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The Moon in the 13 Signs

By Natalie Miller
To really understand the Moon in astrology one needs to be able to resurrect a sleeping sense of primordial duality.  To me the Moon stands for energy itself.  For example, there are a lot of ingredients that go into making a cake, not the least of which is the heat required to transform it.  This is what the Moon does in astrology, it gets us from point A to point B, it heats us up.  The sign your natal Moon is in will color how your cake rises… in a conventional oven, a big factory, an earthen stove…

Just like the tides rising and falling with the pull of the Moon, we are bound by the cycles of birth and death.  Our bodies create and then burn chemicals from the food we eat while our brain fortifies our physical and psychic reality with meaning.  The vibe we get from other people are all under the spell of the Moon.  If we focus too much on the Moon’s energy, we can become epi-delusional with a lack of will as we navigate the unseen waters of our existence.  With too little focus on the Moon’s energy we can become hermetically disenfranchised from the humility inherent in our primordial collectivity, a collectivity brought to life when universes are formed in chemical stews of synchronistic explosions, or when birds fly in murmuration, or our bodies bleed into one another as we heat light and sound to create something new.

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Moon in Aries 

These natives are not fanatic peddlers.  Even though they have very strong emotions, they have an uncanny way of channelling them to suite their purpose.  I think of a young Bob Dylan leaving home at an early age to bravely raise his voice against the stark opposition of the time, or Karl Marx writing expose after expose in the trace hours of the night on how to create a more just political and economic system, or the enterprising spirit of Mother Theresa who coined her desire for social justice.  In the 2013 movie Bonnie and Clyde we see how self directed a hopelessly in love Moon in Aries native can be as we watch Clyde Barrow drive himself and Bonnie Parker into a shooting massacre when he realizes that his beloved Bonnie is a dictatorial psychopath. 

Notable:  Bob Dylan, Clyde Barrow, Karl Marx, Mother Theresa

Moon in Taurus

These natives are truly entertaining.  They keep it light and witty which has a mesmerizing effect in which you think that they are your guiding light, your shining star.  Then, when they retreat into their hidden subterranean world and leave you all alone looking up into a moonless sky, you feel duped and unable to shake the dunce cap they’ve frivolously placed on your head.  I think of entertainers like Chris Kattan and David Schwimmer reveling in every spoken word, every nuance of conversation.  Even Moon in Taurus natives who have their Moon conjunct Saturn like Wynona Ryder and Benicia Del Toro can’t help but try their hardest to create a world of pomp and circumstance.  Perhaps it’s their irony we find so alluring.

Notable:  Chris Kattan, David Schwimmer, Wynona Ryder, Benicia Del Toro

Moon in Gemini

Here we get a little darker.  It’s not to say that these people themselves are dark.  Oftentimes, at their own peril, they may find themselves in a state of quintessential innocence.  Sometimes fate dictates so or sometimes the Moon in Gemini native will choose to retreat from the world in search of balance between the dark and light forces of the universe.  I sometimes wonder if the popular sages Jesus, Buddha, or Mohammad had their Moon in Gemini.  Perhaps they found what every Moon in Gemini seeks, a spiritual transcendence.  These natives have a way of being sucked into the highs and lows of life.  The magnetism of Moon in Gemini natives is impossible to escape.  They aren’t able to have one foot in, one foot out, and this is their greatest gift… and curse.  I think of the chorus of Susan Vega’s popular song “Tom’s Diner”… just an ambiguous Do Do Dodo Do Do Dodo Do Dodo Do Do Dodo…  A chorus postulating something she can’t quite put her finger on that now we can’t either…

Notable:  Suzanne Vega, Kurt Cobain, Heath Ledger

Moon in Cancer

These natives are happiest when they are actively pursuing their own interests and they usually have many.  They are not good at self analysis and can become quite anxious when put under the microscope.  It’s very hard for them to shake off the mood that was set by their parents growing up.  I think of David Bowie and his transcendental lyrics that include movie like descriptions of the subversion in his childhood.  In sports such as ping pong they excel because they easily embody the emotions around them and can intuit even the slightest movement from their opponent.  You will never win an argument with a Cancer Moon because they only see things from an emotional perspective when they are heightened.  Even on an every day basis they have a difficult time being altruistic for the sake of altruism.  They always have to have a piece of themselves in everything they do.  Catch them on a bad day or a bad month or in a perverted life and if you won’t submit, they will tear you to pieces one way or the other.

Notable:  David Bowie, Charlize Theron, John Tannehill, Valerie June

Moon in Leo

Every Moon in Leo has a dark side because they like to see things to completion and oftentimes more than not they are secretive about how they get there.  They are natural born liars, cheats, and ironically involved in pedantry.  However, don’t forget that they really want what they want and they usually have wild notions about the way things should be.  They are creative and passionate, but they don’t want to be taken advantage of, ever, so they pretend to be shy.  In love they consume, digest, and repeat.  This is one of the many processes that comes so natural to them.  There’s a primitive irony within the Leo Moon.  They can be so tender and yet so fierce.  Compassion is translated into magical feelings and prayers that feel as real as the seasons.

Notable:  Chaz Bono, Courtney Cox, Gandhi, James Franco, Jodie Foster, Julia Roberts, Madonna, Michelle Williams

Moon in Virgo

These natives have a way of building up emotions and suspense like no other.  However, unlike the explosive culmination that Scorpio Moon’s seek, Virgo Moons aren’t really seeking anything.  They will change their course as they see fit in the moment to reach whatever end is the most… the most… well who really knows.  Are they really even presenting themselves honestly or are they just reflecting what they think needs to be illuminated?  They are quite interested in the meaning of things, but not by means of analysis, rather, through action.  They are living breathing novellas.  They are typically not too shy or timid.  They also have a lucky streak and a way of charting new waters just before the storm comes in.  Do not try to outwit or be dishonest with a Virgo Moon and expect forgiveness.  Try and be patient with their moods and fanaticism because, as Alanis Morissette immortalized in her song, “You Outta Know.”

Notable:  Alanis Morisette, Adriana Grande, Bette Midler, Claire Danes, Kristen Stewart, Michael Keaton

Moon in Libra

These natives live in a world of emotion: good, bad, and everything in between.  The course of their life is branded by how they are feeling and they typically feel very deeply.  They oftentimes feel vulnerable, as if their insides were exposed.  It’s this vulnerability that can create neurotic behavior in them such as ritualism, crying spells, and at a polar extreme, near psychotic detachment from their surroundings.  They oftentimes have a unique way of viewing the world that can be beautifully expressed through art, writing, or any other symbolic form, not the least of which is sex.  I think of Miley Cyrus’ performances in which her tears can’t help but stream down her face in front of a crowd of thousands of onlookers.  In our day of wireless transmissions, chemical technologies, and inconsiderate socio-economic systems it takes bravery and innovation for a Libra Moon to not fall prey.

Notable:  Beyonce, Elizabeth Hurley, Lisa Kudrow, Mark Zuckerberg, Matthew Perry, Miles Davis, Miley Cyrus, Tori Spelling

Moon in Scorpio

This is a Moon Sign whose natives were likely the shamans, the tribal leaders, the sooth sayers of old.  Today many of them have regressed into a fetal panic whilst drowning in a sea of ejaculate.  In our society we have become paranoid of the creative and mesmerizing effect our human interactions can have on one another.  Perhaps it’s too easy to fall in love with a Moon in Scorpio native’s vibrant mannerisms and cute twinkle in their eyes…  Anyways, we need the Moon in Scorpio native’s relentlessness, incorruptible youth, and powers of resurrection today more than ever.  Instead of only praising their talents in the bedroom where it’s ok to be vulnerable, we need to come home to our power as magical beings and let the Scorpio Moon’s natural ways illuminate these abilities.  However, these natives are oftentimes scared of their emotional power because they’ve been taught that they were “bad” at an early age.  Sometimes the sickle is necessary to uproot deep-rooted wrongs.  Right now our world needs this quality of change, or death, more than ever.  We should pray that the Scorpio Moons can help us purge our world of the vile corruption that’s taken hold… before it’s too late.

Notable:  Kate Millett, Devon Odessa

Moon in Ophiuchus

If these natives didn’t have an insatiable desire to be liked, nay loved, we may never see them materialize.  It’s this need to be cradled like a baby in a blanket of comfort that’s their downfall.  Like a neglected baby, if they don’t receive the validation they seek, they can become self destructive, dark, or in some cases a business tycoon.  If the Scorpio Moon is the impetus for death and change then the Ophiuchus Moon is the innocence needed for new ideas to take root.  These natives typically have a “baby face” or a youthful look their whole lives through.  They typically have a purity of heart and expression that pulls us to them like the tides to the Moon.  Perhaps instead of going from point A to point B they inhabit the space between and are floating in the ether.  Natural healing, natural surroundings, and a healthy diet are essential for this native to feel consistently well.

Notable:  Adele, Ellie Kemper, Jennifer Aniston, Paulo Coelho, Richard Gere, Stephan King, Donald Trump, Yoko Ono, Pablo Picasso, Beethoven, Mike Tyson

Moon in Sagittarius

These natives navigate the world in similar ways as the Moon in Aries natives except it takes much longer for them to produce the results they seek.  This is because they think big, very big.  They can come across as insensitive and cold but most of the time this is because they have such a wide scope of emotional awareness that it’s hard to process each incident without considering the whole gamut.  They also don’t care what you think about them, not really.  Then there are the stray Moon in Sagittarius natives that are obsessed with chasing an arrow they shot long ago in childhood and can’t ever seem to find.  It is disgusting to watch them react to everything with negativity or in some cases even violence.  The Sagittarius Moon’s relentless nature is what makes them survivors in one way or the other.  There are countless cases where these natives have pulled themselves up out of some pretty dicy situations.  The key for them is to stop creating these situations in their adult lives and break out of the destructive patterns they were a victim to in childhood. 

Notable:  David Spade, Hitler, Johnny Depp, Judy Garland, Sarah Silverman

Moon in Capricorn

Here the Moon finds transcendence from fantasy into reality.  These natives have a knack for taking the ephemeral nature of emotions and seamlessly solidifying them in their everyday life.  This is not to say that they aren’t emotional, they are.  What sets them apart is that they are extremely confident in their emotions and consistently so.  They oftentimes help us express our emotions in ways that make sense and are concrete.  They can pluck ideas and emotions from the ether and allow them to take root inside themselves in order to transform them into something beautiful, even if only in a bittersweet way.  This is why love takes time to grow in a Moon in Capricorn’s heart, but I have a feeling it’s worth the wait.

Notable:  John Lennon, Cat Stevens, Connor Oberst, Wilson Cruz

Moon in Aquarius

These natives often speak of energy or that there was a feeling that they couldn’t quite put their finger on.  They are beacons that don’t just channel emotions into art like the Libra Moons but rather elevate emotions into something less tactile such as the facilitation of strong group dynamics.  Bess Armstrong who played Patty Chase in the cult classic My So-Called Life said, “The theme of the show in one sentence it could be, you know, no matter how much we all change, we all remain the same.”  There is a sense of fearlessness in the Aquarian Moon because they seem to understand that change is really part of a more complete and dialectically sound identity.  Perhaps this was the theme of that show that only aired for less than a season yet still remains deeply imbedded in people’s psyches.  On the perverted side, Aquarius Moon natives can become intrenched in the negative side of life or a situation due to the cynicism inherent in a complete understanding of nature’s glory, a glory which is more often than not bred from brutality.

Notable:  Robin Williams, Bess Armstrong, Tom Irwin, Matt LeBlanc

Moon in Pisces

These natives find it hard to understand why the world is so negative.  This actually attracts them to negative people that can feed off of them and use them as surgical tools to remove or replace what emotions no longer serve them or are lost.  If they foster a healthy sense of self respect they won’t put themselves in the hands of sadistic doctors but rather channel their powers into some of the greatest art.  In their art, as in their world, emotions take near physical form and certainly have transformative power.  Esquire magazine writes of the late Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ timeless short story The Incredible and Sad Tale of Innocent Erendira and Her Heartless Grandmother, “You’ll gasp, you’ll sob, you’ll shriek with wonder,” and this is also what life with a Piscean Moon is like.  Marquez' story itself is Piscean to the bone and serves as a necessary outlet for his own Piscean Moon dynamism and explosiveness.

Notable:  Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Chris Farley, Sally Field

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