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Pisces Polarity
March 12–April 18

Pisces by Hiroko Sakai

The Weaponless Heart

Pisces is so easy to typecast; the shoes, the dreamy expression, the pampered pets, the uncanny ability to mimic others, a weakness for alcohol. Sometimes they run counter to type, however, as if to throw us off the track. Some Pisces males become sports nuts as if to prove the point they are real men. However, all Pisces, from empath or diva, has a hard time living in a brutal, unfeeling world.

Pisces in love: their gift to the world
Perhaps the most foolishly wise of the signs, Pisces has seen suffering and deprivation, and is yet devoted to love and peace in spite of everything. Pisces people want the group to achieve togetherness around them, they play the perfect host to a Saturday afternoon party of all their happy admirers. Both male and female Pisces are basically pacifists and peaceful souls who only can torment themselves with the cruelty of society.

The wars and inhumanity isn't Pisces fault, others will fight to the death in order to possess her; or wave her Piscean mythology like battleflags and codify her emotions into greed. The Pisces symbol says it all, the two fish are forever separate, but invisibly syncopated.

Pisces Lover: Sly Stone

Stone gets $5 million in settlement, after he was bilked by his manager for years.

Click HERE to read a Sly Stone Bioscope.

Neptune Runs Deep

Generally, feminine energy is disregarded and disparaged by our patriarchal society. Actually it is the essential element from which all action must draw its power. The flame cannot exist without the fuel. Like the Yin power, in nature's polarity, the feminine is a co-partner in every action and reaction of our lives. Without the female, there is no male. Without the feminine outlook, the male identity dies in the desert of his own emptiness.

Pisces’ Neptune represents the mysterious subconscious. Quiet, fleeting emotions emanate from Pisces like mist from an ethereal lake, or sometimes furiously, like snow flurries in a blizzard. Pisces’ emotions are shrouded in an impenetrable Neptunian fog that erodes the barrier between the subconscious and the conscious. Everything is an illusion but for the moment.

Pisces abandons itself in abandonment. Anyone watching Pisces run the gamut of emotions finds it overwhelming and excruciatingly intimate. The Pisces is weak, perhaps, but they give us permission to reveal our vulnerability, and for this we need them, and can never forget them afterwards. The draw of the empath is giving. Pisces wants to give, but only when they are able to give; any other time is the wrong time.

They may say "yes" to everybody, but they are not so easy to capture. A hunter will try to ensnare Pisces in a net, but she always escapes them, into her own fascinating underwater world. Male Pisces exhibit characteristics of both sexes, and are just as elusive in each. They can flip to one or the other according to their purpose for the moment.

The Most Dangerous Polarity

Every sign displays some form of polarity, this is the nature of the Universe. Pisces polarity is rooted in suffering and exaltation. For all of natures' powers, wisdom is not one of them, since nature, like its oceans, operates for the eons, unable to change anything, only to remember. The Pisces embodies creation and destruction; a murmuration of continual flux. The two fish in the Pisces symbol are swimming around each other, in an never-ending dance of electric polarity, Yin and Yang. The water them together binds them and also insulates them from each other. Even the Piscean awareness can't fathom the oneness with others that they seek. Eternally divided, and drawn inexorably to one another, the fish can only rely on the oceans to contain the inevitable conflict between predator and prey. The violence of Age of Pisces is also connected to the sacrifices we make to avoid it, to suppress it. As we draw to the end of the Piscean incarnation, the quality of the violence is more acute, each war more senseless and brutal than the last. Since none of us will live to see the Age of Aquarius, we can only hope to emulate its qualities of peace and freedom from afar. Each Pisces faces the same built-in opposition of creation and destruction. And like the fish, each Pisces draws predators and tyrants to itself, and can be trapped in a circle of abuse. The Neptunian dishonesty hits Pisces the most. It turns her from prey to predator, as if the sea in which she swims has no laws, no love, no pity, only time.

Pisces Tough Guy: Jack Johnson

March 31, 1878, first African American world champion boxer. He took on the white-only reserve of professional boxing, fighting racist Jim crow laws, as well as other boxers, and beat them all. Then he fell in love with a white woman, was charged with breaking the Anti-miscegenation laws, which criminalize racially mixed marriages, and had to leave the country to escape prison. He died in exile in France.

Yet the Pisces is treated like a slave, not an equal partner. The spirit of Pisces is exploited. The masculine takes what they want, and leaves nothing behind. Pisces is forced into bondage and can only dream of a better world. The story of the empath is always how well they can escape their tormentors.

Pisces love us, yet we are sucking them dry with our errant and demanding emotions, a constant scream of desire in their psychic ears. Enough! they finally cry, and withdraw from the furor of the world. We won't hear of it; we refuse to let them be, we try to drag them back as our unwilling soul-mates.

No wonder Pisces needs to be alone a lot! Pisces need a secret place in which to run and hide. This cloistered place could be a bedroom, a closet, a car, anyplace that Pisces can lock others out of when they seek the solace of being alone. If they are disturbed during this time they will turn into a cold fish, unable to function, unable to supply the succor that we seek them out to get from them.

The Pisces emits psychic ions that soak up the misery and fears of the rest of the Zodiac, which relieve others of their problems like a day at a health spa.

"Actors search for rejection. If they don’t get it they reject themselves."
- Charlie Chapman, 4/15/1889

The Need to Believe

The dilemma of male OR female Pisces, both a source of feminine energy, is the same as any care-giver: how much am I expected to give? At what point must I pull away? Every Pisces has a seemingly unlimited capacity to help others, so long as they can be helped in the transaction. This arrangement with Pisces, that they help you to live without depression and anger if you help them to live without poverty and fear, works so well that we--the other signs--tend to take advantage of the situation and take more than our share. We often treat Pisces like a concubine, a nurse, a punching bag, and assert that her only purpose is to make us feel better. Yet the Pisces cannot accept this verdict, even if we do. Pisces will imagine a better scenario. Romeo and Juliet is a favorite. This dream world is Pisces territory, and she can accept any abuse if she has the vision of love in her heart.

"I always felt like the rug could be pulled out from under me at anytime. I didn’t really fit in anywhere."
--Mariah Carey, March 27, 1970

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The Fish Were First

"Whether a rushing brook or the deepest ocean, water retains its nature, as so Pisces rhapsodically drinks from their invisible sources, connecting with the energy, hardly moving, and letting the energy course through. Pisces can become vulnerable during this process, exposing themselves to the unforgiving hypocrisy of the real world. Pisces’ symbol is the two fish swimming in opposite directions, which they change in a flourish, on a zigzag path to a destination only they know, a response to the most ancient prehistoric instincts buried inside our genetic code. Before anything, there was the fish."

--From, the Book of Pisces

Pisces is primordial. We are all sprung from the same fish, that one bold or desperate creature eons ago, who crawled out of the ocean to breathe air and live on land. The fish are our earliest ancestral memory. We are fish in the uterus before we take human shape.

Pisces may be primitive, but they also have a built-in complexity that even they do not understand. They are always of two minds, and two bodies. The fish is incomplete without the biological imperative of its connection to the other fish in the school. Pisces, like birds and fish, use murmuration to maneuver and survive. The invisible forces that connect them to others defy rational thought. They are instinct rarefied to the highest degree, and Pisces relies on them much more than the futility of laws and rules, man's paltry contribution to civilization. Pisces rules the seas, and that's 2/3 of the Earth surface. What pokes above the water is almost an afterthought. The connections between oceans and the Moon and stars is well documented in the statistics; the invisible energy that pulses between them is not understood. Scientists might call it Dark Matter or Earth's magnetic field. We all know it's there, but we can't touch or measure it.

"Don’t think that because you haven’t heard from me for a while that I went to sleep. I am still here, like a spirit roaming the night. Thirsty, hungry, seldom stopping to rest."

--Spike Lee, 3/20/1957

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How Pisces Cope

Naturally, the only escape is deception. When forced, Pisces will confuse and lie for their own peace of mind. They are not expert liars, however. Unlike other big liars, Libra and Sagittarius for example, Pisces makes up for the lack of believability of their lies with their consistency in telling them. Likewise, Pisces will fall for the lies of others, hook line and sinker. They are easily taken in by hype and pyramid schemes, that they want to believe in. Pisces can find themselves living an entirely false existence with nothing but a collection of addictions to show for it.

Problem Zone: Depression

Illness is depressing. A depressed Pisces can fall prey to illusion and self-deception easily. Pisces will go to the well once too often. Over-stimulation will tax Piscean health. Abuse culminates in low resistance which leads to infections migrating throughout the body. The signs are: fevers, headaches, sinus problems, swollen lymph nodes. Pisces can develop mysterious, difficult-to-diagnose maladies from any and all toxins. Pisces health is fragile.

The feet are your best friends, sturdy allies, and health indicators. The body’s entire health system releases energy through the feet, signaling how well each organ is functioning, as well as the acidity of the body fluids, and the vitality of the immune system. Pamper them with daily massage, well-fitted shoes, baking soda baths.

Changing the Mood

A claim to fame for Pisces is their affinity for mood changing substances. Of curse they are not alone in their addictions, all the signs use drugs and alcohol for the same reasons, and they all suffer the consequences in the same way. However, for Pisces the need for escape and pain-management is supreme. Since they carry the pain of others, they need to escape more often, to find themselves again.

Other signs lose control when under the influence; Pisces, on the other hand uses the mind altering substances to stay afloat in the sea of their contradictory and complex lives.

If Pisces can’t find a literal rabbit hole, they’ll invent one using the magic of their love-based imaginations, or the myopia of their drug-fed illusions.

"I started with the firm conviction that when I came to the end, I wanted to be regretting the things that I had done, not the things I hadn’t.

—Michael Caine, 3/14/1933

How to Survive being Pisces

The Pisces digestion system requires the most simplistic foods imaginable. Nothing processed, no chemicals or additives. Think of the dinner plate as a pie chart. 50% of the plate must be whole grains, such as brown rice or millet; 25% must be kale, collard or mustard greens, 20% legumes, five percent whatever rich sauce you need to flavor it. Start with miso soup and you will live forever young.

In addition, any and all foods containing antibiotics, especially dairy products and eggs are dangerous for Pisces. Lactose intolerance isn’t weird, it’s proof that milk is indigestible.

Foods: organic, half protein, half carb.

Vitamins and minerals
Strengthen the immune system: take vitamin A & D; 25,000/400 I.U. OR a daily tablespoon of cod liver oil. For quick energy, take the B-complex vitamins, especially B5, B6 and B12. Achieve a quick restoration of bowel regularity by taking 6 grams of vitamin C as calcium-ascorbate powder. MORE ABOUT VITAMINS

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