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Human potential
Sept 16-Oct 30


"Cats" by Hiroko Sakai

"What immortal hand or eye can frame thy fearful symmetry?" asked William Blake, when faced with the nature of the cat. Leo is nature in the raw, nature as ruler, natural law and the natural self. Leo makes its own rules, lives by its own nature, which is to terrify the rest of us.

"We've got this gift of love, but love is like a precious plant. You can't just accept it and leave it in the cupboard or just think it's going to get on by itself. You've got to keep watering it. You've got to really look after it and nurture it."
—John Lennon, Virgo, Oct 9, 1940


The death of Jack LaLanne at age 96 reveals a lot about the nature of Virgo—LaLanne was a double sidereal Virgin, born Sept 26, 1914. His longevity and commitment to service are Virgo traits; he epitomizes the simplicity of change. LaLanne escaped a childhood of junk foods and an alcoholic father by literally changing his shape into the physique he wanted. He sculptured himself. Maybe it was his Virgo vanity, or a selfless drive for perfection (his Libra Mars). He used his inner core strength caged from a Mars Trine Pluto/Saturn conjunction. He made a Career out of this disciplined approach to self-improvement. Jack was married to Elaine—a triple Pisces—for over 50 years. Here's a couple memorable youtubes from his old TV show:
The Early Death


“Friend to all, lover to none”
says a lot about the Virgo reserve. When the choices are so immense, so multi-faceted, Virgos fall back on their super-power: discrimination. All things being equal, Virgos have only a split second to make their decision; they must draw upon their own experience, such as it is. A young Virgo is a virgin, with no experience, plunges into the melee; while older, wiser Virgos retire to the side to view the conundrum from a safe place. A Virgo decision isn’t made for greed or the self, but for others—in service—even to the undeserving!

Virgo, Lip Service and the Sixth House
Virgo rules the sixth house, the last house that is devoted to the self; it’s as if Virgo wants to get his/her house in order for the long-anticipated appearance of The Other—the loved one. Yet, one must ask, is Virgo capable of this great leap into the unknown; into unconditional love? No. Part of this sixth house experience is deep trepidation of the future—of the complete resignation of the self for the sake of a partnership—compromise, risk, and discomfort. Virgos have a fear of losing the self. Virgo Matt Damon’s character in the Bourne series has literally lost himself, and must try to put the pieces together. The sixth house is the work-horse. Here’s were we learn the skills, subordinate ourselves to the tasks at hand, and realize the importance of regimen and regularity in the body. There’s a lot of sports figures born under this sign; Virgos are team players and willing to learn. Virgo quarterbacks Brett Favre and Steve Young galvanized their teams to multiple victories. The sixth house, like succeeding at work, and winning in sports, is the result of what you have sown; your this is a reaping house; how far along in consciousness depends on what we learned as virgins.

The Constipated Virgo
"He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you".
—Fredrich Nietzsche,
October 15, 1844

Virgo and the bowels
Virgo is anal. Virgo rules the anus, along with the bowels—and, all importantly—its feces. Our body’s final product—waste, if you will, our fecal matter is also a composite of all our successes, excesses, and the day-to-day state of affairs of the intestinal bacteria that actually do the all chemical work involved to keep our body-chemistry working. Without a huge Megacity of flourishing flora in our bodies, we would be host to every other kind of harmful bacteria, and suffer a multitude of problems because of it. Our proletariat bacteria are like Earth’s atmosphere; without them, we would be bombarded with every manner of catastrophe. Therefore, every Virgo must scrupulously maintain a healthy stomach and bladder, full of trillions of friendly bacteria; this is the one component of digestion that they control. Constipation is slow death to Virgo. If one regards ones body as a power plant that chemically transforms food into clean energy while discharging a healthy fecal log, then that’s the perfect Virgo ideology. Virgos who take a long time to figure this out will have a lot of health problems.


A Whole Grain Ahead
Healthy Virgos, on the other hand, look beautiful well into old age, and stay youthful looking no matter in what debauchery they have previously indulged. Septuagenarian Sophia Loren is still a hot number no matter how vain she is; a 46-year old Shari Belafonte posed for a Playboy pictorial. The Virgo is uncharacteristically long-lived and stubbornly can survive anything if they eat what their astrological icon is holding in its arms: whole grains.

Junk food is not for you, Virgo. Accept this and you will be happy. You’re a perfect candidate for vegetarianism. If Virgos wanted what their stomachs wanted, everything would be great; the gut wants its pre-digested food pure and simple. The Virgo can find the natural vibrations to their view of the Universe in a Macrobiotic diet and a study of its universal laws that can be applied in the same way to our galaxies as they do to our food intake.

The Macrobiotic way is to experience the essence of our connection with the Earth. We can do this by every bite of food we take. We can do it with the amounts of foods, where we get them and the way we prepare them. Most of all, we establish a healthy Sim-city of intestinal flora that will assist us in the task of digestion and assimilation of our nutrients. Theory is less important, however, than the simple foods we use to insure heath. To the Macrobiotic, the practice is simple and direct: Our diets should consist of grains, vegetables and greens. Any and all of our processed, sweetened, hydrogenated, animal-based, or corrupted foods must be replaced. If you don’t already eat organic short-grain brown rice, and real fermented foods, seaweed, bean sprouts, and green leafy vegetables, begin now. One Macrobiotic meal will probably convince you.

The Perfect Shit

Virgos are like pilgrims seeking the daily blessing of a good bowel movement. For the Virgo, a clean waste disposal system is the sure guarantee of health and virility. The Virgo would prefer that their offal would come out of their ass smelling no worse than freshly baked bread, and needing no toilet paper. It’s true, a Virgo on a Macrobiotic diet can make their shit stink less. It’s all about how the body can extract nutrients and eject the flotsam and jetsam. If you break wind frequently, it’s a sure sign that this system is falling apart. For the best digestion, Virgos should have fall-back instant remedies like Kombucha drinks and Miso paste, both rich in fermenting bacteria, these essential little critters who are able and willing to take charge of a lazy stomach and get the place working at full steam. Umeboshi salt plums are another sure-fire recipe for helping to introduce fermented food—and its accompanying friendly flora—into the stomach and bowels.

Meat protein is unfortunately poisonous, and of, course, completely indigestible. The meat you eat will stay with you forever, in your spleen, colon, or wherever it can. We eat meat because we can, not because we need it. All the protein we require comes from the fermentation of whole grains in our stomachs. WE are our best provider of the ingredients for blood building and cell protection. Without whole grains and vegetables, this process will break down, resulting in decay and putrefaction.

Virgo Quick Fix Facts

Become familiar with vitamins and minerals—all of which MUST be present in the body for its effective function. Without becoming obsessive, Virgos can learn how to manipulate these naturally occurring substances according to need. For healing and cleaning, use the antioxidants, Ascorbic, Vitamin E and the Vitamin A&D combination. For energy supplementation and correct digestion, the B-complex of enzymes should be used. To control stress and to maintain healthy sleep habits, Calcium-Magnesium supplements should be taken daily. Virgos might already know this stuff. They are astrologically disposed to be interested in health. With a little research, Virgos can be their own best care givers.

A Virgo for the common people

"There is no god higher than truth" —Mahatma Gandhi, Oct 2, 1869


With 45 days of the year to proliferate, Virgo IS the common man, or woman, since they would make up the largest Zodiacally oriented group of humans on Earth, by sheer numbers. So Virgo is everywhere, invisible, collectivized, bustling, the professional class; the proofreaders, the grifters, the cold-blooded critics. They have many faces. The preeminent Geisha, the master carpenter, the faithful companion, the blushing bride, the everyday intellegent service worker with a calming, rational gaze. There's a hint of fire in the eyes. One has to wonder what is going on behind her calm gaze, is there something deeper—the glimpse of a smile—maybe even a sneer? Is anger roiling like a sea of lava under her pacific exterior? It's hard to penetrate the virgin's veneer. Smoky, surreal Virgo is always taking shape, like a playful cloud in your coffee.

The only thing that really keeps a Virgo around is duty, secret lust—or is it joyful surrender? Boredom? When it comes to relationships, this is Virgo's weakest dimension, there's nothing but uncertainty. It’s a thin line between love and hate—and Virgo can find themselves in that limbo. Virgos are often the soulmate for others no matter what they may have to say about it. They can never return the passion. The more their lovers or bosses or friends think they know about a Virgo, the more difficult it is for Virgo to escape their intimacy and expectations. Virgos want to keep their virginity intact; no one must ever posses them in this way. It's not only that Virgos have a hard time holding out for their own soulmate, it can be an almost futile task to find one for them, so grave are their doubts about giving themselves away. Serve they will, but be possessed? Tenuous at best. Every relationship a Virgo creates is a substitute for the kind of connection that can hurt a Virgo. So they settle for someone who holds a stronger opinion—who seems more steadfast and sure, something their souls can wrap around like a flagpole. The only thing that really keeps a Virgo around is duty—or is it joyful surrender?

Virgo's secret question
: Do you really care for me? How much? Everyday?

Shape shifting is the Norm
Virgo, in its purest form, is not viable; like a volatile gas, Virgo is always at the threshold of changing properties, depending on the compounds to which they are exposed. Virgo needs a catalyst, and enzyme in order to make the change—and the life of a Virgo is always compelled by others’ influences and demands. Many signs are great actors, they can create a convincing character on stage—Virgos live their parts, they invent and re-invent themselves into characters, sculpting themselves mentally and physically into the person they portray. This is what makes Virgos the most elusive and exclusive Zodiac sign. They actually can be someone else, not just pretend. They are also their worst critics—so they don't want YOU to try what they have already accomplished, only far more comprehensively. Their aim their most withering criticism at themselves

The Virgin and the Vamp
If one were to believe it, demure Virgo is the symbol of purity, a young maiden with a sheath of freshly harvested wheat as an offering. She is our server, deftly managing all the crafts and tricks of supplication with her sparkling intelligence. Virgo can also throw all caution to the wind and embark on highly questionable, even dangerous exploits, in the name of duty. In this case, Virgo must serve even prurient interests, as long as she is able to avoid assessing her predicament. When the situation becomes too oppressive, Virgo will turn off, big time.

The true Virgo
is a feminine sign—will utterly transform the object of their love and loyalty; Virgo is deflowered, yes, this greatest gift of all is given, but likewise the life of the ravisher is never the same. Virgos serve to conquer, it's a test of our character. Virgos can give, give, and yet be forever the virgin, Virgos can transform themselves. shape shifting and adapting to any climate or conditions they find promising. If you are selected to be partners with a Virgo, count your blessings—and count the days! Very few last unless there are other factors that bind you like two chemicals, or a hybrid cocktail of two signs.

Sexy Virgo
Virgos can be debauched, they will follow a sexual guru into any escapade—and emerge untouched. Virgos can't say no to their mentor/tormentor. They love unconditionally, yet for a limited time. If you are a Virgo's muse, enjoy the view, checkout time is coming, You can't stay with Virgos forever, they yearn to return to the virgin state, alone and blushing with the audacity of a blooming rose.

Virgo's secret wish
: to be alone It is because they can and do transform into different roles that they are so inherently shy and self-effacing. Ever “on-call” to some mentor/tormentor, they become resentful of any less an unconditional love in return. Unconditional to a Virgo means no criticism, only praise and more praise. They can't return the favor, unfortunately for their partners. By the end of the Virgo life, they are tired of playing this important role in someone else’s life, and prefer to live alone, enjoying their own company more and more.

Virgo is Hard to See—Unless They
Want You To

Virgos are short on identity, self idealization. That’s because they have so many—maybe too many—choices! The care-giver and the virgin can resemble the chameleon. Virgos can change color, even become invisible; they are camouflaged by their roles. They exist as attachments to their responsibilities. What is the true nature of Virgo except to metamorphose into another’s ideal? Virgo has no ruler, no planet to call its own. That’s what makes Virgo inherently insecure; that’s why they are always testing, testing; like a fox on thin ice.

However, the true nature of the shape-shifter Virgo is volcanic, molten Earth. The Virgo becomes molten only after an eruption, only a catalyst can shake them out of their slumber. The lava is only a transitional situation; When Virgo goes molten, it is a process of cooling to take a new form.

Virgo Privilege:
to serve, and then, at their behest, not to serve

"Virgen de Guadalupe" By George Yepes

"You DISGUST me!" says the Virgo
Take social butterflies Barbara Walters and Truman Capote: always-the-Virgo-bridesmaid-but-never-the-bride commentators; they served others, promoting and exploiting them, but never exposing themselves. Both kept their own hyper-active sex lives away from public view, while clinically assessing the peccadilloes of the celebrities they fawned over.

Yet Virgos do more than critique, they create as well. Heavy hitters in architecture Maya Lin and Le Corbusier remade society according to their singular visions. A fiery mantle for the mutable Virgo; a cool customer in most situations, they can turn into a hot blast in a second. Virgos sometimes seek this catharsis; or they ward it off, hoping to keep low enough on the radar to avoid the sometimes painful and always extemporaneous personal metamorphosis. The more desperate for change, the more likely Virgos will open up to let themselves be deflowered.

Reckless When Least Expected

Virgo is always in flux, unless they can be contained by their environment, or through relationships. If it weren’t for restraint, Virgos would self-destruct in an orgy of dissipation. Much of Virgo’s interaction with the world is by way of limiting Virgo options so that they can stay inert, and safe. If and when Virgos are untethered by sacrifice or tradition, they can go hog wild into a free-fall sensory experience, for a short-lived but intensely felt rocket ride.
Is the virgin ready for an intense uber-love required for partnership? No. With Virgo, all relationships start at the bottom of the learning curve. It’s not a lack of ability to give love—Virgos give the sweetest love—but how can they refuse love or at least limit its use to one person, the other. So, dealing with the demands of others can be nauseating at times and dominate the life of a Virgo.

With a Virgo/cancer combination, and Mars in Scorpio, OSCAR WILDE was like a earlier version of Michael Jackon. When Wilde pursued a much younger nobleman, the outraged parents had him arrested. READ


THE VIRGO STOMACH: Headquarters of health

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Since you asked.. you DO look fat in that dress. Every virgo should ask him or herself, before they voice an opinion—ANY opinion—to stop and think twice. People don't REALLY want to be criticized—especially by YOU. The truth is a stepchild in the family of man. If you choose to be a truth-teller, a Cassandra, popping other people's bubbles—you will pay the price. It's NOT your job to make sure everyone knows what's wrong with them. Speak your truth at your peril.

As critical as Virgos are of others, they are ruthless with themselves. Even Virgo president (one of several) Jimmy Carter had to publicly acknowledge the "lust" he felt for other women than his wife.

Criticism for a Virgo is second nature, something they do without thinking, and constantly, whether they verbalize it or not, their monkey brains are tirelessly ruminating about what’s wrong with the world. Which separates them from most people, who tend to dress up their existence like a cheap whore. For the Virgo, criticism is self-enhancement, a solitary duty of reform and self-improvement, an acquisition of new skills if you will.

Without a true planet to rule over Virgo, it has a hard time just winging it. Everything is a conscious effort. Unlike Taurus, who makes up for its lack of faith with an interest in gold and other objects of value, Virgo must take life for what it is—a chaotic random coupling of wild insensate events, all of which make no sense or have no ultimate rationale. Virgo faces the anarchy of a Universe always on the move to a state of disorder. Most of the known universe is in the Virgo Supercluster. Only Virgo can feel, in the pit of its gut, the vastness and the infinite choices available in the Universe.

As it stands now, sharing Mercury with Gemini (as Virgo is forced to do) has its upside—self-improvement, sensory perception—and its downside—what makes Virgo accrue nervous, devious mannerisms and icy attachment. Mercury, the plaything of Gemini, far from giving any respite to Virgos, is mostly a bowel irritant to them.

"Immigrant Love" By Paul Hitter

Virgos can be debauched, they will follow a sexual guru into any escapade—and emerge a virgin. Virgos can't say no to their mentor/tormentor.

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Browse through a graphic with a comparison of life decisions, and just pure chance that affected the lives of 30 famous Virgos. See the triumphs and follies of this ubiquitous sunsign!

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