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The Yod and
the Fall of Empire

Mene Mene Tekel by Rembrandt [source]

How to recognize a Yod

In the Biblical story from the book of Daniel, King Belshazzar rules over the most corrupt and degenerate of all the cities, Babylon. However, he goes too far when he uses stolen gold from Jerusalem to finance his collapsing economy. Even when he is threatened by the Persians, Belshazzar felt safe behind Babylon's impregnable walls, and called for a lavish feast. As the King and his sycophants partied in luxury, suddenly, a disembodied finger appeared, warning of a fateful reckoning. The above painting by Rembrandt illustrates that moment when the King sees this omen of his doom and the fall of Babylon. What they saw was a Yod.

The Yod is a isosciles triangle: one with two even sides. It looks like a rocket about to take off. This astrological combination means abrupt, accelerated change. It often appears at the least opportune time. Unbidden, the news of the future comes at you, like a heat-seeking missile; you are in its crosshairs. The Yod is the lightning rod that discharges uncontrollable energy. Two of the Yod's three points are in sync, which deliver a jolt along its length, like a gun barrel discharges a bullet.

The Babylonian Yod (in dark outline) was the sign pointing to their imminent destruction, and the message "mene tekel upharsin" ("numbered, weighed, and divided") was how it was going to happen. The prophecy was, 'God hath numbered they kingdom and finished it, thou are weighted in the balance and found wanting, thy kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and the Persians.'

Babylon's rulers were going to be audited by Cyrus, who laid siege to the city in 539 BCE. His armies circled around the city's defenses, using the waterways to gain entry. He routed Belshazzar's army and entered the city unopposed; the people welcomed him as a hero.

Cyrus enters Babylon [source]

Cyrus took Babylon in a peaceful regime change. That's the meaning of the Sagittarius North node on the left point of this Yod. With Mars in Aquarius on the right handle of the Yod, Cyrus acted with political maturity and enlightened leadership, by not sacking the city, slaughtering and enslaving the inhabitants, as most conquering armies would have done.

Instead he changed the nature of Babylonian society. The tip of the Yod, is zero degrees Pluto. This is the transformation of the family clan, or tribe, by the utter destruction of the old attitudes and prejudices.

The Yod in Modern Times

The Yod has been called many things, from a stretched bow to a runaway train. The "finger of god" reference to the fall of Babylon is the oldest interpretation, but may have relevance today.

The Yod in our time is like a sudden expansion of forces under stress, that fling you into unknown territory. The people who have one in their charts or get one by transit, seem to be thrust into another distant realm, physically or psychologically, and usually one that they have been trying to avoid. In the individual chart, the Yod can work for your benefit only with a bit of luck and the cooperation of those around you.

To understand how the Yod works, you can see it in a River Phoenix film, My Private Idaho, where every time the protagonist has sex, he blacks out, and wakes up in an entirely different place, sometimes miles from his starting place. This is the dynamic of the Yod. This could translate in our lives as a pyschotic episode or a revelation.

In the transit chart, we can track the presence of Yods in the shocking or sudden changes that take place in social and political events.

These days, we look for the finger of God to write on our computer screens, not on the walls, but the meanings are the same.

Shanghai stock market crash [source]

The Chinese Yod

We've had a recent experience with the Yod as a red flag for collapse. A Yod on June 12, 2015, the first day of the crash of the Shanghai stock market, was the warning that the Chinese has crossed over into a deflationary economy, bloated by debt and trapped by the shrinking value of their dollar-contracts. The computers told the markets what the banks and economists did not, or could not.

The Chinese Yod has one foot in a Mercury Taurus, the Chinese love of gold and private enterprise. The South Node, in Pisces, is the collapse of the export economy, and the rising needs of the consumers in China to a decent lifestyle. The target for this Yod is Lilith, the asteroid that represents eternal damnation, as a part of the female ego. The embedded failures of the past will cripple the future generations. The Chinese avoided a collapse by spending trillions to defend their currency, but there's not enough money in the world to pay for all the ecological damage and the overbuilding of China's cities. The latest reverse in course is to end the 1-child-only policy. But it's too late for the exhausted workers. The Chinese have slumped over into deflation and a hopeless future. The deflation is what all markets fear, and export markets particularly, and has taken root in China. The imbalance of Chinese society, the overproduction, corruption and pollution makes everything in China worth less in the future than it is now.

Migrant labor can't help them any more. There's not a large enough new generation that can pay for the retirement costs of the old. China will be paying all the hidden costs of their years of reckless 15 percent growth rates, noncollectable debt, and vast over-capacity for decades to come. Like Japan before them, China must now resort to cheap money to pay for its mistakes, creating massive public debt to raise wages for its people.

The Day the Dollar Died

October 7, 2008, the American Stock market crash, part 1 [source]

The American stock market has also had its Yod moment, just ahead of the market crash in October, 2008. Years of speculation and the growth of the money supply to investment banks brought the markets to a peak. Millions of Americans were invested in high risk equities, while the capitalization of the major corporations reached dizzying heights of a 14.9K Dow.

But it wasn't true. The wealth was based on an inflated dollar. Eventually, massive debt and fraud hobbled any further expansion. At the peak, the markets suddenly imploded, leading to a loss of 54% in the next eight months.

The base of the October Yod had a retrograde Uranus in Pisces, facing a Jupiter in Sagittarius. The Moon was conjunct Jupiter for a maximum emotional effect. Jupiter was exaggerating the wealth of the banks, which were actually insolvent. The Moon believed the hype. At the worst moment for Lehman's investment bank and others, this Jupiter bubble popped. Uranus withdrew its support and enthusiasm, and it melted away like a receding tide, leaving the tip of the Yod exposed. Up there, Poor Ceres in Leo got caught like the Emperor with no clothes. The big egos of the speculators and the bank reserves took a beating. Ceres-Mom (Cancer President Obama) and the taxpayer had to bail them out.

Ceres is a female asteroid, and normally wants to support the efforts of others. Ceres in Leo nurtures by encouraging self-confidence. The expanding financial bubble was a FALSE sense of wealth and security, since the markets were reflecting the excess of fiat currency, and not the true economy, which was suffering low wages and shrinking profits.

During the Yod's stressful spike of energy, the drug of ego and paper wealth clashed with reality, suddenly the inadequacy of the banks was revealed. Neptune in Capricorn was laying along the Moon's Nodes and cuts the Yod in half. The pride and arrogance of the market was exposed, and the Yod was a warning that a bear market had started. The comouters showed only unrecoverable debt and collapsing real estate values.

We now know that the financiers did not heed the warning, and instead pumped trillions of new worthless dollars into the bankrupt banks to float their bad debt. From that moment onwards, the markets lost their relevance to the real economy, and became a way for the market manipulators to suck the wealth out of mutual funds, 401K plans and pensions. The message of the Yod was lost, and the kings of the treasury just rebuilt the the markets.

Building in a flood zone that has already wiped you out seems like a foolhardy thing to do, but that's what happened. The 2008 bust is just waiting for a sequel. The Dollar may have survived, but it's a false god we recreate everyday, like a hit of cocaine. We all sense this is the end of the rope.

The November Yod

Tridend II missile contrail over San Diego, Nov. 7, 2015 [image]

The heralding of the November Yod occured on Nov. 7, as a trident missle streaked accross the night sky. It could be seen all accross the West Coast, and as far away and Nevada and Arizona. Once thought to be obsolete weapons of mass destruction, the US military is now testing them again in preparation for a limited (they hope) nuclear war. This is our warning of the dangers ahead. Like the King of Babylon, we can ignore what we see, and go to our doom, our we can heed the message and stop the war now before it overwhelms us.

Today, the Dow is at 17.9K, in spite of several shocks. The world is at war and societies are in turmoil. Forced migration is at an all time high, millions are fleeing their land. The Earth itself is full of garbage and the waste of its resources goes on unabated. The debt has expanded like a hot air balloon. In the U.S. we're living on borrowed time, it's a day-to-day and dog-eat-dog world. People are losing their incomes, homes, and especially their minds at a terrific rate. The global suicide rate has shot up 60% in the last 45 years, and today there are more than a million suicides a year. Rape and massacre have become weapons of war with no end.

The scene is set for another shock. This is a sign that the Yod that occurs from November 7-12, 2015 may involve us in war.

The beginning of the Yod

In this case, the finger of god points to a Retrograde Uranus in Pisces. This could be a symbol of the liberated woman or the drunken sailor, depending on which side of the political fence you're in. In view of the events of Nov. 13, and the terrorist attacks, we can visualize Paris, and her history as being this Uranus. France's characteristic mix of revolution and compassion are represented as the target of the Yod. It's a complex message, there are six planets and asteroids involved.

With Mars and 4 other planets in Virgo on one handle of the base, and Mercury in Libra on the other; the arrow points to Uranus, a planet also involved in the market crash of 2008. Uranus pulled the chair out from under the NY stock market back then, but in 2015, Uranus is the target, not the shooter. Pisces is at the critical point, and it's in retrograde, so this is where the upheaval will occur, where it's been before.

Don't Believe the Hype

Uranus in Pisces is the emotional need for independence. For the lower classes, or an oppressed minority, the rhetoric of freedom isn't enough, you have to need it like air to breathe and be willing to sacrifice for it. Before the actual rebellion is the mental awakening. The major changes of the November Yod is the instant change in our attitudes which lead to revolution. We have the power to weigh the evidence, and then decide. The Yod combines the fact-finder Libra, the dreamy Pisces and the hard-nosed Virgo critic. Whatever you think you want will have to pass through this gauntlet of the world's problems.

These problems are your problems, and you can only sort them out by sorting yourself out first. You can always make the changes in yourself that others can't impose on you, or keep you from making. This is why a change in appearence, diet, philosophy (we all have one), even gender is really up to us as individuals. We can be who we want to be. No one can really stop us from changing ourself.

Take a look at your mind

This Yod is all about information, and how its used. Uranus is new ideas. Mercury hands us the information, in the form of the internet. The force and power of this Yod is intellectual, using critical thinking. With all that Virgo, the underlying element of this Yod is improvement and a mass change in attitudes. The Virgin is free of man's control and chooses her own way forward. You ultimately decide who you are.

This Yod could be seen as an assault on traditional families, marriages and relationships. The character of male and female could be changed forever, as the old ideas lose their support from the youth. The sex hang-ups that have demented society and caused so much misery can be thrown away in the trash. "Free the body, and the mind will follow". The Yod is saying to us: You can decide to be one of them, the zombies, or be one of us, the liberators.

Free Our Minds!

Jane Abbott Lighty, left, and Pete-e Petersen receive
the first same-sex marriage license in Washington state [source]

Our computers are showing us what is a lie and how it must be exposed. What were conspiracy theories in the past, are now believed by so many people, that human intelligence has decided the issue. A huge percentage of the population perceive the attack of the Twin Towers as an inside job, where dynamite hidden in their foundations. The contradictions in the government explanations have been weighted and considered and discarded. The computer has spoken. We were took. So, what's, who's next?


The end of the Yod


Can the internet prevent War?

As the world is built on bad information, The November Yod, as it spins around the clock for 4 or 5 days, will be spreading the real news like a spigot watering the garden, with Twitter refreshing our bandwidth of knowledge every second.

Everything in the Yod is in flux. Life in the Pisces dream is like a picnic in the park, we're all sharing and playing with the innocence of children. However, the Yod is like a sudden awakening, like a bomb going off which changes everything.

Uranus will change us and our laws and opinions on a dime. Right under the surface of our perception is an amazing world that doesn't exist yet in our consciousness. The numbers are there, but we're not watching--yet. The surge for sexual equality and the erosion of traditional ideas are how we discover ourselves. We repudiate the dogma and the broken social contract, archaic family systems and suffocating religions that are holding us down.

Another series of Yods occur on November 25, 2015. several of them fulcrum the Moon as a major player. This means our emotions will the point of change. These Yods are fluid, and reform quickly like clouds in the sky. By the 29th, we'll hear the lash of Pluto as we're forced back into the salt mines. There's a terrible T-square developing towards the end of the month. Your typical Thanksgiving.

They occur in the foreground of a very problematical Aquarius Neptune square Sun, Mercury and Saturn, all of which are in Scorpio. This is an all-out rebellion that goes beyond a a single issue, we want the whole world. Our hearts must be free as well. Of course we meet up with a solid wall of resistance. This is where the real battle begins. Pluto will try to smother us, and like a nation and generation divided, our mettle will be tested. Which side are you on? Are you for immigration or against? The Donald or the Bern?

Whatever position we take, we'll create a "righteous" rectangle to defend it. This will also invite attack. The Moon will be raked across the broken glass as it opposes Sun, Saturn, Mercury and Lilith, the first two strangling her, and the second two seeking revenge.

The Yods will sling us into situations where we'll be on our own. We'll wake up like a stranger in a strange land. We have to believe that we are legion, we all share the same world.

Just after Midnight, the Moon is riding the nodes, and our own dreams may awaken the female legacy of suffering and compassion in us. With all the Scorpio from the Sun, we are ready to go to work.

The Invocation of Juno

Juno is one of the female archetypes that describes a woman's position in the world. Juno represents the power behind the throne. It's the value of women beyond a vagina and womb. Although it's possible to think of Juno as the all suffering wife, she is just as likely the one who signs the checks. Perhaps Juno is the compact women make with men. They will provide love, support, and treat a man like a king, as long as they the keys to the kingdom.

We are awakening her with our cries of alarm, since the Moon is in battle-ready Aries, the male inside every woman. This may comes across as sexual lust, too. Juno will be in in bed with the Black Moon. Juno loves women in more ways than she's given credit for!

When the Moon changes to Taurus, at 4:30 am on the East Coast, another Yod develops, and Juno, the faithful wife becomes the queen. This Yod ends at 6:00 am EST

The T-square starts to really tighten on the 29th, when it makes a Grand Cross with the Moon in Gemini. This is a real reckoning with enemies, secret or otherwise. Pluto is like a black hole sucking the light out of our lives. With the Mars and Ceres in Virgo, violence could be avoided with adaptation.

This T-square is going to be around until Dec. 23, when another Yod forms with the Sun, Moon and Juno. That really sounds like a menage a trois!

'Care charmer sleep, brother to death', Samuel Daniel's words describe our lives after we close our eyes, and surrender to our deepest thoughts. Whenever Pisces is involved, as it is in the November Yod, we will experience an enriched dreamscape while we sleep. Pisces is the reverie where the unconscious takes over, if only for a night's mind travel. Our dreams could be more vivid, memorable, or frightening, depending on where we are in our lives. The young will dream of sex, the middle aged, of escape, and the old, of death. Or mix and match! Our dreams will have more significance than usual, because they may contain trammels of our real life entwined in the fantasy. We should look to our dreams as a source of inspiration. Even nightmares show us our biggest fears as they would be played out in our secret world, the Pisces playground of sleep. Listen to them.

When we awake, can we ignore the dreams? No, we should let them percolate through us, to allow our sensitivity at night to extend to the daytime, and approach our lives with more candor and caution. This Yod will show us how to live in peace with each other without losing our identities and personalities. It is the dream of the Uranus Pisces to be protected by the world, and also be free of it. It may be that this Yod will wake us up from our reverie with a rude shaking. The rational mind must take over. It is intersected by Juno, the asteroid that denotes our accumulated knowledge and wisdom.

Watching our world leaders make the right decisions would be quite a shock in itself, but in view of recent events where they are forced to bow to reality, this could continue as a trend. The Obama administration was forced to give up on the Keystone pipeline, a crazy capitalist idea with as much lasting value as an old sock. The US and Russia have appeared to step back from the brink of another cold war in Syria and Ukraine. It is all a question of how the leadership reacts to the truth. The Yod could also make their paranoid vision of the future come to live, since all nations poised for a mutually assured destruction, if not by bombs, then by self-destruction.

The trend is to shut us up, to close off the internet to independent thought. If the ruling class is able to restrict our access to the truth, then they can continue as before, clouding our minds with aimless consumerism. If the Yod can knock them off their pedestals, they will be forced to change the laws, according with our wishes and needs.

Perhaps each person will experience the Yod as an individual, making the choice: Do I step into the future, with my heart and soul yearning for a better world, or do I withdraw, hold on to the past, hiding behind the false security of my impregnable walls? What will you decide?

Posted Nov. 7, 2015

The Yod in You

If you have a YOD in your chart, it is a rare planetary configuration, and a very dramatic one. The Yod is a highly strung bow waiting to release the arrow. Astrologers have described a Yod as a runaway train, or a fateful meeting with destiny. It could be a dire warning, like the finger of God "having writ, moves on". With an active Yod, one's life is being driven by intense passions, or a harvesting of pent up emotions or pressures.

The Yod is like being in a time warp, being sucked out of the matrix into another world. In a natal chart, the recipient is helpless to alter the course of action. A Yod can subject one to periodic free-fall, without a parachute, or actions uncharacteristic of normal behavior. Drugs and alcohol can only make the Yod even more potentially catastrophic.

The Yod is an astrological aspect with a sextile base and two 150 degree angles pointing to a critical point. It is a triangle with 2 even sides, a isosciles. The target planet can show us our hot (or hidden) buttons, which can set us off into mindless action under certain conditions. Since the Yod can't be assimilated or controlled, the aspect is very difficult, like a recurring vision or nightmare. Many people report that the Yod is like walking in their sleep or an out of body experience when they are helpless. If not destructive, it can be disruptive. Maybe we only hear about the bad cases, and many people may experience the Yod as a revitalization or a reassurance that the are on the right path. It may be an arc like a message, or a counter-attack, or vaulting ourselves into our higher selves. Or other selves, anything is fair in love and war.

To see if you have a Yod in your chart, get a reading.



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