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Jupiter in the 13 Signs

By Natalie Miller

Where Jupiter lies in our chart is where we are “on a mission” so to speak.  It’s an area of life that forever beckons to us.  Jupiter in our charts radiates it’s mood all through our other planets and aspects.

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Jupiter in Aries

These folks themselves are raw energy in motion.  When they find their calling they are very good at figuring out what you can do to help them achieve their goals.  They are so powerful because they spend a lot of timing figuring themselves out.  Given the right ideology, these folks can make a big mark on our world.  When they rise, we follow.  We are attracted to the very best side of these people.  If only they could see themselves through our eyes.  Their fire can either run out of kindling leaving them feeling empty inside or light a way for others.  However, if they have lackadaisical or self obsessed goals, they can suck the life out of yours with a force only Jupiters in Sagittarius can contend with.

Notable:  Adele, Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr., Keaton Henson

Jupiter in Taurus

One thing’s certain after knowing a Jupiter in Taurus: you will know your own mission.  You will know how strong you are because you’ve been taking up with someone very bull-headed.  These folks are who they are who they are who they are… you get the picture.  The things experienced and witnessed in early childhood will really impact these folks so parents need to be patient and honest with them.  As an adult, it’s best to live and let live if you disagree with their choices.  If you really push them too far, they will become panicky… and then jumpy with you moving forward.  They really want to be the best in their chosen field or area of focus in life.  They will push themselves very hard and study late into the night, time and time again, to accomplish their profitable goals.

Notable:  Anne Frank, Bob Dylan, Bess Armstrong

Jupiter in Gemini

Jupiters in Gemini are a very attractive bunch.  They may not have the magnetism of Scorpio or the allure of Ophiuchus or the whimsy of Pisces, but they will nevertheless real you in with their sexy blasé attitude towards… life!  They like to be friends with many different kinds of people in order to gather as much knowledge as they can.  They are master communicators and are drawn to work in the performance and media fields.  The magical thing about Jupiters in Gemini is that they can connect to people electronically.  You can feel their soul through their voice, their mannerisms, their pomp and circumstance.  You will always have a piece of them in their words.  That is how they want to be remembered: fluid, humble, and then… not at all.

Notable:  Kristen Stewart, James Franco

Jupiter in Cancer

It is Jupiters in Cancers’ mission to melt your heart by being so adorable.  Don’t mistake their adorableness for weakness though.  These folks are almost too alluring.  They radiate youth, innocence, anything that will inevitably fade and is precious for the time we possess it.  They can change their mind like the seasons so it’s best to take them with a grain of salt, but with a big smile.  They thrive on others being kind, open, and honest with them.  If they sense you are untrue, they will do their best to hide from you and will be incapable of open conversation about the matter.  In other words, their opinion is the only opinion.  Good thing their opinions are usually for the best.  They beckon us to be more spiritual, to see beyond our prejudices.  Their expression in their eyes rarely matches the expression on their face.  It’s an interesting thing to watch.  Perhaps they are mirroring the world so well they are truly unknown to it.

Notable:  Elizabeth Taylor, Claire Danes, Johnny Cash, David Schwimmer

Jupiter in Leo

These folks have a very big aura.  How they are feeling will impact anyone standing in a room with them.  Just this fact alone gives them a stage in which to be heard.  They want to use their voice for positivity; however, like a baby cub learning to hunt, finding their voice is usually a long and drawn out process where they make some ghastly mistakes.  They are the one Jupiter sign that is guaranteed to learn from their mistakes though.  You really can’t keep a Jupiter in Leo down, and if something extremely tragic struck them, they would likely be able to mask the depth of their pain even while appearing to delve into it.  Their goal is to make you feel good by really understanding you.  They are less interested in you understanding them; they just want you to hear them, heed their advice, and then perhaps give them the royal treatment from time to time.

Notable:  Julia Roberts, Yoko Ono, Connor Oberst, Michelle Williams, Ellie Kemper, Bill Gates

Jupiter in Virgo

Regardless of the other influences in their chart, Jupiters in Virgo are a unique blend of creativity and logic.  Whatever they choose to focus on, they want to understand in a way that can be useful for future generations.  They usually think in ways that are far bigger and complex than most of us can understand.  So they don’t necessarily care about you but they would do anything for your grandchildren.  It doesn’t make sense to the rest of us and the more you try to understand the motivation for these folks’ actions, the less you will get it.  On the surface their energy oftentimes feels cold and foreign.  They are like a ray of energy traveling through space changing with the times because they never look back, only forward.  Regardless of how the other signs and planets influence them, if you come to a Jupiter in Virgo with sincerity in your heart, they will likely intuitively speak up for you and protect you.  However, what they say or do in the process of doing so may be a hit or miss depending on their mood.

Notable:  Beyonce, Judy Garland, Kate Millett, Donald Trump, Bonnie Parker, Madonna, Mother Theresa, Tina Fey, Eric Seligson

Jupiter in Libra

Jupiter in Libra children are paranoid about doing something wrong.  Then as they mature they may become paranoid of YOU doing something wrong.  They demand a level of perfection that sometimes makes others think they’ve gone mad!  They need to feel they are always doing the right thing for you, and they need to feel like they are always doing the right thing for themselves.  These folks are usually very high strung as they really struggle to find their way.  They are usually taken advantage of because they are weak decision makers.  No matter how strong the other influences are in their chart, Jupiter always wins (in my opinion) and in this case, Libra will cause Jupiter to make the native flounder on at least a few important life decisions.  Many become drifters, at least for awhile.  Jupiters in Libra radiate a virginal quality to them.  They are even shy talking about sex.  Overall, they try to keep life simple to mitigate their internal stress.  Long walks on the beach, a healthy diet, and Cranio-Sacral therapy are all helpful.

Notable:  Paulo Coelho, Stephen King, Sally Field

Jupiter in Scorpio

Jupiter is in a position of irony in Scorpio.  Scorpio likes to wait in the trenches, Jupiter likes to be front and center.  Jupiter in Scorpio children will find themselves being the brunt of mean jokes, being in abusive situations, and sacrificing their own happiness for the happiness of others.  Unless they have a healthy home environment with protective parents these natives will find themselves in life and death struggles or institutionalized before they reach adulthood.  If they survive, they become very different people than who they were as a child.  As a child they put themselves out there so much and put an extraordinary effort into helping people.  As an adult, even if they wear their cynicism on the inside, they will struggle with the normal patterns of relationships, career, and family life to the point that it could be detrimental to their health.  Jupiters in Scorpio need to know their depth and at the same time know that they have difficulty understanding their place and will energetically dominate and even leach off of other people’s energy.

Notable:  Amy Winehouse, Hillary Clinton

Jupiter in Ophiuchus

Jupiters in Ophiuchus are born to let their freak flag fly.  They really don’t care about the status quo and will go out of their way to break it.  Like lightening they are brilliant to be around, but just as easily forgotten.  They possess an uncanny ability to see right through you, all the way through you, and they know it.  They are very sure of what they want when they want it.  However what they want is very subject to change and they will drop you as a friend if you can’t keep up.  They like to spark new ideas in people and they are not shy to give people “the look.”  If you look closer, you will see that they are as free as kids and that their behavior is ever childlike and ever open to learning and exploring.  They typically don’t think of themselves as better than anyone which makes this the most altruistic position for Jupiter.  However, they can be extremely influenced by other people/ peer pressure and for that reason tend to be loners.

Notable:  Cat Stevens, Jared Leto, Julien Baker, Winona Ryder, Eva Braun

Jupiter in Sagittarius

Here Jupiter is at home and she’s taking you there with her.  Jupiter in Sagittarius natives are very obsessive people.  They need to understand exactly why the people in their life do what they do.  They are extremely observant and gravitate towards the healing arts, literature, music, and art.  They want to make the world a better place on a grand scale.  They have a tremendous store of energy and to win a fight with them is near impossible.  They likely know more about you than you do which makes arguing with them and winning difficult.  Needless to say, they aren’t shy when it comes to what they believe is right.  They can become fanatical if not held in check; and, if they don’t have an audience in you, they will even go so far as to divorce themselves from having a relationship over not being heard.  Mental illness, delusions, and being in their own world are issues that many Jupiters in Sag deal with.  With that being said they are still so attractive that they can suck you into their fiery pit just as easily as they can launch you and the rest of society into beautiful new realities.  The choice is theirs.

Notable:  Karl Marx, Hitler, Kaitlyn Jenner, Tyler Henry, Mark Zuckerberg, Vincent van Gogh, Cameron Diaz

Jupiter in Capricorn

Jupiters in Capricorn are very dedicated to their life goals and work.  They strive to be the best at what they do and will even do some surprising and sometimes hurtful things to get there.  Their self confidence is strong even if on the outside they appear weak.  They are very true to themselves.  If they don’t think something you said is funny, you won’t catch them laughing.  If they disagree with you or think you are being ignorant (something they dislike very much) they will let you know and oftentimes quickly and with little regard for your feelings.  In this world of paper castles, Capricorn in Jupiter natives are the wise ones that have been building their home out of stone from day one.

Notable:  Barack Obama, Meryl Streep, Tori Spelling

Jupiter in Aquarius

Jupiter in Aquarius are master communicators and make very interesting friends.  They’re cool, exciting, and understanding.  They hold the loved ones in their life very dear.  However, when you hurt a Jupiter in Aquarius, they will most likely run.  Being alone is typically a comfortable place for Aquarius, but under the influence of Jupiter the native will be unusually self destructive.  This usually compels the native to give up all of his or her secrets.  They are great teachers, even moralists.  The great thing is that because they are honest and open guides, we can learn so much from them.  The difficult thing about being close to Jupiters in Aquarius is that they will need a lot of validation for all of their ideas and for just being them.  They can become embittered if you hold out with them because they are unable to hold out with you.  They abhor self indulgence in themselves and others.

Notable:  Andrew Byrd, Jodie Foster, Miles Davis, Richard Gere, Marylin Monroe

Jupiter in Pisces

It’s extremely hard to get to the bottom of these folks, leaving me questioning if they do this in response to the inquiry.  Is it that the more we want to know about them, the more they change?  It’s a windy road that you will travel with these folks.  You will make fantastic stops along the way and constantly be renewing your opinion of them.  They are great at pulling out bits and pieces from the collective unconscious to help those they choose to.  With this much power comes tyranny, right?  Not likely.  They themselves are steeped full strength in the unseen creative forces that hold the Earth together which is like a constant lullaby in their ears and brings peace to their soul.  However, sometimes the lullaby can turn tragic and they can become placidly terrorized by their own stagnation.  That’s why you won’t find these folks in one frame of mind for too long!

Notable:  Johnny Depp, Shakey Graves, Michael Keaton, Lisa Kudrow, Tony Sokol

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