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The May Yod

The Aquarius-Aries-Virgo May Yod, shown in red in the chart for May 3, combines the forces of the Sun and Neptune in the vision of the future, and sends the Virgo back into the mess we're in, to resist, repair and recycle.

Possible outcomes of the May Yod

One astrological configuration that we don't often talk about is the Yod. Named by the ancients as the "finger of god", the Yod is our final warning before the crisis. A classical interpretation is the idea of pent-up forces being let loose, like the stretched bow releasing its arrow. Many astrologers call the Yod a "runaway train".

Faith by itself only creates martyrs. A Yod sometimes foretells of such a misplaced belief system, with onerous results for those with power, and those without. The problem lies with what we believe, what we think of as fact depends mostly on our prior prejudices. Only something jarring or a long-overdue crisis can make us change our views. Saying that, it can happen in an instant, or grow slowly like a seed. A Yod is the kind of aspect that can bring to a head the consequences of previous stress and tension.

Such a Yod is upcoming in early May. It amounts to a reassessment of Jupiter's power of growth and abundance. We want an endless cornucopia of plenty, but this is delusional. We look to Jupiter for luck--but even our shield against mayhem can't insure continuous positive affirmation. Bad luck always lurks in the underbelly of over-confidence.

Even beyond luck, Jupiter wants justice. This is even more true when Jupiter is in Virgo, where it becomes justice for the down-trodden, the weak. We see that in the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, the women's movement, the LGBTQ movement, even in our silent but watershed move away from a carnivorous diet into a vegetarian one.

What isolates us from the powerful isn't just money, it's a class view of the other class. We used to like the rich, now we dislike their greed. Their right of accumulation was given to them, by them, and they told us in the 80s and 90s that it was a glorious and god-given talent, and brought the rich omnipotence.

One of the major differences between the rich and the poor, is that the rich profit of war, and therefore promote it, while the poor, who do the suffering in war, are against it.

In spite of an intense media blitz for war, when asked if the US military should take military action against North Korea, 62% of people in a recent Rasmussen poll have responded "no." Other non-mainstream polls have registered up to 94% against a preemptive nuclear strike. One radio poll came in on 100% for peace. Whatever the numbers, the American people are being dragged into a war they don't want. In addition to the wealth gap, the gender gap, the generational gap, the education gap, we also have a peace gap.

All these gaps supercharge the energy behind a Yod, sharpening the contradictions, and accelerating the the inevitable leap into unknown territory.

The May Yod may crack the whip and make people take sides: war or peace? The Yod may snap our attention to the futility of war and throw us into action to prevent a bloody confrontation--or even a nuclear war. The Yod could also release a negative energy, the anger and fear that has been simmering in us that is looking for a violent expression.

Yods make people flip out, and end up on the other side of the fence as if swept up in the tornado of events. Individually, it may permit serial killers and warmongers to have their day, but there's just as much of a chance they will be isolated and defanged.

As more countries select dictators and corporations and governments seize more power, they will become over-extended and top-heavy. So concerned with dividing up the spoils, they may be taken by surprise at a global sweep of resistance to tyranny. The Yod could help us fly over obstacles, and blaze new trails. When justice is the key word, it will end the trend of personal enrichment. People are more important than profits. We must have an end to corruption and fraud. Our modern societies are supposedly built on the rule of law, and "justice for all", and yet we see the legal system completely perverted by political influence and the police transformed into an occupying army in our communities. American justice has been so undermined that only sweeping change can save it.

Jupiter in Virgo retrograde can also be a painful period that recognizes its own flaws and limitations. Every increase in consciousness stops and starts, as new concepts are tested and digested. Jupiter is trying to expand the humanitarian side of Virgo, its fairness doctrine and love of the underdog. What is holding it back is an array of antiquated ideas.

It could go the other way for some people. A stubborn and rash Aries Sun combines with Neptune the seducer, to throw Jupiter, our great protector, into passivity. This is a situation where conflict and scandals are inevitable. The loss of Jupiter's confidence, combined with a Mercury retrograde episode from late March to late May, just makes matters this period of reckoning and redemption even more intense and universal.

If changes are stalled, the dictator is encouraged by the lapse in action. As mindful people spend the time on the details the devil is let out to play. When a society is caught between revolutionary change and savage oppression they have but two choices: crawl back into their addictions and apathy or defy the powerful foe and disarm him..

This may foretell a summer of anger and disappointment, leading to violence in the streets, and a humbling experience for those in power; a breakdown in the accepted social and political norms; confusion, delusion and sudden endings. We will have to rethink and re-design the social contract between government and the people, a delicate process, which the media will try to prevent and instead redirect us to war.

Some co-ordinated action is called for in the struggle against a system that has failed, but this may not be possible until after May 20, when Mercury is free. If we want solutions now, but there are none to be had, at least in our present state of mind, where the heart rules the head, and which is forcing us back into our old insecurities and fantasies. Perhaps during this period, we will see the birth of a new type of leadership, both militant and egalitarian, capable of meeting our vision of a better world, and helping is to create it. We can see the emergence new leaders and ideas to correct the transgressions of the powerful.

However fraught with peril, this would be a positive effect of the Yod, if we are listening to it. Only those who heed the warning will be spared the shock of cold reality.

However, if we act impulsively or imprudently before May 20, we could be going out on a limb, thinking we have more support then we actually have. Until then, we should contain our impatience and be working to acknowledge or create the new leadership, and become part of movement it represents. The concept of the Third Party, or a new opposition party, is strongly suggested in a Yod situation, since it will recognize a need that's already there, champing at the bit for expression.

On a personal level, one way of looking at the May Yod would be that we could find our voice after years of silence. The tyrants are especially weak economically and have lost their credibility--and invincibility. Saturn goes into retrograde April 6, and the Yod underscores that loss of authority. If you use authority too often, it mutates into dissent.

The Sun can also be a bully to bolster itself and uphold the status quo, they will puff themselves out even harder. We may also witness the exposure and defeat of the bully, as in the example of the sudden demise of sexist loudmouth Bill O'Reilly and his top-rated Fox network show, "The O'Reilly Factor". The women who had been taking his sexual abuse for years finally spoke up and destroyed his 17-year career in less than a week.

Any wishy-washy, political indifference to a dictatorship can only make it worse. We have to find our allies and those on whom we can depend. Our notions of government are being broadsided by new concepts of activism and political militancy. It's the 1% and our own failure to stop them that have brought about a crisis. Sun-Jupiter in this Yod combination is mad with power, and has no morality. The blow-hard intimidator also has feet of clay.

Donald Trump corrupt administration, his Neanderthal ideas, are just a manifestation of a stubborn and heartless political trend among the rich and powerful. Yet the more he exercises his strength, the more weak he is revealed to be. Trump and the rest of the billionaires are locked in a mutual war with each other, and are mired in their own web of lies and back-stabbing. The Yod has traditionally been the last warning for foolish leaders, as a talisman of their doom. That's why we also have a Neptune that dissolves away years of stagnation and status quo. Who knows where we'll end up? The rich have also built their castles on sand, as well as everyone else.

May's Yod will undermine just such a type of leadership that Trump has metastasized, the self-righteous but brain-dead seducer, in spectacular failure, as reflected in his plunging approval ratings. Trump's Moon in Ophiuchus enabled him to cast a spell on millions of people; maybe the Yod is a prediction that his powers will evaporate, leaving him naked and ridiculous, like the emperor with no clothes.

Like the Babylonian King, Trump will never heed the Yod's message, and will push ahead full bore, as if his bluster and salesmanship can save him. On the other side is the reality of the $20 trillion of national debt he's hiding. His Taurus bull-headedness won't let him relent, and he will just keep coming until he gets However, as many despots have discovered, once the mask of invincibility is stripped away, there is nothing that can be done to escape the consequences of tyranny and incompetence.

A good outcome of the Yod is that Trump will be the first domino and his idiocy could accelerate the process of the resistance to dictatorship.

Unfortunately, this may take more time than we have. Mistakes made now will reverberate for years to come, and may require more effort than we are capable of in the moment. The Yod only spells it out for us, how long it takes to digest the message lies with us.

The French Election

A much darker outcome of the May Yod may mean we retreat deeper into our delusions. We become as immune to the danger as Trump is immune to the facts. We won't believe the truth, no matter how it slaps us in the face. We will deceive ourselves by obscuring our true interests, and shroud our illusions with false hope.

The powerful, militaristic Aries Sun can combine with weak, aloof Neptune to beat Jupiter into a corner. We can allow our background of racism, sexism and nationalism to act like drugs that give us a momentary high, but will end up in a crash.

Such an outcome would mean the election in France of Marine LePen, a myopic, Trump-like candidate whose appeal to the bitterness and disappointment in the French electorate will enable a right-wing, proto-fascist government to take power there, with catastrophic results. In the vacuum of French politics, the centerist politicians are in hopeless free-fall, wallowing in their own corruption and mutual log-rolling, a classic sign of Neptune eating away at the social fabric.

On the Left is a firebrand Leo socialist, Jean-Luc Melenchon, described by pundits as a "French Bernie Sanders". His party "France Defiant", is a direct attack on the banks and the wealthy French bourgeois, a threat to the European Union's hegemony and the NATO alliance. He would roll back the austerity policies of the present failed regime, and replace them with a pro-worker alliance and a return to the principles of the French Revolution, "Liberty, Equality, Brotherhood". Melenchon is zooming up in the polls, but with many French voters still undecided, the possibility of a run off on May 7, after the general election on April 23 fails to decide on a majority.

The possibility of a LePen-Melenchon showdown in May will heighten the election to a battle between the the Left and the Right, and the French will be making a decisive choice on their future political spectrum. Like Trump, LePen offers no solutions to the economic or social problems, she merely reveals the disunity and dissipation of French politics and the collapse of the social contract.

The real alternative to LePen, Melenchon is still a longshot, but the electorate seems to be turning to his party, and away from the center. France is polarized.

Any election is significant in France, because of its long-standing commitment to workers, unions, and egalitarianism. France is often a bellwether nation, and what happens there can effect other countries, including the United States. With one country showing the world that there is an option to war and corruption, others may follow. In this case, France will have a chance to read the writing on the wall, and take direct action to break the spell of the billionaires, and once more, lead the world to a higher consciousness.

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