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Tea-Brain Vs. Bird-Brain

How the tea party took over the US government

How did these political tea-brained zombies close down the government? When the general mix of political discourse is rancid--the scum rises to the top. America--because of its own conceits--is CONFUSED. Neptune is square Venus, we're in full blown denial. Americans can only entertain risky investments with big payoffs--we've become addicted to them. The capitalist meme--the get rich quick scheme--has replaced any other forms of capitalist expansion.

The end of the world isn't a bang, it's a whimper
The grinding, grand finale of the American Empire is complete division and gridlock; Aquarius Neptune opposition Leo Mars, two clashing viewpoints, the right wing and the left wing. The jungle vs. civilization. The human degraded as beast--or the human glorified as free. The old-time religion is at war with the digital democracy. The shitstem is dead set against the hipsters, and their decentralized, deconstructionist political ideas. The old are eating the young. Religion against reason. The teas vs. the gays. Profit over people. Rich against poor. The US is so divided that only another civil war can resolve the differences--a war between bourgeois repression and liberation of the masses. Class war. The unity that Americans take for granted will be obliterated. The social contract has been broken. We all withdraw into our separate camps--tribes, ethnic groups, religion. We become as petty and irrelevant as the tea party--we become as small and querulous as they are.

Two steps forward, one step back
A temporary halt of the progress towards diversity and equality that we have made so far. The Neptune opposition Mars will cause a complete breakdown of communication, a drop of energies and strength. Our mutual love will turn to wasted pulp, leaving only ego and brute force to replace discussion. This is the aspect of POLARIZATION. People drop their humanity like a ton of bricks. This is the face of the religious nut who claims divine guidance for his atrocities. Religiously-inflamed and mistaken Darwinism replaces secular humanism, and the mobs find spiritual relief and redemption in scapegoating the weak and helpless. It's the aspect of the psychotic lynch mob--killing with relish, as if in a state of heady religious fervor. This is the embodiment of the irrational gun-owner who hears voices in his head, telling him to kill schoolchildren.

How did it come to this? Where war is the only option? We have been lulling ourselves into a long term, extended orgasm of cheap money, manipulative cultures, and naked imperialism. In order for the US--the seat of democracy--to commit the most horrible crimes in modern times, to oppress and murder and torture the rest of the world for its own luxuries--Americans must live in complete ignorance, like the Germans who lived next to the death camps. Surely this will have to be paid for in blood, eventually. So Americans have cheerfully and enthusiastically drugged themselves into a constant state of being high--a drunken optimism that grows like a huge speculative bubble--until it breaks and splatters our dreams like a paper mache piñata. There is NO DEFENSE against self-deception.

The end of the Social Contract
The Ophiuchus Venus square the Aquarian Neptune is deception--especially deceptions that we like, sexy ones, romantic ones, and wealth expectations. This is also the aspect of the secret affair, where love isn't enough, and being in the downlow is the only real excitement and emotional payoff. Actual love is nonexistent--only maudlin sympathy and misplaced emotions are the new rules. So we turn to our paranoid, unstable unconscious for guidance, the repository of misery from childhood pain, the dumping ground of our melancholia--to guide us to something that still seems real, but only succeeds in further alienation. Our art and culture is failing us. Americans killed and ate the future.

Ophiuchus has NO LOYALTY to our man-made culture, She would just as soon watch us devour each other like dogs while she laughs and and eats grapes in the luxury of hindsight. Aquarius Neptune is the MOST nebulous of the nebulas! This is the bird that lights for an instant, and at the first sign of movement, flies away. You'll never get a foothold. Venus has sunk into the quicksand. Our money will wash away like slurry from a tapped out gold mine. Our era of endless prosperity, based on a fiat currency is OVER. The birds will fly away as the winter of our discontent approaches. FIN.

Here come the Noodniks
Into the fray jumps the Tea Party, small town America, petty bourgeois, hopelessly outclassed by the banks and the media. But they still have hope they can turn things around, because their religious beliefs have displaced logic. Joined by an equally desperate suburban underclass and the growing criminal element--they want to hasten the apocalypse because they think, mistakenly, that they can profit by it! They're insulated against the truth and the immediate consequences of their ignorance. It's these naifs--men with the minds of angry developmentally-arrested children--these ultra-right-wing primatifs and religious imbeciles who have been elected from gerrymandered districts and will NEVER be dislodged by any democratic means. They will die in office, like the old Dixiecrats. The Tea Party will never go away; they have defeated democracy, and in doing so, sabotaged the political system that actually allowed them to find a voice. Why, after such a startling victory, would they give up power now? The right wing has won. They have succeeded in throwing the rest of the "liberal" country into disarray and confusion. Obama is damaged goods; he has bankrupted the treasury, lost two wars, and lost his credibility with everyone but diehards. His Jupitertonian luck has run out. He's a lame duck--the tea party is like a ball and chain around his neck. 

This will cause a class war and political rift to develop in the country. The majority of the country will run into the hands of the first authoritarian nutball that promises to get the treasury running again, but a significant number--the youth--will dissolve the ties they have with capitalism and private property and start building alternate institutions. 

In the short run, we will continue to be led around like lost sheep. Neptune leaves us in the fog--our money, our love lives, our very existence, is a mystery to us. Some of us will want to LEARN MORE. Others will try to stay in denial, forget even what they already know; solve their problems with extreme, violent, hopeless remedies. Neptune is dividing us up according to our hopes, fantasies, and secret desires. It is a form of devolution. It divides us like insects, the workers, drones, royalty. It is even drawing us closer to the void--the death of the personality, the end of the conscious self. A return to the primordial ooze.

The culture of crisis continues, only worse
So when does the shit really hit the fan? This latest crisis with the debt is merely the prelude. The fate of our economy is no longer in our hands. The numbers themselves have decreed that Americans will take a 40-60% hit on their spending. Who knows? No empire has ever survived a debased currency and a defeat on the battlefield. The Chinese have made a bid to take over the reserve currency. They may have stockpiled the largest hoard of gold since the Aztecs--5,000 tons of it. This is their hedge against the collapsing dollar. They were our deep pockets, but that is over. The dollar isn't worth slaving over any more, it is as diluted as Kool-aid.

Americans, on the other hand, have no alternative, so safety net, and no gold to speak of. We don't even know what is happening to us. We never thought we'd have to change our system, it was so perfect! It was the genius of our constitution that was supposed to protect us against the fate of tyrants.

Not any more. Whatever wealth is left will have to be sold off cheap to the highest bidder to save the currency. Maybe China will make us sell off the Grand Canyon for the shitty dollars we threw at them. American is headed back into its own past--when schools, cops, hospitals, prisons, were ALL privately owned. The poorhouse, the debtor's prison, the starving rural poor--this is what happened 80 years ago, and it's going to repeat itself, but this time, the American hegemony will be the colossal loser. Our generations will learn a new dispensation by sharing resources--but the USA will never be the same. It is not just the currency, but the land, water and air itself is too weary to support our lifestyle any longer.

Rats in a maze
The dying dollar is coming home to destroy our quality of life, and lead us, if we're not vigilant, into a decades-long depression. This will begin in earnest, in the middle of November, when Venus, entering the pugnacious and explosive sign, Sagittarius, makes a hard square angle with a volatile, dissipated Uranus in Pisces, while conjuncting a calamitous Pluto. Here is where our fears take over, and PANIC ensues.

The clash with Uranus will make people do stuff they would never do, if they had had a chance to think about it. Rash action, impulsive out-of-control behavior will be the NORM. This means Sagittarian fire-bombs, explosions, confrontation, and also a false sense of direction--a disconnect from the total picture. People acting in the interests of obligations and philosophies they don't understand. People acting against their own long term interests to achieve a short term goal that itself is untenable. This is people freaking out and losing all sense of proportion and consideration for others. This is the END of cooperation and the beginning of the economic rift between people. The rich will be more extravagant than ever, flaunting their wealth in the faces of the poor and hopeless. With 2 million souls in prisons, and corporations building new ones as fast as they can--is a fascist takeover imminent?

However, with the end of the inane and insane comes the new. From the wreckage of broken expectations, comes the clarity we need. We just need to survive the initial shitstorm, and then re-organize.

Historically, we have a lot of info. None of this is really new--In the "18th Brumaire of Louis Napoleon", Marx meticulously catalogues how the glorious French republic was raped and disgraced by an unholy alliance between turncoat social democrats, right-wing Orleanists, and decrepit Bourbons, and finally guillotined by a drunken dictatorial poseur who brought the nation to the abyss, and submerged the state into a cesspool of utter failure, corruption and useless expediency.

The question now, is, will Americans be hustled into another war, convinced by the media that this is the only salvation? The only benefit of the decades long experience with Iraq and Afghanistan may be that Americans may be so sick of war, that we'll accept revolution as the real solution.

Our own national experience with depression comes from 1929 to 1939, when capitalists discovered that by priming the economic pump with bloodshed and the destruction of their own creations, they could restore their revenue stream, and advance capital to unheard of extremes. In the ten years of depression, millions of Americans watched their lives literally blow away like so much dry soil in a dust storm. They see WAR as the only way out of depression. It's a tried and true method. The devastation of war is the destruction of "surplus wealth" or the abundance we are used to. They have to destroy everything to start over. War is the highest method of profit for capitalism. The ruing class literally sacrifices the rest of society to maintain their survival. The savagery of the bourgeois in dealing with the poor is legend. In the 30s, the suffering was unrelenting. The migration of traumatized paupers across the country and the futility of any and all remedies by the state scarred and cauterized Americans to a point that a horrendous world war was preferable to them, than the continuing economic stagnation.

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