carter had a typically contentious private life, as well, divorcing his first wife when he was in prison, and his second wife, the woman who had helped overturn his case, in 1995. He was said to have alienated his coworkers. With Aquarius Moon, he may have not been able to make any realistic commitments to any person or organization, and he remained a maverick till the end. He was unpredictable and secretive, and his bitterness towards New Jersey and the racist institutions that had persecuted him since the fourth grade continued after he was a free man, and contributed to his decision to live in Canada. His life was made into a film, "Hurricane" with Denzel Washington. Carter himself eschewed fame and spent the rest of his life working to free other innocent prisoners--political or otherwise. The New Jersey cops involved in his case, in spite of their perfidy, were never convicted, and swore to get retribution.

Both Carter and Artis (who was freed in 1981) were both targeted and victimized by an Apartheid society and a vicious, corrupt police force. The New Jersey judicial system's special treatment of Blacks and minorities continues to this day. New Jersey is STILL one of the most corrupt states in the country. Events with the oafish Leo Governor Chris Christie and tin-hat demagogue show that New Jersey still retains that title of the limp dick of all the states, and a bad place to live if you won't buckle down to Mafia rule. RIP Hurricane!

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