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The above 1930s depression-era photo, taken by Dorothea Lange, illustrates the dire straits millions of Americans experienced during that decade-long contraction and strangulation of all their economic gains. Today, 2017, another deflationary depression is here.

(Updated May 10, 2017)

American politics has suffered a dynamic reverse in the false spirit of optimism in the US economy and a cultural breakdown. The Trump administration under the Virgo microscope looks chaotic and one-dimensional. In retrograde, our criticism has turned inward. We hold our noses at the circus in the White House, the fiasco of Trump's health care bills, embarrassed by his erratic behavior and inherent ugliness. Both the GOP and the Democratic party are sinking in popularity, along with their equally smarmy leaderships. Economically, experts are starting to view with great trepidation the folly of a rising stock market set against the deflationary trends in real value, corporate bankruptcies and mergers, and the further inflation of worthless paper assets and bad debts. This retreating Virgo Jupiter is saying: It's crunch time.

We've hit a major wake-up from our dreams of expansion, exceptionalism, and victory in the seven wars in which the US military is involved. Our collapsing imperial alliance with Europe, Japan, India, Brazil, et al. has been replaced by a cannibalistic frenzy. Most industrialized counties (except for Russia and China) are suffering a currency implosion amplified by rampant overproduction and strangulation by the central banks and the IMF. Anyone with dollar-based debt is like a cornered rat, and the dollar, once the main global currency is under threat and forming a giant bubble.

There really isn't anywhere to hide, and the specter of depression and austerity is stalking any country that has allowed deregulated hyper-capitalism to sweep through their economies like a forest fire. The reality of deflation is starting to reveal itself to be the major economic trend of our era, one that will last until a traumatic destruction of wealth on a tremendous scale. Deflation is like quicksand, it sucks at our wealth like a vampire. More means less. The more you own and the more debt you carry the more acute the danger.

This is a major shift in economics, but also in our perceptions and way of life. Deflation kicks us into the opposite extreme of what we are used to, inflation, it's like grinding gears in reverse.

Since World War two, Americans have been living in the capitalist dream state of inflation. Our wealth, goods and power was increased and exaggerated, and then leveraged for more than it was worth. The Fed printed money to artificially jack up the market value of already overvalued assets, goods and services. Today, a one-bedroom condo in Brooklyn can cost millions of dollars; a Modigliani painting can sell for $250 million; a taxi company can be valued at $60 billion; the list goes on. This causes a trickle down effect, not of wealth, but of more delusion and self-destruction. Americans accept the roller coaster ride and scramble for more money, more liquidity, more credit, like a rat in a spinning wheel. The rich have access to money but it's all just paper wealth, compounded by their own greed and monopoly. On the bottom of the scale of the economic ladder, money is scarce, spendable income is down, growth is negative, foreclosures and defaults are the rule. The halcyon days of capitalism are gone in the flames of wretched excess, waste and retribution.

Inflation worked great as long as we consumed everything we could afford, made more money and went into debt. But by the 1980s, things began to change. The economic pie began to shrink. Like in the depression of 1929-36, the government started to borrow more money in a big way. Corporations and banks were the winners, and even when they made bad bets, the government printed more money to bail them out. Our wars burned up the surplus capital, and unemployment keep wages down. The true cost of capitalism was deferred; as long as the dollar was the worldwide currency of record, everything was OK. We were betting that inflation would last forever.

Nope. We've crossed the line in 2014, with peak oil prices. The oil glut changed the momentum of capitalism. We started to eat the seed corn, and began to hollow out our foundations. No regime or government in history has ever survived defeat in war and deflation of the currency, both situations we face in the coming years or months.

Capitalism, true to its basic nature, has turned abundance and concentration of capital into a nightmare for all humanity, and a threat to our very existence. When a deflationary cycle begins, there's a shocking underestimation of previously overestimated wealth. In this environment, profits are impossible and growth reverses itself into chaos. This is the final stage of monopoly capitalism, moribund capitalism. The dying stage of capitalism.

The last Great Depression was papered over with the government borrowing from the same millionaires who were responsible for the disaster. However, this did not last. Waste, poverty, war, taxation, and the creation of a military-industrial-financial complex drained away the vitality of the US economy.

In 1987 Americans experienced a shock to its economic underpinnings. The savings and loan banks, at the heart of our wealth creation, collapsed in corruption and bad loans. The government added to its millstone of crushing and unpayable debt, without ever addressing the root causes. The commercial banks just swallowed up the problem, making huge profits by devouring all the exposed assets like vultures.

However, our waterloo came with the crash of 2008. This bank debacle was smoothed over with an injection of $1.8 trillion of fiat money--fictitious money--printed by the Fed, our central bank, to shore up insolvent banks. The cost was financed by Japan, China and the "developing" nations by their losses from dollar contracts. Again, the problem was ignored and the capitalists turned it into another way to gouge new profits out of a dying cash cow.

What enabled the Fed to get away with it was the American military juggernaut, the hollow specter of American imperialism, the shower of blood, bombs and bullets we spread over everything we touch. Bush and Obama's wars of regime change staved off a day of reckoning with $15 trillion of military expenditures. Now the US military has reached the Rubicon. They face a growing resistance everywhere, and Russia and China have become obstacles to their wet dreams of world domination. The US military faces imminent and certain defeat in the longest war in our history, in Afghanistan, in their other wars of aggression, and the CIA-inspired interventionist schemes and proxy wars.

The US military, now out of political control, is staking out new wars in Yemen, Somalia, and in the former Soviet states like Ukraine, Lithuania and Georgia. NATO is trying to extend its imperialistic grasp into Poland and South Korea. But these desperate actions are more of a sign of weakness, like a drowning man. The era of American exceptionalism (the euphemism for imperialism) is over. Now it's just a question of when.

Our military is stretched to the breaking point. Between the humiliation and economic catastrophe of losing the wars that several US administrations have nurtured for so long, members of the American military are coming back with PTSD and committing suicide in record numbers; our servicemen and women are demoralized beyond the point of no return. This is the furthest crest of American power. Only the destruction of the world in a nuclear holocaust can prevent US imperialism from going into a death spiral.

War+inflation has been GREAT for capitalism, a win-win for capitalists. However, the new dispensation of war+deflation cannot sustain itself. Now the capitalists become cannibals and turn upon each other like starving dogs.

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image from Pieter Bruegel's Tower of Babel

Not with a bang, but with a whimper

T.S. Eliot's words hopefully apply to our situation. No one wants a crash. All that talk about an apocalyptic day of reckoning is just talk. The changes ahead are more of a war between opposing elements. Like a tide coming in and lapping at its limits, the pendulum is swinging to the opposite of what we know, into unknown territory. We have short memories. The last deflationary depression was over 87 years ago. There's no one left alive who can warn us of our predicament, and what it means.

But the moment of change is precise and irrevocable. Time does not wait for our understanding, it moves on. In the microcosm it is shattering and final. All the more so if we don't see it coming, or happening. It's life without a clue unless we can plan and get ready.

At the moment, less than half of the people in the U.S. are shielded from sudden disaster, living in a matrix insulated by color, class or cash, and will have been caught napping just like the proverbial Grasshopper facing winter. The better-off are the last to know. The larger, poorer, disenfranchised group, whose lives are mired in misery, have nothing to lose, anyway, and that's a very dangerous state of mind. This is what has given us an idiot president, a liar and a cheat. We deserved better, but we got a symbol of our own lies and self-delusion.

Meanwhile, under our noses, the global economy has switched from fast forward into screeching reverse. A new disease called deflation is eating away at the flesh and bones of the economy like a debt STD. The Hollywood dream for most people in the world, if they ever harbored one, is threatened by the real world, which is in turmoil. The dollar only loves chaos.

Alienation, forced migration, endless war and climate change have all converged on a political system that just can't cope. We see our material gains withering away, remaking our culture into frenzied consumption and ruin-porn. We are hypnotized by the decay and corruption of our own crumbling monuments.

It's a revelation in itself that most of what Man (in the primeval sense of aggression) has created will turn to dust, or have to be re-booted and re-purposed, and probably this will occur in most of our lifetimes. However, it's very iffy that all of us will survive the next crisis, the ruin or catastrophe just around the corner.

The latest incarnation of public opinion/confusion is "show me some hope, or I'll get a rope". The mass has become a mob. American are frantically looking for scapegoats, another war to solve their problems. But this is futile. We can attack immigrants, as if they are the cause of our problems, but they are just another symptom. The real enemy is not foreign, it is the consumerist stupor we find ourselves in, after 65 years of complacency and world domination.

However, many economic indicators and history itself suggest we're headed into a long term depressed and destructive era. It looks like nothing can prevent the inevitable. And we have no one to blame but ourselves and our blindness and inaction.

There's no particular revelation or apocalyptic day. It is a war with the elements. Like a tide coming in and lapping at its limits, we are engaged in a accelerated movement towards the opposite of what we know, into what we don't know. But the moment of change is precise and irrevocable. In the microcosm it is shattering and final. All the more so unless we are aware of the sea change.

"There seems little doubt; the system is stretching to its limit. Man's institutions are collapsing from within; from stagnation, exclusion, corruption, incompetence. The social contract is broken, it's every man for himself. Women? they become the vessel of man's corruptions. Except for the few that rebel, and those who exact retribution, we are all pawns in the grand sweep of universal forces." (Stephanie Johnson)

Those that rebel, force change, are the heroes of our era. Ophiuchus-led, these are the revolutionaries who will make change by force -- as if by magic. Not just their own force, but the spiritual power of the risen masses, the titanic forces of an angry Earth, and the irresistible impact of the Uranian dialectic. The revolution today is on the side of universal forces that are far stronger than any billionaires club or military force. In fact those degraded institutions will be the first to collapse in terror, as the problems we face are of their doing. A Frankenstein's monster of destruction is after them, the parasite class, not us.

As we crawl our way within sight of the Age of Aquarius, we are closer to the vast sweep of history, and all the work left undone. We must hurry and prepare for our tribulation and the work ahead. Before you are knocked out of your comfort zone, go forth without fear. Act at once to reach out to others on your path and forge a new center, a new dynamic. Break with the past, all the lies and depression.

"Let your heart heal. This was meant to be. Let everything else that has hurt you drain away..." (Socialist predictions)

Whenever we put off a task, especially a momentous one, it always comes on us like an avalanche when we least expect it. In September, we get the first rumblings, the sense of impending doom. The status quo is in gridlock, insane. Yet there is no escape. We are between a rock and a hard space. Is there enough room for us to squeeze through? To make the summit?

We have no way to understand the future. We have been in a bubble. Our illusions, our innocence, have been left intact by our own design and a perversion of democracy and justice. Those of us feeling the "fire and steel" of imperialism, oppression, murder know only too well what is at stake. Soon, we will ALL realize this, as history accelerates our approach to a shocking and relentless transformation.

This is NOT the apocalypse. This is merely the swing of the scales. The new epoch requires a new mindset, and the old way of life is going into the trash as fast as the web can carry it. For the youth, the rebels, the thinkers, the revolutionaries, this is their moment of truth, the heavens have destined them to lead us through the coming storms of lightning and thunder. Fear is the mind killer.

The Dialectic always seems like death. We find ourselves thrown into a world we never know existed. Everything we have known is false, or gone forever. The sheep go to the slaughter. Yet we are also catapulting into the future, if we can keep our eyes open and senses alert. The important thing is to know where you are going; and who are your companions in this adventure.

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The Beginning: Aug. 12/2015

aug 12 2015 13 sign chart

The Quiet Before the Storm

Are we watching a slow-mo decent into economic crisis? One of the most interesting things about the capitalist crisis is that the stars don't view it as a bad thing. The collapse of the financial markets is often historically accompanied by positive planetary positions, as if the crisis also enlightens and purges the markets of their inherent distortions and insane greed. In previous economic collapses, it involves a favorable connection with Mercury, where our intellect punctures through the bubble, and truth is revealed. The losses are the prelude to revelation, and ultimately, freedom. What's bad for the banks is actually good for the Cosmos, and by design, our world.

This is what's looming in the next fews days, culminating in the apparent motion of a retrograde Venus crossing back over the Sun, around Aug. 15-16. Since Venus and the Sun are both involved with exterior things and what we value, there's bound to be a correction of our thinking, if not a plunge in the perceived value of things. Venus and the Sun have been giving us quite a show; now comes the tail of the coma. Venus has a very, very bad side to her that we never look at until its too late. This series of transits is all about Venus; she's retrograde until the end of August, but doesn't come out of her shadow until Oct. 9th. In terms of world wide capital, this means the currency wars that have been eating away at value are now coming back to haunt us, each country manipulating their own currencies to steal markets from the others. Meanwhile, the U.S. dollar domination is in dire straights, and only the weakness of the other currencies makes it an attractive, albeit temporary refuge for all the illegal trillions roaming world markets. How many dollars are there in the world? No-one really knows, debt has made us see our money problems in a rear-view-mirror (objects will be closer than they appear). This Venus conundrum is also facing other contacts, with Saturn is square this event, making for an unyielding situation, and counting in a retro Uranus Trine, the news is likely to be sudden and purifying, as if burning up in the fires of Leo and Sagittarius, the signs involved. Pluto is actually Trine with Mercury and the Moon. Talk about the Doors of Perception! We may have to walk through hell to get there. Transits operate on both the real level and our consciousness. The upcoming contacts of August show that current events, no matter how destructive and frightening, will also add to our common knowledge. With every man-made crisis, comes the restoration of reality, and sanity. As the banks and the corporations fail, our own efforts to find the truth must continue.

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Bubble and Bust

china market collapse
The End of the Bull Market in China

Pluto retrograde is opposed Sun and Mars (see chart), which means stagnation and loss. China and Greece are now experiencing this transit full bore. Right now, Jupiter, our lucky gas giant, is opposed the natal Sun of the USA's horoscope. July is also the first contact of Pluto square the USA's Uranus, which starts to unravel the bullshit. Pluto is coming back in November to bury any ideas we entertain about a quick, easy way out of the current mess. This is a loss of not only our national identity and unity, but a collapse of our good fortune:

"The current circumstances are not designed to increase your prosperity. The male leadership that has led us to this crisis will be humiliated. Prepare for a period that will deplete your material assets. Your generosity is likely to benefit the wrong people or be wasted in worthless endeavors."

Pluto retrograde is opposed Sun and Mars (see chart), which means stagnation and loss. China and Greece are now experiencing this transit full bore. Right now, Jupiter, our lucky gas giant, is opposed the natal Sun of the USA's horoscope. July is also the first contact of Pluto square the USA's Uranus, which starts to unravel the bullshit. Pluto is coming back in November to bury any ideas we entertain about a quick, easy way out of the current mess.

This is a loss of not only our national identity and unity, but a collapse of our good fortune: "The current circumstances are not designed to increase your prosperity. The male leadership that has led us to this crisis will be humiliated. Prepare for a period that will deplete your material assets. Your generosity is likely to benefit the wrong people or be wasted in worthless endeavors. Those who would like to help you are apt to be rendered powerless themselves or unwittingly steer you in the wrong direction. Those who come to you with grandiose ideas or the promise of some successful enterprise are not likely to be able to deliver, no matter how well-intentioned they are. It is important to realize that you will probably not be able to remove the forces that oppose you, which only leaves you the option of finding a constructive way to work around them." From Io Astrology

The future is even more dire, when Jupiter squares the USA's Saturn in August and September, when hustlers and liars will dominate and those who continue to cling on to false hope will be shorn like sheep: "The people or situations you encounter during this period can make it seem worthwhile to forgo your own mature judgment and experience, to try short cuts, or avoid the rules and regulations. Resist the temptation." Ibid

In October those who willingly accept their losses will be the fortunate ones, as Jupiter trines with Pluto. This is a short window of opportunity to divest from stupid investments, and dump stocks and bonds, get out of mutual funds, sell your house and live as simply as you can, accepting the new reality of deflation. The situation begins to spiral out of control in November, when Saturn squares our national Uranus, and we are compelled to squash hope and replace it with rational decisions: "Things may become frustrating during this period, especially when dealing with older people. You’ll be in trouble if you are too liberal, and yet stymied by taking a too conservative approach. You may encounter too much emphasis on the future with no consideration for tradition and past experience is apt to be as unsuccessful as being stuck in the past unable to consider the future." Ibid

But the worst comes in November, when Pluto comes back to turn off the lights: "This long-term influence is likely to bring difficult but not insurmountable circumstances, the nature of which involves overcoming those with more power, revitalizing or renovating something that has been lost, development and conservation of resources. Its target is your generation as a whole and its challenge is focused on the political and economic structures and institutions associated with your generation." Ibid

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Global Crunch

Abundance creates poverty, not prosperity is the sad fact of our current situation in the worldwide capitalist system. 2016 will usher in the worst possible scenario for world peace, prosperity and stability. The falling oil prices portend a collapse of all the industrial economies, rather then offer cheap energy. The nature of profit makes an equitable distribution of wealth impossible. Like crabs in a bucket, the selfishness of nations will insure that they all perish together. The above graph shows in stark reality what is been massaged away by the media hype and the market manipulators. Capitalism hasn't worked since the 1970s, when a venal president Nixon cheated the rest of the world by going off the gold standard. The growth since then has been fueled by debt and dollars which value has steadily declined, in spite of the recent strength of the dollar against even weaker currencies. The dollar isn't strong, it's a bully whose days are numbered.

Hedge funds have apothicated their capital from 400 trillion to over 700 trillion. Capitalists are eating each other and their own capital to avoid margin calls and bankruptcy. But it cannot be forestalled. Most Banks are insolvent, the government is living off debt and printing more money. War and chaos are Capitalism's only answer to the future.

Production costs have shrunk due to the exportation of jobs, reducing wages here. Yet the markets are bleeding equity, what they have today is worth less tomorrow. The supply of goods and services, has, according to their managed prices (supply-side economics) created productive forces that are larger than the demand, among those who can afford to buy things. This type of economic crisis, deflation, kills capitalism by slow death of a thousand knives. No corporation, no business, can afford to exist losing money. You can only borrow more to pay the bills for so long before a crash. Deflation causes constriction, loss, and brings disaster to the society it devours. Deflation is the Ebola of capitalism.

Dollars up, gold down, no way.

Right now (March, 2015) the dollar is up in value, while gold is down. How can that happen? Dollars are probably worth only 40% of face value, maybe less. Yet gold is being expropriated by many governments (Russia and China) like it was a lifeboat on the Titanic. YOU can't buy gold at the bargain rate, but the price of gold is being depressed by Chase bank and others, so they can loot the gold stock of smaller countries (Cyprus, Greece) and individuals who own gold coins and stocks. When the day comes that oil prices, the basis of dollar-value, start to go down to the actual spot-market value, the dollar with go the way of the Dodo bird.

Dollars have had their run as the reserve currency, but until another currency, like Bitcoin, a digital currency, or a gold-backed currency (the Ruble and the Yuan), is able to take over, people will have no way to exchange value. This can trigger the collapse of even a strong, productive economy, and has in many instances, most notably the recent gutting of Argentina, Greece and Thailand.

Without dollars, those who don't own them and depend on them are actually in better shape than the owning class, which holds trillions of garbage dollars. They are waiting for a way to dump them before they pull the plug and devalue the currency. This occurs when the government suddenly cuts a few zeros off the money. $100 dollars becomes $10, or, maybe even $1. Right now big hedge funds are trying to pump the stock prices up so they can see them on a high before the prices plunge into the abyss. But where can they go? The Chinese, Russians, Turks, and other nations are gobbling up gold, realizing this is the only safe haven, at least in their reckoning. Some agencies of the government may be stealing from itself to reposition the gold, making it accessible at the present low prices.

Dollars are UP? don't make me laugh. Gold is down? No way. Their world is so ass-backwards that they have achieved complete suspension of disbelief, and the media is taking the American people with it.

The above chart simplifies another simple reality: in capitalism, there is no cure for a lack of growth. When there is no growth, there is death. The index of Leading Economic Indicators has dropped unexpectedly--by 0.3%, and deflation (see below) is the cause, the deadly disease that consumes the capitalist host. The indexes are saying different things. The economy is being sabotaged by lower demand, excess supply. The collapse of profits has caused the markets to artificially jack their profits up in the short run by stock manipulation and buybacks with free money from the banks.

Which companies will die? Yelp, Twitter and Amazon are about to be carved up like dead meat. Retail has been dead for five years. Haliburton has laid off 200,000 employees. Boeing is in trouble. Even Coke is about to go flat. The auto industry is a joke, no car company is safe; the American big three are hemorrhaging worthless cars. The oil companies and their peripheral suppliers are deflating like lead balloons, their tangled web of leveraged debt has come unraveled, and mass unemployment in that sector is the certain result. The redundant corporations that have been making paper profits off the fiat printing of dollars will end up in the toilet. The loss of jobs will follow the loss of profits as night follows day.

Can you find a business that is financially sound? How would you know, when due diligence is at an all time low? They are ALL propped up by phony numbers and their profits are a fable. How long will a company produce goods or services and lose money? Not long.

Even small business, start-ups and cottage industries are liable to shrink down to nothing. The major source of the funding for these entities, mortgage equity, is another bubble waiting to pop.

Capitalism choses the moment of its glory to decide to tear itself to pieces. Abundance, excellence, technology, all are thrown into the fire of profit. There's plenty of awesome stuff in the world, and no-one can afford it. This is the irony of capitalism and profit, it kills itself at its highest peak.

Water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink. Saturn is making a margin call. He wants all the money back. Saturn enters Scorpio at the beginning of October, 2015. This new paradigm calls for eviction or constriction. Without the Aquarius' bouncy energy to keep us afloat, we'll be swept away, hounded by the bureaucratic world; the landlord, the bank, the government. The state will finish what the capitalist began, which is the destruction of the middle class.

What happened? Deflation, where value turns to dust along with our inflationary mad dreams of wealth without work. Paper money, shares, documents, compound interest, all the trammels of the bourgeois imagination. You never could make money without exploiting someone, and now the chickens come home to roost.

The above map shows the crisis in real estate values 2008-14. They have been collapsing since the mortgage debacle, with only window dressing to cushion their fall. In 2015, even the cluster of green oil-boom states are now losing ground. These areas can only produce dirty, expensive oil, and will go belly up as the price of oil falls on the international market. Oklahoma, North Dakota, Wyoming are all in big trouble. Texas has already laid off 150,000 workers.

What is the problem with real estate? With oil? With consumer-based sales? With stocks and bonds, and all financial instruments. The same as virtually all goods and services. There's too many for the demand. When that happens, the business owner, homeowner, or any owner gets smobbed. The imagined or psychological value still may be high in the eye of the beholder, but the current Market Value is plunging to zero. Anything priced in dollars will lose even its inherent value. When no one wants or can buy it, it's actually worthless. The distortion of the market isn't upwardly mobile, it must bomb along with its negative energy.

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War and Taxes

A war economy needs an endless stream of money. Crippling taxes are inevitable as any nation goes into its death spiral. New taxes on oil, sales tax, user taxes, property taxes, state tax, sin tax --all taxes will rise as the last gasp of government to survive.

Used progressively, taxes are legit. The tax structure now in place is regressive, the low income earners pay a huge chunk of their cash to taxes, while the rich only contribute a minuscule amount.

Even with new taxes, government will cut services and entitlements. The first to feel it will be the states and cities that have collapsing tax bases. Arizona leads the states as being ripe for collapse.

The stars are pointing to a preview of what is ahead. The developing T-square between the Moon's nodes, Uranus and Pluto is developing which can only mean fundamental retraction and constriction. Here, Uranus, in Pisces, is still eroding the past. When there's a hole in then dam, water will find its way out, water can dissolve the rock we built on.

This influence is likely to be felt as a generational conflict, the youth against the old. Times Cycles Research predicts: "It is likely to bring circumstances or movements in the outer environment that disrupt the source of power; political, economic, or physical".

In the late 1970’s a Uranus-Saturn square occurred coinciding with the radical changes in the Chinese and South African governments, as the world struggled to eliminate the worst excesses of dictatorship. Uranus was in Libra, an air sign, and acted like a wind of change, using intellect and reason to blow away the excesses of state power. Now in 2015 Uranus is in watery Pisces, and will have to face the dreaded Pluto. This is the old story of the internecine war between the future and the past. Although the future always wins, the past will do everything in its power to prevent change. Uranus will win, since even the fires of hell can be extinguished by Uranus' flash floods.

Pisces Uranus is the kind of energy that washes away the tottering structures of the past, Pluto in Sagittarius will only cooperate with destruction, like the trash collector removing whatever is obsolete. Uranus is the indomitable will of humans to accept new ideas, to work for a better future, to survive. There is hope, and it is hidden in our most magnificent attributes: compassion and altruism. Uranus is in a water sign. Love is the answer, and we will perish without it.

With the Moon's nodes involved, these changes will occur in our hearts, rather than our minds. We will have visceral reactions, rather than intellectual understanding. People will react with fear and confusion, and will be reduced to their basic natures. The Uranus effect will be to suddenly undercut and weaken all our delusions are force contact with the unknown. Uranus is also trine Saturn and Jupiter. "Our sense of justice and hopes for a better world will be based on our accumulated experience, organization, past efforts, and the hard work of transforming our pettiness into a broad attempt to change ourselves, and our society.

Unorthodox (Uranian-type) people will come along to provide us with recognition and rewards if we can make the changes. Present circumstances may tend to upset our traditional structures or ideas but the key is to incorporate the old with the new-- getting rid of what is no longer viable or useful and adding the benefits of new people, new ideas, and new technology. All of this may be quite unexpected and out of your control. You cannot entice or manipulate people or events to bring about your own good fortune. They will come on their own, and then it is up to you to react expediently." (Times Cycles Research)

(Stay tuned for more on the financial crisis on this page.)


The stars and the economy would seem like strange bedfellows. It is not that the Universe is keeping tabs on the money supply, or gives a damn about ideology; it only registers cycles in the stars and planets, causing invisible but irresistible changes for us, as we move from one extreme to another. Changes which work on us like the tides effect the fish in the ocean.

Americans have been living in a bubble since 1971, when the central bank went off the gold standard. and started printing inflationary dollars to feather our nest at the expense of anyone else who used dollars. The more they printed, the less the dollars were worth. Anyone who was paid in dollars took a cut in pay, a reduction of their quality of life. The middle class avoided being consumed in the fire by using easy credit. The credit bubble has burst again and again, 1975, 1987, 2000, 2008, 2010, to name a few recent examples, but each time the US government has printed more dollars to save itself and turn the screws on the rest of the world. Our stock exchanges became rich off hustling the cheap dollars from investors' and pensioners pockets, crushing their dreams, forcing war and destruction on the world, while creating a few hedge fund billionaires. The US government is throwing away money while it drowns in debt.

Each time, the US central bank (the Fed) has papered over the bubble, so that it could continue its insane policies of eternal war. Each time, it extended more free credit to the banks and squeezed the life out of the lower classes by increasing the cost of credit.

We know that there will be a reckoning from historical reference. The US government has gone too far. The central banks of all the industrial economies, copying the US, have similarly used "quantitative easing"-- the printing of worthless paper currency-- to patch up their problems, while never dealing with the fundamentals. The game is over, players.

America is like the Colossus of Rhodes, straddling the world with its power and immanence. Yet the foaming waters beneath are slowly etching away at the foundation. The American empire, like the Colossus, is doomed to fall into the sea, like all other empires before it. In our case, it's oil that is eroding our foundations.

Meanwhile, the capitalists have set their sights on destroying the Earth, and its natural abundance. The air, water and land is being destroyed, along with our world habitat. The world economy is stretched thin, not by a lack of resources, but a glut of them, and unequal dispensation. The Capitalist method of distribution has caused extreme disparity of wealth, while corrupting the system the capitalists created. The capitalists are bleeding us dry, they are taking the joy and hope out of our lives, now they are killing the human host.

Certain trends are historical fact. The sabotage of the currency will lead to war. The currency wars of today will lead to trade wars tomorrow, and destruction will be the inevitable result. Capitalists, the scum of the age of Pisces, know of no behavior other than personal gain, greed and need. Since there is no force today that can oppose them, capitalism will have to die from its own hand. The creation of giant economic bubbles is the harbinger of the death of capitalism in a cataclysmic way.


The above chart, drawn for the 23rd of January, shows the predicament: Saturn, newly reformed into a heady brew of irrefutable fact and cold retribution in Scorpio, is in a long term square with Neptune in Aquarius. The battle of these titans can make our ideals of an equitable society and reform seem like childhood fantasies. Saturn in Scorpio means responsibility and restriction involving payment of debts, the BIG reckoning. "The intensity associated with Scorpio and the rigidity of Saturn indicate confrontation with limitations that are imposed by the presence of too much control in some area of their lives, or manipulation in order to gain control." (Saturn in Scorpio)

Capricorn is a mean sign to have in three luminaries, the Sun, Venus and Mercury. Like a blast of winter chilling us to the bone, our lives can be crushed into a pulp if we refuse to accept the sad, depressing truth: our world is in deep, deep trouble. Capricorn limits our range of activity and brings the chickens home to roost.

Mercury is also stuck in a daze, before going retrograde, and making any or all of our new projects, ideas, and plans reckless and foolhardy. Any investments of money or time are throw-aways. This actually will mean that everything begun before March 2, 2015, when Mercury returns to its most forward position, will probably come to nothing, or worse, be a ruinous gamble.

We can also see a one-day Yod forming with Pluto, Mars and Chiron on the 23rd. This is the deadliest kind of energy, and it is directed at Lilith the black Moon, as if this jackknife of an aspect will release her, like a miasma, a dread curse from Pandora's box. The rich font of Feminine energy which was taken for granted, will dry up, leaving only a staring skull. Lilith is already emotionally dead; she wants an ever-recurring revenge on her killers, tormentors.

Sagittarius Pluto is also in what seems to be a permanent square with Uranus in Pisces. This is hardly a war of equals: Pluto in Sagittarius can smote the ethereal Uranus at will. This transit is forcing you to choose which side you're on. It could be that either way, you'll be forced to do things you will hate yourself for afterward. Of course, we know in theory that the Age of Aquarius will rescue us from the wretched excesses of polarization, gridlock--but when?

These two planets have been eying each other like worst enemies; there's blood in the streets, a hopeless impasse, and everyday, a new gruesome parade of victims marches before us.

Capricorn will also mock our deepest yearnings: "The spiritual path is overgrown with the weeds of bad Karma. All your rituals, sacrifices, meditations, and "revelations" are infused with nonspiritual desires and materialistic ideals.

If you move or act you will fail, and become prey to the forces that threaten to overwhelm you. Even if you take no action, you are still defenseless. You are damned if you do, and damned if you don't." (Sam Reifler, "The Collapse")

If you think that you can remain on this path, you are wrong. Only a revolution can save the situation, and this will not occur before many many more have suffered under this bad combination of social and cosmic influences.

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Earth has a Fever

Like a human body under stress, our global body is sick, burning up with a fever. The global temperature is rising, the ice is melting, the extremes of heat and cold, flood and drought are everywhere and dominating our climate like a virus.

source: Union of Concerned Scientists

The vital ingredient of 2015 will turn out, not to be oil, but WATER. As we leave the Pisces era, and precess our way into Aquarius, the true value of water will be determined by its absence. Water itself will determine our future, and our existence.

There's no cooling off the future without water. The outlook for this volatile transit of the Sun through Sagittarius is very explosive--FIRE and WAR. Pluto has been in Sagittarius since 2008, and the bombs just keep on falling. Maybe this is the year of the drone--where we, like the wicked witch, use flying monkeys to search and destroy opposition to American imperialism.

The forces of profit are now embarked on a course for WAR. No force on Earth can seem to oppose them. War is imminent and inevitable, according to all natural law and man-made law. The dialectic of change is upon us, and it's not pretty. "The dragon is released from its tomb" (Ho Chi Mihn)

They've made the weapons, and they're determined to use them. The passion for aggression meets the need for the destruction of labor power and production--destruction of the labor itself--you and I must now die to maintain the status quo. Hegel nor Marx ever believed the capitalist would be this ambitious or this monstrous. Human love has been turned on its head, defiled.

The last measure of madness is WAR.


Sag Pluto is joined by Sun, the crusher is upon us. Anything is game, anything is fair. The unbelievable is true; the truth is a lie. The true believer Sagittarius is under stress, and he may resort to barbarism in frustration. Growth in a crisis is impossible. Sagittarius will be consumed in his own fire. The hopes and expectations of the higher self will be drowned in corruption and greed. The US economy is the barometer of our consumerist souls: the facts speak for themselves, there is no hope for recovery, another crash is IMMINENT.

source: Daily Telegraph

The Sag is daring, convincing, energetic. But Sag needs inspiration, a glorious future. This time there is no joy, no Jupiteresque growth, only despair and defeat. Now the Fire Horse runs amok. The muscles do the thinking, and out of panic. A crisis develops, new leaders must emerge. This journey of Sag is reminiscent of the story of Jonah and the whale.

Thunder and lightning has the masses terrified, only a true Sagittarius hero can lead us into the inevitable confrontation. Or, is it a trick? Sagittarius can be a wolf in sheep's clothing. It lead us to destruction, paranoia and insanity. When it comes time for the inevitable sacrifice Sagittarius must make, they will drag us down with them. They can be liars or visionaries. Every Sagittarius has a flaw--the Achilles heel--that leverages the few of them who overcome it into greatness, and immortality. It is this wound that implants the leadership and mental acuity. If Sagittarius forgets its wounds, its origins, loses its humanity, both he or she, and us--are all lost.

On August 15, 2014, a 75-year trend of inflation and growth, suddenly and invisibly turned into its opposite polarity: deflation. Deflation destroys savings, profits, quality of life and encourages countries to drown themselves in debt rather than face the new dispensation. Deflation is the brick wall of capitalist expansion. Corporations hit the wall and die. As the poor dream of revolution, the rich implant fascism.

The collapse of the inflationary economy occurred in August, 2014; the beginning of deflation--the cheapening of goods and services: currency wars; trade wars; global wars.
source: Daily Telegraph

Sagittarius has a choice: it can walk, trot, gallop away from its doomed brethren, who are all locked in a death march. In mythology, Sagittarius rejects his tribe, the centaurs who are rapists and berserkers, in order to pursue its higher self, the healer, historian and philosopher. Every Sagittarius is one-of-a-kind, a self-made man or woman. They have but a short time on Earth to accomplish their goals. Sagittarius in its greatest triumph sacrifices its body for the cause. Thus is the Tao of the hero.

The Wars Come Home

As The Sun moves into a T-square with Pluto, Uranus and the Moon's nodes, we can expect the wars, the ones overseas and out of sight and mind, to come home, with violent repercussions. The returning veterans have been alienated to a suicidal extreme by their experiences as imperialist tools. They will not join in any jingoist parade. Their only contribution to our society will be to terrorize it as they have the Iraqi and Afghan societies. What will we do with the torturers and murderers that come home to us?

As the banks stagger their way to insolvency and collapse, the pressures on everyone will increase. The T-square is like a vise, squeezing the head, the heart, and our futures. When such compression takes place--an explosion will follow. The T-square involves instant, unstoppable change. Not peaceful change. Violent change, which involves political and cultural swings, increased aggression by the US military, and and equal and opposite destruction of OUR security and well-being. The quality of life in America will sink to new lows. Certain things need no cosmic help: the dollar is sinking fast along with the price of oil; buying power is being swallowed up by deflation; our infrastructure is collapsing, the social contract is in shreds. What was good is now bad and what was bad is now OK. Fire will consume what water hasn't flooded. Pluto always means loss, sometimes it's a healthy surgery like cutting away the tumor of parasite class that rules us. The stock market crash is bad for investors--but it's also a healthy correction--for those who survive it. Pluto helps us look at the parasites that suck us dry, and starve or dismember them with the power that only utter hate and disgust can generate in us.

Likewise for the individual. Loss is inevitable, healthy, normal, terrifying. Our loss is a byproduct of an inevitable volcanic eruption, we are not to blame. But loss and death is not the main thing. It is how we come out of the fire. Are we tempered steel, stronger and embolden to take action? To lead the charge? Or destroyed by our own folly and web of lies, self-delusions and propaganda? The time is now.

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Black Lives Matter

The Ferguson story

darrell wilson
The Killer

What is a P.I.G.? Police Industry Goon. Wilson would have joined any uniformed agency, so long as it gave him power. He had boyhood problems with authority, his father and the system, but instead of fighting back, he chose to ape the behavior of his tormentor, catering to his needs. Giving a gun to this hard-headed Aries was a triumph of misjudgment. Wilson's utter lack of compassion can be seen in the placements of his Sun, Moon and Mars. Self-centered and morally rootless, he can change without warning when threatened, and another Gemini personality--the Man who is also his abuser--takes over to defend him. Wilson's tyrannical father alienated him and also dehumanized him. He was ripe to find work where he could bully and intimidate people without consequences. Driven by forces out of his control and beyond his scope of understanding, he can only hang on to the trappings of material wealth and fame, finding refuge in a notoriety that will eventually doom him, and disgrace everyone around him.

pigdarren wilson the


Above, the chart of Darren Wilson, the opportunistic cop who shot and killed Mike Brown, an unarmed Black man.

RIP Micheal Brown


Mike Brown, the victim of the Police attack, was a Taurus. His high school teacher called him a gentle giant. The Taurus is slow to boil, mostly stayed to his neighborhood, and was interested in permanent gain and wanted to be and be around people of substance.

The blue-eyed Nazi cop who killed Brown, shares a Gemini Moon and a Taurus Venus with Brown, an accident of time, since the combination made Wilson a psycho cop but only made Brown obese.

The one plausible thing about Wilson's testimony--that Brown came at him like Hulk Hogan--may be true. The wounded Brown went into a Taurus rage, for which they are famous. Whatever Wilson did to provoke the conflict was strictly the result of his Aries piggishness, and his zeal as a cop to harass Black men and boys. He provoked the response and deserved the results.

Brown was not a violent person. He saw all sides of the story, and may have been a steadying hand in the neighborhood, and example of patience and ability to see the big picture.

Yet Brown shared father issues with his killer, he struggled with authority and restrictions, as a child his father may have been absent or overly strict. He, too felt rejection and suffered from bouts of hopelessness. He attracted partners who repeated this childhood pattern.

Brown ate because he was stymied in so many ways. He may have felt that the world was opposing his deepest wishes and he stopped trying, to only await his fate, his undergoing change only as a reaction to external pressure.

Ironically, Brown may have foreseen his untimely death. Uranus trines Chiron to awaken a generation. "You have the gift of foresight. You are able to use your brilliant ideas to help humanity. You are able to initiate changes at a very deep level." [Stephanie Johnson]

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