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Your Stomach
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n Army Marches on its Stomach

Said Napoleon. It's also true about YOU. The stomach is the source of health—and the portal of disease. Like a food-processing factory, it produces nutrients and waste. The workers are bacteria. YOU are the boss. How do you maintain a healthy stomach?

It’s your duty, and in your interest to manage it wisely, treat your hard working bacteria fairly. Here's some of the special foods that a healthy stomach needs are (in order of goodness):

• Probiotics (fermented food or cultured beverage)
• Whole grains (brown rice, quinoa)
• Healthy fats and anti-oxidants (avocado, hemp, coconut oil)
• Enough B-vitamins as chemical catalysts

What it doesn’t need is (in order of badness):
• Sugar (all kinds, including fructose from fruit)
• Simple carbohydrates (white flour, snacks)
• Dairy or meat or chicken (fats and antibiotics)
• Unfermented Soy products (tofu, soy milk, baby formula)

How to Destroy Your Stomach

There are two kinds of stomach destruction, via blood sugar, Hyper- and Hypoglycemic.

1) Hypers have a never-ending thirst, usually for sugary liquids, juices, soda, beer and they eat large meals high in fats and carbs in order to get to a sugary dessert. They are easily identified as obese, and tend to be overweight on the top of their bodies, with large necks, shoulders and chest. They are diagnosed as pre-diabetic.

Their bodies store the excess carbs and fats in the muscles, turning into "hard fat" or cellulite, causing stretch marks and wet, clammy hands and skin. Their blood sugar levels are unstable, and cause wild mood swings. Hypers think with their muscles, and use their anger to project a victim mentality, and often get their way by bullying others. Since they are burning fat, they blow up, sometimes with violent tempers. When their muscles become encased in fat, Hypers lose mobility and become lethargic. Hypers eventually suffer from insulin shock and their entire systems can shut down or go out of whack at any moment. Treating them the traditional way, with insulin injections, calorie-counting and surgery is the path to lifelong suffering and misery.

Hyperglycemics must control sugar and carbs to level off blood sugar levels to avoid diabetes, obesity and heart trouble. >Food

2) Hypos have a ravenous appetite, but won't eat on principle. They delay and suppress their hunger. They starve themselves beyond the limits of hunger and then binge on snacks, sugary liquids and carbs to overcome their hunger-induced depression. Hypos are harder to identify, except by their eating disorders and addictions. They crave food constantly, yet delay and deny their hunger, and use any and all substitutes for food, including coffee, cigarettes, snacks, fruits and both legal and illegal drugs to control or stave off a ravenous hunger.

Hypos tend gain weight, if at all, in the lower part of their bodies, especially in the legs, with "wet fat", stored in their body cavities as gall, or decaying bacterial cesspools of water, which forces the skin away from the bone. They smell of body odor and bad breath caused by an excess of uric acid secretion. They try to limit their intake of food with will power and by excluding various types of foods from their diet. They can be extreme vegans or have predilection for anorexia or numerous allergies.

The resulting mental issues with Hypos make them non-conformists, rebels, and they are often the creative-yet-self-destructive elements in society. Hypos suffer depression, alienation and have schizophrenic episodes and physical aliments are hard to diagnose. Hypos often suffer a massive collapse of the immune system, after continuously ignoring symptoms or using drugs or other means to disguise symptoms. The fate of the hypoglycemic involves kidney failure, gingivitis, respiratory problems and mental breakdowns, all occurring suddenly, and often so severe that they are impossible to treat with conventional methods.

Only a complete restoration of the immune system can save a hypoglycemic. >Vitamins

Without intervention, every American, or anyone who is trying to survive on the typical American diet, will suffer one or the other, or BOTH of these catastrophic failures before they are overcome by what is essentially a death by rancid fats in the cells, and a dying digestive system. The net effect is that we are ALL “sanpaku” ("three whites") which is George Oshawa’s term for people whose eyes reveal them to be victims. and all need help.

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Recommended Vitamins

SOLGAR Natural Vitamin E
400 IU capsules

NOW Vitamin A / NOW Vitamin D-3
25,000 IU /5,000 IU

NUTRIBIOTIC Ascorbate (Vitamin C)
buffered with calcium

JARROW B-RITE Formula B-complex

KAL Calcium Magnesium (as Dolomite)

Can you really survive on food alone?

No matter what kind of resolutions you make, or intentions you have, diets you pursue, or hopes you have for natural health, Agribusiness and the food industry have eviscerated our food supply. Monsanto is now monopolizing and monetizing seeds; Nestlés is charging you to drink polluted water, and your supermarket is selling old, putrefied food it has sprayed and packaged as if it was actual food. Your stomach is now in the hands of large corporations. They are in control. You'd have to go back 70 years to find unadulterated food. There is no guarantee that the foods we buy have any minerals or nutrients in them. You actually cannot trust the food you buy. There's death in every bite. MORE ABOUT FOOD


The Ultimate Guide to Nutrition

The classic self-help manual of the 1960s, when Adele Davis was at the forefront of a national movement for people to seize control of their own options to achieve good health and cure diseases. She used the available science and clinical studies to prove that the body was a chemical factory that required certain vitamins and minerals, without which the body deteriorates. She saved thousands of people personally--people doctors had given up on--and taught millions to understand and use vitamin and nutritional therapies to protect their health and cure disease.

To buy this book: Amazon

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