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Sun Enters Capricorn

"Think of a clump of Earth and then realize all the energy, the fertility, the life forms it supports, all the complexity of the universe that could be mistaken for plain dirt. Capricorn is the loamy soil of potential, slow growth and sure progress. You will inevitably rise to the top position--even if it takes years. You have both ambition and patience. This position increases the gravity and seriousness of the mind, and tends to thoughtfulness, reserve, and self-control. You spend your energy cultivating forethought, prudence, and tactfulness. You are desirous of power and are fitted for acting as a head or ruler over others, although you would also make a faithful servant and worker or manager as an apprentice.

You will gain more by methodically and quietly working with a given end in view than by excitement or hurry. The job of reckless agency isn't for you. You can only slow done the decision making process and can find yourself at odds with events outside of your control, which can paralyze you. This may also tend to isolate you somewhat at times either through the force of circumstances or because you adopt an attitude of reserve, superiority and distance. You need to cultivate cheerfulness and resist any tendency to depression. The main thing is to relinquish control once in a while for happiness to be yours before you're too old to enjoy it."

Map of constellation courtesy of Constellation Guide

Capricornus or Capricorn?
"Capricornus" generally refers to Capricornus generally refers to the constellation, while "Capricorn" identifies the corresponding sign. Yes, there is a difference between a constellation of the Zodiac and a sign of the Zodiac!

What is the Zodiac?
Capricornus is a member constellation of the Zodiac, and in 2014, the sun passes in front of Capricornus from January 19 to February 16. However, the sun’s passage through the sign Capricorn happens from the December 21 solstice to January 20, 2014 – about one month earlier than the sun’s passage through the constellation Capricornus. By definition, the sun enters the sign Capricorn at the December (or southern) solstice.

Think of it this way. Zodiacal signs stayed fixed relative to the solstices and equinoxes. On the other hand, the equinox and solstice points move 30o westward in front of the zodiacal constellations – backdrop stars – in a period of about 2,160 years.
In the year 131 B.C. the solstice point moved out of the constellation Capricornus and into the constellation Sagittarius. Looking into the future, the December solstice point will cross into the constellation Ophiuchus in the year 2269. These dates are based upon the constellation boundaries as defined by the International Astronomical Union in 1930.

From: EarthSky


The spectacular rings of Saturn cast dark shadows on the ringed planet as the winter season approaches in Saturn's southern hemisphere in this view from the Cassini spacecraft. Space.com

• Principle: The power of form-giving, restriction, definition, and preservation.
• Psychological: Self-preservation, survival (drive to work hard and to guard one’s own). Need for self-reliance, emotional distance, material security (conserving, frugal). — Inhibiting, withdrawn; trials. Limits, restrains, restricts, defines.
• Physiological: Skeletal system; teeth, bones. Elimination.

SUN IN CAPRICORN (according to Cyril Fagan)

• It's hard to really get to know them: although they come across as very sociable and likable, they aren't deeply forthcoming.
• A witty, original, though sometimes perverse sense of humor (defense against melancholy). Sense of macabre. Not terribly glum. Story telling.
• Good speakers, honest in grace in speech (Firmicus). Champs in the art of "proverbing".
• Strong potential for discontent. Potentially a severe critic.
• Skeptical.
• Mentally a nonconformist, gets pleasure from upsetting the Establishment with unusual attire, manner, speech, action.
• Prankish juvenescence at times.
• Never hard sells a cause, and supports few.
• Aloofness. Little team spirit--a singleton in sports.
• Shades of prohibitionism, persistence, compensation (Adler: often due to organic defects).
• Little desire for children.
• Little spontaneous creativity. Few great painters (Cezanne). However, musical appreciation and instrumental facility.
• Blasé boldness, exterior coldness (Bradley). Emotions are restricted and withdrawn/cautious.
• Congenial and externally compliant socially, often displaying an Everything's all right attitude.
• Cautious, least accident-prone constellation.
• Great ability to shrug off or disregard any facts of happenings they would rather not face. Refusal to be convinced, stubbornness, automatic resistance to mind-changing attempts by others. Resentful of intrusion.
• Tends to make generalizations which are his form of social protest. Fictional Finalisms (Adler).
E.g., All men are created equal; Honesty is the best policy; The end justifies the means; it's in the Bible; It ain't necessarily so; alls well that ends well; I do the best I can; I live for my home and family.
• Romantically, tends to remain aloof until very sure, then grabs hard. Dutiful, devoted, and tenacious in marriage. (Women often sexual martyrs, but once they give up control enough to make an emotional commitment, it becomes a total involvement to the point that sexuality becomes little more than a vehicle for emotional communion.)
• Struggle hard against life to get their jobs done. Tenacious of life, sense of responsibility and duty. Workaholics.
• Frugal in words and finances (note Franklins adages). Capacity for brevity.
• Oriented to the past, tradition, status quo. Respects social taboos.
• Strong father image (Father looking over shoulder, reacts strongly to father figures, looking for paternal approval. Either wants to be Dad, be better than Dad, or kill Dad.)
• Realist, deep thinker, probing, with interests in philosophy, religion, and all serious matters. (A few appear superficial, though. Might be superficiality, might be cover)

Capricorn: Love and Hate FAQ

Your Sun is in Capricorn, the boss. 

Q) Why do people resent Capricorns?

A) Because Capricorns are almost always RIGHT. Because we NEED them. Capricorns have managerial strengths and a powerful sense of values. This is why their leadership, friendship, or affections can be oppressive and insufferable. But they often win in the end, and that’s what scares the competition. Caps do their homework before the test. When you go into the board rooms of wealth and leadership, and meet the power-brokers themselves, they are likely going to be predominantly (Sidereal) Capricorns. Several U.S. presidents were Capricorn, including Abe Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan.

Q) Why are Capricorns so bossy?

A) The sea goat is the most resolute, starts at the bottom and ends up on top of the heap. Oprah Winfrey is a classic Capricorn story, she met with opposition throughout her early career. All the network suits sabotaged and belittled her, but in the end, she not only triumphed over them, but built an entirely new network of her own--inventing a hugh enough position to satisfy her ambitions. Most Capricorns also drag a lot of other less ambitious, less talented people with them, thinking all the while that these passengers, as it were, are superior to them. Capricorns are filled with scorn for anyone that doesn’t listen to them. Eventually, heavy responsibility comes their way, even though they don’t want it; power will be thrust into their hands because of their competence and abilities.  

Q) Why are Capricorns "negative", "resistant", or "boring"?

A) They think the same thoughts over and over until they get them right, or until someone corrects their mistake. Capricorns don’t take anything at face value, they question everything, especially untried ideas and methods. If you come at them with high hopes, optimism or hype, they will shoot you down and remind you of all the reasons why it won’t work. They know too much to explain it all to fools.

Q) What are Capricorn’s positive traits?

A) Who else is so well grounded (Earth sign) and can own it so completely? Who else can employ delayed gratification so well (patience is the virtue of Capricorn)? And who has such lofty goals and also such a strong sense of destiny that they won't publicly acknowledge them? Capricorns are the surprise package, the goodies are saved for last. He who laughs last, laughs best. The Capricon can relish the total  immersion in pleasure with the triumph of power. 

Q) What happens if you fall in love with a Capricorn?

A) You are in for a rough period at the beginning, because Caps need to have respect for those who love them. Capricorns have a built-in bullshit detector, so you better be coming at them with the real thing. If it’s just a crush, they will pop the balloon before someone else does. But when Capricorns drop their defenses, and open themselves to love, they can insulate you in a blanket of security and a sense of belonging. If Capricorns don’t easily express passion, it’s because they haven’t met anyone powerful enough to break their routine. Your time is rewarded when you feel the certainty of Capricorn’s unconditional love, it is truly without limit!


People always ask me, ‘Were you funny as a child?’ Well, no, I was an accountant.
–Ellen DeGeneres 1/26/1958
My motto was always to keep swinging. Whether I was in a slump or feeling badly or having trouble off the field, the only thing to do was keep swinging.
–Hank Aaron 2/5/1934
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The Selenite Story

By Kim the Good Witch

Selenite is a beautiful Crystal and is named after the White Moon Selena because of the magical soft glow this Crystal holds, the White Moon Selena in Astrology represents good karma and offers us great healing abilities, especially when we face and deal with our fears and issues of the Black Moon Lilith in our Astrology Charts. Selenite is a stone of protection and will shield a person or space from any negative energies or harm. MORE

Lilith: the First Feminist


By Lorraine

The mythology of Lilith is simple, yet through the ages it has been twisted.

Lilith is described in legend as the original woman, before Eve she was first and was conceived by the creator to exist in love and equality with the original man. This partnership was not comfortable for her male counterpart, he demanded subservience from her and rather than lessen herself she departed, expressing the pain of her rejection as fury. Her self respect was intact but according to legend her heartbreak at the injustice of this has burned throughout the ages. MORE


Adele: Aries, Ophiuchus, Juno
Her Moon in Ophiuchus tells the tale. There's a sound and a viewpoint in her music that can hypnotize her listeners. The message is, we all can relate to her pain, regardless of other differences. MORE

The Dynamic of Pluto Influence:
Talking about your Generation

1950-68 1968-86 1986-96 1996-99 1999-2007 2007-24

Our Cycle of Crisis

image: Shuler Research

Like a creeping disease, deflation is the specter of destruction haunting the capitalist system. It's contagious; it's jumping from one nation to another like an STD. Oil producing nations have it. It's working its way through Europe like a new black plague; Japan has had it for 10 years, and now China has it. And now, finally, deflation--the dull gray bubble in the illustration above--has come to edge us ever closer to a future of wanting what we can't have and paying for what we don't want. MORE

The Yod
We've seen our Yod in the sky, in the form of a missile contrail. The Yod is traditionally a warning of danger, and anyone who ignores one is a sitting duck. How do Yods work and what do they mean? MORE

emperors new clothes

The Emperor with No Clothes
Just what we need, Leos strutting around like fat cats. All this patriotism and boosterism will disappear like clouds in your coffee. There's no substance, nothing to counter the weight and hard truths of 2016.

Saturn in Ophiuchus
Shock and Awe

Saturn represents the power structure. Saturn's meaning for us is grounded in our human society. Eons ago, but within human consciousness, Saturn was much closer to Earth and was considered a benevolent star, like the Sun. Saturn provided the security for an Earth teeming with life, and the blooming of the evolutionary tree. Many ancient cultures left drawings of another object in their sky, as big as the Sun. The temperance of Saturn was like a security blanket of regular cycles and is now associated with the cornucopia. Early humans had it good, and lived in harmony with nature.

Suddenly, Saturn exploded in the sky, and was spun out of control to its present position on the far reaches of the Sun's solar rays. The rubble thrown up by the release of energy now gives Saturn its rings and many moons. MORE

Kendrick Lamar, a Taurus in pain
Like other hip hop greats Biggie and Tupac before him, Lamar is a Taurus. Like them, Lamar is also a wounded soul, disappointed in love and touched by death. He has a typical Taurus “do-me” sexual physicality that’s hard to resist, and has dance moves that resemble a boxer in the ring. MORE

Why do people hate Capricorn? FAQ
Because Capricorns win in the end. Because we NEED them. Capricorns have managerial strengths and a powerful sense of values. That's also why their leadership, friendship, or affections can be oppressive and insufferable. We're all grasshoppers to them. MORE

russell brand

"Stamping His Feet and Spitting His Dummy"
Russell Brand, the British actor and comedian, is the classic Taurus. He's by turns the strident bull and the dancing girl. His latest foray is into politics and economic reform. He's almost painfully honest, articulate and has a fearless sense of humor. MORE

Women Who Kill Men, the anomaly
Women, as a rule don't go out and kill the men who abuse or cheat them. Vary rarely do we find female murderers, much less a mass murderer, although there are the rare exceptions. MORE

Bioscope of the Marquis DeSade, Taurus
Sex was never so exciting, his partners never so beautiful as when pain had released them from the normal bounds of sexual reaction to experience true pleasure. This was the Sade philosophy in a nutshell. “Your body is the church where Nature asks to be reverenced.” he wrote. MORE

The Struggle Against Racism in our time
The heroes of the resistance to apartheid, according to their 13 sign charts. Read the bioscopes of Nelson Mandela, Winnie Mandela, Joe Slovo, and Chris Hani, the top leadership of the African Nation Congress.

The Pandemonium of Pluto's Moons
Pluto isn't a dwarf planet, but a dynamic system in miniature! The latest news about Pluto challenges the cosmological view of a cold, dead planet. MORE

Ophiuchus the mass murderer
James Holmes, the young man who shot 70 people in during a Batman movie premiere in 2012, a new US record for mass murder, is an OPHIUCHUS. MORE

Paul Mooney: Comedian or social critic?
A Cancer man of different hats—literally, he worked as a writer for many comedians, from Richard Pryor to Dave Chappelle. He grabs hold of the truth with his claws, pulverizing fools and racists and sending them to the exit door. MORE

Roseanne Barr: Libra with a sting
She always held an ideological view of the American family. She developed a feminist working class hero in the face of childhood alienation and the jealous resistance from the men in suits that run TV. MORE

The Age of Aquarius: 600 years to go
The visible reality of astronomical time, according to NASA and the International Astronomical Union, dispels the notion that the age of Aquarius is just around the corner, instead pointing to a completely different reality. MORE

Music by Ophiuchus

The Works of Zearle (Double Ophiuchus)




Comparison of the Zodiac systems





Aries Mar 21 - April 20 April 15 - May 15 April 19 - May 13
Taurus April 21 - May 20 May 16 - June 15 May 14 - June 19
Gemini May 21 - June 20 June 16 - July 15 June 20 - July 20
Cancer June 21 - July 21 July 16 - Aug 15 July 21 - Aug 9
Leo July 22 Aug 22 Aug 16 - Sep 15 Aug 10 – Sep 15
Virgo Aug 23 - Sep 22 Sep 16 - Oct 15 Sept 16 – Oct 30
Libra Sep 23 - Oct 22 Oct 16 - Nov 15 Oct 31– Nov 22
Scorpio Oct 23 - Nov 21 Nov 16 - Dec 15 Nov 23 – Nov 29
Ophiuchus NA NA Nov 30 – Dec 17
Sagittarius Nov 22 - Dec 21 Dec 16 - Jan 14 Dec 18– Jan 18
Capricorn Dec 22 - Jan 20 Jan 15 - Feb 14 Jan 19 – Feb 15
Aquarius Jan 21 - Feb 19 Feb 15 - Mar 14 Feb 16– Mar 11
Pisces Feb 20 - Mar 20 Mar 15 - April 14 Mar 12 – April 18


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