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Nov 30-Dec 17

Garden of Eden by Hiroko Sakai

The Secret life of Ophiuchus

Ophiuchus is the fully realized woman, or feminine power. Both male and female Ophiuchus exhibit the complete spectrum of the female archetype, one who can also display the strength and persistence as well as the accepted female attributes. The Ophiuchus is the ancient incarnation of women, the symbol of birth and death, and not just the highly restricted roles that women are allowed to play in modern times. Ophiuchus' world does not just revolve around men, having babies, fitting in, sexuality or the family. Ophiuchus is the center of such experiences, but she's independent, her own person in her own right.

Ophiuchus doesn't just aspire to be what others want them to be. She is adamant in her resistance to those who would violate her or her coven and covenant. Ophiuchus does not try to form herself into a image, she is the real thing. Ophiuchus is the original woman, with all her powers. Since the dawning of man's violence and oppression, she has had to preserve herself against domination. She has had to dominate. In a hostile world, she has had to hide her true power from her enemies.

Her manifestation is for the betterment of humanity. Yet she is also paranoid and vengeful, smarting from the hatred and persecution of systemic extinction.

Ophiuchus was born to lead us through the labyrinth of life and death. She both our midwife and coroner. She obeys no god, tyrant, guru nor saint, she does what Mother Nature has instructed her to do. In society's tyranny she has only reaped grief, torture and death. Yet she still refuses to knuckle down, to be a slave. She will not succumb to man's will and has proved her point by dying a million deaths and hiding in the shadows until her rebirth is assured.
(From The Book of Ophiuchus)

"Asclepius (Ophiuchus) was raised by Chiron, the wise centaur, associated with Centaurus constellation, who taught him the art of healing. In one of the myths, Asclepius was given the blood of the Gorgon Medusa by the goddess Athene. The Gorgon’s blood from the veins on her left side was poison, but the blood from the veins on the right side was said to be able to bring people back to life.

The healer was killed by Zeus because the god was worried that the human race would become immortal with Asclepius around to heal them. Zeus’ brother Hades, the god of the Underworld, was concerned that the flow of dead souls into his domain would dry up as a result of Asclepius’ healing ability. Hades complained about this to Zeus and the thunder god killed the healer with a bolt of lightning. Zeus later placed Asclepius’ image in the sky to honor his gift and good deeds. The healer became the constellation Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer." MORE

"Male Ophiuchus are fascinating because they can ignore gender stereotypes. Ophiuchus itself has a hard time conforming with any characterization. They hate labels. They see people as they themselves demand to be seen, as individuals. 

It’s a hard life when you stand out like that, and Ophiuchus are persecuted as children, because of circumstances, or because they alienate most adults, who don’t understand them. Perhaps adults fear them.

Ophiuchus builds groups of people who are their disciples or novices. Ophiuchus performs magic for its select few. It could be anything from playing mind games to stealing cars. While female Ophiuchus can feel at home in a sisterhood, the males are the outsiders. Authority worries about them, so they are always under surveillance. 

Ophiuchus ultimately is very destructive of the established order. They are the snake in the grass, the crack in the mirror, the unexplained phenomena, the revolutionary thought, that others are scared of. They can't be relied upon to co-opt themselves. Ophiuchus cannot nor will not ever change they have proven this time and again when they have been burned at the stake as witches.

The Ophiuchus uses disguises to hide all aspects of their lives, from accent to gender. They like unisex clothes. They are object-oriented, believe in the power of sacred objects, which could be anything from bongs to books. They accumulate knowledge like amulets, and like animals, especially cats, with whom they bond psychically." (from: The Male Shaman).

“Ophiuchus” is a noun, it’s not a name. It means “serpent holder.”

Those born under the stars of the serpent holder are natives of a complex “sign” we classify as a Collective Archetype.

We say “sign” (in quotes) because Ophiuchus has not yet been acknowledged by Astrology as a legitimate member of the Zodiac Circle.

A collective is a group of entities that share or are motivated by at least one common issue or interest, or work together on a specific project to achieve a common objective.

The Ophiuchus Collective incorporates a number of innovators, cultural icons, role models and an archetype or two who shared a common goal of advancing Humanity along certain lines and using specific methods.

The constellation was recently cut out of the belly of the scorpion (1930) in a sort of cosmic cesarean section. Therefore, the predominant personality of the Scorpio-Ophiuchus Astrological “sign” is Fixed Water which is gender feminine.

Until such time as the Western Astrologers’ international legislative body makes a determination on including Ophiuchus or not, it stands alone on the Zodiac Belt in constellation form between Scorpius (water-feminine) and Sagittarius (fire-masculine) as the 5th Element, Ether.

Accordingly, Ophiuchus standing alone is omni-gendered and non-gendered because that’s what Ether is (Spirit).

(Donna Polancher)

Ophiuchus in Placement: the Meanings

Who is she? Gender-neutral Her Story Ascendant Sun
Moon Mercury Mars Venus Jupiter
Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto Chiron
North Node Midheaven Fortune Black Moon Juno

The Story of Ophiuchus

Ophiuchus represents true individuality; the realized self; the lover and mother of others. Their enemies are the haters and their minions, who are locked into a sense of false community based on opposing what Ophiuchus/13/women's power represents, and will try to destroy her any chance they get. Maybe it’s just a simple fact of the patriarchy hating the Mother, the maternal leader and sage; the someone in contact with the secret source of a woman's awesome power over life and death, which men cannot control. And they hate women for it.

For eons, women have been helping the others confront the world beyond their understanding. Men call it magic, women call it intuition and transformation. But women are not the only target of violence and ignorance, men with this sign are also liable to be punished or driven underground.

The tokens of Ophiuchus are snakes, which are Man’s traditional enemies. The snake is inscrutable. It never submits. The snake is the symbol of regeneration. Man’s jealousy and hatred for the healer who can perform this "miracle" have led him to launch armies against Ophiuchus, to try to ridicule, separate and eradicate her from human society and experience. Snakes are the symbol of knowledge, the springboard of understanding the human body, yet they are also dangerous, and unpredictable. Man has used propaganda against Ophiuchus, depicting her as evil and beyond redemption, denigrating her coven as a nest of vipers.

Look at his treatment of Medusa, her mantle of vipers protected her from harm. One glance from her could turn a man to stone, so her assassination was a foregone conclusion. No mercy was to be shown to the woman who demanded equality with (or solitude from) men. Women had to divert man's violence with the greater power of Mother Nature and her irresistible and irrefutable importance in the human existence. This is why when the crisis finally descends upon man's construction, it is sweeping and inalterable.

There is no need to fear the snake if you leave it unmolested and honor its power and self-interest, yet mankind has a passion for killing the snake, as well as what it represents in human existence. They fear the snake; they fear Ophiuchus; they fear women’s sexuality and powers. And they fear retribution, so much so that through the ages men have hunted and killed the strong women in their midst, and feared even the most arbitrary symbols of their power -- the number 13, the witch’s cooking pot, black cats, herbs and natural healing, and all the other paraphernalia with which Ophiuchus surrounds herself.

Mankind knows only one way: the exploitation of nature, the selfish accumulation of power, and holds the maternal instinct in contempt. Women worldwide have been enslaved to the wheel of colonialism and capitalism, where they are a commodity like any other. Any protest is ruthlessly eradicated. Intolerance, invasion and violence has been man’s answer to the Mother, her Earth and her womb. Women who survive the onslaught mostly are relegated to obscurity and domesticity. Meanwhile, the slaughter and abuse of women goes on apace without any letup or real accountability.

Female-and lunar-based astrology which women brought to the world has become twisted into a fetish, modern astrology is a mockery of women, and her connection with the cosmos. It was women who developed the lunar calendar of 13 equal months of 28 days (with one day left over for celebration) which worked for centuries before the Greeks and Romans sampled and disfigured it. Ejecting the female presence in astrology is not playing with a full deck, and astrologers have been wandering in the dark ever since.

The power of women and the coven is given form by Ophiuchus, along with her more militant sister, Lilith and the Black Moon. Ophiuchus has survived thousands of years of persecution by organized religions and Man’s political structures, and is a growing force in social change and spiritual awakening.

The most dangerous enemy of Ophiuchus is the Roman Church.

The Romans turned powerful women, warriors, prophets and healers into slaves, and this ancestral memory gives Ophiuchus the pugnacity of the ex-slave, still stinging from the lash, or reliving a death by flames. Two-thousand years ago women were marginalized in Roman society as a social class, as well as deleted from the Ptolemaic (Tropical) calendar the Romans adopted.

The Roman Catholic Church burned witches for 300 years. The slaughter only increased during the so-called age of enlightenment, with the acceptance of science and surgery over the wisdom and healing methods of the Crone. They changed the sex of Ophiuchus and renamed her 'Asclepius'. The Church tried to exterminate Ophiuchus, and tropical astrology is trying to do the same for astrology.

It is no wonder that Ophiuchus can have a hunted look and hold back their powers, often wishing to stay in the background. It's a very brave Ophiuchus that will stand up to persecution.


With any of the angles touching Ophiuchus, the native will be strongly influenced by originality which turns into duplicity, and innocence that turns into suspicion. Ophiuchus is the crisis of change; the trauma and the miracle of transformation. We are recreated as the culmination of our human experience. The Ophiuchus is the living embodiment of what we aspire to be, and also, in the world, the disappointment and fear at the failure to achieve this without opposition and danger.

Ophiuchus as the rising sign changes by location, so that ANY sign will start to draw the ire and negative attention that Ophiuchus/Medusa attracts from those who fear the feminine powers over flesh and matter. While the Ascendant is in this unpredictable sign, the native will feel persecuted and try to disguise themselves and their sexuality under wraps - perhaps masquerading as the opposite sex.

The dangers that Ophiuchus/ascendant senses are ever present, and real. After the initial rush of freedom, release and awe in rebirth, the Ophiuchus is pounced upon without reason by the world into which he or she has been thrust. The birth is immediately accompanied by an onslaught of predators. Ophiuchus, without having developed a magic strong enough to vanquish its enemies, must resort to subterfuge, disguise and chicanery. Only when the powers of Ophiuchus are enlightened, and they are able to forgive the trespasses against them, can they truly be free.


You are a passionate and intense individual. You may gain attention through creating dramatic situations. You may also be secretive. These are all tendencies blamed on Scorpio, for whom you have an intimate understanding. Scorpio is your mother - the larval pupae that gave you life. In Ophiuchus the insect has transformed into a dragon. The fledgling has grown into the Eagle.

You love power, and can be spellbinding, but may prefer to perform behind the scenes, or behind a veil of ambiguity. You are able to make or break a group with your support, and others can come to depend on you. You are secretive, but curious of other's weaknesses. You want an absolute oversight on the people near to you, for fear of betrayal. Assimilation into society is difficult; you are a stand-alone, stand-out, often persecuted or scape-goated as a youth. Or you may have achieved a certain notoriety for being an anarchist or a prickly pear, a snake with a poisonous bite. The mood swings can be very intense, depending upon the Moon's position, since Ophiuchus is ruled by the 13-month lunar calendar. Ophiuchus is the birth of the new from the old, the emergence of the bird from the nest or the snake from its lair; the paragon of untested power to rise from the darkness to the light, from the rubble of war. This is the ego at its most vulnerable time, a painful, anxious period, when you land on your feet, naked, a stranger in a strange land.

This, ironically, stigmatizes the Ophiuchus as crazy, uncooperative, even dangerous in modern society. Ophiuchus Sun means the person with it feels beyond society's norms, like a sorcerer/herbalist and her potions; a law unto herself, a savior and protector for those entrusted to her care. Since this is the sign of the witch the native Ophiuchus will harbor a natural affinity for secrets, potions, omens, conspiracies, cats, astrology, psychology, and the midnight hour. They are alert to intruders and don't like being exposed or uncovered. They have speed and unerring aim and a snake's poisonous fangs. They can be political fanatics, and despise organized religions. Both males and females sometimes establish or join covens, semi-secret affinity groups devoted to making magic or visualizing change.

This sign creates a shadowy organization that manipulates information to control the masses. Ophiuchus is an ethereal (their element is ether) mentalist sign; their grasp of physical events and the mechanics of the material world is very limited, they simply have no interest in how things work, or what can go wrong in the conventional world. Ophiuchus is often pushing a vision of reality that does not seem possible in the real world, as experienced by the rest of humanity. Often the Ophiuchus is of two minds, even two appearances, where one sex can disguise themselves as the other, or disguise their sexuality completely. As with all of Ophiuchus’ traits, they are still only a shield to confuse the gawkers.

From the Book of Ophiuchus
"Ophiuchus Sun is the risen, reborn Scorpio, into the symbol of the soaring eagle, trading life for death; snake eats tail, where unprecedented phenomena takes place to the incredulity of all. Ophiuchus belongs in an ethereal society, where female visualizations become man's miracles, the impossible happens, we can seize the power of the gods. Ophiuchus' message must be heard and acted on, immediately."


For the Ophiuchus, the Moon is probably the most important orb, and definitely may have more influence than the Sun. Likewise, women may be the role models and inspirations. With this placement in the chart, it represents the women in your life, who are being inspirational and providing emotional support. The circle of the Moon's transits is a woman's coven. Natives may dress in unisex or disguise themselves as members of the opposite sex. Individually or as a group, Ophiuchus practice mind control, thought transference, and group dynamics. The Moon makes the native a master at such manipulation. This is the Moon of the shaman, the female deity and healer that knows the secrets of life and death.

To have the Moon in Ophiuchus is to be in touch with the goddess, the female power of Isis and Nephthys, who were able to bring Osiris back from the dead (minus his penis). This connection is the most primitive part of our nature, our inner reptile power, which is primordial. The two sisters represent the two sides of the Moon. Ophiuchus, like the Moon, is both sides of the receptive element. She is life and death, but death is the side we never see, or want to. There's a good reason that Man has been scared of Ophiuchus for thousands of years, and still is to this day. This Moon has cycle-driven and hidden, but rampant, sexuality, and uses the forces of nature to control other people's minds. Yet this understanding of the titanic forces of the Universe does not translate as an awareness in reality. Ophiuchus shuns reality, normality, materialism, and will minimize the importance of objective conditions, instead depending on willpower, secrecy, and myth. Ophiuchus/Nephthys is a crisis manager and can save people from the edge.

The Egyptians regularly appealed
to Nephthys

“Adoration to the Mother, the very Great: she who loves her brother Osiris, and is caretaker of the son that she loves. Glory to your beautiful face, Nephthys the Great, Lady of the Nome of the Gazelle (XVI nome of Upper Egypt), the Purifier, the Bright-One)” from Hymn to Nephthys at her Temple at Pi-mer.


Venus is the two sides of love: adoration and protection. Here the loved person or object is also the ward of the Ophiuchus. Perhaps you hover over your charge like micromanaging a child. You are lover and overlord of your coven - no matter what, and even after death. You mate for life. Ophiuchus is the fair face of Venus, its perfection and mask; but the tail of Venus is vicious and destructive. Since here Ophiuchus is in charge of money, she can be ruthlessly disciplined with herself as well as with others. The Ophiuchus/Venus person vacillates sharply from a cold, withdrawn miser or hermit, into the life of the party when she is among those she trusts, or does not fear. Venus/Ophiuchus can turn to ice, and one icy stare from the venomous Ophiuchus can scare away potential partners. This is one of those signs that attracts the very weak-minded, who Ophiuchus can dominate, or the powerful that they wish to undermine.


Like anyone with Ophiuchus in the chart and the right generation, this placement makes for a powerful Dungeons and Dragons player, if not expert at strategy and tactics. They are spellbinding. They can be tricksters of the highest degree. Basically, this is the sign of the sorcerer. They live to topple conventional wisdom. They mock authority. They have their own rules. They can come to believe that they have the power to save self-destructive people from their irrevocable conclusion; to serve the very low, to exalt them. This position entails a great passion for research and fact-finding, especially in the arcane sciences (like astrology!) There is, however, the tendency to intellectually dominate others, even to treat people as pawns before the person has learned respect for lesser beings. Like an adept, they can misuse their power before they understand its consequences.

The Ophiuchus has glorious moments where she or he is an unpredictable and original genius, and others when, in the gloom of her own anger and resentment, is too full of hate to create. The Ophiuchus’ mind is always connecting and linking far flung elements of history and science to create new concepts. However, many of these can't be realized because Ophiuchus is not aware of the obstacles involved, and isn't mindful of the mechanical nature of many endeavors. Ophiuchus believes in magic, not mechanics.


Mars in Ophiuchus is the female commander, who casts the evil eye upon her enemies and smites them. Androgynous, in touch with each sexual modality in turn, natives may cast away any restrictions or limitations on sex and sexual preference, living a secret life to satiate their pleasures, although they can also hold these desires in check for years before releasing them. They can cast a sexual spell over their lover and dominate them. This Mars can be alternatively beautiful and repulsive, with a hair trigger. The weapon of Ophiuchus Mars is poison and taboo. The symbol of the Ophiuchus warrior is Medusa, a Gorgon, the most fearsome of the female warriors. She controlled snakes. She could seize control of the mind with a single look. Men hated her, and her execution was a foregone conclusion.


Feb 1983- Dec.1984; Mar 1995-Dec 1995; Jan 2007-Dec 2007

This gives you the power to magically make things appear bigger than they are. Creating illusions to control the minds of the yokels is your dangerous game. Your ideas, dreams and sense of justice are bigger than life and elemental. You are the person people come to for advice and healing. You can predict the future, and tell when people are lying. You can be like an Oracle. Your coven can be a big party, a movable feast, since you are a nomad with no allegiance to any nation. The native can initiate others into the dark arts and secret knowledge. This is the sign of snake worshiping and devotion to the myths of ancient times.


Feb 1986-Dec 1987

This is a test of your esoteric powers. Are you really seeing and feeling the unseen forces and phenomena? This is a built in brake on your instincts. There may also be persecution from authority, courts, legal system, corporations or the state. This is the consequence of your breaking of Man's puny laws and conceits. This is also a chance to develop a use for those powers in a corporate or institutional environment. This also indicates a long hard road to the top - you will hone your power and wisdom in the mature and later years. The sign of the Crone, or wise woman.


Mar 1983-Dec 1987

This Ophiuchus position has a great portent. For the so-called hipster generation this placement means you are the first born of the Uranian/Aquarian generation who will transform society using what will be perceived as magical powers. Whenever Uranus brings the truth, Ophiuchus - the protector, shaman and Gorgon - will hear it first. Suppressed for thousands of years, this is the sign of the virus, the meme and the flash mob. The more the thought is repressed, the stronger it becomes, as if by magic. The older generations will never understand. The Ophiuchus generation will experience highly-charged emotions and transformation in their lives due to new ideas and instant communication. These people will hold many innovative jobs about change. They may experience a persecution during their lifetime.


Oct 1974-Oct 1983

In a generational sense, this transit is the millennial generation. You are few in number but very influential. The visible tip of a giant demographic, numerically, of newly born baby boom; a tsunami of kids about to overwhelm the old institutions. Neptune has eroded and washed away old ideas, politics, dictators, and has undermined fractious sectarian governments with a worldwide youth movement. The aim of this movement is to save the Earth. This wave of higher consciousness, peace and justice has swept the world like a whirlwind, blowing away the staunchest traditions and prejudices. Neptune represents the future, the dream.

Ophiuchus have the ability to passionately pursue spiritual values, they will even die for them. You face a battle between the satiation of desire – stupefaction - and the desire for a spiritual way of life - the ascetic. This Neptune may play a transformative role in the world through non-violence and appeal to the masses, in an inspirational way. Neptune in Ophiuchus brings a new dimension into the collective unconscious: the dark powers, the inert matter, the unseen but deeply felt. This is expressed as music - the song of the self. You personally may be subject to dream, night fears, and requirement for escapism, be it in a few stolen hours of solitude or rigorous self-control to deny or cope with the torrent of negative and misleading information around you.


Feb 1998-Dec 2006
The era of Pluto in Ophiuchus was ushered in by the execution of a female murderer, Karla Fay Tucker, convicted of a drug-induced killing spree in 1983. Tucker said she experienced multiple orgasms as she beat her victims to death. In prison, Tucker found religion and became a Christian preacher. She physically and mentally transformed into someone that people could no longer associate with the killer; she was a savior, a healer and a teacher in prison. Nonetheless, the Texas state chose to execute her as if nothing had changed. Pluto in this position is the strangulation of the Ophiuchus; the death of the female and her rebirth. This is an era in which natural, female power has been denied, destroyed or bought and sold. Ophiuchus is being pressured, driven into a corner. Only Ophiuchus' strange and terrific talents over death and evil can save her now. Thus began the Pluto suppression of magic and the magician, the female spirit of darkness and mystery that is so complete that it can create a diamond from dust.


Dec 1999-Feb 2001

Chiron, the reject and outsider turned healer, may well be a female, or a male disguised as a female; another her-story changed into history. Ophiuchus is the mystic and protector of Man; a powerful female deity with power over life and death. Apollo taught Chiron all he knew about medicine and healing; Ophiuchus taught Apollo. Magic is the Ophiuchus' secret art. She has learned well from her mother and sisters. The mantle of shame, however, is also transferred. Chiron also signifies the wound that does not heal. In this case it's the Ophiuchus’ fear of being discovered and persecuted.


The North Node is constantly trying to achieve its mission or aim in life. It represents the realization in the purpose of the soul, symbolizing the head of the dragon, and is considered a luck dragon once achieved. Ophiuchus lives by the rules of luck by using her magic to empower or bewitch, whether for good or ill. Ophiuchus lives by her own unconventional rules and because of this is often misunderstood by others, but together with the North Node in her sign is able to teach a great understanding of the mysteries of life, either in alternative medicine and/or the magical realm. This placement offers the knowledge of metaphysics in the known and unknown and finally gives her the opportunity to shine in which she so deserves. (Kim Lovelace)


Part Fortune isn’t something that has to be acquired, learned or taught. It is a natural ability, an ability that one is born with and suggests the talents and qualities that are expressed naturally. Part Fortune in Ophiuchus allows Ophiuchus to be comfortable in her knowledge and power of the arts, whether it be in healing, teaching or Science (in any of its forms). But the one thing you can be sure of is the fact that it won’t be in a conventional sense.

Ophiuchus, who is usually in the firing line for daring to be different, cannot help but be herself when Part Fortune is in her house. It gives her the sense of freedom to be who she truly is, to express what she truly feels, regardless of the opinions of others. Fortune in this placement gives Ophiuchus the power of initiative. (Kim Lovelace)


The MC (midheaven) directs us toward our life’s goal, shows us our overall sense of self responsibility and represents our public face. It is our aim towards our vocation once realized. Ophiuchus is a medic in alternative medicine and has vast knowledge of Science in all its forms; she is a great healer and teacher and is completely unique. After spending many years outcast by Man, Ophiuchus has returned to reclaim her place as high priestess of hidden knowledge in the realms of magic. She realizes that, to maintain dignity, she has to create a facade of serenity, so as to hide her tortured soul. This placement is both magical and genius once the balance between the conventional and unconventional is achieved. It gives us the ability to tune into ‘The Age of Aquarius’, the age of enlightenment, allowing Ophiuchus to excel her powers in any artistic or scientific form, thus helping others to see beyond the veil of the material world. (Kim Lovelace)


Black Moon Lilith represents our relationship to the absolute, how we overcome our ego and put our trust fully in the laws of the universe, our creator. She shows us how to ‘let go’ in any area of our lives that are questionable. She shows us our inhibitions and symbolizes ‘strong will’ - Ophiuchus is powerful, knowledgeable and magical. This placement is perfect for Ophiuchus to master her vulnerabilities in her majestic pursuits. Once mastered, they work together like peas in a pod, with Lilith stripping away the Ophiuchus’ bitter past and enriching her to be at ease with her individuality, and to help her overcome the challenges and obstacles that she suffers to extreme. This placement gives Ophiuchus the opportunity to heal her wounded soul, to stand up against restraints and to recognize that she is a part of a bigger plan. (Kim Lovelace)


Juno represents true commitment and gives us the strength and patience to persevere in any situation that is volatile, but one that Juno truly believes in. Juno will suffer in silence, committing unconditionally without sacrificing her own personality. Juno has the ability to be steadfast and reasonable in any situation that requires tolerance. Ophiuchus has been patient for many generations, having been disregarded and ignored, exiled from her throne and tormented for her many talents and gifts. For Ophiuchus, this unity gives security through understanding a long yearned for feat. Finally, here is someone who will understand her and give her the loyalty and confidence to shine in her brilliance. To believe in her regardless of her frustration, and to understand her need to be accepted and valued for the powerful soul that she is. (Kim Lovelace)


Music by Ophiuchus

The Works of Zearle (Double Ophiuchus)




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