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Halley's comet, as photographed by space-probe Giotto, 1987

EVERYTHING you thought you knew about comets is WRONG. Everything cosmologists have been saying about comets for the last 60 years has been completely overturned and rendered null by the latest space probes and their findings.

1) The common theme, put forward by astronomer Fred Whipple in the 1950s, that comets are "dirty ice balls" is FALSE. No ice of any meaningful quantity has EVER been found on any comet that has been studied so far. Comets are stone dry. There is NO WAY that the comet can produce water vapor from ice because there is NO ICE.

Comet 67P/CD: No "ice ball" here.

2) The idea that the comet's coma is ice melted from the comet's nuclei by the Sun's heat or light is FALSE. The Sun's heat or light has nothing to do with the creation of water vapor. The water, in fact, does not come from ice at all. It is made, in generous portions, chemically, as a result of subjecting the comet's hydrogen atoms to the Sun's positively charged solar winds. The water is suspended in an electric transmission of energy. Water vapor from the coma is tied up with extended ribbons of electrical discharge, otherwise the water would dissipate in space, and not remain intact for millions of miles, as is most common with comas.

3) The notion that comets release water from their interior is FALSE. The "plumes" of water are actually electric arcs. This is a die-hard theory from cosmologists who cannot accept the fact there is little or no ice on a comet.

Impact of Deep Space projectile on Tempel 1. NO ICE!


4) The entire idea that ice forms the water vapor of the coma is FALSE. Cosmologists insist it takes ice to create water, but actually this is also FALSE. The Comet produces water by photodissasociation. The coma contains large quantities of O-H, a single oxygen atom bound up with a single hydrogen atom. When the Sun's solar wind subjects the molecule to protons, the hydrogen atom is released, and forms Hydroxyl radicals, that are easily formed into H2O--water, by the addition of another hydrogen atom. The release of oxygen atoms from the negatively charged comet's nuclei accelerates the process. The chemical creation of water allows the comet to produce far more water than meting ice ever could. How else could one accept the idea that comets gave Earth all its 326 million trillion gallons of water? How many little ice-balls would that take? The idea that snowballs from outer space melted and fell to Earth is more like a child's fairy tale than true science.

5) The theory that the coma's appearance and direction and length has to do with the Sun's gravity or the proximity of the comet is FALSE. The coma is a reaction to the electrical charges of the Sun's magnetic field and the protons released into the solar winds. This is why the coma appears and changes direction in spite of the Sun's constantly increasing heat as the comet approaches it; it's not heat, but the interrupted or blocked proton-rich Solar rays that causes this variable.

6) The idea that comets that return from the outer reaches of the solar system are frozen water and dust and then reheated by the Sun is FALSE. Ridiculous, in fact. Most of the minerals found on comets could not have formed in deep space. The supposition (by Jan Oort himself) that comets come from the farthest reaches of the Oort cloud is questionable; it is much more likely that they are leftovers from catastrophic planetary events, and were formed within the Solar system, and perhaps are returning to the Sun from from the Kyper belt. Comets may not tell us about the creation of the universe, more of a religious concept then a scientific one, but they can and will tell us about the planets that they came from and what happened to blow them into scorched fragments flying around the Sun!

7) Even the actual shape of the comets has been misrepresented. Comets are not "balls" at all, but actually barbell-shaped objects, as a result of their electrical charge and distortion by the electrical release of particles.

Comet hartley 2--another barbell shaped comet


Ice, gravity and heat have nothing to do with the comet's coma, and its discharge of water. The truth as we know it today is that comets are made of dust and rock. No ice. The carbon found on comets is a result of electrical burn. All the unfounded assertions by confounded cosmologists have failed, because the space probes sent to investigate comets have discovered NO or very little ice on or in the comet's nuclei. The amount of water discharged from a comet into its coma can in NO WAY be explained by the melted ice theory. When astronomers see the water vapor in the coma, they assume it comes from the comet's nuclei, when, in fact, the water comes from a chemical reaction on the hydrogen cloud surrounding the comet, along with a massive aura of ultra violet and X-rays. The comet isn't picking up these rays, it emits them, much the same as entire galaxies do. Like planets, comets react to solar winds by deflecting them away from the body of the comet, and into the coma. This can only be explained by electrical theory, not heat or light.

A flare emerging from comet Tempel 1 on June 14. (Hubble)

The Star Dust mission probe in 1999 to comet Wild 2 discovered no ice, but instead well developed crystals in the comet's dust, which could not have been formed in deep space conditions and near absolute zero temperatures. The findings from comet Hale-Bopp's spectroscopic analysis confirmed this. These finding crushed previous theories by astronomers that these crystals were "pushed out" by heat from the Sun. In fact, some of these crystals could only have been created in the presence of liquid water, something impossible in deep space.

electric "hot-spots" on Wild 2 (Stardust mission)

This would indicate that comets are the debris that came from planets, the only place that liquid water is found. Some minerals found in comets could only have been formed in temperatures under 210 degrees Celsius. Cubanite, for example, found on Wild 2, (also in abundance on earth and Mars) has to be formed in liquid water. Other minerals found, were formed in extreme heat. This contradicts ALL comet theory about the sources of the dust found on comets. Could comets have come from explosions or discharges from Mars?

The comet is actually a object with a negative charge it picks up from beyond the Sun's solar wind. When it returns to the solar system, and confronts the Sun's electrical energy, and its massive discharges of electrically charged particles, the reaction is the photodissasociation of WATER by the negative ions being activated by the Sun's EUV rays, which are positive. Comets are surrounded by a huge concentration of Hydrogen, sometimes millions of miles in diameter. When it comes in contact with the positively charged solar winds, the comet releases its negative charge explosively, causing water to be created by the splitting molecules of hydrogen and oxygen in the coma into water molecules. A very small electric jolt on the surface of the comet can create thousands of gallons of water, without the comet losing much of its mass, and without any ice being present. According to Wikipedia:

"On July 4, 2005, the Deep Impact space probe successfully [dropped a 60 lb. copper ball which] collided with the comet's nucleus. The impact excavated debris from the interior of the nucleus, forming an impact crater. Photographs taken by the spacecraft showed the comet to be more dusty and less icy than had been expected. The impact generated an unexpectedly large and bright dust cloud, obscuring the view of the impact crater."

This tiny impact caused over 40,000 gallons of water to be created in the coma, far more than any ice melt. The Sun's heat is completely moot, having NOTHING to do with the coma or the water contained in it

In a matter of days, the Rosetta probe will actually land a module on 67P/CD which will likely prove that comet theory has to be rewritten from scratch.

Rosetta on course to intersect 67P/CD

The author of this article is by no means an expert. However, it doesn't require a genius to figure out that everything we're told is wrong. In spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, most astronomers still cling on to the ice ball theory like it was gold. And they criticize astrologers for being ignorant, backward!

For more on this fascinating subject, watch the video "Comets" by the Thunderbolt project. You will be blown away by the real universe, it is so much more awesome that the creationist cosmologists want to let on. Other ways to connect with the Thunderbolt Project: Youtube and fb


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