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New Moon in Aries
April 26, 2017

image by Upsplash

The New Moon begins in Aries on the 26th April 2017 at 13:16 GMT

By Kim Lovelace

The Moon in Aries has a volatile and emotionally impulsive nature and behaves in precipitous ways regardless of the consequences. This Moon is very independent and will follow her own path of action whether right or wrong, interference from others will make her rebellious, irritable and grouchy. It is important for the Moon in Aries to find a sense of inner peace, as her restless nature incites insomnia, headaches, toothaches and acid indigestion. She is prone to lack Potassium, which can be found in fruits and vegetables.

There are no aspects to our New Moon this month apart from her usual conjunction to our Sun which always occurs on a New Moon and indicates new cycles of experience and creativity.

The Black Moon Lilith is in Libra this New Moon casting her shadow of perfection and her fear of loneliness. We must assess our values and curb our indecisiveness. In quincunx to both Mercury and Uranus there may be errors in judgment and problems with our communications, especially as Mercury is now retrograding through Pisces. Inner peace is a must as sudden disruptions can occur, which will leave us off balance. We must beware of being blind to the effect of our actions and reactions by being willing to accept responsibility for them.

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Order a Moon Transit Report which includes the transits of the Black Moon (Lilith). For a natal astrology reading from Kim, visit her webpage. Email her here.

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Kabuki by Hiroko Sakai

First in Love and War
April 18-May 13

Voracious, relentless and self-indulgent, Aries like fast decisions, bloody battles and complete victory. Like the Spartan view of things, there is only victory, nothing else counts. To the victor, go the spoils.

This fire sign likes a good fight; and to get next to them, you have to like fighting also. Fighting is a release of sexual energy to Aries, and can be the prelude to, or the end of, intimacy. Love affairs, like political alliances, can be scrapped when push comes to shove.

Aries is a female warrior, her idea of battle is far beyond man's war of attrition. The female with Aries means total war, endless war, and relentless war. Even in love, there is competition; Aries has the need to dominate, to be first.

Aries is Athena, the female warrior. To deny her the glory of victory, and her gender equality with men, the Greeks and Romans changed her sign to a ram. Aries females may grow up being resentful of male patriarchy and patronage. The male Aries will make risky leaps of faith with only the slightest provocation. Aries rule the head, since they use it as a battering ram.


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Ophiuchus and Nature
The Seeds of Life

[This article originally ran at the counterculture blog entertainment2morrow]

By Natalie Miller

Do you know Ophiuchus in her cocoon, waiting to take flight? If you're not familiar with Ophiuchus, it's currently the 13th sign of the Zodiac on the ecliptic (the Sun's apparent annual path across the sky).  Ophiuchus is represented in our times by a bastardized (pun not intended) version of a male snake handler.  Wouldn't it be more fitting she were a wise and powerful woman shaman like the Cretan Snake Goddess? MORE

Go to Natalie Miller's website

"Thorn" By Hiroko Sakai

Ophiuchus and Defiance


Thousands of years ago women controlled human society. They were the clan leaders, hunters, astrologers, warriors, sha(wo)men. The ancient archetypes of all these job descriptions are female. Ophiuchus, Aries, Leo and Taurus were all envisioned as female symbols, only to be transmogrified into men by the Greeks. Human communities used a lunar calendar, and women were the center of the mystery and the miracles of nature. Humans responded in sync with the Moon, as well as the Sun.

Cave paintings like the one above, date back to 40,000 years ago, when women were fleshed out as the vital elements of early human communities, as its leaders, hunters and healers. Men were less defined, mostly as sperm donors, more noteworthy for their penis than any other attribute.

Pre-Nubian cave paintings like the one above illustrate a different dispensation of power than what we accept today as ubiquitous. Women were the leaders and dominant figures in early societies and clans, as a result of their higher technical knowledge of astronomical cycles, and ability to respond to nature's law. Ancient societies may have been polyandrous, where women accessed men as a tool of their fertility, even before the men themselves understood their role in the process. MORE


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>Beethoven, Ophiuchus genius

>James Holmes, serial killer

>Andreas Lubitz, mass murderer

Mercury Retrograde:
(Actions of the Heart)

Mar 27-May 20

Mercury in Motion

image: Evolving Door Astrology

At the end of March and through May 20, Mercury will once again confuse our senses, blur our vision, and test our common sense. The more intent we are on winning through force and self-fulfillment, the more we are liable for setbacks. We'll want to trust our hearts, but we should not take action on our heart's desire until late May. Our disappointments in our personal lives and relationships, anxiety about world events, financial instability, the banality of our culture will keep us in a fog of ennui, and we'll be looking for some kind of miracle or quick fix. We may depend on fate or luck, which precedes sloppy thinking and dangerously bad decisions. Reality fatigue can drive us into unrealistic fantasies. Mercury retrograde, in its pre-shadow, will start at 33 degrees Pisces on March 27, move into Aries March 30, and then (apparently) reverse itself April 8, retreating back into Pisces until April 22. As our fortunes go boom-and-bust, we can lose ourselves in self-pity, depression and anger. This is a good time to try to do nothing. When the Sun slams into Aries, April 18, the Pisces Mercury can make us believe anything. MORE

The Shitstorm

When a shitstorm hits, it's because of capitalist macroeconomics and bursting bubbles. Stock markets crash, banks go under, and unemployment skyrockets. When it rains crap, it ruins our whole society, not just you. Wars, financial crisis, world events, climate change, the stupidity of politicians--even the transiting stars--rain down bad news, not only for you, but for all the people, everywhere. Everyone is covered in crap. Nobody comes out of it smelling like a rose. It's called a depression, and we all suffer in such a catastrophe to one extent or another. We feel a collective despair, not just personal shame. MORE

The May Yod

One astrological configuration that we don't often talk about is the Yod. Named by the ancients as the "finger of god", the Yod is our final warning before the crisis. A classical interpretation is the idea of pent-up forces being let loose, like the stretched bow releasing its arrow. Many astrologers call the Yod a "runaway train".

Faith by itself only creates martyrs. A Yod sometimes foretells of such a misplaced belief system, with onerous results for those with power, and those without. The problem lies with what we believe, what we think of as fact depends mostly on our prior prejudices. Only something jarring or a long-overdue crisis can make us change our views. Saying that, it can happen in an instant, or grow slowly like a seed. A Yod is the kind of aspect that can bring to a head the consequences of previous stress and tension. MORE

The Yod and
the Fall of Empire

Mene Mene Tekel by Rembrandt [source]

How to recognize a Yod

In the Biblical story from the book of Daniel, King Belshazzar rules over the most corrupt and degenerate of all the cities, Babylon. However, he goes too far when he uses stolen gold from Jerusalem to finance his collapsing economy. Even when he is threatened by the Persians, Belshazzar felt safe behind Babylon's impregnable walls, and called for a lavish feast. As the King and his sycophants partied in luxury, suddenly, a disembodied finger appeared, warning of a fateful reckoning. The above painting by Rembrandt illustrates that moment when the King sees this omen of his doom and the fall of Babylon. What they saw was a Yod. MORE

On February 6, Jupiter in Virgo goes retrograde. This will signal a sudden reverse in the false spirit of optimism in the US economy. This delusion is based on a Trump victory and a tax cut for the rich, a rising stock market and the further inflation of worthless paper assets and bad debts. China, the last best hope of the capitalist wet dream, is sinking further in chaos, with crashing exports, massive unemployment, devastating pollution, and pervasive corruption. This is causing a deep sense of doom in the Chinese people as a whole. MORE

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Walter Berg
Founder of 13 Sign Astrology

Our 13-sign astrology group is extremely honored and proud to present Walter Berg to our readers. Walter single handedly developed 13 sign astrology from scratch in the early 1970s. Before the advent of computers, he spend countless hours gazing at the night sky (with his dog as company) observing and tracking the movements of the planets, in real time, and against the backdrop of the actual 13 sign Zodiac. He then calculated their passage and transits using nothing more than a slide rule and a calculator, to create the first (and still the most accurate) 13 sign ephemeris. MORE about Walter, plus an exclusive interview

Is Tropical Astrology Harmful?

Tropical astrologer Susan Miller has a lot of wisdom. She uses it mostly on her own behalf. MORE

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Egyptian by Femi Ibim

Hellenic by Kim Lovelace

A lot of what you learned about your Moon from mainstream astrology is false or misleading. The 12-sign Zodiac just doesn't represent the truth. A 13 sign astrology horoscope reveals the facts about your real birth planets and luminaries by finding the right sign and degree. 13-sign astrology also includes the sign Ophiuchus, the goddess of women's power and accomplishments. The 12-sign, tropical view of the horoscope deficient and outdated.

Ophiuchus and her origins

Another vital placement in the horoscope is the The Black Moon and Lilith, which is linked to the dark, hidden extreme in Lunar polarity, the opposite of the lighted moon, our romantic archetype. Again, traditional astrology rarely acknowledges this mysterious influence, and gets the sign wrong.

• Learn more about Lilith

• Black Moon/Lilith in your chart

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