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Virgo: Plasma of Creation
Sept 15-Oct 30

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Virgo is untapped energy, waiting to be energized. In the dark void, they explode with color when sparked into action. Virgo searches for an agent of change, the enzyme, the electrical charge, the magic spell, to awaken the sleeping Virgin and give her life. Virgo is like a fluorescent light, with its inert hydrocarbons cold and lifeless; switch it on and it makes Virgo illuminate with a brilliant light.

Virgos require partnership, even though they may come to eventually despise its restrictions. The same devotion that turns their darkness to light, also subjugates them to selflessness, their service to others. Virgo is reactive, responsive--which makes this a female deity; however, what the Virgo does is very masculine. They can give form and vitality to dead space with their gifts.

They are the critics, craftsmen and fixers. They posses an endless ingenuity. They adjust to the material conditions of their day, and make the proper improvements and changes that are the most necessary in the moment. But they don't do it just for themselves; they do it for others. They are the "Man Friday" or the supportive female. They give out of altruism, and want only the recognition of their service in return. A big problem for Virgo is that they often don't get this.

Virgo has the largest demographic; they are the most populous sign, they represent the common man and woman, the masses. Virgo's true size encompasses 45 degrees of the Zodiac, having the most width and breadth of all the signs. This means there are more Virgos than any other sign, with 46 days of birth opportunities.

The Universe is made up of plasma and Virgo's nature mimics this volatile gas, as bolts of lightning activate galactic plasma into cords of cosmic power, which gives birth to new stars.

Thus she earns the archetype of a virgin, one with an ever-recurring ability to remake themselves, over and over until the filament is exhausted. Virgo's virginity doesn't imply a lack of sexual experience, since Virgos get plenty of sex, and in fact, use it for healing. The Virgin only suggests that no suitor or sexual partner can ever dominate them, they remain unfettered by the bondage of marriage, even as Virgo yearns for completion through partnership.

The Virgo way is rejuvenation and restoration, in both mind and body. That's why Virgo rules the stomach and the digestive process, and a happy stomach makes Virgo a happy person.

The Virgo can tell everything from the bowel movement. This is the Virgo quality control. The Virgo seeks purity--the perfect stool, the perfect skin, the perfect smell. Unlike her spawn, Libra, she finds her purpose through the honesty and appreciation of others.

The Virgo loves people--but after a lifetime of unlovable people feeding off her like vampires, she gets her fill, and turns over her love and service to the animal kingdom, which IS pure in its simple, natural, dependable ethics, wherein the Virgo finds true beauty.

Virgo searches for flaws and has a withering critical eye, but she only criticizes people she is tiring of. It's a sign of disappointment and distrust. She is a tester of people's mettle; and therefore she feels like she is always on thin ice requiring constant assurance, acceptance and encouragement.

Others may see this purification ritual as endless, pointless, and hurtful. The Virgo literally USES UP the energy in every relationship she has, and it forces her to move on to seek new engagements, new ideas, and to follow her star, SPICA, which is the brightest blue star in the sky.


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