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Bank runs are a consequence of bad debt. Will we get one in 2016?

Economic Crash

UPDATE: So little is known about the effect of the Ophiuchus cluster of stars, that we can only speak in terms of herstory. Ophiuchus is the professional female, dedicated not to men, but to her work. Ophiuchus rules over birth and death; she was the midwife, healer and embalmer all in one. Ophiuchus reflects the feminine, but not her softness or receptivity. Ophiuchus develops independence and clear thinking. Like the village shaman or witch, she worked behind the scenes to heal the sick and predict the weather, and was the go-to person in the moment of crisis. She’s the woman who seizes control when others are helpless.

Yet, like all highly evolved people, Ophiuchus is feared by others, and has been the target of atrocities for thousands of years, including her banishment from the Zodiac by Ptolemy. The patriarchy, in the guise of the church, the state and academia, have traditionally and ruthlessly persecuted Ophiuchus. Now we must evoke her to come out of hiding.

One visible influence of her revival is the way society has changed its view of LGBT people, which now overwhelmingly supports same sex marriage. Ophiuchus always promotes a greater tolerance of diversity in all her followers and converts, and this includes sexual preference. The LGBT community understood this long before the rest of society, and was able to overturn centuries of prejudice almost overnight. This is the supernatural nature of Ophiuchus.

How can we help Ophiuchus show us enlightenment? Ophiuchus has been given a weak Pisces Uranus to work with, one that only grows in power by strength of numbers through compassion and empathy. Uranus recently went direct, making it a stronger influence on politics. Neptune in Aquarius is like a call for the bringing together of the flock. We are already in the revolution, whether we know it or not. It’s time to realize what side we are on.

The revolution wasn’t televised, as Gil Scott Heron correctly predicted; in fact the traditional fake-news media disguised the truth. Regardless, Ophiuchus has surreptitiously moved into our lives, culture and politics, like a stealth germ that permeates the body politic. Since January of 2016, Saturn has been in her sign. This has forced her out into the open, and helped her do a better job of focusing on collective consciousness and political power. Ophiuchus is compelling us to save the Earth.

At first Saturn Ophiuchus appeared as a blessing, as a song or a banquet. But time is short and she has less than a year to accomplish her tasks, since Saturn moves into Sagittarius at the end of 2017. Saturn in Ophiuchus went direct in August. What she tried to do in retrograde didn't work. She's out of patience. If you didn’t listen to Ophiuchus when she gave you the chance to get things right on your own, now she's going to drag you there by the ears.

As an example, Donald Trump (Moon in Ophiuchus) moved into high gear destroying his Republican rivals as Saturn went direct. He's the living embodiment of the outsider personality of Ophiuchus. His presidency may hit the skids in May, when economic realities make a mockery of his agenda as Saturn goes into retrograde again. The clandestine forces of the corporate monopolies and global trade and currency wars will add to his falling popularity and complete incompetence. He will become more isolated and despised, the most hated man on Earth! In September, however, when Saturn goes direct, if he's still standing, he could regroup with a better economic strategy, which will enable him to regain the upper hand, and take us into a Sagittarius Saturn at the end of 2017. Saturn in Sagittarius is all about justice, and will restructure the inequities in the class structure. All the outer planets have profound effects on societal changes, and Uranus and Neptune both passed through Ophiuchus in the 1980s, which had a tremendous impact in the formation of the mind-set of the millennial generation.

What does Saturn in Ophiuchus foretell for us? It seems a contradiction, Man's artificial machine, the Man-State of Hate, in the sign of the ethereal outsider and spell-binder. The state is shaken to its foundations by the black arts of radicals and the mystical power of the masses. Yet the state can eliminate anyone, and has unlimited murderous power. At times this position seems to be a predictor of the persecution of the non-conforming and free-thinking and rebellious Ophiuchus and her coven of outcasts. If the state can catch you, it will burn you at the stake. Yet this placement is also the state being consumed in a Green Fire of purification. It may not look it at first, like frost over the leaves, but the destruction is final. Ophiuchus represents a large swell of women's voices and attitudes that bring the state to its knees, causing a breakdown in the systems that hold it together.

This is not the first time Saturn in Ophiuchus has presaged an economic crash. The last time was 28 years ago, when it was in Ophiuchus from 1986-7. Saturn started the transit through Ophiuchus like a counter-revolutionary, riding a right-wing wave of anti-union, law-and-order patriotism that suppressed or co-opted the anti-war, feminist, civil rights, and left-wing opposition that had shown such strength during the 70s. The 60s was officially over and the military industrial complex was firmly in the driver's seat. Ronald Reagan had been president for 6 years and had added the biggest increase of government debt since World War Two. The fallout from such a transfer of wealth from poor to rich was a calamitous year economically, with more tax cuts for the rich, and "cutbacks" for the poor. The only effect of trickle-down Reaganomics was to ring up massive debt and Pentagon spending. Imperialist wars failed, Europe was in free-fall, and a global collapse of markets caused a gut-wrenching 22% one-day loss on Wall Street. The Crash of 1987 was a shock to the system, the end of the safe, conservative banks of the New Deal. Banks were bankrupted by sweetheart loans and embezzlement, and the majority had to be taken over by regulators. The small businessman and the local bank was replaced by the large corporation.

The tables were turned in favor of the owning class, as the 1% gained the lion's share of wealth. Workers never recovered equity from their work; all the dollar value went into paper assets, and the worker became an afterthought, no longer as much a factor in wealth creation as cheap money printed by the central bank. As the worker became anachronistic, violent social unrest accompanied each wave of unemployment, as entire industries were swallowed up and exported to Mexico, Japan and China. The brief remission of the post-war, prosperous, small-town existence had ended, but the majority of the population didn't know it. President Reagan, drifting into senility, took on the visage of an aging clown while his wife ran the show. They presided over the most corrupt administration since the civil war: 138 Reagan officials were convicted for graft or embezzlement during his terms.

Saturn in Ophuichus 1986-7

Saturn in Ophiuchus in 2016 seems to be finishing what 1987 started, with a repeat predilection for right wing demagogues. If anything, Donald Trump's economic policies are Reaganomics with a new hairstyle. The main difference was that Ronald Reagan was a "Grandpa" Capricorn. He had old style values (although apparently, behind the scenes it was anything but). Reagan, like Trump, could dominate debates with only a superficial grasp of events and his "fighting-Irish" Aries Moon.

However, that's where the similarity ends. Trump is the Taurus bull destroyer who smashed his opponents into dust, and is able to dominate the news cycle every night with his pugnacity. His brand is "speaking his mind" in the stubborn Taurus manner of truth to media. There's a sensual side to him, his sexual proclivities are all over the map. His Moon is in super sensitive Ophiuchus, famous for sexual ambiguity and being a control freak. People can't take their eyes off him. Is he a playboy? A drag queen? The greatest president since Theodore Roosevelt? He's a Taurus potentate with his own castle--complete with towers. No one even questions his capacity for pleasure. His values are much more in line with a Las-Vegas type of lifestyle than the small town believers that populate the dying center of American life. Yet in the embers of the dying middle class, we find an almost insane hope against hope that there is a way out of this hell of war and poverty.

By nature, women are optimistic; they have children. Ophiuchus in Saturn is going to pit this hope for the future against the rotting system. As many voices, Ophiuchus is strong, but as one voice, it can be snuffed out. Saturn in Ophuichus 2016 is also consistent with its persecution of women. Among the many women who have been eliminated from power, Dilma Rousseff, the female president of Brazil has been impeached and, in spite of the support and collusion of the Democratic Party machine, Hillary Clinton isn't getting a free ride on her pathway to the presidency--it has cost her a half-billion dollars just to stay in the race. With more revelations of her perfidy to come, and 3 debates to go, she is a walking target. The race has become all about her shortcomings. The level of disparagement of her is bound to increase. Unlucky Hillary, a paranoid hyper-critical Virgo, unable to field criticism herself, with a who-gives-a-shit Aquarius Moon, has set herself up as a punching bag for millions of disgruntled voters. One can only wonder: can any amount of fixing or rigging make this bird fly? Can a female in good faith, rule the Man-state of hate? Normally, the patriarchy only gives women rulership over its own failed enterprises, appointing a woman as the Captain of the Titanic--after it has collided with the icebergs.

The latest Saturn in Ophiuchus also includes Pluto in Sagittarius and Uranus in Pisces going direct after those planets' long retrogrades. This is like the last season of Game of Thrones. There can be only one winner at the end. Pluto in Sagittarius means rampant expanding war. The Man-state has an insatiable need for war to feed the corporate maw and destroy its "surplus" unsellable wealth at the same time. Wealth must be destroyed before its abundance destroys the system itself. Friendly competition and trade wars between nations will now turn to currency wars and bullet and bomb wars. Pluto is the ultimate destroyer, who represents the nuclear bomb, and its power of complete annihilation of civilization. The danger of the use of atomic weapons has never been greater than today--because the Man-state deems that a "limited" nuclear exchange is thinkable, and winnable.

Meanwhile, Uranus is peace and compassion, the message of humanity and love that all ideologies and philosophies profess to promote. So far, all we can see is these ideals being distorted and buried, along with the endless corpses that our death-spiral of capitalism creates. Hopefully, as Uranus comes back to its senses in the direct motion, it will shake itself off and proceed ahead broadcasting the dream of peace to all corners of the Earth--forcing its implementation by rational thought. Is there an app for peace?

At this writing, we have two more retrograde Mercury periods in 2016, one from Aug. to Oct., and one during the last weeks of December.

Saturn in Ophuichus 2016-7

The Mercury retrograde is a likely signal for another market downturn, precipitated first by a new infusion of free money--a "negative interest rate" bailout--ultimately financed by the Chinese in order to save their imploding balloon. Europe is much weaker, much more divided--will the EU even exist by the time Saturn changes sign? Once the floodgates are open, more and more money will have to be thrown at this unpayable junk debt. The central banks will spend the last penny of the accumulated wealth of the G8 nations before they relent. There's no stopping them now since, for every million people who go bankrupt, the billionaires get another payday. Our suffering is their profit. One country after another will be thrown into the abyss—Brazil, England, Italy, Spain, Germany, France. Who's next? An inevitable sell-off must occur. Saturn will leave us in 2017, like it did in 1987, broker but wiser, and moving into Sagittarius, with a scenario of fire, fascism and forced migration. Debt will cross all class lines. Deflation of all wealth is inevitable. Access to money is going to be a miracle in itself! Guarantee: we'll all be poorer by then.

So, why, then, is the stock market at an all time high, the banks are bursting at the seams with money, the rich are buying multi-million dollar real estate to hide their money, and there apparently is no limit to the profligacy and waste that our society is accumulating at a record-pace? How can poverty be pervasive and yet the rich are almost showering in money and getting more every day? The answer is simple. The central banks are printing as much money as the rich can handle--more, even, then can be absorbed by them, and are inventing more ways everyday to plug in these parasites to the vein of public funds. The central banks will continue to suck the blood out of the world economy until there is nothing left. Nothing can stop them from this feat of greed. They will print money until they run out of paper, until they can't force another penny out of the economies they are supposed to represent and protect. In fact, the central banks will plunder us until we are dry husks and the fields of green have turned to a nuclear wasteland. They will continue until they choke and die on their own vomit. Until then, the stock markets will skyrocket, loans (to themselves) will have minus interests rates, and the insane cycle of boom-and-bust runs it course. Is there any force on earth that can stop them? Only a mass uprising and violent revolution. Otherwise, we are all going over the falls with them, because of them, weighted down by them. They will continue to kill and exploit us until we can destroy them, and they have all the weapons of mass destruction to make that impossible. The beast will continue to reign until it dies under the weight of its own avarice.

It may be that Saturn in Ophiuchus offers the Man-State a free reign to commit atrocities--only to be repaid with the seeds of its own destruction. The excesses of government and its corrupted economic policies have a way of unwinding at the end of Saturn's sojourn in Ophiuchus. In 1987 we had the collapse of the S&L banking system and a global meltdown of markets. In 2016, We have the crash of the European banks and the bursting of the China bubble. The crisis was long in coming and was simmering like a volcano until Ophiuchus added her special potion. Then everything blew up. The secret Ophiuchus ingredient--deflation--is what has puzzled mankind and eluded his grasp since time immemorial. That's why it's always a complete surprise!

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On July 31, Uranus went retrograde, with an apparent motion from 32 to 28 degrees Pisces before it goes direct at the end of 2016. This is a repeat performance of 2015, when Uranus went from 29 to 24 degrees Pisces during July-December of that year. All in all, it must be admitted, Uranus in Pisces wants peace, but in retrograde, seems to get violence.

Uranus in Pisces has been called the Jesus syndrome, when new ideas, from Christian ethics to socialist economics, emerge to create a more humanistic society based on love. In Pisces, Uranus is weaponless, so these new, revolutionary ideas are subject to repression and their adherents, to martyrdom. In retrograde, Uranus is retreating from confrontation, shirking the pain. Uranus retrograde is hung up on past hurts, and historical injustice. Freedom is still out of reach, in spite of the fact the first inkling of a new, kinder and more humane philosophy is on the rise, at least among those who have the higher consciousness. But what good does consciousness do when faced with an AK-15 assault rifle?



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