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Winnie Mandela:
A Victim of Victory

The Virgo Critic

Winnie Mandela was Nelson Mandela's wife and comrade for 38 years, including his 27 year imprisonment in South African prisons. Winnie was as popular as he was, especially among women and the youth. She incited Black Africans to rise up in support of the ANC and to demand Mandela's release from the infamous Robbin Island prison.

In spite of her many achievements, after the victory of the ANC, she was stripped of her rank and convicted of a series of human rights violations and embezzlement. She and Nelson divorced. She was politically assassinated. She was persecuted to more vigorously than the white killers who enforced the laws of apartheid!

During the most violent years of Boer repression and torture, Winnie appealed to the most radical elements in Soweto and other Black ghettos and gave fiery speeches, shocking the Boers with pointed criticisms of the state and the culture.

She is infamously quoted as advocating the murder of Boer police and their informers with the "necklace", a burning tire around their necks. ("[W]ith our boxes of matches and our necklaces we shall liberate this country.")

She was appointed the head of the ANC Women's League and a member of the National Executive Committee. She forged a component of the ANC that was action-oriented and she was often blamed by the government for recurring riots and street violence. She built a huge following among the lowest classes, and when she became a real threat to the Boer regime. They exiled her to a "foreign native" township set up by the regime to disenfranchise blacks of their citizenship in their own homeland.

Winnie continued to organize among the so-called "lost generation" that fought the battle against apartheid. These unemployed men and women, and the kids whose schools were closed for over a decade, became her constituency, the backbone of the protests and resistance.

After the release of her husband from prison, and the election of the ANC, Winnie was accused of political assassination and embezzlement. She was repudiated by many party members and Nelson, like a typical Gemini, dropped her like a hot potato and they divorced.

In turn, she ratcheted up her rhetoric, ridiculed the Truth and Reconciliation Committee, which had been set up to push the police and army for their crimes against humanity against the Black population. However, the commission failed miserably, sending only one policeman to jail, while the leadership and creators of apartheid went free and were reinstated into leadership positions in the police forces and army.

Winnie derisively called the Reconciliation panel a "Kleenex commission" because of their ineffectiveness in spite of the many tears shed by the victims. She criticized Bishop Tutu, the head of the commission, as a "cretin".

Because of this and other perceived "anti-white" positions, and in spite of her overall popularity with the masses, she was forced to resign all her government positions and party affiliations. She was, in fact, bum-rushed out of power by her own comrades.

Although no direct link was ever established, Winnie was convicted and sentenced to six years (later commuted) for the conspiracy to murder a youth that was thought to be a police informer.

She continued to speak out against the ANC leadership as well as her former husband, accusing both of betraying black Africans. She is now 79 years old, and still active in politics.


Winnie has her Sun, Venus and Mercury in Virgo, with Lilith and the Black Moon also in Virgo. She's a very powerful person under the surface of the adaptable virgin. Although she had power suddenly thrust into her lap when Nelson was sent to prison, she seized the opportunity to be a surrogate for him and a star of the revolution in her own right. Many believe it was her unswerving support that kept him alive, in spite of the various attempts to assassinate him in jail. When Nelson was first imprisoned, hardly anyone, black or white, had even heard of the ANC, but when he was released, every child in every village knew his name and the program of the ANC. Nelson has said this was in no small part due to Winnie's relentless organizing on his behalf.

Her Moon is in Capricorn and her Mars in Leo, both very strong signs of leadership. Her Capricorn Moon may have caused jealousy among the other men in the ANC. She was a natural boss, and the Leo in her was flamboyant; just look at her hair-do! She may have humiliated the men in her own organization as easily as she did the Boers; neither could contain her. It's no wonder the poorest elements in the concentration-camp like black neighborhoods trusted her more then her husband. The Capricorn made her hate fools and the Virgo made her an inveterate critic of both governments, whether Boer or Black.

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