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Joe Slovo, Bolshevik

Joe Slovo was one of the original founders of the ANC and one of the most militant. After the imprisonment of Mandela and the rest of the top ANC officers, Slovo decided peaceful process was not possible. He went underground to build the armed wing of the party, an guerrilla army that embarked on a series of daring attacks on apartheid infrastructure that kept the Boer army overextended and off balance.

Slovo was a white man who dedicated his life to the liberation of Africa. He was born in Eastern Europe, moved to SA at 8, joined the SA Communist Party at 18, and eventually became the head strategist of the armed wing of the ANC. The commandant of the Red army, if you will.

The aims of the Communists and those of oppressed Africans were the same, the overthrow of the racist Boer regime. They were both ruthlessly persecuted and jailed by the government. Their alliance was a natural extension of the resistance to apartheid.

Slovo was a typical soft-spoken but hard-nosed Taurus, with a Mars in Aquarius. He was stubborn twice over--nothing would ever change in his beliefs. He was a staunch communist to his death, with no deviation. Not much is known about him—he was a man of few words and direct action.

A dangerous revolutionary combines the mind's intellect and applies it the material world. Like another Taurus revolutionary, Malcolm X, Slovo was an implacable foe of racism in all its forms. And, also like Malcolm in his fully developed ideology, he linked the racist regime to the evils of capitalism. Slovo joined the infant Communist Party of SA and became the most militant part of its leadership, defining revolution as armed rebellion against tyranny.

Under Slovo's direction, the CPSA became the the backbone of the ANC, and his insurrection kept the Boers busy chasing him, while the mass movement was developing. An unassuming hero, Slovo worked behind the scenes to incorporate the ideas of socialism with independence for black Africans. He was appointed minister of housing under the new ANC government, but died of leukemia in 1995.


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