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Tchiya Amet El Maat

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Aug. 21, 2017

By Tchyia Amet

My daughter Monoah Vela sang backgrounds on this song, and we have not spoken for SEVEN YEARS! This eclipse for me, is a sign that NOW is the time to fix or undo all the damage that I have created due to this duality in my words, thoughts and actions. It begins within. I will use the Cosmic Force of SEKHMET to heal this division that exists within myself. Sesheta to find the words that convey TRUTH, not duality. MAAKHERU Pure Speech, that comes from a Pure Heart, purified by the Liquor of MAAT. I will invoke the Creative Force of Ra and Raet within me, to continue to create new music and healing programs for the benefit of the All. I have gone back and forth over my use of the word PEACE as an alternative way of saying “Good Buy”, which I feel is a term that is designed to get us to consume daily. The word HOTEP, means SUPREME PEACE, THE END OF DUALITY, but it does not translate very well into English, because it also means PIECE, which is the end of Unity.

This Eclipse is the PERFECT Time to Empty Out Your Bucket List: the things you been meaning to do for a longtime now in order to take better care of yourself….what are you still waiting for?????
If Not NOW, WHEN?????


New Moon in Aries

Kawohni Flowers

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Dua Asar Dua Rephan in Pi Maere
Pluto and Saturn in Sagittarius.

Regeneration and Renewal thru travel, traveling allows us to break free of the limitations that we place before ourselves, because we come to see things from a different perspective. Maybe you will appreciate the situation that you have, rather than seeing it as limitation. You will be able to see how it is actually an advantage and a blessing. However, if you just stay where you are and mope around your home, you will not be able to see the big picture. Right now, is a time to prepare for the coming changes and expansion. This will give you a fresh outlook on life. Just take a lil roadtrip, or attend a conference. Spend time around people that have like minds, but you rarely make time to visit. EXPAND YOUR MIND. EXPAND YOUR PERCEIVED NOTIONS. EXPAND YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS. EXPAND YOUR LIFE. TIME TO UPLEVEL. It may seem like the end of an era, or the death of your present way of life. However, it it also the door opening to the life of your dreams. What you have been asking for, and now, afraid of letting go of what no longer serves you. This is what is meant by expansion. Must let go in order to grow, must break free in order to be free.

Dua NebtHet KuUrKu
Neptune in Sidereal Aquarius

This has been covered in previous reports. NebtHet is the Lady of the House, maintaining Maat Order. She is the Spirit Incarnate into the Physical Realm, Light Beings Trapped in Watery Encasements. KuUrKu is sharing knowledge and teaching about the Universal Family, also known as the Brotherhood of Man. As more light beings come into awareness of who we truly are, it will take much effort to unite and bring us together into order and harmony. This will take great courage and patience, to manifest the visions we all share. Even during these difficult times, we must recall the reason we are here, and never give up. As you will see further in this report, now is the time to communicate with your spiritual family, and make plans and prepare for what is to come…..if we can build a strong foundation with Maat, with order and organization, when the vision comes to manifest, it will be that much easier bring about the unity and natural life, the freedom, we are dreaming of.

Dua Ra Dua Chiron Dua HetHeru Dua Heru. Picot Sahu
Chiron, Venus, Uranus and the Sun all in SIDEREAL PISCES.

Not Aries. Seems like we have been in this emotional state for many moons, but it has only been like two moons. where! where do I start? Get deeper into your emotions, your true feelings, and allow this to be expressed thru your creativity. If it is sad, then don’t just cry, write about it. Write a poem, sing a song, make some pottery. Never waste your creative energy. If you are feeling angry, write about it, don’t just call your best friend and complain. Take Action! With Heru (Uranus) here as well, it is important to make sure that whatever action we take, it is an expression of the Divine, NOT the Ego! This is the time to conquer the Ego. This is the time to join the fight against the oppression that we all experience daily. This would be an excellent time to write that letter to the representative or that nasty corporation, or to your neighbor, the one you have been angry with for a few years! Better yet, how about talking to your neighbor?

We are here to express our Divinity. The beautiful thing (HetHeru/Venus) about this is that when we do, we bring about healing for ourselves and others. (Chiron!) If your first instinct is to say something, then your ego comes in and tells you to be quiet, perhaps there is a more loving way to say it, BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS THAT YOU EXPRESS YOUR SELF. Invoke the Heru in you and be courageous, eliminate fear, and move ahead. Do not just sit there and complain. Take Maat Action Today. Remember the Beauty Path: there is beauty in everything. Remember Maat: Maat is not Justice alone, She is also the lack of Justice. Maat is the BALANCE between the two. There is prosperity and adversity, good and bad in every moment, in everything! It is wise to be able to recognize BOTH! This is the Beauty Path of HetHeru. And, the Scale of Maat. It takes real courage to be honest with our emotions. Being able to express one’s true feelings is the acion of a peaceful warrior. Dua Heru Aha Maat, Heru who stands for Maat. YOU are Heru.

As for me, I am going to take the time to write a few songs about an issue that I have not really addressed in 30+ years as a reggae artist. stay tuned. I am going to conquer my fears and express my self and my feelings. By the Light of the Full Moon. I attended a conference over the weekend, and my consciousness must expand in order to absorb all that was learned.

Ahhhh, Dua Djehuty Dua Set in Tammet Amon:
Mars and Mercury in Sidereal Aries.

Djehuty is about communication, intelligence, knowledge. Also, spells and magic! Set is the Ego. At HeruScopes, we focus on conquering the Ego, on not letting it get the best of us, etc. Tammet Amon or Sidereal Aries, is about leadership. Once Set has conquered his own battle of “good over evil” he became the leader of the ship of Ra. This is how it is with us as well, once we move beyond the fetters of Set: egoism, selfishness, doubts, fear, greed, hypocrisy, envy, etc, we become the true leader. We can take control of our lives. Djehuty, or the Intellect, reason, teachings, etc, is an excellent tool for conquering the ego. during this time, when the Portal of Djehuty is open (more on this next), we should take the opportunity to read, learn, ask questions, investigate and study as much as possible, the details and the subjects that will lead the way to our greatest expansion towards THE LIFE OF OUR DREAMS.

Take advantage of this moment to crystallize our intent, our vision, what we want to manifest. Not only wondering about how are we going to pay our bills this week, but take the time to increase meditation and include visualization. It is one thing to reach that pleasurable satisfying, peaceful state when your mind is as empty as the ocean of unindifferentiated consciousness of Amun. It is another thing to use that state to create the life you love to look at. Tammet Amon. Sidereal Aries. Use your mind to create, not just daydream, or be cluttered by egoistical thinking or even worse, mindless thinking!

Now what about these Portal Openings
of HetHeru and Djehuty? At the SAME MOMENT?

Well, when the HetHeru Portal was open, many relationships were rocked, some ended, some were made even stronger. (This was my personal experience, how about you?) For the next few days, until Venus goes direct on April 15, be on the lookout for miscommunications that have way too much power. It will be important to express your authentic self now more than ever. However during this time, the lesson will be about learning how to do so with love, compassion and beauty. We only have a few days, so it could get intense. main thing, is not take any of this personal.

We are all enrolled in the School of Life: some in pre-K, and some at the PhD Level. LIFE is the only teacher, we are all classmates! If you used to be the type of person that would be thinking one thing and saying another, cuz you didn’t want to make waves or cause conflict, you can imagine what YOUR lessons will be like! LOL!! And, if you are the type of person that just blurts out truths, oh yea, this will be fun. I used to be afraid to say anything, but then explode later on. Or, I would say EXACTLY how I felt, which was usually accompanied by much anger and frustration. This got me nowhere fast! I wonder what this journey will bring????

The main thing to recall is that when these portals are open, do not run and hide from the experience. Just be aware of what is going on, and remain unattached, do not take things personally. The goal is to learn how to remain seated on inner throne of Aset, at all times, especially during times of adversity. Remember the beauty path, and wait to see the Gift that the adversity will bring. Remember to plant seeds of good intentions for your upcoming expansion, and make sure that some of them are PINK to remind you always of this very special moment of opening and growth in your life. ASHE!!

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By the age of 8, Tchiya was composing musical creations on the piano with no formal training. Tchiya later earned a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from Oberlin College—where she also studied at its renowned Conservatory. There, she studied Jazz Piano and regularly performed with the Oberlin Jazz Ensemble. To date, she has released three independent CDs: “Rise Again Truth”, “Black Turtle Island,” and “Celestial Folk Music.” Her fourth CD, “TCHIYA AMET SURVIVES THE TEXAS TORNADO” is a dub collection of the most popular songs from first two reggae collections.

Tchiya then studied Galactic Astronomy in the graduate program at the University of Texas in Austin. It was during this life chapter that she learned about Natural Life and Healing, Yoga, an Power of the Mind. Complementing her healing consciousness, alongside reggae music, the Rastafarian and Black Hebrew Israelite Movements opened her eyes (and mind) to her current role seeking and helping others to understand truth, history, health and culture.

Today, Tchiya offers expertise to others as a practiced yoga instructor, herbalist, and a proponent of home-schooling, while guiding her own life as a vegetarian, professional musician, performing & recording artist, festival producer, organic gardener, natural foods co-op organizer, cultural astronomer—and most recently, acutonics (cosmic sound healing) practitioner and instructor.

Ultimately guided by the Sun and the Stars, Tchiya’s mission is focused on healing & awareness with sound; creating and performing music inspired by the Ancient Wisdom (found in Cultural Astronomy); Traditional & Contemporary Celestial Worldviews of Indigenous Peoples of the Four Directions; and Acutonics, with the Music of the Spheres.

With her music, Tchiya shares the Teachings of the Four Directions, including Bhagavad Gita, the Lotus Sutra, The Kybalion, the Kabala, Cherokee Legends, Lakota Sundance, & Maat from Kemet. MORE about Tchiya

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