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Jason Van Dyke, another murdering cop

Chris Harper Mercer killed 10 people in Oregon.

Dylan Roof killed 9 African-Americans in Charleston, S.C.

Ophiuchus Mass Murderer

James Holmes: Jesus or Jerk?

The chart of James Holmes, the young man who shot 70 people in Aurora, Colorado, during a Batman movie premiere on July 20, 2012, to make a new US record for mass murder, reveals he is an OPHIUCHUS. Holme's stellum of planets is mostly clustered in the constellation of Ophiuchus, with the Sun, Saturn Uranus and Mercury all conjunct in that sign. The dark female inside Holmes was his deepest secret, never to be revealed.

Holmes' Saturn-Sun conjunction is a weighty burden for him, like much of his generation he failed the expectations of a strict or absent father-figure, was rejected from the patriarchy, and has no confidence in his own worth. He, like many of this 20-something age group, is without hope. His talents, meager as they were, were unappreciated. He might have blamed the world for his troubles. He may have struck out at society in order to teach them a lesson on how he wanted people to respect him--fear him.

He may have carried out this massacre as some kind of sacrifice, or martyrdom to another person, or a higher cause. The killing would be a mystical offering, the slaughter of the innocents, like an Aztec God, Holmes will decide the fate of the tribe, and shed blood to make his magic work. MORE

A grinning white face, encased in panic
A frozen smile, a stupid hair style
A horny rat with a funny hat
Walking down mean streets, 
Drowning in his skeet
The years just repeat

Girls think he's a creep
what a catch, all porn, no sex
He's the crazy ex.

White boy with a gun
The sins of the father rest on the son White boy life is toxic, 
White boys are boxed
like donuts in a donut shop 
dirty socks, pimple-pop
Always the wannabe chief, 
flat beer and frozen beef

No award for trying, it's just dying.
The garage is packed with crap
living in a run down shack
half-raised in an alcoholic haze
in a one-gene town where he stays

Pops used a belt, Mom's a phony
What's for supper? noodle-roni!
His brain is yearning, but what learning?

Waiting for Jesus, 
until hell freezes 
His daily dose, he’s comatose
He's no closer, just a doper
Every day brings the pain,
stomach ache, migraine
He's clinically insane.

There’s plenty of weapons
a land of oppression, 
44 magnum or a 22
the bullet passes right through
A wet dream on the screen
A Grand Theft Auto scene.
You're indestructible, tax deductible
All the bridges burning
Prodigal son returning
license to kill, it’s a thrill
A clean kill and a Viagra pill 

White boy with a gun
Read his bio on page one
Fuck the rules, shoot up the schools

Only a man when he kills someone
Revenge and depression,
Funeral procession
economic recession

White boy in pain,
going insane in the fast lane


The White Reject

"The lumpen white man is the highest risk. He's the guy who is entitled by race but is still an utter failure and loser. Yet, he's still able to access guns and assault rifles. He's still got a car and lives with his mother."

Below is the rectified the chart of William Spengler, pictured above in the young and old version of him. He was convicted in a series of mass murder/forced suicide incidents. He was a home-grown crime wave. He typifies how white privilege can even extend to the lowest echelon of human being, giving even the lumpen some credibility. [Lumpen is a Marxist term for those people deemed worthless by the rest of society.]

The village idiot, William H. Spengler, felt like the scapegoat to the good people of Webster. With double squares with Chiron, his self-esteem was at rock bottom—and with good reason. His face has the look of a truncated family gene pool. His body was prematurely old from drug use. His only skill was shoplifting. He was enmeshed with his family. He decided to hurt them all back. Especially the women in his life. But then it was too late to go back.

Spengler was a Virgo loner, but with a mouthful of Leo ego, a split personality on its way to dissolution. Spengler's a Pisces Moon makes him the victim of brutality himself. A heartless Virgo with a Pisces manipulator Moon. 

He must have been pretty well victimized during his 18 years in prison, maybe even changing personalities completely from a tough male skinhead to simpering jailhouse queen. Truly divided into two (rectified for NY) Gemini Ascendant personalities.

Everyone in town must have known this guy was a maniac—perhaps his hermit ways discouraged visitors.

He killed all the women in his life. He beat his Grandmother to death with a hammer. His Mother died in 2011—(I'd do another autopsy in this case) and he started to go paranoid and psychotic. He killed his 67-year-old sister who gave him a place to stay.

With Mars square Jupiter he was actually spoiled, used to getting his way—at least in the microcosm world he inhabited, where his female relatives cared for him. He was gender-privileged as well. He depended on—and ultimately hated—the women in his life. Like a petulant Raja, he demanded his due. Each man a potentate over the women who bore and protected him.

Like many murderers, he could've been a healer, instead. But he hated the world, the women in it and himself. His square involves identity, male and female, top and bottom. The placement of Uranus would add erratic, impulsive behavior.

He probably did it impulsively. This was the brutal side of a T-square with rectified Moon square Sun and Uranus.

To avoid the feeling of just being a lump of protoplasm, Spengler burned his sister's house down and ambushed the firemen who came to put it out, killing two. It's a simple story of the worm turning; a Plutonian (trine Chiron) revenge.

On December of 2012 he had his revenge on Webster, NY, his little shitburg community) as his final anguish and arrogance of a suicidal white man.

The town of Webster was shocked, shocked!

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