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Saturn in Ophiuchus: Mother Earth meets Father Time

Saturn is going to be in Ophuichus starting Dec 3, and moving through for over a year, with a limited retrograde to Sagittarius, until Feb., 2017. During this time, Ophiuchus will have access to the state apparatus, and possibly become victimized by it. She'll be reaching beyond her coven to affect the broader community, for better or worse.

The 2016-7 Saturn in Ophiuchus Transit

Hillary Clinton and Saturn in Ophiuchus

Saturn's meaning for us is grounded in our human society. Eons ago, but within human consciousness, Saturn was much closer to Earth and was considered a benevolent star, like the Sun. Saturn provided the security for an Earth teeming with life, and the blooming of the evolutionary tree. Many ancient cultures left drawings of another object in their sky, as big as the Sun. The temperance of Saturn was like a security blanket of regular cycles and was associated with the Cornucopia. Early humans had it good, and lived in harmony with nature.

Suddenly, Saturn exploded in the sky, and was spun out of control to its present position on the far reaches of the Sun's solar rays. The rubble thrown up by the release of energy now gives Saturn its rings and many moons.

The results on Earth were catastrophic, and caused a major die-off. Most life perished, and storms forced the surviving humans to dwell in caves. A nuclear winter reduced vegetation, so they turned to hunting and cannibalism.

Saturn destroyed the garden of Eden it had created. To early astrologers, Saturn had disappeared from sight, laying waste all that he had once cultivated. This was the end of innocence and a new ethos replaced it, dominated by fear and apocalyptic myth, still the active ingredient in most religions today.

Saturn left a scar on human development. Saturn was no longer the helpful timepiece, but a distant and uncaring pendulum of longing and deprivation. The heavenly father had become unpredictable and vengeful. The surviving tribes developed as agents of division and punishment. They made war against one another. The beginnings of man's supremacy was about to begin.

When asked what a world without men would be like, Queen Latifa (Pisces) replied: "No crime and a lot of fat, happy women."

Today, Saturn still rules the development of human society. Saturn is the state in all its forms, from setting the value of the currency to breaking down your door to arrest you. It collects taxes, writes laws, declares war, and suppresses deviation. Saturn itself is indifferent to gender, but rewards force, so the state has developed into the enforcement arm of the patriarchy.

If Saturn holds the power, then mankind runs the state. Government is a prize that goes to the most violent or wealthy among us. The state represents the ruling class, but also itself. When faced with opposition, the state uses terror to enforce its laws. State power that fails to deliver is thrown out and replaced, or it can be seized by a stronger state.

MEN'S AUTHORITY: Chicago cops use force to defend themselves source

When Saturn changes sign, it's like the changing of the nature of state power, from one archetype to another. Every change in sign is like having the state express itself through that sign. When Saturn changes sign, the state has a different face.

For example, Saturn in Libra began in the fall of 2013 and ended in Oct, 2015. The Libra state is a cover-up and a forced peace, advertising the Augustinian empire for which the Romans named it. But democracy is gridlock by another name. The American patriotic image became more polished as its true nature of military aggression was hidden from sight.

If Libra Saturn was like an advertising agency, that stifled the internet with pop-up ads, and the media defended it like a pedant. This balancing act came to an end when we experienced a Scorpio Saturn twice, once in Jan. of 2015, and again in Oct-Nov of 2015, when the New Horizons probe reached Pluto. A lot of ugly and unexpected things showed up in the microscope. You could say that Saturn was turning the tables and spying on Pluto. However, what scientists discovered destroyed their neat theories, and the Pluto system had the last laugh. Dwarf planet? Hah! It has more of the energy of a wild kinetic puzzle whizzing through space, only contributing to our chaos.

Pandemonium: Pluto and its 5 moons dispute gravitational theory source

Scorpio Saturn focused on secrets, taboos and their exposure. Like a microscope, we saw the inner workings of man and like a telescope, the outer working of the Universe. Saturn delivered the news like a bell tolling. It's hard to digest the poison of Scorpio until afterwards, the information is too raw.

People born in 1988 have their Saturn in Ophiuchus and are now experiencing their Saturn returns.

Do we need all this junk?

Here we are at the end of 2015, and the same shopworn rules still seem to apply. As in the world of insects, the largest colonies still dominate the smaller ones. The hive is our only hope and our worst enemy. Scorpio is the larval state of transformation; the grotesque part of the cycle, buried deep within the Queen's chamber. Change occurs, even if it's ugly.

Into this battlezone steps Ophiuchus, the goddess of snakes and magic spells. The message of Ophiuchus is that it's time to molt and move on. She is the butterfly in this cycle of rebirth. While men find their magic in death, she finds it in life. Ophiuchus are family builders. Ophiuchus' children are all kinds of people, an abundance of diversity. Her lovers fall under her spell as well.

Ophiuchus are already leaders in the community but work behind the scenes, giving others the commands and the glory. Now, like a mother bird prodding her chicks to fly, Ophiuchus sends her spawn out to the world. This is how they express their political will. Now Ophiuchus herself is caught in the bull's eye. It's time to do or die.

Turtles racing to the sea source

Ophiuchus is Green Fire

Anyone with the Sun or Moon or planets in Ophiuchus or born in the last 35 years will agree that Ophiuchus was made to rule the state, to fan their powers to reach the greater good. Her force is ether, green fire, a substance that changes reality like a spark in dry grass. Ophiuchus is our last hope of organic change.

However, the individual Ophiuchus may have to sacrifice in the micro to achieve in the macro. Since 1975 the outer planets have been grooming Ophiuchus people for their crucial role. Now that the female power resonate around the world, where are the female leaders?

They will come from the butterflies that survive their journey. Ophiuchus deserted those closest to her in order to take the the world to the next level, next cycle. Accordingly, the last decades have witnessed a epic migration of women into the cities, and into the factories. In China alone, over 200 million people have left the farm, and their children, behind.

During this time, women experienced economic and political liberation from men, and have also managed to curtail his most murderous schemes. However, Ophiuchus martyred herself in the process, as well as her children. Freedom from sex is the major issue for women, so the sexual revolution will continue, as women demand and end to every gender-based injustice from sex slavery to wage disparity. Since the Ophiuchus is both sexes, sexual identity will be a personal choice, and this ideal will have to face up to state power. So far, we see a trend that the state makes a symbolic effort to deal with the groundswell of political action on behalf of women's rights. Since the state is unable to cede power, it will end in more repression of women, despite the success in pockets of resistance.

Ophiuchus controls Green fire, which not only devours the past, but all the people involved with it. It vaporizes whatever it touches. Like sexual congress, it's an orgasmic thrill of release with a hint of death.

Make your own Green Fire. Use it at your peril.

Mankind has unleashed a dragon in Ophiuchus. Forced to leave the security of the nest, Ophiuchus can bomb the patriarchy from within, by killing the roots of its toxic growth. Man's world comes tumbling down, and he lashes back. This shows up in the backlash in the nuclear family, increases in suicides, drug deaths, Autism Spectrum Disorder, rape and pornography, and a whole range of asocial behavior; the disintegration of the center. The end of an era is always marked by collateral damage.

Saturn comes together with Ophiuchus, an uneasy pair. Saturn feels contempt for her spiritual connection, she'll resent his attempts at control. There's only a year of connection. If the past is any guide, Ophiuchus will change the world and burning up in her own green fire.

Ophiuchus can avert disaster. We need powerful women to break the old mold and emerge as the life-giving force in nature. That means taking on the world's problems give yourself to them. It's save the state or seize the state.

It's not as if it never happened before.


Cleopatra IV, the Egyptian Pharaoh source

Cleopatra, the original snake handler

Ophiuchus is a very high maintenance goddess, she demands the results for what she does. She must control mankind, not be reduced to its wife. If she is stressed, all life is in danger. This is a stressful, yet exhilarating time for Ophiuchus. Since she normally works in the background, Ophiuchus is taking a huge chance to emerge into the limelight, but once she's exposed, she's fully committed. There's no backing down, everything is at stake.

Hillary Clinton and Ophiuchus

During the year that Saturn will be in Ophiuchus, the election of a woman to the presidency seems within sight. However, Saturn in Ophiuchus is no guarantee that women will catch a break. This placement is good for women en masse, but pretty hard on the individual women who fall afoul of the system. Dilma Rousseff and Hillary Clinton are good examples.

President by day, Ninja assassin by night

Virgo Hillary has no Ophiuchus in her chart, (her daughter Chelsea has her Neptune in Ophiuchus, she's part of the Ophiuchus-rising generation). Hillary's got, however, an Aquarius Moon and Lilith in Pisces. The Moon can make her very aloof and defensive emotionally, yet her hurts and anger run deep in Lilith. Like Medea, in Euripides's 431 BC tragedy, Lilith will doom the progeny of the man who wrongs her. as a first lady, Clinton exhibited a lot of the fierceness of a Medea. Bill Clinton the Leo sex addict has been chastised and tamed; Hillary guards the empty throne; and punishes the former mistresses of her errant husband. It's interesting to note that Hillary shares an Aquarius Moon with Laura Bush, a Libra beauty blemished with a murder she committed in her home town as a teenager. Hillary has been implicated--but never proven--to have been involved with multiple, mysterious but politically expedient, deaths. During Hillary's tenure as Secretary of State, she initiated the bombings of Libya and Syria, overthrew the legitimate government of Honduras, and had a hand in the assassination of Osama Bin Laden.


The time of birth is approximate

(Hillary's stated birthtime has been called into question.)

Like a lot of Virgos, Hillary can be very facetious. Even after a lifetime of scrutiny, Hillary still retains her mask of inscrutability. That's because, like many women leaders, she's set up for failure and subject to a harder rebuke if she screws up. Telling the truth for her is like having vultures tear at her guts. It's not beyond possibility, that she will eschew male company and culture at some point in her later life. This liberation could take place during the election, or afterwards, as an epiphany to female power and male treachery.

Hillary Clinton has one foot bound by her association with the military-industrial complex and the rule of mankind. The other foot is dancing with her sisters. She will be facing her moment of truth, where she has to choose between life and death.

At the beginning of Saturn Ophiuchus, the first six months, we'll have the state cooperate with us, even care for us in its awkward way, at least preserve the benefits of the social contract. We could also see the state fall under the spell of a powerful Ophiuchus magician--Donald Trump has a Moon in Ophiuchus--making is believe anything he says. The last six months of the transit will be the failure of the Ophiuchus state to deliver, the backlash against these powerful women, and a battle in the streets with the old pitted against the new. We'll also the the release of millions of butterflies.

Monarch butterflies in Michoacan

When Ophiuchus makes her exit from the scene in 2017, her sign won't be a factor for years to come. Saturn won't be back in Ophiuchus for 28 years, and the outer planets won't be visiting her anytime soon, some for hundreds of years.

Ophiuchus time is a mighty time.

Posted Dec 1 2015; updated DEC 2. Updated Jan 10, 2016


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