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The Secrets of Pisces
March 12–April 18

March 12–April 18


Pisces constellation is of Babylonian origin. The Babylonians saw it as a pair of fish joined by a cord.
The constellation is usually associated with the Roman myth of Venus and Cupid, who tied themselves with a rope and transformed into fish to escape the monster Typhon. The star Alpha Piscium, or Alrescha (“the cord” in Arabic) marks the knot of the rope.

The constellation is associated with a similar story in Greek mythology. After the Olympian gods had defeated the Titans and the Giants, Gaia, or Mother Earth, coupled with Tartarus, the region of the Underworld where Zeus held the Titans imprisoned, and they had Typhon, the scariest monster the world had ever seen. Typhon had a hundred dragon’s heads, with fire blazing from all his eyes.

Gaia sent Typhon to defeat the gods. Pan was the first to see him coming. He alerted the other gods and then transformed himself into a goat-fish and jumped into the river Euphrates to escape the monster. The goat-fish is represented by the constellation Capricornus.

The goddess Aphrodite and her son Eros called to the water nymphs for help and jumped into the river. In one version of the legend, two fishes came to the rescue and carried Aphrodite and Eros on their backs to safety. In another version, the mother and son were themselves transformed into fish.

MORE: Topastrologer

The Pisces Prototype

Sun or Moon in Pisces

By Siderealist Cyril Fagan
• Unfamiliar and vague holds a special attraction for them. Many explorers (need to uncover the mystery). Foreign affairs, if politically motivated. Speculation, gambling.

• Wanderlust, restless. Often travels with a purpose (often missionaries, preachers, banner-wavers).

• Subjective approach to life. Interest in the mystical.

• Make a production out of everything. Flair for dramatization. Actors. Very musical

• Suave speech, pleasant social address, orators, good teachers (community leaders).

• Biasing, deceiving, conning (self and others). They believe every word that comes out of their own mouths. (Gleadow).

• Shifting loyalties. Strong religious drives, but tends to change religious (or other) affiliations at the drop of a hat. Judas Complex.

• Idealists--Visionaries--Romanticists-- Dreamers (Everything will be fine). Some overcome phenomenally negative chart conditions to self-actualize through personal idealism (or refusing to bother themselves with the problems.)

• Sociable, amiable. In search of idealistic relationships. Wants any relationship to be story-bookish; when they finally realize it isn't, off they go at once.

• Hard to please by intimates; easy to please by non-intimate acquaintances.

• Tend to create own problems (conjure psychic demons). Create conditions from which it is difficult to extricate themselves.

• Individualistic front. Actually, they only behave individualistically when selecting a pattern in which to live. PATTERN PEOPLE.

• Striving for predictability. They cast themselves in a specific role then block out all signals or hints that there could possibly be another way, another pattern by which to BE. Difficulty breaking out of negative patterns.

• Slavery motif. At best, consciously indentured to something. At worst, a persistent victim. (Cf. Andromeda near Pisces in the sky.)

• Misoneistic. Traditional (not in a Saturnian way). Snobbish.

• Low pain threshold (physical or emotional). Sensitive.

• Lean toward high I.Q. and absorbs knowledge without much difficulty. (Fagan) and good memories for facts.

• Often too deadly serious for their own good. (Obsessive-compulsive if Saturn is strong.) Diluted (watered-down) sense of humor.

• Do own jobs effectively and expect others to likewise do their share to keep the wheels turning. (Slave motif again.) Judgmental, holier than thou attitude.

• They are strong (intense) you never know strong what, but they are strong (especially women; men less so). Strength is directly proportionate to their emotional attunement.

• Strong sex drive, sensuousness. Indulgent. Enjoy good food.

• Alliances and affiliations shift and slide more easily than most. Vested participation in a group or alliance waxes and wanes (rhythmically?).



Lilith: the First Feminist


By Lorraine

The mythology of Lilith is simple, yet through the ages it has been twisted.

Lilith is described in legend as the original woman, before Eve she was first and was conceived by the creator to exist in love and equality with the original man. This partnership was not comfortable for her male counterpart, he demanded subservience from her and rather than lessen herself she departed, expressing the pain of her rejection as fury. Her self respect was intact but according to legend her heartbreak at the injustice of this has burned throughout the ages.

The original man is then said to have requested a woman made of his own body who he thought would bend to his wishes. We all know how that story ended, ultimately Eve sought knowledge and was vilified in mythology and religion for thousands of years. Lilith meanwhile was subject to a lot of vilifying herself, but her story was eclipsed by that of her sister. History shows that it was preferable to forget about the angry one who rebelled, better to tell the story of Eve, the stupid nosy one and blame her for humanity’s 'fall from grace’. MORE

Bernie's Yod:
Future Shock and Drunken Love

Looking at the Yod forming in the middle of February, it's possible to see it as a positive aspect, a giant step into the future, where a peaceful Mars (and Juno) in Libra and a proud Leo Jupiter (and the Black Moon) form up a wedge to infiltrate deep into our subconscious, our hopes and dreams, Uranus (and Vesta) in Pisces. Uranus entered Pisces as the American economy literally melted down in 2008. Since then, Uranus has been sending us the message of love and compelling us to embrace the new world we have been imagining since John Lennon sang it: imagine all the people living as one. MORE

Bernie: Socialist agitator and 13 sign Leo
He raises more money from small donations than anyone. He's a crowd-funded candidate. Bernie has assembled an army of 650,000 volunteers to press his "democratic socialist" agenda on a nation that sorely needs it. Is it enough now, in this election? MORE


Adele: Aries, Ophiuchus, Juno
Her Moon in Ophiuchus tells the tale. There's a sound and a viewpoint in her music that can hypnotize her listeners. The message is, we all can relate to her pain, regardless of other differences. MORE

The Wizard of $0

Scardy-cat Janet Yellen, image by Andrew Harrer

Janet Yellen, the head of the Fed, has pounced. But don't worry, it's not serious, she has no claws, she's a scardy-cat that shrinks in the corner and works for kibble. 1/4 of a percent? Is she crazy? 20% more likely! It's not her fault. The Fed is as weak as the Wizard of Oz. Like the bulk of mainstream economists, Yellen is telling us that a slight twist of the interest knob can stop the oncoming crisis. All she wants is one more day. It's not her fault that the house of cards comes crashing down. MORE

Our Cycle of Crisis

image: Shuler Research

Like a creeping disease, deflation is the specter of destruction haunting the capitalist system. It's contagious; it's jumping from one nation to another like an STD. Oil producing nations have it. It's working its way through Europe like a new black plague; Japan has had it for 10 years, and now China has it. And now, finally, deflation--the dull gray bubble in the illustration above--has come to edge us ever closer to a future of wanting what we can't have and paying for what we don't want. MORE

The Yod
We've seen our Yod in the sky, in the form of a missile contrail. The Yod is traditionally a warning of danger, and anyone who ignores one is a sitting duck. How do Yods work and what do they mean? MORE

emperors new clothes

The Emperor with No Clothes
Just what we need, Leos strutting around like fat cats. All this patriotism and boosterism will disappear like clouds in your coffee. There's no substance, nothing to counter the weight and hard truths of 2016.

Kendrick Lamar, a Taurus in pain
Like other hip hop greats Biggie and Tupac before him, Lamar is a Taurus. Like them, Lamar is also a wounded soul, disappointed in love and touched by death. He has a typical Taurus “do-me” sexual physicality that’s hard to resist, and has dance moves that resemble a boxer in the ring. MORE

Why do people hate Capricorn? FAQ
Because Capricorns win in the end. Because we NEED them. Capricorns have managerial strengths and a powerful sense of values. That's also why their leadership, friendship, or affections can be oppressive and insufferable. We're all grasshoppers to them. MORE


Jupiter and Immigration: the seekers
Individuals who spend a major part of their life roving other countries, or deal with foreigners or just live far away from where they were born, have Sagittarius prominent in their charts or have a very active ninth house, and/or have Jupiter prominently placed in their chart, by aspect or near the angles. MORE

russell brand

"Stamping His Feet and Spitting His Dummy"
Russell Brand, the British actor and comedian, is the classic Taurus. He's by turns the strident bull and the dancing girl. His latest foray is into politics and economic reform. He's almost painfully honest, articulate and has a fearless sense of humor. MORE

Women Who Kill Men, the anomaly
Women, as a rule don't go out and kill the men who abuse or cheat them. Vary rarely do we find female murderers, much less a mass murderer, although there are the rare exceptions. MORE

Bioscope of the Marquis DeSade, Taurus
Sex was never so exciting, his partners never so beautiful as when pain had released them from the normal bounds of sexual reaction to experience true pleasure. This was the Sade philosophy in a nutshell. “Your body is the church where Nature asks to be reverenced.” he wrote. MORE

The Struggle Against Racism in our time
The heroes of the resistance to apartheid, according to their 13 sign charts. Read the bioscopes of Nelson Mandela, Winnie Mandela, Joe Slovo, and Chris Hani, the top leadership of the African Nation Congress.

Hartley's comet

Everything you know about comets is false
No ice of any meaningful quantity has EVER been found on any comet that has been studied so far. Comets are stone dry. No ice, no dice. The coma is more amazing than Oort and Wipple ever dreamed. MORE

The Pandemonium of Pluto's Moons
Pluto isn't a dwarf planet, but a dynamic system in miniature! The latest news about Pluto challenges the cosmological view of a cold, dead planet. MORE

Ophiuchus the mass murderer
James Holmes, the young man who shot 70 people in during a Batman movie premiere in 2012, a new US record for mass murder, is an OPHIUCHUS. MORE

Paul Mooney: Comedian or social critic?
A Cancer man of different hats—literally, he worked as a writer for many comedians, from Richard Pryor to Dave Chappelle. He grabs hold of the truth with his claws, pulverizing fools and racists and sending them to the exit door. MORE

Roseanne Barr: Libra with a sting
She always held an ideological view of the American family. She developed a feminist working class hero in the face of childhood alienation and the jealous resistance from the men in suits that run TV. MORE

The Age of Aquarius: 600 years to go
The visible reality of astronomical time, according to NASA and the International Astronomical Union, dispels the notion that the age of Aquarius is just around the corner, instead pointing to a completely different reality. MORE

Music by Ophiuchus

The Works of Zearle (Double Ophiuchus)




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