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"Welcome to Hell"
Jupiter Under Attack

The G20 talks provoked massive protests and violence (photo credit)

Jupiter has been in Virgo since August of 2016, and will stay in the sign until November of 2017. It was in retrograde from February to June, backing up almost 10 degrees. Although direct as of June 10, Jupiter won't be out of its shadow until September of 2017. Jupiter direct in Virgo is a very virtuous and reliable influence, providing stability without fanfare. Jupiter represents our well being. However, in retrograde, and in the shadow, Virgo Jupiter can lose all hope, and exert the tensions of hopelessness, self-criticism and bitterness. The Virgo Jupiter is a sleeper Virgo, waiting for a sign to light up. When reversed, Jupiter can become distracted, chaotic and extended beyond its limits. Add a pack of wild dogs from hell, and what we get is a bloodbath.

This month we'll be observing a disoriented Virgo Jupiter being attacked by the savage dogs of a Pluto-Mars opposition, in a violent, cruel T-square that can cause us much trauma and pain. The chart below illustrates the beginning of its formation on June 22.

Pluto-Mars are two planets that can work well together to perform superhuman tasks. When they are opposed, however, they are working at cross purposes and suspicious of each other. Pluto-Mars then morphs into Cerberus, the 3-headed dog that guards the gates of hell. Can "lucky" Jupiter navigate past this threat?

Pluto opposition Mars can make us inconsiderate and fanatical, with a bestial desire for revenge. It's a threshold to obsession, lust and violence, where sex becomes a vicious power struggle. Jealousy and resentment can hide under the surface, boiling up like a exploding volcano at a moment's notice. This configuration rules war, torture and sadism, all hiding behind Man's thin veneer of civilization.

As regards the squares both planets make with Jupiter, the Mars square can encourage people to act impulsively and dogmatically, taking foolish risks and inviting disaster. Jupiter square Pluto is the glorification of power and the misuse of power. It's the silhouette of the demagogue, an accurate profile of our sitting President. These transits can set the stage for war and insanity among men corrupted by power, and Donald Trump and his military masters may find it irresistible to respond aggressively to otherwise minor infractions. The twisting of facts and outright lies of the Trump administration and the Republican party's determination to avoid public scrutiny fits right into the most negative implications of the T-square. Pluto's need for secrecy will justify a range of devious activities, and the American people, already in the dark as to what their government is up to, might themselves fall victim to CIA plots and illegal and fraudulent schemes. The corporate media will play a big part in beating the drum for imperialism, blindly supporting a U.S. military, now completely out of control, as an agent of destruction and murder. American society is already torn apart in a race with death; we can expect more terrorism, if not from Islamic fanatics, from our own home grown maniacs with military-grade weapons at their disposal.

With Jupiter in the gunsights, we can only surmise that the generosity and expansion of the American dream will transform into a nightmare, as even the economic and cultural wealth is depleted, leaving Americans in the grip of mindless rage.

As June progresses, we'll have the Moon, Sun and Mercury also contact the T-square. This will destabilize our thinking and emotions, and we may lose sight of what's really important.

The chances of war are already increasing as the Trump administration intensifies the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and now Qartar, and threaten both Russian and Iran in order to maintain American hegemony. An attack on North Korea could well be in the planning stage with no understanding or fear of the consequences of unilateral actions at this time. Russia is in direct confrontation with American aims in Syria, and the Middle Eastern countries seem to be pawns in a game of chess between the two largest military powers in the world.

In Europe and the UK, positions are hardening, and further austerity and impoverishment is the order of the day as cooperation vanishes between their various governments.

Protesters march in Hamburg, the site of the G20 talks. (photo credit)

Jupiter's T-square with Pluto and Mars is shown in red. This stressful configuration will stay with through August 12, as Mercury goes retrograde and the Sun and the Moon enter the fray. Jupiter will continue to square Pluto until the end of August. This is a T-square that promises to have long lasting effect!

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