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"His time in prison must have been agony to him. The state had wrongfully taken away his freedom, a death knell to the average Aquarius. His Aries helped him survive the ordeal and win in the end."
What does it mean to realize your real sign? In most cases, your sign will change to the sign before, or to Ophiuchus, if you're a Scorpio. With illustrations by Hiroko Sakai
“White people want to steal everything from us—they even want to take Martin Luther King. But they gave us back OJ and Tiger Woods!”
–Paul Mooney 10/4/1941

The Key star in the Ophiuchus system is Alpha Ophiuchi. Also called Ras Alhague from the Arabic, it means "the Head of the Serpent collector"

One sunny day, a white boy goes astray, a loser, you say, just an ofay. He’s pegged, he’s been had, nothing but a punching bag, mangled and chewed up, he backfired and blew up

One small spark can start a prairie fire.
–Mao Tse-Tung 12/26/1893


Rue Paul Rule-breaking Drag Queen is a Libra, with all the fabulous trimmings. Everything about him is relative and balanced. He is the "other" at the same time he's him. MORE

Libra is a "modern" invention, devised by the Romans to balance Scorpio and Virgo (the two qualities they wanted in a female) and honor Augustus. Main star is Zubenelgenubi which means "North and South claws of the Scorpion"

TYCHE--Planet X? Newly discovered but long predicted, a new "Planemos" gas giant, 6X size of Jupiter, orbiting 80 light years from the Sun, was confirmed on telescope in Hawaii. MORE

Taurus rules, yes, delights and revels in, the body. Other signs lust after them openly because they can feel the sexual heat. Samantha Fox, Taurus, above. more

She is a LIBRA, with a bitchy Scorpio Merc and a big Taurus Moon. like a judgment machine, she churns out (unpopular) opinions like a Nike sweat shop. more

The only sign that can successfully pull off a menage a trois is a Pisces;the perfect host(ess), pleasing two lovers at once is easy.

Comedienne Margaret Cho is an Ophiuchus! Canceled by men in suits, she found her true magic with the LGBT community.

My witness is the empty sky.
-Jack Kerouac, 3/12/1922
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Good guys win in the end. Chiron's life, from despised loser to working class god in one lifetime; showing the purity of sacrifice more



Search for a non toxic roommate Our new roomie is a 20-year-old Libra with rings and tats. can she be happy in our shabby, rundown Brooklyn apartment?

ZERO DEGREE SCORPIO Mily Cyrus is an object of male lust and yet lasciviously mocks sexuality, she's the female threat to mankind, the kitten with a whip, the teen fantasy run amok. She's a Scorpio warrior in the culture wars.

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The Key star in the Ophiuchus system is Alpha Ophiuchi. Also called Ras Alhague from the Arabic, it means "the Head of the Serpent collector"

Epsilon Sagittarii is the brightest star in Sagittarius and the 36th brightest star in the sky. It is a bright giant 145 light-years distant, almost four times as massive and 375 times more luminous than the Sun.