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A crazy ghetto quilt of lumpen thug and lyrical genius, triple Taurus Tupac was a puzzle to his friends, family and fans. Tupac could write a death threat or a love poem with the same aplomb. His madcap sexual allure drew people to him, his innocent Pisces heart made people love him, his drunken rages and out of control addictions ruined him. He led a fast and furious life only to be cut short in a remarkable career, as the last and best poet in hiphop.

Tupac Shakur is 4x Taurus with Sun, Merc, Venus and Saturn; he’s a very intense prototype of this astrological puzzle, half beast and half troubadour. The symbol of Taurus is revealed to have both qualities, the lightness of the dancer, and the power of the bull. Tupac had a tender, devoted side that he revealed in his love songs to his mother; yet his alter ego was a cruel, violent misogynist who raped and pillaged his way through the hiphop music scene of the late 90s. This can also be explained by his Moon in Pisces. The exquisite lover drew people in, the angry hater threw them out. Because of the lack of a birthtime the exact degree is unknown, yet this very empathetic Moon could be seen through his luminous eyes (a Taurus specialty) and his tender moments.

Extremism is the key to Tupac’s aspects, which show Jupiter and Neptune opposing Saturn, an internal battle between his music—he was the poet of his generation—and his legal and ethical problems. Tupac was a rebel without a cause, subject to Neptunian addictions and wretched excess, and personally entangled in deception and megalomania. When it came to relationships, he WAS truly the bull in a china shop.

In the music blitz of big business and big egos, sometimes even faux gangsters get caught up in the real violence of the genre. Violence seemed to follow Tupac wherever he went; his Sun square Pluto made everything a life-or-death struggle. He was brutally beaten by cops as a boy; in 1992 a child was killed by a stray bullet after one of his concerts in his hometown; in 1993, an altercation in Atlanta resulted in a shooting; in 1994 Tupac and his entourage were accused of gang raping a young woman in a hotel, and in November of that year Tupac himself was shot five times by “unknown assailants” but managed to survive.

With Mars trining his Mercury, Tupac’s mind produced profound and compelling lyrics, especially about the life and death issues of poverty and discrimination, accurately depicting the obstacles facing a young African American male in racist America. Yet his personal failings eclipsed his fame as an artist. His Neptune opposition Venus made his self-pity spill over into his relationships.

He was amazingly prolific; he made huge amounts of money, which he pissed away in an alcoholic haze; nothing to show for it; his kids are gonna be poor. His lucrative association with producers “Suge” Knight of Death Row Records and Doctor Dre were under constant threat of rupture and would eventually backfire on Tupac; his shenanigans lost him his friends, and his life.

Tupac had an electric effect on his fans; he had multiple, serial sexual affairs with women, but without any intimacy or pleasure; his Venus is in exact opposition to his South Moon’s node, a formula for sexual confusion and ambiguity, and also opposing Venus. Romantic love was part of the show, an appeal he always had with women, but stopped there. He had another side, purely male. His main relationships were with his homies. His partnership with fellow hiphop superstar Taurus Biggie Smalls, however, like many others, ended in hate and betrayal. Most of his personal and professional relationships ended when the hot-tempered drunk took over and tossed friends and sycophants away like garbage when they were no longer was of any advantage to him. He eventually alienated most of his homies and sank deeper into a Neptune opposition Saturn state of chronic and angry alcoholism.

Tupac ridiculed and insulted his enemies in his music and in print. His claim of cuckolding Biggie instigated an acrimonious feud between the two men, which caused a rift between East Coast and West Coast rappers that, although increasing record sales, was used to explain the 1996 ambush drive-by in Las Vegas that ended Tupac’s life in a hail of bullets. Thousands of his fans turned out for his funeral.

Tupac Shakur, natal chart

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Biggie was a lumbering, suspicious monument to the lure of easy money; his bodily lusts were on full display as he helplessly indulged his bloated body with too much of what his fans had too little of. He hated his own body, spent his life trying to transcend it musically via a Sun and Neptune opposition. For a double Taurus no self-hate is as tragic as body-hate. He was always on the defensive, his misery and simmering anger was palpable, almost hypnotic, he was a shaman of wounded sexuality and embittered by rejection and humiliation.

Biggie was an endless source of lyrics, he could freestyle with his couplets for 25 minutes without really showing an effort. Without irony, or any self-awareness, Biggie's words showed his hurt and anger at the prostitutes and strippers who were trying to take advantage of him. He spoke to a lot of ungainly men who felt that the patriarch naturally gave men dominion over women, and that they were identical playthings, without feelings, like fish. Although Biggie was speaking a street patois, he was summoning up the typical male attitudes he saw displayed by wealthy and powerful men--no matter what they looked like, money is the ultimate sexual attraction.

The problem was, Biggie was living a lie, the Neptune covered his real life in a shroud of lies and exaggerations. Never a gangster, dope dealer or Lothario, Biggie was always playing a bigger-than-life version of himself. For all his boasting about Gucci suits, he admitted, his suits had to be hand made locally because of his obesity—no designer made clothes.

The most destructive to his relationships was a suicidal Pluto square Venus, here every love affair, every business dealing, every friendship became a power struggle, an emotional quagmire from which there was no honorable escape. Biggie came off as sly, malicious, compulsive, insatiable, and definitely perverse; no wonder the closer you got to him the more you were repelled.

Tupac and Biggie were themselves opposites within the trends of hiphop music. Lean and mean Tupac was like a deranged elf, a mad hatter with a blistering Mars patter and a finger on the trigger. Tupac was west coast—born in the hills of Northern California, iconoclastic, raised by black panthers. Biggie had a protected upbringing in the very traditional, east coast BK. Contest was inevitable. Tupac outrapped and humiliated Biggie at every turn. Friendship turned to rivalry.

Biggie had a Mars and Venus in loquacious Gemini; his lyrics were mellifluous, evocative—practiced, sure-footed; not spontaneous, like Tupac's lyrics. Biggie shared a Leo Moon with Tupac as well as the Saturn Neptune opposition; they both were imperious, vain, and felt that others victimized them. They put everything they had into short term success; in the end, though, fame—and the isolation it brought them—also destroyed them. Like a lot of black men in public, they both died at the top, strangled by their addictions and frustrations.

Biggie Smalls was killed in LA a year after Tupac also at the direction of Suge Knight (this is disputed—see below) taking advantage of his gangland connections and a corrupt LAPD.

Biggie Smalls, natal chart

I found you online while looking up sidereal astrology and the articles or posts on Tupac/Biggie caught my eye and I'm wondering what inside ACTUAL info do you have that gives you the authority to blame Suge Knight for Tupac's & Biggie's death? I don't recall there being any murder charges being filed against Suge? Do you know something that the general public doesn't know? Are you psychic? I personally think the U.S. government is the more likely culprit than Suge Knight. Tupac was the offspring of 2 noted/targetd former BP members (Afeni & Mutulu, his stepfather) I'm apt to think that is where the trail leads...why would Suge kill his golden goose? Was he used by the govt? I think that's more plausible. But again, I just found your article/opinion piece to be dubious. Of course, all that I wrote above is simply my opinion but your piece was written as if it's fact. And it could be, but you don't provide any supporting documents to prove it. I just think you may want to place a disclaimer on your site that all articles are simply your opinion. Just my opinion. TeN TeNer

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