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The Male Myth of Lilith:
Lust and Fear

The Real Goddess: a rebuttal
Black Moon/Lilith in the signs

The Dark Side of the Moon

hannya, Lilith, Medusa

"Hannya" by Hiroko Sakai

Lilith The Penis-Lover

According to the Phallocentric male myth of Lilith, she is everything a man could dream of, she's the Queen of the Harlots, a cornucopia of pleasure. Her love is dripping in sexuality, and she is able to make the penis, man's pillar of strength, into her object of desire and worship. Lilith immortalizes Man's erect member, arousing it to its most potent, and bringing exquisite release as the secret treasure of her love. The care and devotion she gives to the sex act can never be equaled by another, and her response to desire in man is radiant and innovative. She satisfies all his lusts, all his fantasies, all his primal, sexual needs. She leaves him under her spell, forever captured by the secret knowledge she has obtained from him.

"When she becomes sure of his love she arouses his member whenever he requests it and sustains it for as long as he chooses. Then it is that the oil of Lilith begins to flow from its slot. And he collects the oil and uses it to anoint the crown of the Image when he invokes her. Through the power of the oil she comes to him with ease and loves him with infinite sweetness, and the course of love is made straight. He no longer needs the Image. She comes to him in darkness upon his bed and they sin together. Yet he continues to use the Image to study her expressions and gather understanding of her desires and purposes. Through the Image he knows of her presence even when she does not appear in the air before his eyes or offer him her caress. Through the Image he is enables to speak to her all in an instant. And he knows that she hears him."

-From Liber Lilith by Donald Tyson

However, this sexual banquet can only be hers to give. She must anoint the penis with her sacred oil and the time and place of her choosing. In the arrogance and desperation of man, should he take what she would have willingly given, or in anyway transform her love into an odious task of a slave, Lilith will turn on him in a terrible way. Not only to destroy him, but all his progeny and forever denigrate him and his legacy. Death is only release, not redemption.

A depiction of Lilith from Ama Lilith, Sanctuary of the Black Light

Harbinger of Doom

The Misogynist Nightmare

"I am black and terrible of aspect. My eyes are quickened coals that smolder with emerald fire in the caverns of my skull. Sharp my teeth like those of the dragon that crushes its foe in deadly embrace. Sharp my envenomed nails like the fangs of the viper that hisses. My lips are ruddy with clots of gore, my mouth drips with fresh blood, my forked tongue is as black as Death, the stench of carrion hangs on my breath, and the flies come and settle upon my cheeks. Yet my breasts like unto the hills of Gehenna. My thighs vast columns of ebony that extend down even to the very foundation stone of the Abyss. Leviathan coils his slimy length about them and makes his lair in my womb. It breeds serpents as does the putrid belly of the dead horse."

-From Liber Lilith

Lilith, when she has been betrayed, will kill with a stone heart, and becomes everyman's nightmare. Her restlessness pursuit and complete destruction of the male as rapist is also described in the Bible. In the Christian texts, Lilith is incomprehensible and the root of all evil. Her actions are regarded as the work of the devil. The church has used the concept of the vengeful female to dehumanize and persecute angry, rebellious, unrepentant women ever since.

Lilith is in each of our charts, lurking in the darkness. As the Black Moon or asteroid, Lilith in the horoscope means the hidden powers of life and death that will confront us in our lives. Those who oppose the Lilith in their charts will pay a horrible price, dooming their legacy and even their bloodline to humiliation and destruction for their irrevocable cruelties. The aspects of Lilith, and her transits all play a part in our lives. Lilith may be the Karmic harvest, but not for our good deeds, only our transgressions.


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