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Pisces and Schizophrenia

Pisces practically invented schizophrenia, along with Gemini. But, then, don't all the signs have their polar opposites? Yet Pisces is unique, because she lives in the mystery of the subconscious, where the connections are erratic and hard to decipher. Pisces is defenseless, but also all-powerful. Her ability to hurt is nil, yet she can make a sweet sound of surrender that can drain her tormentors of their strength. She can be a sacrificial victim and also a prima donna, all, in quick succestion and apparently without warning.

Pisces schizophrenia comes in the form of the opposite natures of the empath and the hypnotist. Pisces is always close to a place where she loses herself in another plane, a spiritual plane, if you will. Dreams, deja vu, out of body experiences, inner voices, visions, previous and afterlife experiences, religious ecxtacy, spiriual release; they all are the result of the Pisces falling off the edge of the visible world and reaching down to follow the deep hidden agenda. This is a fabric of invisible threads that connects and also binds us to each other, beyond time, into the past and future. Pisces is a believer in this reality, listening to the hidden commands of the school to which she belongs. She twists and manuevers according to signals that others cannot see or hear. So bound up in this world, Pisces will sink their own lives into the abyss, believing, as if in a trance, they are walking on water, escaping the net. Who would, or could, wake them from this state of grace -- or coma?

What makes Pisces schizophrenia different from the other signs is they are are not only subject to unseen forces, they also are the source of them. They are then free to demand their heart's desire, their world, reply to them in the language of love.

Pisces fills in all the gaps of our small gaps in consciousness; of the unknown that we cannot explain. In the Pisces world, things move swiftly to their opposite. Fear becomes enlightenment, the romantic ideal. Emotions become propaganda, used to manipulate the reality. Neptune rules the sea, but there's no god who rules the fish. They have their own world, they murmurate, flow in a magical fish fractal, and travel thousand of miles and come in every form and function. Everyone else in the world is basically a predator. Maybe Pisces accepts her fate as food.

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