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"Tattoo" By Hiroko Sakai


Taurus constellation


The sun passes through the constellation Taurus from about May 14 to June 21 [This year]. But you can’t see Taurus when the sun is within its borders. Instead, try looking for Taurus in the early evening sky at the opposite end of the year.

According to Greek mythology, the constellation Taurus commemorates the time that Zeus changed himself into a beautiful white Bull to woo the affections of the Phoenician princess Europa. After hopping onto the Bull’s back, the Bull swam across the Mediterranean Sea, taking Europa all the way to the Island of Crete. Zeus and Europa became the parents of Minos, the legendary king of Crete.

The brightest star in the constellation is [7931] alpha Tauri, or Aldebaran ("the follower"). Aldebaran is an orange-red giant, an irregular variable star, about 65 light-years distant. It is also sometimes called the Bull's Eye because it lies in the head of Taurus. It is the 13th brightest star in the sky. It was named Aldebaran because it appears to follow the Pleiades cluster across the sky. The Chinese know Aldebaran as the Fifth Star of the Net, while the Inuit call it the Spirit of the Polar Bear. The Seris people in Mexico believe that it provides light for seven women giving birth, represented by the Pleiades. The Dakotas saw the Pleiades as a white buffalo, chased by a hero (Aldebaran) across the sky.


The Pleiades, also known as Messier 45 or the Seven Sisters, are a group of stars that form a young open cluster in Taurus. The Pleiades cluster is composed mostly of hot, blue, extremely luminous stars. It is the easiest cluster to find without the aid of binoculars. Lying about 440 light-years away, it is one of the nearest star clusters to Earth. It contains more than a thousand stars. The brightest nine are named after the Pleiades, the Seven Sisters in Greek mythology, and their parents, the titan Atlas and the sea-nymph Pleione. In the myth, Atlas was one of the titans who fought against Zeus and other Olympian gods and, once the titans were defeated, he was forced to carry the heavens on his shoulders as punishment. With Atlas out of the way, the hunter Orion started pursuing his daughters and Zeus turned them into stars to prevent Orion from catching them. The celestial Orion still follows the Pleiades across the sky.

The Zuni of New Mexico used the Pleiades cluster as an agricultural calendar. When the Pleiades – which the Zuni called the “Seed Stars” – disappeared into the western dusk in spring, they knew it was safe to plant their seeds, as the danger of frost had passed. But the Zuni also knew the planting must be done before the Pleiades reappeared in the east before sunrise – else immature plants would succumb to autumn frosts.

The Zuni were hardly alone in their reverence for Taurus’ Pleiades star cluster. Probably no other star formation has enjoyed such worldwide renown for timekeeping, celebration and storytelling.

SOURCE: Topastrologer / EarthSky

SUN IN TAURUS according Cyril Fagan

• Kindly souls. Good-hearted and decent.
• Peace within. Quiet harmony, comfort with self & world.
• Docile, pacific, peace-loving, tolerant, patient, reliable, good-humored, cheerful, entertaining.
• Nature oriented. One with the Earth with great love for all it produces. Feels safe in the lap of Mother Earth.
• Simplicity. Dislikes inhibiting or unnatural clothing (fond of nudity) or plastic things in general. Often modern culture seems too complex. Literal perspective.
• Reclusive. Modest, wants to live own life-style unbothered.
• Orientation to life of the flesh. Erotic. Eros dominates their lives. (Yet many seem non-daters, romantically conservative, wanting to settle down.)
• Strong Liebestod bias, or tragic love syndrome. Dwells on emotional tragedy.
• Questioning, inquisitive. Contemplative. Curiosities about life and its meanings.
• Thrives on philosophy. Deeply philosophical. Possibly occult interests.
• Orientation to youth: loves young people.
• Superb parents, deeply loving & affectionate toward children. Biologically prolific.
• Intuitive understanding of others – born psychologists, sociologists, etc.
• Devotion. Friendship is important to them. They require harmonious, comfortable environments. Shun harshness, vulgarity, and violence (though not averse to sexually-themed jokes or honest erotic fantasy). Sensitive.
• Sincere: Avoids difficult situations but won't lie if possible.
• Artistic: Love of beauty, aesthetic awareness. – Many poets (trend to put thoughts poetically). Physical grace (dancers).
• Apolitical: Though service-minded individuals, they don't tend to flourish in politics or in political situations.

Sexy Taurus

Why do women hate Taurus women? Because they always suspect that the Taurus is trying to steal their man! The Taurus woman isn't a home-wrecker, she's just sexy! What makes her inherently sexy is her solid connection with the body and all the bodily functions that go with it, and sex is on the top of the list. The body has its own privileges. Taurus rules—revels in—the body. Other signs lust after them openly because they can feel the sexual heat simmering off the Taurus body. Taurus can't turn it off, they indulge their physical habits with all the love and attention they reserve for the hoarding of gold and silver ingots they have stashed in their basements. This is true of men Taurus, too; they also have a compelling attraction for the opposite sex. We're all attracted to someone so into their bodies, and so comfortable with their pleasures. READ MORE

Three Taurus Bulls


James Arness was a shy retiring Taurus, with a Virgo Moon that earned him the nickname of the "Greta Garbo of Dodge City."; Jack Kavorkian was a Taurus lover of music and a concert-level violinist; barely conscious but capable of bullish behavior is embodied by fellow Taurus John Wayne. READ MORE

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