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Vasilis Kanatas is a pioneer in 13-sign astrology, and a prime developer of Capricorn's "Prometheus" 13-sign software, which he co-wrote. Making true astronomical charts have never been easier, and this software has an "animate" feature so you can track transits in real time. This amazing application is available on his website for as little as $215 for the basic version, and $345 for the deluxe version, which includes a beautiful interactive sky-map. A must for the 13-sign astrologer.

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Donna Provancher the Grand Dame of Sidereal and 13-sign culture; an inexhaustible scholar and amazing writer, she provides the complete spectrum of what is known so far about the elusive and persecuted Ophiuchus. Her website Startistics is fertile ground for new ideas and the rich but buried history of the Zodiac. Provancher combines astronomy, archeology, astrology and current affairs and every page is a treasure trove of research and opinion.

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Ra Imotep El is a very prolific 13-sign transcendental astrologer, mystic, prophet and a Leo messenger. He has a huge body of work available; hundreds of informative, conversational and challenging youtube videos, with over a million views. He blends myth and science, history and psychology. Ra extrapolates theories from his research of ancient and modern society and its belief systems, but goes beyond the and acts as a life coach and teacher for his loyal audience. His videos are easy to digest and Ra's easy, compelling style is enjoyable and illuminating.

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ASTROAPP is a cloud-based 13-sign astrology system that's perfect for any astrologer or the curious star-gazer to learn about the Astronomical Zodiac. For $13 a month, you can make accurate 13-sign horoscopes, transit charts, generate both traditional and Parens aspects, and retain and export your charts. Astroapp is native 12-sign, but the authors are making an effort to accomodate 13-sign, and all the house systems--and they offer free updates and instant technical advice. This is a very good value, I use it to make charts on my phone, when I'm on the go.

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The Mystic. 13-sign Zodiac from the cosmic perspective, with graphics and an analysis of the 26,000 year cycle of the precession of the equinoxes (the "holy cross"). A combination of astronomy, mythology, and current events. "Although the few years ahead may stimulate intense revolutionary action and reaction, they also provide opportunity for wide sweeping solutions that heralds us into a new time/paradigm on Earth." Mind-blowing. Free and also subscription, (English)

A Euro website with a lot of depth, uses celebrity examples to illustrate Sidereal astrology and employs the clockwise house system and a breakdown into decanates. "The summer solstice on 22 June is when the sun begins its descent on the ecliptic (path followed by the Sun) and winter solstice, December 22 is when the sun has reached the lowest point of his race and then begins its ascent. The equinoctial and solstice points thus form a structure that crosses the tropical zodiac. This is why we say that this (tropical) zodiac is based on the seasons" Click here to read their introduction to Sidereal Astrology (French, German)

A blog devoted to the promotion of Sidereal astrology, and to the appreciation of Cyril Fagan and Donald Bradley, (the creator and the critic of Western sidereal astrology). "The true problem of holding to the tropical frame of astrological thinking is that it prevents astrology from becoming established experientially, based on empirical data, and thus from being used in the most fruitful way possible to the advancement of mankind." (English and Serb-Croatian)





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How to find the work that best suits your natural abilities
Whether you are looking for work or looking for improvement, this is the report you need to ascertain the best path for your search. The Career Report explains what you have to bring to the table, where and when you should be looking and which are your true talents. The Report also shows you possible obstacles and problems that may lie in your path. Includes your natal chart, personality report, numerology, significant transits and a success assessment of your present location. Delivered by email.

Everything About Your Moon - Her Light and Dark Sides
All about your Moon and what she's doing to you and for you! Star, the Good Witch will provide this and more! Your Moon's sign, house position and aspects, as well as a month's Moon transits with full interpretations. Also includes an exclusive report on the position and aspects of the Moon's Nodes and Lilith, the Black Moon. This is the singular report to chart your emotional health, direct your day-to day coping skills, and give you a profound understanding of your deepest needs and desires. The Lunar report can be delivered by Skype or email.

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The perfect helpmate to understand your newborn or child
Don't raise your baby in the dark! The 13 sign Baby Report will give you a head start on understanding your little treasure and what makes him or her tick. Babies and infants are VERY expressive of their natal chart, which reveals their natures and requirements and everything about how they perceive the world and what they want and need from you as a parent. The Baby Report includes an analysis of your child's planetary signs especially prepared for little ones. Includes two comprehensive reports describing how each of the parents will react and connect with your child's personality and attempts to communicate with you. Also makes a really useful gift! Delivered by email.

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[These books are for 12-sign astrology; However, aspect and transiting angles are the same in all systems.

Go to our Ophiuchus Rising page for the meanings of the angles, planets and asteroids in Ophiuchus]

Key Words for Astrology -- Paperback
by Hajo Banzhaf, Anna Haebler

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Aspects in Astrology: A Guide to Understanding Planetary Relationships in the Horoscope -- Paperback
by Sue Tompkins

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Sextrology: The Astrology of Sex and the Sexes -- Paperback By Stella Starsky, Quinn Cox
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Transits Simplified -- Paperback
by Sakoian & Acker

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Astrology of Human Relationships -- Paperback
by Frances Sakoian

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