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Ophiuchus and the Power of 13

By Nisha (Moon) Starseed (more about the author)

More and more women are becoming more interested in understanding and integrating the energies of the ancient women's mysteries. This has been foretold in days of old that women would reclaim their power and their place within universe. Containers of the sacred womb, keepers of the primordial waters, full of the essence of the creation of all of human kind and the multi-universes. Yes, women hold a powerful and potent creatrix space here on earth and every where life is found. 

As an ambassador of the divine feminine it is my charge to teach these mysteries and to feed anyone who is hungry for the knowledge of the Goddess. Today provides an auspicious day to pass along such knowledge since today is the day of the Goddess.

Friday the 13th. 

Let's start off with the current view of Friday 13th. Fear of the number is the most prevalent superstition in the Western world. There is even a phobia name after it called triskaidekaphobia. There are many people who would consider themselves rational who are quite common to act in fear of this superstitious number, for example Winston Churchill refused to sit in row 13 in the theater or on an airplane. Statistics estimate that at least 10% of the U.S. population has a fear of the number 13 and each year there is about a $800 million loss, people will not get married on the 13th, travel and in severe cases won't even go to work.

Clearly this is serious. So, what did the number 13 represent in ancient times and who changed its meaning?

Let's Explore.

You may not be aware of it but in ancient times "God" was a Goddess and the number 13 was directly associated with her. The moon which is the patron of the divine feminine energies were connected to the cycles of the moon, more specifically the full moons. Before the calendar was tampered with, yes, our current calendar is "out of time" and the natural calendar that was created by the moon's timing has become solar in nature. But that's another story.  In ancient times each month of the year had 1 full moon and the number of months was guess what number? Not 12 like we have now but 13. 

Lets do a bit of math to show you how this worked out. The months of the year originally come from the cycles of the moon and there are 13 lunar months every year. Which worked out well, as every month was 28 days which is exactly 4 weeks, while 28 x 13 = 364, which is only 1¼ days short of 365¼ days in a year. Since crops were planted, harvested by the moon it was only natural to create the calendar we live by with 13 moons. The Mayans, Celts, Druids, Hindu, Chinese, Japanese and Egyptians lived by 13 moons as well. Most importantly women became associated with the moon because our menstrual period also takes about the same time as a lunar month.  Unfortunately when the patriarchal culture, which is solar in nature began wiping out the women's mysteries, worship and reverence,thereby taking complete control, is when the 12 month calendar began being used. This was done to remove the feminine attributes from the calendar and to increase working days to collect more taxes. Unfortunately, when doing the math, when 12 goes into 365 we have 5 days left over instead of one. The result is we now have a patch work calendar with some months being 30 days and others 31 and only one month was left at 28 days. While the days in a week no longer correspond with the days in a month, as 30 or 31 days do not fit in with the 7 day week order. Now we are what many scholars are calling "out of time", even the seasons are affected during such changes such as setting our clocks forward and backward, nature does does not fall into synchronization,humankind is naturally in sync with nature but when we follow watches, clocks and the false rhythm of man we find ourselves irritable, tired and feeling out of sorts. 

The Deception of the Church.

Since the church was/is the patriarchy in motion and were behind the campaign to destroy the Goddess worshiping in many cultures they put forth concerted effort to discredit anything relating to the divine feminine and began associating the number 13 with bad luck. Interestingly enough this is why Mary Magdalene, who is believed by many Christians and historical scholars as the wife of Jesus, was referred to as a "prostitute" in the bible,when in fact new discoveries have been made that she more than likely was NOT a prostitute but apart of the Isis Priestess Temples. The reverence and worship of the Isis Temples reached through many nations as she had many priestesses who came and went from these temples and who were devoted students of her mysteries. When the church began their campaign of destroying the Goddess they began calling any woman who was associated with these Goddess teachings as prostitutes to discredit their sacredness.

To induce further fear of the number 13, when ever the 13th fell on a Friday you would have to multiple the "bad luck" by infinity.  The reason for this? Simply Friday was a day where worshipers showed reverence and honor to the Goddess Venus. Venus who represented lust, beauty, love, money and partying was called a whore simply to discourage any parties, sex or behaviors associated with merriment and Venus attributes. Much later in the churches power grip over the Goddess mysteries, Friday became heavily charged with guilt, pain and even death in the Judeo-Christian belief system. Let's take a sneak peak shall we?If you follow or study biblical teachings it was on Friday that Eve fed Adam the cursed apple, it was Friday that Adam was expelled from Paradise, even the day he repented, the day that he died and finally the day he was cremated. Finally we can't forget that it was on a Friday that Christ was killed on the cross, now called "Good Friday". However, the image of death still lingers in the mind when thinking about this day.

Scholars have discovered that the church has diligently created a solar societies by shifting all of the energies to most of our systems of ancient mysteries and religion. For instance, numerologists consider 12 a "complete" number. There are 12 months in a year, 12 signs of the zodiac, 12 gods of Olympus, 12 labors of Hercules, 12 tribes of Israel, and 12 apostles of Jesus. Let us correct this shall we? Every single 12 used to be a 13! Including the apostles! But that's another blog.

There is so much more to the deliberate dismissal of the Goddess and the her association with the moon along with the demonization of the number 13. It has caused women to become detached from our birth right of divine living. Modern technology has numbed our senses. Our programming  has jammed our frequencies and now we are feeling the disconnect. We need nourishment. I ask that you continue to tap into your souls inner knowing. The goddess is within you, within each of us. The proof of this is that now there is a resurgence by both men and women to know the truth and through knowing the truth we can reclaim our right as priestess, midwife, sacred sexual priestess, lover, noble wife and mother. It's crucial that we do this, the world needs to be balanced, we are THAT balance, when we continue to do this, shedding our false selves and programming we exponentially increase our level of consciousness and therefore we become the change we want to see!

Never forget that the number 13 is a Goddess infused sacred number! LIVE LIFE WITH NO FEAR. 

~Peace, love and infinite light
Nisha Moon

Reposted from The Wisdom of 9

Nisha (Moon) Starseed

With over 20+ years of esoteric & Occult education, Nisha has earned the right to be called a sacred feminine wisdom keeper. Directly aligned with Ophiuchus, Minerva, Hygeia, Venus and Magdalene energies+ Nisha has led hearth chats on the divine feminine, the direct energy of the Goddess, clearly using a balance with the sacred masculine to both women and men. Nisha has dedicated her life to both the mother and father guiding, teaching and inspiring those who choose to work with higher frequencies. 18+ Astrologer & 11-year Western Sidereal Intuitive Astrologer, a tantric practitioner and sexuality teacher who utilizes her innate gifts to educate women about their bodies along with embracing their sexual/pleasure power through keen intuitive astrological analysis.

Esoteric: B.S.Ec. Spiritual Divinity, Chakra Reader & Healer, clairsentient, Intuitive Empath certification, Hoodoo practitioner, frequency healer and Blue Ray energy channeler

Mundane: Bachelor of Science in Community Development, Bachelor of Science Organizational Leadership & Master of Science Human Resource Management w/ Adult learning technologies and talent development.

Initiated in Palo Mayombe, Orisha, Shamanism, and Alchemy. A tested and verified Empath, Clairsentient & Psychometrist.

Ophiuchus Rising Astrology; blogger; offering intuitive sidereal astrology services at my blogsite

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