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Adele: Aries, Ophiuchus, Juno!

No doubt this powerful woman is going to be recognized during the December surge of Ophiuchus. Adele has her Sun, Juno and Jupiter in Aries, so she has a masculine way of doing things, and Jupiter gives her a Junoesque physique.

Her Moon in Ophiuchus tells the tale. She has been brewing up a sound, a viewpoint in her music that can hypnotize her listeners. A recent SNL sketch shows her song, “Hello”, soothing the raucous family arguments in a thanksgiving dinner. The message is, we all can relate to her voice, regardless of other differences.

She is a leader and pioneer in music, defying a lot of conventional wisdom. She is an inspiration to women, and yet is a down to Earth, a centered and responsible parent. She would be the Yang leader and planner of her family, and her partner would be the Yin actualizer.

It’s fitting that there were several Juno-involved Yods that occurred in late November, around the time she sold 2.3 million albums in a single weekend, breaking all records.

Adele also has a very prominent Yod in her chart, with Mercury and Vesta providing the impetus, and energizing her Saturn/Uranus conjunction in the 10th house (in GMT). This Sagittarius, which at once makes her exactly what we need, when we need it, is the fire and passion that is straining to escape her cockney-casual attitude about fame and life.

Vesta is a woman’s independence from men. The virtue of Vesta was sublimated by men to mean sexual chastity, but actually Vesta is part of the group of women that healed men using their sexuality, among other things, and the name refers to their not being the property of any one man. They have their own temple.

This points to Virgo women’s penchant for temporary love affairs that start with her giving and end up with her criticizing. Vesta is calling the shots, and when Virgo’s work is done, she moves on to the next case.

In Adele’s Yod, it means that when she sings, she is actually healing us. The Fiery Sagittarius is beckoning her Ophiuchus Moon to come out and take control. For Adele, a song is more than entertainment, it’s mind control. In this case, though, it’s beneficial and her voice saves us from the despair of the past. She has been able to shock us out of a reverie, and with her Capricorn, she’s calling is to keep plodding forward, making our lives meaningful by stripping them bare of our disguises.

This Aries woman is a peace warrior. With her Moon forming a Grand Cross, she somehow can carry the burden of our sadness and trouble, and we can rest in her strength and fortitude. The Capricorn Moon's solitude and acceptance give her a solid foundation. She's a steadfast and loyal friend. She has the sense to throw off flatterers and fools who would mislead her. Her Taurus Venus may have given her a large appetite, but it also is the most physical and delightful companion anyone could ask for.

Adele’s Libra Pluto is the best of times and the worst of times. Her songs seem to always complain of loss, and yet, they also end up giving us hope. This Ophiucian siren of sorrow has a lot more to teach us about women and love. She is bold enough to carry the torch for her sisters still buried under obscurity.

Her march to the tops of the charts is a foregone conclusion. She’s another example of powerful women coming to the aid of a world that needs them desperately.

Adele's natal chart: 5/5/1988, 3:02 am, London, England


"Stamping his feet and spitting his dummy"

By Kim Lovelace

Russell Brand is a lovable rogue isn’t he? But what makes him tick? Well firstly there are 13 constellations that sit on the ecliptic (path of the Sun) not just twelve refer to the link at Siderealist to find out why. You can also look up your true Sun Sign too. In this instance Western Astrology tells us that Russell Brand’s Sun is in Gemini when really it isn’t! If you look at any real time map of our skies you will see that it is actually in Taurus; however don’t take my word for it, take a look yourself!

With his Sun in Taurus Russell is on the whole, a reliable and solid individual with a deep need for stability and routine, this is most likely down to his strong need for security, but don’t dare rattle his cage otherwise you will witness the strong and stubborn bull, this is emphasized by his Sun also in trine to Pluto, which makes him an extremely powerful person with strong leadership skills. Russell’s Sun is also conjunct Mercury, (Mercury is Gemini’s ruling planet) this makes him an effective communicator who needs quite a lot of intellectual stimulation, however, his way of absorbing information, will be slow and methodical. MORE


Kenrick Lamar and GF


By Eric

Kendrick lamar joins other hip hop greats Biggie and Tupac as Taurus rappers. Very different in all their other planets and aspects in the chart, they all share a “do-me” physicality that’s hard to resist. They all can take turns, being mellow, sweet, pretty even, except for whatever addictions eventually overwhelm them, and the infamous Taurus temper. Their negative sides can grow with their income. Biggie’s gross physical desires were insatiable, and Tupac exhibited an bullish alcohol-fueled rage that undid him.

Kendrick is young, his middle class west coast cool has enabled him to view his surroundings, LA black culture, with the eye of the artist, as well as the performer. Like all Taurus, his art promotes his lifestyle and political viewpoint. The issue that keeps coming up in Lamar’s chart is independence and freedom. This is a Taurus that acts more like his Moon than his Sun. The Moon is Aquarius, since we don’t know the time of birth, only the sign. This is difficult, since this escape-artist Moon could aspect any one of his planets, and it would come as a complete surprise to those trying to figure Lamar out. MORE

The Joy of Revolution

The Face of the Revolution

Nelson Mandela is a Gemini, the communicator, with a Libra Moon, the emotional need for equality and justice. He lead the ANC for 30 years like a Gemini. As the titular leader of a bag of cats, he included all the political stripes and persuasions, from tribal chief to the communist party, and they all felt they had a place at the table. He suffered 27 years in prison for his commitment to the job.

He's steadfast to his values (Venus in Taurus) and quick, versatile and adaptive (Mars in Virgo). His intellectual mind (Mercury in Cancer) was the reflection of the needs of the African people.

In fact, he has Saturn, Neptune and the asteroid Lilith in Cancer as well as Mercury. Mandela was the mother to his people, the mother of South Africa's birth as a democracy. MORE

Read the charts of Winnie Mandela, Joe Slovo, and Chris Hani, the other top leadership of the South African revolution

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