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Super New Moon in Taurus

Image by Patrick Hendry

By Kim Lovelace

The New Moon begins in Taurus on the 25th May 2017 at 20:44 GMT

The Moon in Taurus has a great need for financial and material security, this Moon is fond of good food and material comforts to keep her satiated and emotionally fulfilled. Overindulgence can be this Moons downfall as she tends to comfort eat when the going gets tough. It is so important for the Moon in Taurus to keep herself busy and upbeat, maintaining a routine will help her to not succumb to idle luxury. As a lover of art and music, THETA, binaural beats and creative visualisation would be a great asset of curbing this Moon’s moody and stubborn nature alongside deep breathing techniques. As Taurus rules the throat, this Moon is vulnerable to problems with her vocal chords; tonsillitis is the most common problem. Shallow Breathing is also another vulnerability as well as rheumatism. Breathing techniques together with THETA would help to alleviate her stress and insecurities. A good intake of vitamins and minerals are also important as this Moon suffers the most when it comes to ‘vitamin deficiencies’ which can lead to thyroid problems.

This is definitely a time to begin a healthy regime when it comes to our physical health, as the Moon in Taurus can tend to leave us feeling sluggish, inactive and emotionally insecure. On a positive level the Taurus Moon can give us the stamina and persistence we need to continue the healthy regime once started, although a good kick may be needed to get started. As this is a Super Moon, the planetary energy coming in will be very strong. Rebellion will probably be the theme of this New Moon, especially when it comes to our relationships both personal and social.

The Black Moon Lilith is in Ophiuchus this New Moon casting her shadow of persecution and her fear of alienation. In opposition to our New Super Moon it will amplify our emotional natures, where our deepest fears and insecurities can surface in dramatic ways, causing the negative attributes of the Taurus Moon to emanate upon our psyches.

Mind versus matter and material values versus spiritual values this New Moon. We will have to make wise choices under very difficult conditions.

For this New Moon I would suggest concentrating on the Throat, Solar Plexus and Root Chakra’s and using the colour Blue in meditations. Burn a Blue Candle and Cedarwood and/or Sage incense for courage, strength, wisdom, and clarity. Diet, vitamins/minerals and exercise routines are a must as confused emotions and deep fears need to be released in a constructive way. Use self empowering affirmations such as: I see fear as the fuel for my success and take bold action in spite of fear.

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Moon moods for the coming week

By Natalie Miller 

Wednesday May 24th

Today is a wonderful day to spend working on any projects or situations you've been putting off as long as it doesn't involve communicating with a loved one.  If a loved one, client, patient, or student of yours is in need of help, today is a great day to think up new ideas to help them. 

Thursday May 25th 

Today is going to be an amazing day full of love and light!!! If you are in the performance arts you will shine today! Hugs and gifts will go a long way. 

Friday May 26th

Today you may feel like you are riding a bull, running into situation after situation that makes you uneasy especially if you have a lot of loose ends in your life.  Try to remember the fun you had yesterday and don't resist things. You may run into someone unexpectedly that you were trying to avoid.  Try to raise your spiritual vibration by not being deceptive, provocative, or avoiding the situation.

Natalie Miller is a 13 sign astrologer

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May 14-June 19

Tropical astrologers only recognize the bull in Taurus' archetype—they forget the dancing girl who rides on his back. The strength of the bull and the beauty of the rider are two complementary parts of Taurus.

and the Mother Planet

Taurus is an orphan of the Zodiac, without a "ruling" planet. They begin life as Earth's children and end up its stewards, commuting with soil and bedrock like it was a lover. Time makes Taurus self-reliant, self-rewarding, self-actualizing materialists. Value is what can be seen, touched and tasted. Venus has been assigned to Taurus as a temporary helpmate, but it can sometimes make matters worse. That planet makes Taurus' desire even more intense, reducing them to slaves of the sensual pleasures of life. Venus also inhibits them to a passive role. As much as Venus inspires Taurus with the love of music and dance, and the adoration of beautiful people and valuable things, it can also instill a blind need to posses and hoard them.

Taurus' feet are firmly in the ground, the Earth. They hate to lose touch with her, even living above the ground floor. These are ranch-style people with a big garage. Taurus may even prefer to sleep on the floor. As the salt of the Earth, Taurus hold special reverence for land, and wants to possess it. The land and the body are one, and Taurus wants to hold on to both for all time. The Taurus is a friend of the land, an owner of the land, and a worshiper of the land. Land and the home are the temple of their strength. They have no faith, no foolish hope of a solicitous god; the Taurus believes in the here-and-now--not the pie-in-the-sky.

Yet Taurus is mostly mellow and passive, until you rile one up. Then they come on very strong with the infamous volcanic Taurus temper, when they can destroy everything around them in a red haze of fury. Mostly Taurus is calm and alluring; the come-hither, the innocent--with the "who, sexy ol' me?" promise of satisfaction guaranteed! Once the object of their affections has been spotted, then the Taurus will mill around, sniffing and showing off. Some Taurus (like Malcolm X in his early years) are pimps or macks. Male bulls would love to have a harem, although they are content with one mate for life if they get to it. Normally, the Taurus prefers to stay in the paddock, minding their own business, and working on a good meal and a permanent encampment. Travel can be difficult for them unless they travel a lot and enjoy it as much as staying at home relaxing. Once a Taurus gets comfortable ruling their territory, they would rather die than give it away. MORE: >Who is Taurus?


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"I'm not a type of feminist who is afraid to be sexy."
-Meagan Fox 5/16/1986 (Taurus)

Taurus in Repose

By Adele Free Pham

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The Unity of Myth and the Electric Universe

By Natalie Miller

There’s a unity in the ancient myths and petroglyphs that has been unexplained until recent years.  Throughout all cultures and lands similar forms and stories are the building blocks of ancient art, mythology, and dress.  Many archetypes in ancient mythology are symbolic of actual planetary and other heavenly body events that the people of the time were witnessing as promoted in recent times by David Talbott and Ev Cochrane expanding on Velikovsky's work.  For example, the dragon, the ouroboros, the crown, and the flowing hair of Aphrodite, represent the changing electrical fields between Venus and Mars that were visible in ancient times.(1) 

Due to new discoveries in plasma physics scientists have crashed and burned our old way of not only viewing mythology, but also how our very universe works.  The predominant discourse based on Einstein’s theories is that gravity alone holds the universe together even though this theory overlooks the “holes” in Einstein’s calculations that he could not explain.  In the gravitational universe theory it is thought that the space between stars and planets is a vacuum.  Using radio telescopes, we are able to detect that the space between stars and planets is actually teeming with charged particles.  Science tells us that magnetic fields can only be generated by electric currents.  So we have huge electric currents floating through the universe.  Stellar and galactic formations in deep space are the same formations seen in the behavior of the electrical structure of matter at a subatomic level in the lab.  So the old theory of cosmology, that we are isolated and disconnected from space, can now take it’s spot in the reserves section of the library.(2)

Perhaps astrological study will some day center around how the electric universe interacts with us in a visceral way.  For now, we continue to pass on time tested myths and create new ones as we continue to open up to our relationship with the universe. 

Natalie Miller is a 13 Sign Astrologer


(1) Symbols of an Alien Sky

(2) Thunderbolts of the Gods

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Twisting in the wind

The months of April and May are not going to be easy for Donald Trump. His personal transits may hold a clue as to why. Trump, just 100 days into his term and already reeling from multiple humiliations, is in for some additional heavy influences from Uranus, Saturn, Pluto, Chiron and the female asteroids. They are likely to effect his thinking and his personal and political agenda. They may even force him to adjust to rapidly transpiring events which can run interference with his stated goals and ulterior intentions. The dangers include eroding support, confusion, exhaustion, and loss. He may even undergo the humiliation of a divorce, sex scandal or other ruptured personal relationships. MORE

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"Thorn" By Hiroko Sakai

Ophiuchus and
Women's Anger


A defining issue for women is emerging, and Ophiuchus is leading the way. Thousands of years of stored-up women's anger is bubbling to the surface. Women have bottled up their resentment of male supremacy to a pressure point that it can explode at any moment. No longer content to swallow their second-class status, women are rising up in defiance of the system that has defined them as man's servants and concubines. Women are coming to the realization that THEY are the real agents of change, men are trapped by their own egos and emotions.

Women are no longer content to accept their role in their relations with men, children, with each other, and the family. The female is becoming alienated from her subservient roles. Many women are resisting the patriarchy, facing it down in the streets and in the court rooms.

The confidant, boastful world of men is spinning out of control, and women are fomenting a not-so-silent revolution. The yielding, supportive and suffering female is disappearing, and being replaced by a much more militant version of herself. Their pliant codependency with men has not served them well enough to let it continue, and women have had enough. Women are sifting through the rubble of their hopes and dreams and demanding more of themselves, and more from the men who have sabotaged them for centuries. They won't be willing victims of the system any longer.

Cave paintings like the one above, date back to 40,000 years ago, when women were fleshed out as the vital elements of early human communities, as its leaders, hunters and healers, and of course, the source of life. Men were less defined, (the naked figure with the hanging appendage) viewed mostly as sperm donors, more noteworthy for their penis than any other attribute, as another of women's domesticated animals, like the dog also pictured.

Pre-Nubian cave paintings like the one above illustrate a different dispensation of power than what we accept today as ubiquitous and infallible. Women were the leaders and dominant figures in early societies and clans, as a result of their higher technical knowledge of astronomical cycles, and ability to respond to nature's law. Ancient societies may have been polyandrous, where women accessed men as a tool of their fertility, even before the men themselves understood their role in the process. MORE


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The Ophiuchus Voice of Zearle



Walter Berg
Founder of 13 Sign Astrology

Our 13-sign astrology group is extremely honored and proud to present Walter Berg to our readers. Walter single handedly developed 13 sign astrology from scratch in the early 1970s. Before the advent of computers, he spend countless hours gazing at the night sky (with his dog as company) observing and tracking the movements of the planets, in real time, and against the backdrop of the actual 13 sign Zodiac. He then calculated their passage and transits using nothing more than a slide rule and a calculator, to create the first (and the most accurate) 13 sign ephemeris. MORE about Walter, plus an exclusive interview!

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The Shitstorm

When a shitstorm hits, it's because of capitalist macroeconomics and bursting bubbles. Stock markets crash, banks go under, and unemployment skyrockets. When it rains crap, it ruins our whole society, not just you. Wars, financial crisis, world events, climate change, the stupidity of politicians--even the transiting stars--rain down bad news, not only for you, but for all the people, everywhere. Everyone is covered in crap. Nobody comes out of it smelling like a rose. It's called a depression, and we all suffer in such a catastrophe to one extent or another. We feel a collective despair, not just personal shame. MORE

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Margaret Cho
Ophiuchus Diva

Cho has an Ophiuchus Sun and Mercury, conjunct. She is a medicine woman, the snake-handler, a dead up witch with a mind that goes where no man has gone before. Isolated from the white straight society that despised her and growing up in the Castro valley, the gay community of San Francisco, working at her parent's bookshop, Cho bonded with the LGBT population, who accepted her as a comedienne and diva. Her popularity brought her to the attention of men in suits—the TV industry scumbags—who tried to exploit her in a trifling sitcom, making her run around in circles like a caged tiger. She recalls them telling her she was "too fat" to represent HERSELF. He show was canceled, and for a while she felt hunted and hounded as a failure; but she persisted in her quest for self-determination, and bounced back, appealing to a fanatical and devoted following.

Cho uses the sexual ambiguity of Ophiuchus to her advantage. Gay or straight, She can take all forms, all sexuality, and make them her own.

Cho has a quixotic Mars-Saturn opposition which will always put her at odds with authority and the patriarchy; she's always fighting the restrictive stereotypes that men create, the stupid corporate idea of the "Asian girl" is one of her main targets as a comedienne. MORE

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(Updated May 10, 2017)

Jupiter has been in Virgo since August of 2016, and will stay in the sign until November of 2017. It is in retrograde from February to June, backing up almost 10 degrees. In American politics, this signaled a dynamic reverse in the false spirit of optimism in the US economy and a cultural breakdown. The Trump administration under the Virgo microscope looks chaotic and one-dimensional. In retrograde, our criticism has turned inward. We hold our noses at the circus in the White House, the fiasco of Trump's health care bills, embarrassed by his erratic behavior and inherent ugliness. Both the GOP and the Democratic party are sinking in popularity, along with their equally smarmy leaderships. Economically, experts are starting to view with great trepidation the folly of a rising stock market set against the deflationary trends in real value, corporate bankruptcies and mergers, and the further inflation of worthless paper assets and bad debts. This retreating Virgo Jupiter is saying: It's crunch time. MORE

Comments or questions?

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Is Tropical Astrology Harmful?

Tropical astrologer Susan Miller has a compelling style and the most popular astrology website. She uses them mostly to beguile her followers and enrich herself. MORE

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Egyptian by Femi Ibim

Hellenic by Kim Lovelace

A lot of what you learned about your Moon from mainstream astrology is false or misleading. The 12-sign Zodiac just doesn't represent the truth. A 13 sign astrology horoscope reveals the facts about your real birth planets and luminaries by finding the right sign and degree. 13-sign astrology also includes the sign Ophiuchus, the goddess of women's power and accomplishments. The 12-sign, tropical view of the horoscope deficient and outdated.

Ophiuchus and her origins

Another vital placement in the horoscope is the The Black Moon and Lilith, which is linked to the dark, hidden extreme in Lunar polarity, the opposite of the lighted moon, our romantic archetype. Again, traditional astrology rarely acknowledges this mysterious influence, and gets the sign wrong.

• Learn more about Lilith

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