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Regulus – α Leonis (Alpha Leonis)

Regulus is a four-star system composed of two pairs of stars. Regulus A is a spectroscopic binary star composed of a blue-white main sequence star and a companion star which cannot be resolved, but is believed to be a white dwarf.

The primary star of Regulus A is a young star, only a few million years old, and has 3.5 times the mass of the Sun.

Alpha Leonis is the closest bright star to the ecliptic. Because it lies so close to it, it is regularly occulted by the Moon and, rarely, by Mercury and Venus.

In the northern hemisphere, Regulus is best seen in the evening in the late winter and spring. The only time of year when the star can’t be seen is for a month on either side of August 22, when it lies too close to the Sun.

The star’s name, Regulus, means “little king” or “prince” in Latin. The star’s Greek name, Basiliscos, had the same meaning. The Arabic name for the star is Qalb al-Asad, which means “the heart of the lion.”

Denebola – β Leonis (Beta Leonis)

Denebola has 75% more mass than the Sun, 173% of the solar radius, and is 12 times more luminous. It is classified as a Delta Scuti variable, which means that its brightness varies slightly over a period of a few hours. Denebola exhibits variations in luminosity of 0.025 magnitudes about ten times a day.

Beta Leonis is a relatively young star. Its estimated age is less than 400 million years. Denebola also exhibits a strong infrared excess, which suggests that it may have a circumstellar debris disk of dust in its orbit.

The star belongs to the IC 2391 supercluster, a stellar association whose member stars share a common motion through space, but are not gravitationally bound. Other stars that belong to this association are Alpha Pictoris in the constellationPictor, Beta Canis Minoris in the constellation Canis Minor, and the stars in the open cluster IC 2391, also known as the Omicron Velorum Cluster, located in theconstellation Vela.

The name Denebola comes from the Arabic ðanab al-asad, which means “the lion’s tail.”

The Leo Fire

Leo according to Cyril Fagan

• They just glow like sunshine! Sincere, among the warmest and most loyal of friends. Must love and be loved.
• Much affection and warmth to give. Give and accept love in its purest form -- only demands from you what you can give.
• Express their needs matter-of-factly – as though they were assumed, their "Divine Right."
• Lusty sex drives, much fun and play (not always deadly serious). Kittens in the bedroom. Considerate, gentle lovers.
• Kindergarten complex. Oriented to childhood. Takes child-like delight in what has been accomplished.
• Low profile on their accomplishments. The major point of their bragging is never what they have done, but why. (Need others to understand where they were coming from.)
• Casual dignity, not noisy or flagrant.
• Font of simple elegance. Nice things on a non-ostentatious level.
• Natural flair in mannerisms. Tend to be somehow colorful (dress, speech, etc.).
• Adds a flavor of nobility (regality) to the scene.
• Centricity is required. Desires satellites, holds court. Can be a delightful centerpiece!
• Naturals in positions of authority. Dependable. Divine Right to rule.
• Dislikes a plebeian feeling. Detests weakness in self and others (including hero worshiping tag-alongs). Proud. Self-aware and self-oriented.
• Competitive.
• Not intimidated or awed by power or authority. Prolific in argument (until Leo feels there is no reason to continue; "What's the use?")
• Dislikes hypocrisy and wastefulness. Deeply moral.
• Rarely agnostic or atheistic. Strong faith in Creator and After-life. Rarely profane (though can be willingly obscene).
• In constant search of the meaningful. When normal avenues fail, gravitates to a deeper level of meaning.
• Purity-conscious and perfection-sensitive. Pedantic, precision-conscious, capacity for splitting hairs.
• Weaker Leos seem like lower-form Cancers. Natural regality, when distorted, becomes over-bearingness and they need continual adoration.
• Wants few children, but heirs are well cared for.
• As a parent: Love own children much and often fails to see their faults. Demands respect, wants own efforts appreciated. Strict but magnanimous (emotionally & materially).
• Paternalistic. Can take talent under own wing & develop it.
• Very concerned with improving the lot of their fellows. Relate to people as people, not as members of the masses (in contrast to Aquarius).
• Concerned with getting things done...
• Always futilely trying to get his life in order. Thousands of little pieces of paper with notes....

The law of the jungle [source]


The two domains of Leo are sex and the ego. Sex is domination, the kill. Sex with a Leo can involve biting and scratching; Leos can have sex with their enemies, or survive off masturbation for years, since love in the human sense doesn’t enter into it, at all.

NBA star and 13 sign Leo Wilt Chamberlain claims to have had sex with thousands of women, none of whom he gave a damn about. For the mechanical Lothario Leo like this, mere mating is the overweening obligation and quantity is the only yardstick. Leos are at their most fierce during sex and when outraged; the two extremes surrounding a life otherwise dominated by sloth and submission. The normal state of Leo is torpid transference, and they can only be engaged when angry or horny. The Leo likes to scare their prey, to terrify their enemies. They often have the same effect on their lovers.

13 sign Leo and bad-boy actor and activist Sean Penn is an example of the hot-headed, hungry Leo personality type, exemplified in a fictional scene from "Mystic River", but an accurate depiction of his animal rage.

Two Leo sex symbols

The Symbol and the Cat

Leo is sexy the way a cat is sexy; supine, sensual, presumptive, selfish. Leo people can be unconsciously sexy, and then intentionally sexy. The Leo in lust makes their feelings know, without ambiguity. They growl, purr, preen and prance, tails waving, as if under the spell of their own special brand of sexual fierceness. MORE


There’s only two options for a Leo: win or lose; life or death. Male Leos live short fast lives unless they’re careful. They expire along with their usefulness. Celebrity buffoon Gene Simmons is an example of the has-been unconsciously ridiculous Leo. On the other hand, octogenarian actor Sean Connery has a lasting impact and grows in stature. Female Leos fare better than men through cooperation and community, and, as a result, can delay the inevitable for as long as possible. Forever young and sexually active women Jacqueline Bisset or Kim Cattrall are examples of well-preserved female Leos living their erotic mantras well into old age.

The Leo merely refines the objectification of what he or she has always been. Musical greats Michael Jackson and Charlie Parker were both Leos who never separated from their music or from the images of themselves that their music created. Both maintained the essence of themselves until their own demons tracked them down and ate them like hyenas do lions in the wild.


A Leo life can be quite simple. Like the life of a predator, it can be brutal or beautiful, depending on how you look at it. Leo is an animal. Don’t look for human characteristics in Leo, they aren’t there. To think Leos are human is misplaced anthropomorphism. Others may transcend their animalness: Aries, the ram, through action; Taurus the bull, through possessions; Sagittarius the centaur through idealism; but Leo does not deviate. Leo is nature in the raw.

"Leo isn’t just an animal, Leo is the king of the animals—putting itself above all others, and taking the best for itself. For each of its narrow feeding roles, the Leo excels. First we have the image of the huntress, Diana, with spear, sitting on the throne with her pet lions alongside her. Then Leo eats, rapaciously and ravenously; food is the prize. Then Leo wants sex, prowling for pheromonal females. Then Leo sleeps, reverently supplying its tremendous ego with the energy it needs to resuscitate.

Men and women Leos differ in important ways; The male Leo dominates; displays his libido, assumes rulership of the pride, defends the pride. What the male Leo does is kill. Anything or anybody that trespasses on his territory, or threatens his reign, including any male, even the cubs of other lions. The female Leo is the lifeline of the DNA, the center and creator of the pride, who provides food, suckles the cubs, organizes the females into a hunting posse, and is the mainstay of the Leo society. Male Leos are expendable and interchangeable, they come and go according to their ascending or waning power, and their ability to kill enemies. Females remain, persist and collectively build for the future as a group and a family. She passes the power on to the next strongest female."

From The Book of Leo


The Sun gives Leo birthright to rule. The Sun is what enthrones Leo; the Sun makes a Leo feel good, feel alive. The lack of Sunshine will have the opposite effect. Leos trapped in the dark, or in rainy weather start to deflate and decay until the Sun comes out. Pity the Leo in solitary confinement, or who lives in a geographical location where a six-month night is a yearly occurrence. The result of sun-deprivation for all humans is unrelenting depression; but Leos feel it far worse. Vitamin A&D is one way to last through a gloomy sunless day.

Black Leos vs
White America

Dave Chappelle dispatched himself to Africa, and then to his rural farm in Pennsylvania, to escape being "captured"--and corrupted--by the men-in-suits at Comedy Central. He fled what he judged to be a media-coup d'etat of his comic genius; they wanted to homogenize his satire and make him a Disney character, like they did to Eddie Murphy. They were, in his words, laughing at him and not with him.

Fellow Leo with the same birthday Gangster Dontae Morris stood his ground in a shoot-out with two police officers, and killed them both. He was an assassin and enforcer for his family of drug dealers, and now his life is forfeit; he's in a Southern jail awaiting trial; his best hope is life imprisonment and perhaps a rare (and improbable) second chance to help people. MORE

What's a King without
a Kingdom?

The real Leo strength comes from the complex society of lions—the most socialized and therefore the most successful predator community. However, it’s primarily the FEMALE that gives the group its strength and cohesion. It’s the raising of cubs that make survival and propagation possible. Male and female roles must combine to promote the interests of the pride, although male Leos are often brainless and impetuous. In the wild, male lions often kill or exile their possible competition, and that can even include their own male cubs. MORE

The End of Leo Ego

For Leos to live a long life, they need to control the one thing they crave the most: fat. The Leo wants to live off of burning fat, but unfortunately, fat starves the brain. Glucose is the only food the brain can use, and a high fat diet will starve the Leo brain, and also clog the heart and veins. The Leo heart must be fat-free to work properly. Any problem with the heart will drain the life out of a Leo, fast. Fats track Leos like a Father Time ready to cut them out of the pride; there’s a limit to the largess of life for the predator. The laws of the jungle are the same for everybody. Unless Leos can learn to save their heart from fat—which actually causes them to become hard-hearted—they will descend from the hunter to the hunted as a matter of course, and meet with a similarly grisly and untimely end. But it doesn't have to be that way. The Healthy Leo Cat

Napoleon was a Leo. Learn from him.

Before and after the Leo ego.


Music by Ophiuchus

The Works of Zearle (Double Ophiuchus)




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Ophiuchus (oh-few-kuss)

map from Capricorn-Prometheus

Can you find Ophiuchus center stage, vaulting over the ecliptic?

You can't miss her tail on the Zodiacal plane, like a snake sunning itself on the road. She's on her way to meet Hercules, her male equivalent. Ophiuchus is the female power that was suppressed by astrologers in 100 ACE and she and her coven have been the subject of the largest and longest genocide in history. The war on strong women has never let up. Read on to see how this heroic and erotic female has been supplanted with a patriarchy in astrology since the Roman Empire.

What is your true sign?

Don't be surprised that your birthday no longer falls in the sign you've grown up with. Astrologers gave you the wrong sign, at least the wrong degree. 80 percent of people think they're the wrong sign. Look at the skies yourself, and you'll see the problem. The Sun, Moon and the planets are not where astrologers say, not even close! Mainstream "tropical" astrology is wildly inaccurate and the laughing stock of science and astronomy. Only a 13-sign natal chart can reveal your true sign.[Click to download the free planetarium app Stellarium and see for yourself]


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Cusp birthdays are approximate
How to change your sign
Proof of the veracity of 13 signs


Most Western astrologers use an obsolete, 1800-year-old system that ignores the Earth's precession of the equinoxes and is off by almost 30 degrees. This is the fatal blow to tropical astrology. Science and the rest of the world abandoned the tropical view of the universe 600 years ago. Tropical astrology gets the signs wrong. They are a sign ahead of what is true. If you want the truth, you have to consult 13-sign astrology, the same view of space that NASA and astronomers routinely use to ascertain the correct planetary and sign positions. You want proof? Click to Telescope, or get one yourself and check the night sky!

Science and Astrology

How important is accuracy? Astrology, like astronomy, is based on degree, and only works with the correct degree. Astrologers must have an astronomically accurate map to interpret a horoscope correctly. How can tropical astrologers use bogus numbers in their horoscopes? It's pure hubris and subterfuge.

Only the correct chart, showing the true signs of the planets and luminaries, can help us interpret them in any meaningful way. The system you use to apply the ancient traditional symbols must correlate to the real sky, or what's the point? The astrological view must conform to the actual astronomy for the astrology to work. Astrology was designed thousands of years ago as the greatest sociological study ever attempted! Why are we adding bad data to the pool?

Your Blueprint for Life

Ready to meet the real you? Find out what a real astrology can do! The real horoscope is the map of the skies at the moment of your birth and your location. Only an astronomically accurate chart shows the correct degrees and signs of the Moon, Sun, and all your planets and asteroids.

Only the 13 sign astrology degrees are accurate, which is why it strikes the mark every time.

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