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The Romans Killed Ophiuchus

A Roman prostitute at work. Image: Blogging Pompeii

Roman emperors were male supremacists who treated women like concubines and prostitutes. Their legions destroyed female-led tribal societies wherever they found them, while at the same time the Roman Senate annexed the land and political power of Roman women. They also removed the 9th sign, Ophiuchus, the Queen of the lunar calendar, from the Sun's ecliptic and reassembled the Zodiac into the now universally accepted but bogus solar 12-sign system. They exculpated the women in the Zodiac who had held these esteemed places on the eponymous constellations for eons. The Leo female huntress became the lion; the Taurus dancing girl became the bull, Aries the female protector became the male god of war and Ophiuchus herself had a unwarranted sex change to a Greek snake-handler.

Ophiuchus has a penis? No, she is 100% female.
(Image: Hubble source)

Modern astrological horoscopes and charts are drawn from their own proprietary data, which defies both modern astronomy and even a rudimentary observation of the sky! As science and common sense prevail, astrologers have fallen in the pit of their own lies, and are the laughing stock; pseudo-astronomers who can't even find the Sun's actual position according to their calculations. They are the hawkers and hucksters of a once-great field of study. Astrology is now relegated to the funny pages and used as marketing tools for unscrupulous charlatans. Any self-aware person would be ashamed to admit they believed in astrology. Many people rightfully have contempt for it. It's been disproved and denigrated so many times, by so many people we respect, and by astronomers, scientists and star-gazers the world over that it's nothing but a zombie, a dead system that yet walks among us.

Tropical astrology is bad astronomy

We all know intrinsically that there is some kind of connection between us --blobs of protoplasm on Earth-- and the Moon, planets and stars; the massive and incredible galaxy that surrounds us. Humans have been puzzling about this for centuries, and we created astrology to engage this mystery. Women invented the original astrology to sync with the changing skies, which helped them develop agriculture, predict eclipses and comets, using a lunar system (based on their menstrual cycles) of 13 months of 28 days (with one day left over). This was confirmed based on the observations of astrologers and sailors. Accordingly, 80% of stars have Arabic names, since they needed an accurate "fixed-star" system to make their navigations, calculations and predictions. Astrology was created to benefit humanity. It was to function like clockwork, and many ancient cities and temples were designed to relay this information to the people of their time. What went wrong?

It is the tropical astrologer who failed to maintain the accuracy of the system. The ancient star-gazers were the real astrologers. First and foremost, astrologers were astronomers! Modern astrologers are the fraud, hardly even in the same ballpark as astronomers! They have lied and profited off lies to promote a 12-sign Ptolemaic astrology that is a sham, a scheme, and an illusion. They only offer a patently false map of the skies and expect us to believe them. They collude with each other to obfuscate the truth. They jam your head with the wrong information, the kind that can ruin your perceptions and twist your mind into a pretzel.

The 12-sign astrology system is a propaganda machine for propagating itself

Stop the Propaganda!

The time has come to repudiate 12-sign tropical astrology and replace it with the truth: 13 sign astrology. Throw tropical astrology in the trash bin of history, along with Ptolemy's ephemeris! Expose the astrology-industry quacks who now ply their trade without remorse or the slightest interest in updating their outdated, crumbling beliefs.

13 sign astrology, banned for life by tropical astrologers!

Yet 12-sign astrologers won't even debate in good faith. They suppress and try to ban the truth, playing the victim. What are their arguments in favor of Tropical? Here are some of their equivocations: "Astrology is just a subjective view of the Universe, and the math is of no consequence". "Numbers really don't matter; they're just a matter of opinion; you can change them around suit your needs". Or: "there are multiple systems that are usable, interchangeable, each with a separate message". Like the Babylonians, modern astrologers want to change astrologies like hats, and forget the facts.

The point they are trying to make is that tropical astrology has any value at all.

What they are saying to us that we can't believe our OWN EYES, and instead must pay them to calculate our horoscopes, which are provably false, yet act as if they contain wisdom. They will fawn like sycophants, lining up to give you a flattering, subjective narrative, pulled right out of their buttholes. They aren't doing us any favors. The Universe is NOT subjective; it is an objective view of what we see when we look away from Earth, not deeper into an imagined static role, acclimated mostly by our social class and personal peccadilloes. Tropical astrology is mere navel-gazing. For tropical astrologers to ply their trade on the back of the truth is unethical, inexcusable.

Walter BERG

Walter Berg, the founder of modern 13 sign astrology MORE

Join us! Reject 12-sign astrology for what it is: just another scheme by old-school cheaters to make us deny our own instincts, blind ourselves to the Cosmos that surrounds us, and close our minds to all the evidence that we see which contradicts them.

Any astrologers who have doubts about what they are doing are invited to email us to change your ways before you are further humiliated by your own ignorance.

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