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Black Moon/Lilith

Margaret Cho
Ophiuchus Diva

Cho has an Ophiuchus Sun and Mercury, conjunct. She is a medicine woman, the snake-handler, a dead up witch with a mind that goes where no man has gone before. Ophiuchus are often the victims of persecution, so she may have been ostracized by her peers, and have had an acrimonious relationships with her adult authority figures. She grew up in the Castro valley, the gay community of San Francisco, where she worked at her parent's LGBT bookstore at an early age. This community of gay men was among the first to recognize her talents, and they supported her as a comedienne and diva.

Her popularity brought her to the attention of men in suits—the TV industry scumbags—who tried to exploit her in a trifling sitcom, making her run around in circles like a caged lion under the whip. She recalls them telling her she was "too fat" to represent HERSELF. He show was canceled, and for a while she felt hunted and hounded as a failure; but she persisted in her quest for self-determination, and bounced back, appealing to a fanatical and devoted following.

Cho uses the sexual ambiguity of Ophiuchus to her advantage. Gay or straight, top or bottom, she can take all forms, all genders, and make them her own. Ophiuchus can easily wear the clothes of either sex.

With a Virgo Mars, she can renew herself in a never ending shape-shifting, always emerging like a vestal virgin from the maze. Her stomach and digestive system may cause problems, and anyone with that much Virgo will be happiest with a macro-biotic diet, but any non-meat diet would be an improvement.

With Mercury in her natal sign of Ophiuchus she can bring her characters out of thin air. She may have cats, amulets and potions in her environment and can be very tricky, devious and quixotic. She carries life long grudges, and very often can use her hypnotic powers to wreak revenge on those who have wronged her.

Both Venus and Lilith (the asteroid) are conjunct in Sagittarius which makes her an inspiring friend or lover, and an unforgettable experience. Lilith, which represents a danger to conventional wisdom and to men in particular will help direct her towards a woman's coven. There's a hidden female force within her, yet she will want to share it with others.

Cho has a quixotic Mars-Saturn opposition which will always put her at odds with authority and the patriarchy; she's always fighting the restrictive stereotypes that men create, the stupid corporate idea of the "Asian girl" is one of her main targets as a comedienne. She is an angry female, like most of her generation, especially those born in the 1980s. Ophiuchus is always under pressure from her enemies, and she is the lightning rod for the inner rage that women are finally coming to terms with. She has chosen to express it as an actor as well as a comedian, able to release the inborn conflicts and never quit.

With her phalanx of Virgo planets (Mars, Uranus, Jupiter, Pluto) she was a sitting duck as a young girl to be swept away by every overblown, oversold, fascistic freak.

Her Sagittarian Venus opposition Pluto makes her a believer in relationships--a potential victim of abusers, tyrants and dominant men. But, she'll win in the end, undoing and ultimately destroying her oppressors with sarcasm and her taboo-busting reveal, sacrificing all she's got.

With a Jupiter conjunction with Uranus, she's quite the radical, upfront and challenging the status quo. She's the first to see the new trends. Her fearless embrace for everything new and hip makes her comedy more than just jokes--it's a critique of our culture and politics. Her no-bullshit approach wins her many friends and admirers, from all walks of life and from all around the world.

Her Moon sign is in Taurus, which would account for her acknowledged eating issues and hyperglycemic disposition. It also means that she is at home with any function of the body, comfortable enough to talk openly about them, even making jokes about shitting on herself and being fisted. Her tattoos, and easy sensuality make her a sexual icon of liberation to her many devoted fans. Like a lot of sexy Taurus, among her other sensual habits, she's quite the master of oral sex.

This is the modern day healing woman, the snake handler, and the wizard of ether, the Ophiuchus, has emerged from the shadows to show us how to do the dance—to use the magic of humor, music, mimicry—all the instruments of pop culture—to demolish the patriarchy that has long oppressed them and us.

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