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What people are saying

"I'm a Virgo, and what you made for me helped me to feel calm and contemplative." [Nina]

"I love it. I feel focused on the task at hand. I'm happy and feel rooted. Thank you so much!!!" [Isobel]

"The flower essence is powerful- I feel like it's shielding my sensitivity to everyone/thing somehow. Thank you so much for everything." [Elisa]

"I am feeling the difference. Thank you so much! I'd like to order your flower power for my daughter." [Cathy]

A Blend of Essences Just For You

Everyone is different, so why should your flower essence be a one-size-fits-all affair? Your flowers should custom fit you.

The way to tailor your flowers to you is to use your horoscope to figure which flowers you need for what you're going through. Only Kim Lovelace, (the Good Witch) uses 13 sign astrology to mix your flower essences. The 13 signs include Ophiuchus, the most powerful female sign, and it's a more accurate system than the commonly used "tropical" astrology.

Collecting the flowers

The formula in your custom blend will include 5 or more flower essences from the Australian Outback that have been distilled on site, right after picking. Kim will mix your custom blend from 88 available essences, according to your Sun, Moon, Black Moon and transit charts.

Get the combination of flowers you need

A 30ml sealed-for-freshness bottle of your unique essence costs $35. For an additional $25, Kim will include your birth chart and a complete report about what it means. (A $25 saving off the price of a regular reading). Free shipping, 7-12 days delivery, depending on destination. Express rates (5-7 days) are available for an additional $10, email for further info. Order below:



kim lovelace

My background is in Clairvoyant readings in both tarot and mediumship and I have been working in this area for over 30 years, online, over the phone and face to face. I have helped many people including high profile personalities, not just here in the UK but abroad too. It often takes an ‘outsiders’ view to see the truth of any situation that may occur in our lives, giving us the perspective to help, focus and center; to create the balance needed. Write me. Kim

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