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"Aries" By Hiroko Sakai

First in Love and War

April 19-May 13

Voracious, relentless and self-indulgent, Aries like fast decisions, bloody battles and complete victory. Like the Spartan view of things, there is only victory, nothing else counts. To the victor, go the spoils.

This fire sign likes a good fight; and to get next to them, you have to like fighting also. Fighting is a release of sexual energy to Aries, and can be the prelude to, or the end, of intimacy. Love affairs, like political alliances, can be scrapped when push comes to shove.

Aries is a female warrior, Athena, and her idea of battle is far beyond man's war of attrition. The female with Aries means total war, endless war, and relentless war. Even in love, there is competition; Aries has the need to dominate, to be first.

The Greeks tried to remove the female nature of Aries by changing her symbol to a ram. The suppression of female energy and power has been a main feature of Roman/tropical astrology ever since. No wonder Aries females may grow up being resentful of male patriarchy and patronage.

The Bold get the Spoils

Every Aries is a born leader and pioneer, and throughout their lives, the more they are thwarted, the more frustrated and angry they get. Aries, like Hercules’ foe, Antaeus, gets knocked down only to to rise again ready to continue the fight, only madder. Aries wins the fight by pure effrontery. When bravery and boldness is required, call upon an Aries to forge the path.

Film maker

"You know why I’m
a multi-millionaire?
‘Cause multi-millions like what I do."

Michael Moore 4/23/1954

Aries stoops to conquer

Aries isn't born on top, it's a long way up. Aries can be beaten into (temporary) submission. Aries can conspire with the best of them, and can be obsequious when necessary. They are compiling lists of weaknesses even during sex. Aries need time to size others up. At first, they play at subservience. Aries learn early that they can manipulate the minds of weaklings, and their self-appointed task is to ferret out the sissy in all of us. Aries will lull a superior enemy into complaisance, then strike with full force on an unsuspecting foe. When beaten, however, Aries changes their tune, becomes apologetic—even sycophantic, in a continual cycle of injury and reaction, until they can find a means to topple or replace the one on top.

“To delay action is the same as death.”–Quadruple Aries
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, 4/22/1870

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Mars the God of Thunder

The most amazing astronomical news is that Mars is like a lightning rod of electricity, a planet that once sent plasmic thunderbolts at Earth, scattering pieces of Martian rock upon it and terrifying ancient humans—who retreated to caves and drew what they were seeing in the sky on the walls. Some cosmologists believe the death of Mars as a viable planet may have been accompanied by its changing its orbit around the Sun, while discharging massive electrical energy, blasting the earth's surface with meteors and destruction.

The downside of Aries: pushy, bossy, insensitive
When you are bashing down obstacles, or jumping from one precipice to a higher one, you just don’t have time for the niceties. Too bad. You miss them later on.

King of Soul

"I taught them everything they know,
but not everything
I know."

James Brown, 5/3/1933

By nature: rampant fire
The perfect warriors, they never quit, never say die, and don't like people who do. Aries hate (other) whiners. Aries make a great ally in war. Whose side are they on, though? There is also a querulous, angry streak in Aries, much admired in male Aries but detested in females. In men, it's called professionalism, initiative, balls. Female Aries are called bitches for exercising these same prerogatives No wonder female Aries are pissed off.

Aries Factoid: Pity from an Aries is worse than their hatred.

Aries is the general looking for an army
Aries are inveterate doers, not deep thinkers. Prevaricating is not an Aries problem, but impulsive mistakes or angry episodes are. Aries don’t want your opinion, they want you to just support their flanks. But this is the fundamental Aries problem: they don’t know where they are going; with the head down in full forward charge mode, it’s hard to look ahead, and Aries needs someone to watch their back.

To follow an Aries, you MUST reflect their absolute confidence in themselves back at them or YOU become the enemy, the nay-sayer. Does Aries really want a bunch of yes-men around? Yes. Yes men are very complimentary to Aries, part of winning. What Aries needs, though, are warriors around them, The 300 Spartans—in the film of that name—would be nice. The main thing about following an Aries is that you all have to be prepared to die in flames if and when things go south. The trick for everyone is to somehow share the faith in victory, and not look down.

The Aries head

Do ALL Aries will have a head-scar? Even if that’s not true, Aries will lead with the forehead; they are in constant stance to give you a painful head butt if you contradict them. They are in-your-face. It is no wonder they cause injury to it. Aries scalp and complexions can also serve as a sludge pot into which Aries pump all their raw toxins, and burned tissue is the result, a breeding ground for bacteria. Like all the fire signs, they have fast metabolisms but poor digestion. The more anxiety they process, the worse it is for the skin and extremities.

Fight fire with fire

Aries only knows what it can feel with its senses. Aries gets a visceral message that changes as they put you to the test of combat. To know Aries is to fight with them, on some level. In that way, too, they hammer you, honing and tempering you as a warrior-mate.

Aries will be the center of attention, by hook or crook. They will stop at nothing to upstage others. Aries is so fiery their heads and groins are hot; they thrive at a higher frequency; fast decision making is what they like. Quick and full speed ahead. No Aries ever gives anyone slack. This fire will not linger long without fuel, so enjoy the love of an Aries while it is hot. MORE

From the Book of Aries:

"Aries is Joan of Arc, who loses herself into a cause greater than herself. Driven by her self-pronounced connection to god; hers is the story of the female exalted in war, the female who uses force and domination to achieve her goals. Joan saved the insipid Dauphin, gave him France and he returned the favor by conspiring against her with the church and had her burned at the stake. This is a common Aries theme of blind sacrifice.

The sign of Aries is also the living 90 degree square, an aspect of tension and stress-- and instant release. The difficulties at the beginning are the requisite calisthenics that build confidence and strength for the battle. Aries does it for the journey, as well as the payoff. The male Aries is a natural hero, or a cad, he will fight under any banner so long as it suits his needs, and fulfills his appetites. This male Aries is the relentless warrior that Jason himself couldn't vanquish because every time he threw him to the ground, he would rise again, stronger still. Jason finally won when he held Aries above his head-- Aries was no longer able to draw sustenance from the Earth. In Greek mythology, this was the only time that Aries has ever been beaten, because the Aries style of savage, full-on attack only works when Aries has the element of surprise."

Problem: physical dissonance

Illness is weakness to the Aries. They won’t acknowledge they are sick until they are practically dying. They are so insensitive they never listen to the danger signals from their own bodies, and when they do respond, it's with anger, and will submit to ghoulish remedies that experts promise will bring a quick recovery, and not allow their own healing systems to kick in and save the day.

Food: cooked by others

Aries favorite food is what other people prepare for them, they are gourmands and gulpers, they just like it hot and quick. Food addiction (all addiction) is a major problem: The Aries is likely to develop a hypoglycemic condition (pre-diabetic) eventually, if they depend on sugars and liquid carbs. Aries can kill the friendly flora in their gut, especially if they depend on antibiotic to get them out of a jam

It’s not easy to repopulate your stomach with the same high quality bacteria that your mother gave you, either. Only whole grains can provide the ideal gruel Aries need, so, providing them with whole grains every day can give them a clean, steady burn, and not the explosive, short-term type that is very unhealthy, If Aries really want to treat their stomach right, start every meal with a cup of freshly made, miso soup.

Vitamins and minerals

What causes bad skin? Bad kidneys! Aries must scour out their gunky systems constantly with a regular system of lots of A&D, (fish liver oil) and all-natural d-alpha vitamin E. The vitamin E can be used as a skin moisturizer, protector and healer. When Aries’ fuel gauge falls to zero, take the B-complex vitamins, especially B5, B6 and B12. Their is new evidence that B12 is a lot more important in cell construction then was thought. For peak energy days, peak vitamin intake; forget minimum—find your OPTIMUM requirement. Top it all off with a powdered calcium-magnesium cocktail before bed for tranquil thoughts and sweet dreams.



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