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AUG 10-SEP 15

the leo pride

Most 13 sign Leos, rather than accept the 12-sign Virgo archetype, would rather discount astrology all together. Imagine the King of the Beasts, mistaken for the quiet, crafty Virgo! Only the 13 sign Leo can roar like a lion and stalk like a tiger. This is the sign of the best and the worst of the animal kingdom. Leos understand animals and animals understand Leo. From the noble savage to the wounded animal, it’s all part of the Leo heritage. Leo is the idealization of the Superego, the creator, defender and destroyer of life.

Inside Leos harbor the instincts, elegance and ferocity of the predator. There’s no human emotions to clog up the arteries. Leos demand—and take—what they need for survival, yet they can also put their lives on the line to defend the pride. Leo loyalty is never questioned, it is assumed.

The real Leo strength comes from the complex society of lions—the most socialized and therefore the most successful predator community. However, it’s primarily the FEMALE that gives the group its strength and cohesion. It’s the raising of cubs that make survival and propagation possible. Male and female roles must combine to promote the interests of the pride, although male Leos are often brainless and impetuous. In the wild, male lions often kill or exile their possible competition, and that can even include their own male cubs.

That’s the tip-off to Leo’s much deeper nature that includes another classic archetype, the huntress. Leos, male or female, are ALWAYS on the hunt. Whatever the prey happens to be, the Leo brain, such as it is, is hardwired to find and kill food. For the Leo, food can cover almost anything, from sex to money, the hunt is the game and its reward; and Leos take it very seriously. Anyone who interferes with a Leo while they hunt is in danger. This shows the absurdity of the bastardized astrology system that depicts them as Virgos, who are fixers, builders and critics, and, if anything, might well be the prey of the actual Leo in the Zodiacal jungle.

Leo doesn’t adapt and assimilate like a human; they are a fixed, bestial sign; they only learn to do what they do better, rather than change on a daily basis like the chameleon Virgo. The Leo heart beats loudly; they are simple and direct, there is no hiding what they feel. The modest, mutable Virgo has a much different view of the universe, and never the two shall meet.


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