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The Myth of the Moral Politician

The Nobel Prize for Peace. It is worth a laugh.

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13-sign Cancer Barack Obama became what we wanted him to be. He was ready to take on our best intentions, he looked and acted the part of our dream-come-true hero, half manly man, who could brush off unfair attacks and make us look good; and half renaissance man, who could unite us and win over our enemies. Dapper, debonair, articulate (we assumed); the oratory of MLK; the soul of Malcolm X; the politics of Dwight Eisenhower, and the humor of Will Rogers.

This was one dream that we could all agree on, and, thanks to a bottomless pit of money provided by Goldman Sachs, and a team of tight-lipped and wily professional hacks and handlers, lo and behold, the myth indeed came true. Our savior had materialized, just as we had hoped; god really did like America, and just changing the wedding figurines on top of a melting cake was going to reverse years of abuse and neglect and prevent a painful reckoning. Barack Obama won our hearts twice, our trust and the election twice because he was the answer to our dreams, the kind of politician we had always wanted.

But Obama is just a prop for our hope. The bell that rings to make us salivate. Obama himself is secretive, paranoid, and arrogant, and our problems are way past his abilities. The bubble of our disappointment is sadly what we'll remember of him.

Barack Obama's natal chart, 8/4/1961, relocated for Washington DC


Obama and Sun Square Neptune

Along with the vagueness and shapeshifting of Cancer, Obama also carries a Sun-Neptune Square, a combination that vaporizes a person's real character. Or maybe there's nothing there, there? Just a collection of his other-peoples hopes and dreams? Sun Neptune aspect is all about the yearning to be what you’re not—the positive side of which would be striving to be great, to heal the world. Yet on the dark side, it could the big lie, a media hype; to mislead, lull and rip you off.

We can be the perpetrator and the victim. Sun-Neptune makes us believe the myth as if it were real; which gives the actors lots of time to perfect the illusion. We eventually drown in our own fantasy, the aftermath of which kills everything, suffocating hope forever, paralyzing us. No wonder we then turn to Neptunian self-medication to relieve this waking death. This is the true meaning of depression—the economic situation that determines our collapsing reality, which denies us our dreams, and rips our ingenuity out of us like a sacrificed heart to a stone god.

Obama has several planets in Leo, as a leader he is so wrapped up in his own destiny that political failure will destroy him along with the myth. His legacy is being shredded as we speak. The latest revelations of the grossly arrogant and unconstitutional foray into wire-tapping, spying and data mining has doomed Obama, forever linking him with paranoia, war, and stagnation.

Old before his time?

Already we see a man who has aged 10 years in the 6 he has been in office. He's grim and caustic; does he know he's a throwaway? Wall street used him like a Maytag, a bic lighter. What happens when taxpayers have to foot the bill?

Obama manages to tough it out with his Moon in Aries. That's a very desensitized and self-satisfied placement. His Moon square a Leo Uranus prevents Obama from committing to anything for very long. Change? Hope? If that intrudes upon Obama's free will and inner contradictions. Inwardly he is resisting the very changes he promises to make.

Like many Cancers, Obama can change the way people think of him as easily as wearing a hat that fits that personality. Never one to persist in something for very long, Obama can keep backing away from commitment by moving on to another subset of unachievable policy goals, given his isolation from the rest of the government. Of the many hats he wear as president—he actually prefers none of them!

No wonder he gaffs every time reporters catch him out of character—his Cancer Mercury opposes a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. He tends to show too much of himself, his impotence and anger; he squelches inquiry, so he nor anyone else can disclose the true nature of his hapless, rootless, bankrupt regime. Instead of slaying the dragon, he’s come back empty handed, and all he wants to do is silence the whistleblowers.

Obama's Grand Trine

Why hasn’t this all caught up to Obama yet? His powerful set of Grand Trines of the Moon, Mars and Jupiter/Saturn really make him larger than life. He's VERY easy to like. He can spin quite a stump speech. He had a billion dollars of slush fund and a thousand computer models to show him the way. It really isn’t our fault that we misjudged him; he is the vessel of our inspiration and our energies. We made him strong and now that we are seeing the truth—we will make him weak. His future is to be humbled and destroyed by the media. His leadership window of opportunity is over, he completely wasted it. Epic fail.

What is he hiding?

What happened to Barack Obama the humanitarian, a peacemaker, a compassionate, calm, loving mother to heal our wounds and protect us from our compulsive addictions? A family man, a traditionally religious and morally upstanding community leader; a straight shooter and eloquent populist hero who would forgive our sins and help us continue to live our profligate lifestyles. Actually what we got was a parochial, condescending skinflint and a vicious, calloused war lover. How did we get here? From the Cancer cardboard cutout of the president of Utopia to the reality as the man who appeased the banks, the war industry and vulture capitalists.

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