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Bernie: Socialist Coup?

Political Revolution

Bernie Sanders is having his moment of epiphany. For 25 years he's been saying the same things and finally, he found an audience. He started out as the hope of the segment of an otherwise entitled population that finds itself poorer and even more alienated then their parents. You can sum it up by saying depressed white youth who blame the system. This is in counter point to Donald Trump's angry middle aged white men who blame immigrants and minorities. Both men have moved way beyond their initial demographic, and both have captured a larger piece of the pie. Both men have been thrust, almost effortlessly, into a destiny far greater then either could have imagined, but had always aimed for. Remember, Donald has also been running for president for 25 years! Each of them started out more likely to tear apart their own party then to be chosen as nominees, although now it looks like each has a chance to seize power of the party apparatus that despises them. For now, the battle is between each man and the parties that are trying to ignore them. The real war between what each man represents is coming.

If Donald is a real estate hustler with dreams of grandeur, Bernie is a humble vote-counting senator from Vermont. While Trump was building hotels, Bernie was wrangling to reform a corrupted Veteran's administration. His presidential campaign seemed to be like a item on his bucket list. Yet things are rapidly changing, beyond personalities.

The New Left has helped him to out-poll all the Republicans and push Hillary towards more liberal positions. He raises more money from small donations than anyone. He's a crowd-funded, internet supported candidate. Bernie has assembled an army of more than 650,000 volunteers to press his "democratic socialist" agenda on a nation which sorely needs it. He has enough of a groundswell to destroy Hillary's carefully orchestrated ascent to power.

His program for improving the living standards of the middle-class (which he uses in conjunction with "workers") is also 25 years old. The vision of a Scandinavian-like contract between the ruling class and the workers has worked in the past, and is a welcome change from laissez-faire capitalist cruelty. In today's catastrophic economy, Hillary is quick to point out, it will take more than cheap health care and free tuition to save American capitalism.

Hillary's a Loser, always the bridesmaid, never the bride?

Hillary: "It can't happen"

Her position is untenable. She can never win holding the position that there is no hope of change, yet that is what she is saying. Bernie espouses ideas that would have worked in the 70s, had they been adopted at that time, but these policies appeal to a whole new generation that is immune to Hillary's degraded promise of a real-politics gridlock. Hillary can only claim that any redistribution of wealth cannot be achieved using the ballot box. This will only drive people away, towards Bernie's call for a political revolution that can and will make the changes necessary.

Hillary's centrist positioning is in vain, because centerism has shown to be an ineffectual for the last 7 years. There's only a left and a right wing now, and that shuts her out. The people see the left and right wing clearly emerging in American politics. Bernie and Donald represent these wings. These are the candidates the people have chosen.

The establishment candidates, Hillary and Jeb, are old hat. No amount of money can improve their standings, and each campaign has or will have to resort to fraud and dirty politics to get the nomination. Both parties, if they want into install their favorites, Jeb! and Hillary, will have to resort to brokered conventions, which will leave both of these empty shills with more frenenies than friends.

Jeb is a dumb liar; he can barely get out of single digits or frame a full sentence and can hardly carry the ball; Hillary is smart liar, but can never convince the over half of voters who hate her guts. The people have spoken; they hate these hacks. They want, demand, Donald and Bernie in a battle royal of good against evil that will galvanize American politics into hyper-drive and choose our national destiny.

The growing popularity of Bernie's platform now extends far beyond overeducated and underemployed millenniels, and he poses a real threat to Hillary. The over-rehearsed defeatism of Hillary's appeal can easily be defeated by Bernie or Donald on the stump, neither of which requires a teleprompter or planned stump speech. They are spontaneous while she's programmed. Donald wins votes with his emails, at the same time they have disgraced Hillary. Bernie engenders excitement among his followers, while Hillary's offer of a bitter pill is a miserable alternative.

This is Bernie's unexpected window. He started as an underdog and his personality is as understated as his campaign. He is magnanimous: he has even vowed in advance to turn his votes over to Hillary at the convention, in the event of his being a threat to a Democratic victory in the general election. Bernie may have initially hoped that his vision might be absorbed by a Clinton juggernaut, maybe in exchange for cabinet position. Now, given the emnity between him and Hillary, the chances of that are remote. No politician is willing to give power to a rival, much less Hillary. (Obama kicked all the radicals out of his administration within months of his first election).

Both the establishment Democrats and Republicans share the same fantasy, that printing more money will buy more time for them to hold on to power, without causing mass social resistance and a war in the streets. The rise of Donald and Bernie are a warning that both the GOP and the Democratic party have become irrelevant to the crisis. The people want solutions, not status quo.

Why should Bernie stay loyal to a corrupted Democratic party that has only tried to sabotage his candidacy? Hillary seems to own the apparatus, but not the heart of the Democratic party. The country is moving towards a polarized electorate, from radical right to radical left. Hillary and Bush, somewhere in the squishy middle, are equally abhorrent. When it comes to politics, the people are demanding political positions at the outer edges of the center.

Bernie may have to see things differently, that his candidacy is the only hope for the Democratic party to mount an effective fight against a Donald Trump candidacy. There's a good chance that Bernie might go to the convention with more votes then Hillary, and she will ultimately, as she had to do for Obama, have to bow out of the race.

You can bring them to the well, You can't make them drink

The War President

Hillary's ideas for the future include a continuation of the endless wars of the Bush and Obama administrations, and paying for with more free Fed money. Hillary is offering, essentially, more of the same, but worse. She will offer the same "Guns and Butter" economy that Lyndon Johnson in the 60s and other Democrats since, have used. Hillary is the status quo. However, the quo is changing faster than anyone could foresee. The center is really hollow and she and Bush seem to be circling the drain.

The fine line between Hillary's centrist, opportunistic policies, and her pandering to corporate interests is one that she, like husband Bill before her, intends to walk like a tightrope. Bernie is forcing her to promise, as he does, a cushion against the attack on our quality of life, the "equality" of the democratic formula that's missing. He may not be able to deliver on his demands to keep the family strong, jobs at home, and the government honest, because none of it is possible with democracy, socialistic or otherwise. Yet his message is so compelling, because it is true. In this case, the socialist ideology is stronger than the man. On the strength of socialism, Bernie could easily vault into the white house, all things considered, or, at the very least, start us on the road to socialism.

As a comparison, Donald Trump has a similar truth to his message, that to be rich is glorious. To get rich, you have to throw others under the bus. He's a stereotype of the arrogant, buffoonish billionaire in a depression-era Shirley Temple film who can solve problems by fiat.

Wealth is at the center of this contest. Trump is a billionaire. Hillary has a fortune of $48 million. Bernie has $700,000. The Bush Oligarchy is rich AND owns the CIA. The difference determines their attitudes more than any ideology. Trump's billions prove a coarse casino owner can get to the real money. Hillary is part of the paranoid nouveau riche class. Bush represents a dying bureaucracy. Bernie is the only one who supports the self-named middle class family, with all the advantages that come with home ownership, savings accounts and a college education.

Bernie's tried to address poverty, mass incarceration and unemployment; the more difficult issues of the lower classes. It seems to be working. The presidential race for him is a way to engage non-voters--an actual majority--that have nothing to gain from media-driven politics.

bernie sanders

Bernie's Burn: A Hot Leo

Bernie is a Leo Sun in 13 sign astrology. One look at his mane-like hair and emphatic leadership can confirm it. His Pisces Moon makes him sympathetic to the lower classes, the underprivileged and oppressed minorities. Like a good socialist, is heart is with the masses.

The Leo in him intends to frighten the entrenched corporations. He hopes to intimidate them with rhetoric, forcing them to pay more taxes and back away from their privatizing schemes. He's got no weapons, his Pisces Mars can only make him the lightning rod for change, he himself is powerless without the support of the people. Bernie has a Sun square Saturn, which has slowed him down to a tortoise-like pace towards political power. But to the sure goes the race; Bernie has waited until the sunset of his life to offer himself at the alter of the future. His trine connections between Neptune, Mercury and the Black Moon indicate that the forces welling up to lift him out of obscurity are like a rising tide, a watershed of support that justifies his existance and vindicates his life's work. It also means that women, whom Hillary though she had wrapped up by virtue of her sex, are far more likely to vote for Bernie, regardless of gender. He is an unbiased reference point in the political world, transcending race, nationality, religion, gender choice or age.

Like a modern trust-buster in the mold of Theodore Roosevelt, it's Bernie against the banks. Bernie is the only politician even mentioning bank regulations. Hillary and the Democratic party has sucking the ass of the too-big-to-fail banks since Goldman Sachs started to run American monetary policy in the Bill Clinton era.

"I did not have sex with that bank"

Hillary is supposed to win the nomination and be a shoe-in for the election, that has been a forgone conclusion. She's a Virgo, your mother, grandmother, teacher, spouse, the good witch of the North, your only hope. Her angle is simple, to the women: I'm a woman. And, for the men, I'm with Bill. Bernie wants a "political revolution", while Hillary promises war and taxation.

Hillary has also worked within the system for 25 years waiting for her chance. She's been locked out, too. For Bernie, it's because he's a socialist. For Hillary, it's because she's a woman.

Historically, Hillary is a symbol of female triumph, yet she also represents capitulation to the patriarchy. Her brand is the gal who took out Osama bin Laden. Her biggest problem is that the more she appears in the public, the more votes she loses. For Hillary, the issues are mostly about her.

Although Hillary is younger than Bernie, she is from another era in politics: the Clinton era, which is passé. She speaks for the generations that don't smoke pot, don't openly discuss their sexuality. She is the war president who can duplicate a man's war-obsession. She and Bill cut their teeth on ending welfare and imposing austerity before it became a trend. The fact that they both lie is almost a forgone conclusion. While Bill is better liked for his indiscretions, Hillary is hated for hers.

Hillary has been compelled to wiggle out of numerous scandals, and disguise herself like a chameleon, changing her colors according to political expediency. She's so used to avoiding confrontation, she lies impulsively. Hillary starts by wondering what she should say, rather than what she thinks. She coaches herself to lie.

Bernie gets a fist bump from Killer Mike

The Bottom Line

In the end, American politics was always headed for the grand confrontation between capitalism and socialism. The bottom line is which which system will destroy the other. Historically, socialism is destined to win, by virtue of its humanity. Capitalism is tottering on its last legs, and circling the drain, drained of its vitality and power. Bernie is faithful to what he has stood for since the 60s, a prosperous socialist economy, based on progressive taxes and only possible in a rich country like the U.S. As a leader, he's still the straight-shooter from a small rural state that rails against banks and billionaires. He doesn't need a script or a lot of handlers; he's at work like a cat on the hunt. He's got integrity. Bernie doesn't have to watch out for faux-pas, he has the answers because he's been living them for 3 decades.

Can reform work in the perverted capitalist democracy, which is shackled to us like a lodestone? Bernie himself has pointed out that he can't do it; it takes a movement. Obama said the same thing but threw away the movement like it was dirty laundry. But Cancer Obama was his own worse enemy, and had to snuff out the fire he had ignited. Bernie has a platform that's over 200 years old, a tried and tru formula to equalize society.

However, there's plenty of astrological evidence that Bernie may suffer health problems and betrayal as the campaign continues. In late May and June, transiting Uranus opposes his Venus and his likability or novelty may suffer. If he looks like he's going to defeat Hillary, he's in for a shitstorm from the media. In terms of a personal relationship with Hillary's right-of-center Democrats, Bernie will have to readjust his initial incarnation as a caddy to Hillary's golf game to the victor in a winner-take-all struggle for the leadership of the only viable party left. It's Bernie or defeat. However, Bernie's powerful enemies are lining up against him:

Here's a review of his upcoming surprises:
"Your major relationships are undergoing great changes, which you may find threatening. Although the changes are likely to be initiated by external circumstances or other people, you can be sure that they are reflecting your deep inner need for change. However, at first you may feel like your loved ones have pulled the rug from under your feet. You may also feel torn between a need to be loved in an intimate relationship and a desire to be your own person. Your challenge is to allow both your partner and yourself plenty of freedom and remain positively focused on the sense of freedom and renewal which will come to all your relationships by the end of this transit." (Stephanie Johnson, Solar Fire)

According to interpretations of the planet's placements, both Bernie and Trump will be pushed out of their parties, rather then be allowed to represent them. Neither machine, Democratic or Republican, can stand serving either of these outspoken popular picks.

No wonder the people are responding to the message of class war. Neither Hillary nor Jeb! can regain control of their splintering parties. The people have chosen Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Also-rans Jeb! and Hillary will have to live with that, and even if either of them succeed in winning, they will be losers. The question is, how much will their PAC backers spend to keep them in the race. Can their parties ignore what the people have already told them, in a thunderous voice? There's a battle between the right and the left: We want to put it to the test: Donald and Bernie!

posted Nov. 13, 2015

updated Dec 19 2015

updated Jan 20 2016




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