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The genius of the insect


said the spider to the fly

Some of us fear them, some are fascinated, most of us prefer to leave them to their own devices. Are we talking about spiders? Yes; but everything about spiders is also true of Gemini—born between June 20 and July 20. Like the spider, a recluse insect that cannot be domesticated, the Gemini can end up as a social outcast in the human world. Geminis exist in a web of their own making; an artifice of their cleverness and agility; an art form sufficiently entertaining and engrossing only to themselves.

For the rest of us, getting too close to a Gemini can mean disappointments and danger. A lot of us end up scared of Geminis—this is the archetype of a difficult person. Self-absorbed, easily distracted, thoroughly remorseless, Geminis collect emotional injuries and childhood memories and save them for later like leftover pizza. A smiling Gemini is like children splashing in a fountain; but unhappy Geminis have a cold, dark cloud hovering over them. Exposed to ridicule, Gemini finds safety in solitude—happiest with its own collection of distinctly different personalities. We notice Geminis when they want us to notice them; the coruscation of the Gemini mind hypnotizes us with its versatility and alacrity; by the time we snap out of it, it’s too late; like a fly in the web, we have been ensnared.

Ask anyone who has had the temerity of trifling with this June/July spider and they’ll tell you: don’t joke about a Gemini. The Gemini spider gives no quarter, makes no allowances, has no mercy, feels no human sensibility. Geminis have the same conscience of the insect, as well as the same work ethic. Yet there is a lot to praise in the lifestyle of this solitary predator.

Geminis assiduously weave their silken web, an architectural and artistic marvel of design and intricacy, the purpose of which is to ensnare the curious, the negligent, the otherwise unobtainable fly who ventured too close to its doom. However, the web is not only for fast food; it plays a big part in spider sex, too. The horny male spider puts on an elaborate show of dancing and cajoling the female into opening her epignyne. If the male is agile, he can place his sperm-laden webbing into it before scampering away to avoid being eaten by the female.

With sex, as with all things Gemini, there is a certain macabre relentlessness of events without apology, without fear, that makes loving a Gemini a tricky affair. Those with nothing to lose, a sense of adventure and an equally unassailable ego can dance on the Gemini web; if security and subtlety are required, you’ll have to snatch and grab when you can.

The chances of a Gemini being monogamous can be remote, at least in their imaginations; although other planetary forces ultimately determine that; but, remember: if you linger too long in Gemini’s embrace, you may find yourself wrapped up in a silk prison.


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